New playoff format could mean Lakers vs Clippers final - Chris Broussard | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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The National Basketball Players Association has reportedly been calling players and getting feedback on possible 'Return of NBA' scenarios. The league considering a 1-16 playoff format, excluding conferences. Chris Broussard joins Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes to give his thoughts on a 1-16 playoff format, and who he thinks would benefit the most from this layout.
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New playoff format could mean Lakers vs Clippers final - Chris Broussard | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First


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May 26, 2020




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Comments 80
First Things First
What are your thoughts on a 1-16 playoff format?
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 22 days ago
Mattmmixes t
Eaze Drop
Eaze Drop 28 days ago
@Greg Mason WOW!!! You just cracked Davinci's code... LeBron is behind ALL this
Excalibur Clan
Excalibur Clan Month ago
Nick is a Dam cry baby 😭 and I'm sick of him 😷let's do it may the best team win 💪 send Nick too the gallows 🤣Go Raptors ! and if Kyrie & Durant play nets upset Lakers would be hilarious 🎯💯🎯
Amonstar856 Month ago
I like it. It’s not unfair. They are professional ball players and it’s still just basketball. Go out there and win.
JJ W Month ago
Only for this year ill give it a try🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
CONRACE whatever
CONRACE whatever 3 days ago
Hmm I think he's just afraid Lakers might lose
Juju Catalan
Juju Catalan 17 days ago
Shutup Nick! Irritating
Frank Henry
Frank Henry 21 day ago
Nobody fault but the clippers for not going for 1st seed and just settling
Johnny Bozar
Johnny Bozar 21 day ago
It is all the same, they just need to win through all matches they faces to win a championship... i loved it...
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent 22 days ago
I like this format because it's time for NBA players to stop being so friendly with their opponents get down to the nitty-gritty. And if you can play suit up and stop sitting on the sidelines being a cheerleader.
Makeyaselffamous Tony porter
That’s not fair lol somehow they always babysit lebron & he will somehow fail as always lol then when he lose it’s somebody else fault
Sportsdawg22 23 days ago
I like the idea but to do it mid way would be wrong imo!!!
Psalms Marcko Ubaldo
Go rockets for the 💪💪💪
Alex Svitetskiy
Alex Svitetskiy 23 days ago
jcanthony16 24 days ago
Nick just doesnt want the Lakers to have to face the Clippers in the finals
Kelvin Mickens
Kelvin Mickens 24 days ago
They’re doing too much...it’s the same as 8 from east and 8 from west...🥴
LifeOfSuperstar 24 days ago
it will create new rivalries
GMD Tech 800
GMD Tech 800 24 days ago
Come on Bron u got this bro 💪🏽
NORM Sayl 25 days ago
Nba is so scripted and y’all love it
zimm888 25 days ago
Nick is correct.
greyfortitude18 25 days ago
Friggin change it. We need this new format. This pandemic could've cancelled the nba this year what's there to lose?
greyfortitude18 25 days ago
I say they do it.. nick your too comfortable about the usual but its time to grow up and be open to new ways.
Armando Estrada
Armando Estrada 25 days ago
ANYTHING to make The King win his 4th ring!! LOL XD
Chill Wil
Chill Wil 26 days ago
Bottom line they want the LAL by any means necessary!
Chill Wil
Chill Wil 26 days ago
It should be more teams in. They sugar coating for LAL. The LAL will run through that format. Not competitive enough. 22Team
Barry Smythe
Barry Smythe 26 days ago
Ha! Load managed yourself in some 💩 😂😂
Sha-Money 10_26
Sha-Money 10_26 26 days ago
It’s sad Chris wants it to be easy. We’re the love for the game at SMH that’s sad
Sha-Money 10_26
Sha-Money 10_26 26 days ago
Do you see the road they give James🤦🏾‍♂️ cake walk that’s crazy. No ones going to talk about that
mimicduzit 26 days ago
Man it's going to be clippers and lakers...why is the clippers on the other side of the bracket..
