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🎬 NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 and update map changes with battle pass secret! In this video we look at Season 2 Secret Deadpool hidden Room found in game in fortnite Season 2 in Battle Royale. These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch *NEW* SEASON 2 SECRET DEADPOOL ROOM *FOUND* IN-GAME IN FORTNITE! (Battle Royale) and see if we can uncover Chapter 2 Easter Eggs, secrets of the the battle pass deadpool location easter eggs in season 2 of chapter 2 release date!
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Comments 80
Renju Nair
Renju Nair 7 hours ago
You elimat ed me
Lazy Hazy
Lazy Hazy 17 hours ago
Hey, Communic Gaming! Did you know that the battle pass room in the lobby is actually referenced as the hideout room in one of James Bonds movies?
Nate Andre Ancheta
The deadpool is in the wiping wood room
Slick Greaser
Slick Greaser 2 days ago
If you miss the old fortnite map- The season 10 one Make this BLUE. | | \/
STORMZ589 ? 2 days ago
I fkin hate people like him clickbait what a dumbass
Harper Newton
Harper Newton 2 days ago
It isint
Demetra Thompson
Demetra Thompson 2 days ago
Faze galaxy you should be president
Isiah Gio
Isiah Gio 2 days ago
I Saw a code on the table: C-82X43Y18
Hayden Grantham
Hayden Grantham 2 days ago
I feel like he got close though
Hayden Grantham
Hayden Grantham 2 days ago
That was without a doubt Brutus’s location
Nahdiya Rehman
Nahdiya Rehman 3 days ago
The grotto has the deadpool lesson
Nahdiya Rehman
Nahdiya Rehman 3 days ago
The deadpool lesson is in the taut
Shadow 3 days ago
Communic: sees any sword. Everyone: its just a sword. no one: Deadpool katananananana Communic: omfg its so deadpools katananananan
janet weir
janet weir 3 days ago
Fast Magz
Fast Magz 3 days ago
It’s Brutus room
Fast Magz
Fast Magz 3 days ago
That’s not a katana
reddit dude
reddit dude 3 days ago
8:24 is brotes room
StyledEmu _Emu
StyledEmu _Emu 4 days ago
That is Brutus's room
Alexander Lindenhann
Thats brudes room
WOLF Gress
WOLF Gress 4 days ago
At the grotto is not Deadpool room that is Brutus room same as in HQ brutus have an katana to
Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness 4 days ago
If you didnt notice you said the only computers are at the agency and the place near weeping woods. Well! theres another in shanty town near the rig . The house near the rig in a barrel! i found this myself if you can't find it friend me Night willow742 and il help :D
I smell pennies
I smell pennies 4 days ago
Yes it is his lair when he comes out he will be there as a mini boss that uses katanas
The OP Shogun
The OP Shogun 4 days ago
Nice heaping helping of pure clickbait bs 😂 could you sound any more overhyped?
