New Nail Art 2019 💄😱 The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation #116

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New Nail Art 2019 💄😱 The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation #116
Here are some of the most beautiful nails art designs you can try at home
Credit: @Yagala (instagram.com/yagala/)
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Jan 9, 2019




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Comments 397
muskan dey
muskan dey 4 days ago
Nur Andini Syam
Nur Andini Syam 5 days ago
semuanya lihat uplm dan ipiniya na inyatki iya kita yanyi 🎀🎁🎎🕑🕛🕛🕛🕛🚞🌹🎻🎶🎲🌹 ku tunggu tv kita yanyi
Rainer Dragosits
Rainer Dragosits 7 days ago
Toadal Dude
Toadal Dude 8 days ago
Good job
Meltem YÜKSEL 10 days ago
Jakub Zdziarski
Jakub Zdziarski 11 days ago
Eugenia Calvo
Eugenia Calvo 11 days ago
Que lindas ideas bendiciones
Fiammetta Mishal
Fiammetta Mishal 12 days ago
How many subs does this guy have? It won't show me
Carley Januska
Carley Januska 12 days ago
I love all of the nails exept like 3 of them
Treva- Lee Brown
Treva- Lee Brown 16 days ago
raritynails.com/u/trevaleebrown Way less effort and still a professional looking nail! Lasts longer as well! Please left me know if interested let me know i can add yous into my fb group! You won't regret it that's for sure!
Mna Ahmad
Mna Ahmad 18 days ago
روووووووووووووووووووعة وجميل جدا
lisa turner
lisa turner 19 days ago
The second one was so beautiful
Nail_Studio_K.B Kristina
Поддержите начинающего блогера 🙏🙏🙏 ruvid.net/video/video-FAbsXmfacBU.html
ISABEL ESTRADA 22 days ago
Wow que cosas tan hermosas haces!!! 👏👏👏🌹👏
Anna P
Anna P 22 days ago
Hi everyone. I’ve been finding the melody. It’s Vexento - Never Letting Go. Shazam the greatest thing. )))
Anna P
Anna P 22 days ago
Привет всем, я нашла исполнителя. Это Vexento, мелодия называется - Never Letting Go. Есть в ютубе.
Kalaivani 1981
Kalaivani 1981 23 days ago
Wowwwwwwww this is so satisfying for me....nd where to get those nail art tools yaahhh ....ur innovative designs make me amuse😍😍😍😍
Nailissimo Store
Nailissimo Store 23 days ago
Probably not my business here, but i need to ask a question! I just ordered my girl this nail lamp - www.nailissimostore.com/products/nailuvlamp?variant=14727287013421 Did i make the right choice in terms of the price?
lara lara
lara lara 24 days ago
Courage habibatii 👍👍👍👍
Ram Singh
Ram Singh 26 days ago
Maria Ladron Jimenez
Muy bonito, lo quiero probar
Maria oliva Ramírez de mora
Woooooo tus uñas parecen echas por arte de magia 😯😮😦
oby saputra69
oby saputra69 27 days ago
cantikk slm
image limbu
image limbu 27 days ago
wow😍😙 you give me nice idia
Monika Kotlęga
Monika Kotlęga 28 days ago
buiteful and ok. ☺ ☺ 😘 💖 💖 💖 💖 💗 💖
Jeff reviews4u
Jeff reviews4u 29 days ago
This one is really cool too, I cant stop watching - hahaha.
Chantelle Gregg
Chantelle Gregg Month ago
Please can you tell me what you used for the last clip?
Paula Morelli
Paula Morelli Month ago
E eu fui a primeira do canal fazer coisa de unha tá
Paula Morelli
Paula Morelli Month ago
Você Me copiou eu fiz unha também
indian Youtuber niyati
Waooo wonderful
Joan Carr
Joan Carr Month ago
Nail colorful art
Gamer FishMonkey
I wanted to doble tap but then I realized it wasn't tik tok 😅
chistian andres soler arevalo
que lindoooooooooooooooooooo saludos desde colombia
I love gel polish for this so much easier less time
EᒪᒪEY ᗪᗩᐯIEᔕ
Don’t hold the rude finger
María Fernanda Romero lopez
Me encantaron las de el minuto 2 :40😍😍😍
Ruslana Moroz
Ruslana Moroz Month ago
Все красиво. Только это похоже на: "чем проще женщина, тем сложнее дизайн её ногтей". Мне бы с такими было некомфортно ходить. Надоели бы через два часа.
dewi wulan
dewi wulan Month ago
Waw bagus..
Citlally Barcenas
Alguien me podría decir que tipo de esmaltes son los que utilizan para el stamping?
Keika Rodrig
Keika Rodrig Month ago
se llaman tintas para stamping
AllyMre Month ago
This really is the ugliest compilation of nail art I’ve seen in a long time
Selene Yu
Selene Yu Month ago
whoa rude
А STARK Month ago
Новый неил арт 2019??? Точно? Я такое лет 10 назад видела
María Fernanda Romero lopez
Me encantaron las del minuto 7:6 y las ultimas 😍😍😍😍
leia Göke
leia Göke Month ago
Wie get das ich will auch
Gemini Misses
Gemini Misses Month ago
Wow the second design was so dope
CorreteandoT2 Month ago
preciosas uñas!