Edgar Bolden
Edgar Bolden 26 days ago
This 16 team playoff format favor the Lakers all the way. Clippers , Bucks , Celtics and and 76ers are in the same bracket .someone is not going to make it
Sharp Money
Sharp Money 26 days ago
Nick doesnt believe the words hes saying just talking for tv
Brandon Bishop
Brandon Bishop 27 days ago
Dumbest idea ever
Zi Solo
Zi Solo 28 days ago
So the clippers would have to face, Luka and Mavs, Tatum and Celtics, Giannis and Bucks. How is that easier chris?
Patrick Henriquez
Patrick Henriquez 28 days ago
Miami VS Toronto.
Rashad ?
Rashad ? 28 days ago
Life Aint Fair Nick
Vinsanity 28 days ago
Nick you are wrong. This new proposal is absolutely amazing and the most functional going forward in the NBA. We have all wanted this for years. This brings more competitive situations for teams. LeBron if he can win in this then that proves he has the best squad for sure. I don’t see it taking away from the titles integrity at all.
King Cane
King Cane 28 days ago
So now the NBA wants to create a format that allows Lebron to have the best chance at getting to the finals. Wow!!
Shawn Hubbard
Shawn Hubbard 28 days ago
That's not fair for the Clippers. They would have to beat every good team besides the Lakers to make it to the finals. The Lakers would only have to get by... nobody before the finals.
danny102m 28 days ago
Remove conferences, drop the regular season to like 50-60 games. It would help the fatigue, make the regular season way more meaningful, and fixes the dilemma where the 8th seed in the east, wouldn't make the 8th seed in the west.
Tee M
Tee M 28 days ago
Rockets vs Celtics
Tee M
Tee M 28 days ago
Mavs will upset clippers .. Vegas Here I come ...4-2 mavs
BabyHippo 29 days ago
nba really tryina change the rules to make it easier for lebron to get to the finals LOL
Wawa cry me a river...
Ez P
Ez P 29 days ago
I agree with Nick... not fair to change at this point. If they don't have to do it (and they don't) then they shouldn't.
Walt Evans
Walt Evans 29 days ago
There’s no real competition except for the rocket and the nuggets on the side with the lakers like wtf
carlos rodriguez
carlos rodriguez 29 days ago
I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m less likely to watch these charades if this is how it goes down. This is a pathetic setup and will ABSOLUTELY lead to a gigantic asterisk on whoever wins this monstrosity of a playoff framework
jordan tony
jordan tony 29 days ago
Raptors gonna see James again lmao
salty beard
salty beard 29 days ago
the team it benefits the most is the warriors. a much more minuscule blemish on their dynasty for this season and time to completely heal up to dominate again next season
far in between
far in between Month ago
This will benefit the lakers tremendously as they got their way to the finals without goinv through kawhi and his clippers, while putting a big stumblinv block for the bucks. That being said, this will again be beneficial to lebron and the lakers as either the clippers or the bucks would have gone through war before the finals. The NBA is James'' puppet
Blake Sanders
Blake Sanders Month ago
I don't know who is even in the NBA anymore during this pandemic duhhh...
Kenny Oliver
Kenny Oliver Month ago
Lakers lose home court advantage so its not like everything works great for them.
Brandon Wilcox
Brandon Wilcox Month ago
It’s cause a bronze old and needs the handicap.. Doesn’t matter line me up clippers gonna knock him down🤷‍♂️
Peter paul Flores
Actually i do believe it is the bucks who should be angry with this. Before they have to be against a giant now they have. They will cruise to the finals. Now they have to fight against the clippers.
cody2167 Month ago
Would rather watch 2 dead men fish on a rainy day!
Thomas Mieses
Thomas Mieses Month ago
I don’t care how they do it just give us basketball, we need basketball like spongebob needs water in sandy’s house
G Rock
G Rock Month ago
Heat vs lakers in the final
S Chao
S Chao Month ago
Would it only be 1 game be team match up or would it still be best of 5 or 7 games oer matchups??