Jaime Bender
Jaime Bender 4 days ago
room in grotto
Julian Ceja
Julian Ceja 4 days ago
Max if this is ur first time playing season 2 then how are u level 27 no one can be that level on the first day of a new season 🤔🤔🧐🧐
Isak Tveit Pettersen
It is on the first location
Aiden Melvin
Aiden Melvin 4 days ago
Yeah it is
Maximilian Bernhardt
In the trailer the doors close do you think the radacdid bunker could be the agency for maya peeley
Turtleyeets gaming
I like how he says its a katana but its just a regular sword
Cadynn Wells
Cadynn Wells 5 days ago
That is not the dead pool room it is the brutus room
Audia Soloman
Audia Soloman 6 days ago
Bitch fuck you
Lj KidGamer07
Lj KidGamer07 6 days ago
The only reference is the catana
Lj KidGamer07
Lj KidGamer07 6 days ago
It's in the grotto
Gdale907 6 days ago
It is not the dead pool room it’s brudis
Cooper Pratt
Cooper Pratt 6 days ago
It is brutes.s office
Fox claws
Fox claws 7 days ago
Where the shadow bunker that around Steamy shacks it has to be there
Valter Koldre
Valter Koldre 7 days ago
it was so funny how you opend the door and you where like nope
D.J TSM_Cat 7 days ago
3:29 you said you wouldn't leave untill uu found it but u never did
D.J TSM_Cat 7 days ago
yeah, to all the people who waste time on his videos, it literally says on the topic "Found!" Nobody wants to see your gameplay
Alex Stepo
Alex Stepo 5 days ago
D.J TSM_Cat fuck you nidda
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 8 days ago
Brandon Rooo
Brandon Rooo 8 days ago
That room was Brutuses lair
KevKevFrom YT
KevKevFrom YT 9 days ago
Valerie Chapman
Valerie Chapman 9 days ago
It's a reference too deadpool
Katie Ward
Katie Ward 10 days ago
Alejandro Romero
Alejandro Romero 10 days ago
Wow never finds anything but the brutus area
Kenneth Runyon
Kenneth Runyon 10 days ago
That's the Brewers room the dead pool room is that you were in the right room and the sword is were is if you go to agents if you want to go to the stores on in his room in Bruce's room
Gabriel Espinosa
Gabriel Espinosa 11 days ago
hermoods 11 days ago
It’s Brutus room
James Robson
James Robson 11 days ago
No that’s just where brutus lives (he spawns there)
Marlene Rojas
Marlene Rojas 11 days ago
You. Are. The best
sees a rapier issa katana
Boys Emfinger
Boys Emfinger 12 days ago
That room is Brutus room
Krystol Cooley
Krystol Cooley 12 days ago
No Brutus location
Zachariah White
Zachariah White 12 days ago
I know everything about DEADPOOL and that has nothing to do with DEADPOOL
Raben patrick
Raben patrick 13 days ago
That room is Brutus because the sword
Linquan Grant
Linquan Grant 13 days ago
That's room that you went in that's Brutus room because if you go on Brutus in the battle pass that's his room and I've been doing research
Leanne Obrien
Leanne Obrien 13 days ago
Minecraft Ninja
Minecraft Ninja 13 days ago
That is brutal’s secret room
Minecraft Ninja
Minecraft Ninja 13 days ago
Those things still have a alarm
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 13 days ago
That’s not Deadpool’s Secret base in the references it is Brutus is even The katana please look very carefully at Brutus’s room
Kasen Benjamin
Kasen Benjamin 13 days ago
You can go on battle lab to explore the map with no one
Hayette Krim
Hayette Krim 13 days ago
My freind has the oro skin
Ninja Man
Ninja Man 13 days ago
It’s a sword but not a katana
computer science
computer science 14 days ago
That brutes place
heinsmans 14 days ago
chek the rig in his batille pass room there are bombs
Billy Khan
Billy Khan 14 days ago
That's brus lair
Christine Zaky
Christine Zaky 14 days ago
Caaaaaan yoooooou gift meeeeee the Battle pass
Nilüfer Ersoy
Nilüfer Ersoy 14 days ago
#0. 37 VHERE İS İT!!
Michael Beazely
Michael Beazely 14 days ago
i ring now this man is lick ring bait
Mikey Jagerburger
Mikey Jagerburger 15 days ago
it is alll a lie
mewtwo gamer and vlogs
Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams 15 days ago
Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams 15 days ago
Clip better
ELBEK MUSLIMOV 15 days ago
I just washed 10 min of my life
justiz juzt
justiz juzt 15 days ago
I knew it exist
fortnite the pro
fortnite the pro 15 days ago
Venus I'm going to be doing it to I'm going to try to find it
RODOS9 15 days ago
a Catana i thing is a piratsort
xarhs ag
xarhs ag 15 days ago
Francesco Oliva
Francesco Oliva 15 days ago
Francesco Oliva
Francesco Oliva 15 days ago
Im don't look deadpool room
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