*NEW* Scooter Skybase is OP!

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Fortnite Deadpool Scooter + Skybase = Victory Royale!?
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Apr 6, 2020




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Comments 80
Ali-A 2 months ago
Been wanting to try this sky base for a while - Now’s the perfect time! 🛵
Javan Mwendwa
Javan Mwendwa 10 days ago
Titan Is Rad
Titan Is Rad 14 days ago
hussian waheed
hussian waheed Month ago
Epic win
L T Month ago
Ali-A can I play I’m a big fan my username is motorcyote6235
L T Month ago
Ali-A can I get a shoutout
Donna Michelle
Donna Michelle 4 hours ago
Wow cool😎🤩
Mafira est là !
Mafira est là ! 3 days ago
Goooo 17 mio suscribe
super konsol
super konsol 5 days ago
İsmin niye ali
super konsol
super konsol 5 days ago
Abi sen türk müsün
poop Channel
poop Channel 6 days ago
Why I Bush camped and I got 8 kills and someone came in my bush
Javan Mwendwa
Javan Mwendwa 7 days ago
Jennifer Wrona
Jennifer Wrona 8 days ago
And I like all your videos
Jennifer Wrona
Jennifer Wrona 8 days ago
I have yoused your code my name in fortnight is severeplanet103
Tanish Khurana
Tanish Khurana 11 days ago
Can we just talk about how he is playing Indian music for action music
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon 13 days ago
I tries a skybase with my friend but I reached max height and couldn't build then I fell x
Blake Tubby
Blake Tubby 13 days ago
Sub 2 Blake tubby
Elijah Osiro
Elijah Osiro 15 days ago
Wow I can't believe Ali a is lazarbeam
V3nOm SynthZ
V3nOm SynthZ 18 days ago
By the way by the way by the way by the way by the way
mrswfty 22 days ago
Why does Ali-a not have a reset button?
K9 cloak x
K9 cloak x Month ago
Ali I love u
Ted Woolley
Ted Woolley Month ago
Thats not a skybase because your meant to do it for most the game not 0.00000001 second
ExoticEdge Month ago
You know you can fish with boat
max cruickshank'
Why didn’t he pick up Midas s drumgun
Hi Month ago
6:03 “meowscles pEyAw pEyAw rifle”
L T Month ago
Why did you not pick up the drum gun or grappler
Gavin Payton
Gavin Payton Month ago
Worst channel ever
Amanda Young
Amanda Young Month ago
Turn the song off first before using the emote its sounds weird when thier both on
fortnite games
fortnite games Month ago
Can you gift me a skin name :AGIRLthats2
Finndotno Month ago
Why is he on an alt accohnt
XXAKICIO N Month ago
Roses are red violets are blue u expected a rhyme from me here it is for u
Knightsfan87 Month ago
Me: him: you: her I:
Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott Month ago
That was me my controls what it killed me there because they’re so bad when I’m not even touching it they move
Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott Month ago
If that was me Iwould have Laged off
Joshua Going Crazy
Can you friend me my name is cable-17 in fortnight
Clapzzy Month ago
Can u 1v1 me
Sav Month ago
you are way better at COD u should play warzone
Jay Gutierrez
Jay Gutierrez Month ago
Ali actually posting proper game play
Crazycat1039 _
Crazycat1039 _ Month ago
You’re commentary is so annoying
Charlie Turner
Charlie Turner Month ago
hi Ali a can we play duos together please
Wellhunter211 Month ago
Love the vis
Ingibjörg Aadnegard
Alia kan you be my frend in fortnite
Brick Fort
Brick Fort Month ago
The thumbnails looked like a Lazarbeam video
Ginnie Slings
Ginnie Slings Month ago
1:53 Ali is litterly bush camping 3:20 ALI: your bush camping
Donna Ward
Donna Ward Month ago
I mean you don’t have to dace to lobby you can just ready up in the spectating thing
Fisher Webre
Fisher Webre Month ago
Any one realize that he is at only at tier 46? I am at more than him
Zakri Esau
Zakri Esau Month ago
U dont know how to sky base
10k subs no vids challenge
Doing regular gta videos Check me out!
Fortboys Month ago
That was so dumb
H̺͆a̺͆r̺͆v̺͆e̺͆y̺͆ .C̺͆
Makes my back hurt just looking at how he sits 😬
budbudford gaming
He didn’t even do it
Nikola Sobczak
Nikola Sobczak Month ago
8:24 you could of blown up the fishing spots with the motorboats. then get the heals
Monique Fleming
Monique Fleming Month ago
Justin C
Justin C Month ago
Bro. Get like 25 players and cover the sky in mats.
Ogf Games
Ogf Games Month ago
Look at his level
iAR GHOST Month ago
The 2nd fake deadpool had drumgun
Jojobeans 117
Jojobeans 117 Month ago
Scars assault rifle Skye: Am I a joke to u?!
herb culture420
herb culture420 Month ago
I like how everyone calls it “meow sickles” when I think it’s pronounced like muscles so the “c” is silent so “meow sils “
CardsAtAnywhere Month ago
Yeah your right it's meant to be the joke by epic.
MYSTIC9 Month ago
Awesome vid and keep up the awesome work
Dishway Month ago
kinda cringe
Keenan's clips
Keenan's clips Month ago
And then theres epic saying emotes dont give an advantage
Gabriel Medrano
Gabriel Medrano Month ago
Respect your gaming
morgn morgan
morgn morgan Month ago
What kind of sky base is made with 2 other people alive
David Mercado
David Mercado Month ago
1v1 me your a bot
Lucas Charron
Lucas Charron Month ago
Billy Boss
Billy Boss Month ago
How are you only level
INeed Ammo!
INeed Ammo! Month ago
alia play pixel gun! its got better!
Grace Bentley
Grace Bentley Month ago
Hi Ali
Alex Ordonez
Alex Ordonez Month ago
3:14 Ali a calls him a bush camper. Also Ali a hides in a bush
LDOE Fusion
LDOE Fusion Month ago
What is his aim its like hes never played ps4
LDOE Fusion
LDOE Fusion Month ago
Your so bad im better than you on Nintendo allia pls 1v1 me
Anderson S.
Anderson S. Month ago
Some is very hype
Benedict Macahia
3:57 Ali picks up skye's assault rifle but not the grapller
Agent Smith
Agent Smith Month ago
He really dropped in content
Eric Salenski
Eric Salenski Month ago
I got the new style of deadpool
Bradyn Anderson24
Can I 1v1 uou
Enrique Mayen
Enrique Mayen Month ago
get ur scar¡
Aaron O'Connor
Aaron O'Connor Month ago
Hi alia I did a you tube video for you it is called Alia logo I hope you enjoy
Miguel Concepcion
Fortnite is toxic no one play no more and I see alia playing and i feel bad for him 😭
Chris Month ago
It’s just walls
Revives Month ago
Got a yet account you were the first RUvidr I subbed to
Pay Sbh
Pay Sbh Month ago
How many of u heard the Indian song in the background
Kaydden Baylis
Kaydden Baylis Month ago
He says I just sent u back to the lobby but u can just ready up while spectating
Gaming Enterprise
Who remembers when he played cod and his aim rivaled shroud
andrew young
andrew young Month ago
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