Jr Jalisco
Jr Jalisco Month ago
Go Sacramento Kings
MrSuperstarr121 Month ago
I like the old basic way! You work hard to win your division and have a top seed in your conference! I like to see the best team in each conference play for the championship!
Eastra3 Month ago
If you think this format is easier for the Lakers, then you are really underestimating some very good teams. A healthy Raps team, Rockets, and Nuggets are all good enough to get to 6 games with the Lakers, and possibly but unlikely beat them. I'm a Lakers fan, but I wasn't completely convinced the team had no holes that could be exploited before Covid hit.
Patrick Manalili
Nick is laker are afraid of houston, jazz and raptors
Derrick Kennerly
First that playoff format is great and long overdue. Most importantly I don't like Nick Wright. Never have tbh. This video reinforces my dislike for him.
JoshCT Month ago
I'd love to see the Pelicans and the Trailblazers get a chance to be in the playoffs. Those imo are 2 VERY Dangerous teams who can beat ANYONE (except for LAL).
Ab Mo
Ab Mo Month ago
this dude's hair is so luscious
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Month ago
I don't get it nick either way they was gonna play bothh teams
Christopher Appleton
Who cares I just wanna see some action
Intisar Kazumi
Intisar Kazumi Month ago
Nick scared of KD comin back lol
Jeffrey J
Jeffrey J Month ago
There is no reason to mix and match the playoffs.. just keep the East and West separate until the finals...
Jeffrey J
Jeffrey J Month ago
Clippers ain't beating the Bucks.... The Clippers got destroyed by 28 plus in Milwaukee (Bucks actually led by 40plus) and got easily handled in LA when the Bucks were short handed with injuries..
greg turner
greg turner Month ago
I love it...unfair..isnot this the NBA. 😳 shut up Nick..
Suga El Trafficante
Cheating so an LA team would win so terrible of a playoff structure in history ever
manninla Month ago
🙄 Nick the Party Pooper.. There's always that one guy lol
Jeffrey J
Jeffrey J Month ago
Yup, Thank God there is always that one logical, common sense, correct guy to tell everyone else how stupid they are!
Mollywhopp Month ago
Nick can say what he wants but raps will win that side n play the bucks
Mollywhopp Month ago
The raptors can easily come out of that side only team that will b Is the Lakers.. back to back champs baby 👶
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson Month ago
If the Lakers get to the Finals, I would rather face Bucks instead of Lou Williams. That trade will come back and haunt us.
Anthony Sadrinajafi
Where’s this bloke been? Sabbatical?
Stanley Mangum
Stanley Mangum Month ago
Their screwing everybody over in order to get Lebron the chip and this is coming from a Lakers fan.
Sustainment TV
Sustainment TV Month ago
Relax Nick...keep in mind that COVID-19 has pretty much taken a huge chunk of money from the NBA. This would be a strictly experimental format for this hobbled season that they are trying to salvage. Anything at this point is on the table to bring some excitement to the shortened season...
Disciple Deshun
Disciple Deshun Month ago
That's the Clippers fault for cheating and calling it "load management". Lebron shouldn't have to face this in the Finals, for the chip. Because, had it not been for the pandemic, He still wouldn't have faced him in the Finals, probably not even the conference finals. The Finals are 🗣The Best in the East versus The Best in the West.
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Month ago
It's the best possible format. You should have 16 best teams in the country in the playoffs.
Cali Forvid
Cali Forvid Month ago
Weird format, no crowds in the stands, no home court advantage. I hate to say it but just cancel the season...
Thibaut Platteeuw
There will be more viewers if LBJ is in the finals, you just have to realise everyone wants to see LBJ in the finals even the haters they would love to see lebron getting beatn and the other side want to see LBJ win in his 17th season. No matter what everyone wants to see LBJ in the finals. People don't realise how much money LBJ makes for the nba.
Nay tan Santos
Nay tan Santos Month ago
Who the fck cares about the clips!🤷‍♂️😏😏
Larry Terry
Larry Terry Month ago
Round 2 is the Clippers annual curfew.
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