Jb Buhawe
Jb Buhawe Month ago
Andito na din
vale liza
vale liza Month ago
Algunas son realmente horribles
mhelai grace
mhelai grace Month ago
whats the title of the background music? 🥰
Gülsüm'ün Örgüleri
Gaming with Haylen Main
Renata Re
Renata Re Month ago
muito lindo ameii
Maddie Peska
Maddie Peska Month ago
The music makes me feel so calm and it’s so beautiful. I love these nail videos they are so relaxing and the music is just stunning
Опитьлопмит Ориидшно
Я ее нашла Never letting go by Vexento.
chachalava Month ago
послушайте Рави Шанкара
chachalava Month ago
оказывается он канадец...он просто перепутал...зачем наложил японскую картинку
chachalava Month ago
спасибо...похоже на песни Битлз под влиянием Шанкара и других индийских музыкантов...япошки просто позаимствовали
gaby dibuja
gaby dibuja Month ago
me encata tu video excelenta
Fakhia Rashid
Fakhia Rashid Month ago
what did they use on 7:29 ????
Jéssica Silva
Jéssica Silva Month ago
This is a metallic type enamel and the ruler is also suitable for this type of enamel and when one comes in contact with the other it makes the enamel change color
shoshi world
shoshi world Month ago
OMG this is so freaking satisfying
day dream girl
day dream girl Month ago
I love da background music so smooth fill so sleepy 😴😴😴
Опитьлопмит Ориидшно
Muzik??? pliss очень красиво.byutifull
chachalava Month ago
я тоже обалдела от музыки -- красивая веселая и грустная
Aaaa Aaaa
Aaaa Aaaa Month ago
الجن خلك واللة وهاذي اضافر الاصطناعية 😛😛
SirenUndine Month ago
None of this is her nail art!
SirenUndine 8 days ago
+Uni_Songs True! A lot of others does not catch that. Which is why I made my statement.
Uni_Songs 9 days ago
Pearle Peterson
Pearle Peterson Month ago
They need to take better care of their nails. There is tons of discoloration.
Sophie Noelle Gaming
Awful music
Adriana Cristina Barbosa
Irene Jacquier
Irene Jacquier Month ago
help me please
Irene Jacquier
Irene Jacquier Month ago
i need all the colours you have used. please contact me. i need to improve in my nails business
Sowmya Krishna
Sowmya Krishna Month ago
Monica Tatiana Morales Muñoz
Es muy feo rl primero
Jessica Nicastro
Perfeito é um canal não deva para jamais
אורן סילאם
מאיפה את קונה את האבקה
Elizabeth Aviles
Un trabajo muy hermoso.👏👏👏👏👏
Aditya Amn
Aditya Amn Month ago
It's amazing
C trivedi knitting creations
which nail paint used you
Andreas Schulze
Andreas Schulze Month ago
Wo bekommt man diese ganz dünnen Pinsel her?
Rogelia Dubon
Rogelia Dubon Month ago
Genial, me encanta. Pregunta todo lo haces con gel? Saludos desde mi bella Guatemala
Candice Gonzales-vigil
I love all of the nails they are all beautiful💖💞
Minakshi Singh
Minakshi Singh Month ago
What kind of liquid you used in it
Liliana Ponce
Liliana Ponce Month ago
My brother said your videos are dumb
Jose Palacio
Jose Palacio Month ago
HI my name is karina from channel's dad which cute that and how change of color? 💅
Динара Досыбаева
Очень красиво
Qasim shah Shah
Qasim shah Shah Month ago
Very beautiful nail art .
Маржан Мукашев
puja koli
puja koli Month ago
Seema Kapoor
Seema Kapoor Month ago
Isha Shastri
Isha Shastri Month ago
I want to buy nail equipment please give me the details..
Virginia Araiza
Virginia Araiza Month ago
Kelcileia Sousa
Kelcileia Sousa Month ago
Mada pra mim umas cores de esmaltes
Kelcileia Sousa
Kelcileia Sousa Month ago
Eu quero este esmalte pra mim
jenniffer straver
Is this with gelpolish?
Milenaferrei ra decavalho Ferreira
Lindo as unhas o parabéns 👍👍👍👌🙌👏👏👏👏👏
Thebest Videos
Thebest Videos Month ago
Shum bukur
Leonadia Mesquita
Fácil de ver. Obrigado!
Mokhinur Talibzhanova
6:44 картинка на русском
Simone Fanni
Simone Fanni Month ago
Wow 😮😍
Arslan Ahmed
Arslan Ahmed Month ago
Who else watching this but dont try.
Lalitha Lalitha
Lalitha Lalitha Month ago
Sandra Cole
Sandra Cole Month ago
Pretttttttyyyyyy!thank u for sharing ♡
Simona Schatz
Simona Schatz Month ago
Your nails and art nails are awesome 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Simona Schatz
Simona Schatz Month ago
Before make transfer with foil transfer,what you used?Thanks
Fhj Jdd
Fhj Jdd Month ago
very good very good love 👌👌👌👌💅💅❤❤❤
Yuri Fernandez
Yuri Fernandez Month ago
I thanks for these video😇,I am planning now to open my nail art salon and spa 🥰
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