NEW Micro Jet Engine 30 lb thrust Very AFFORDABLE! 12kg video

Јоhn Daniel
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↘Kaso-Li in action. Jet engine & Install kit, 12kg s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cf5Lulb6 and 6KG here s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cYNpF0MC , Nice kits at ebay.to/2J9yIlK RC fun To Fly-kits or a 6kg ACE60 Swiwin SW6 Turbine Engine found at ebay.to/2vv89Wm JET-kit the W6, The SW6 Jet Engine will run non stop for years on any 0.25 micron filtered Diesel, JT8, and Kerosene. The first engine ( in video) will increase to over 30 lbs thrust after some use. Tolerances are in the 1/100,000 It is way under $2000 unless your country is tax happy.
This has been my secret hobby since 2006. Using a high output Jet engine to make electricity in a turbine to turbine drive at less than the fuel cost of any gas engine generator, And is capable of thousands of KWH.
Direct to the makers shop its from ➳ s.click.aliexpress.com/e/NvrnMZJ as well as 1000's of top quality RC parts here s.click.aliexpress.com/e/NRrbmau
This is a open SHARE video with sharing for your use to see the new jet engine. If you like, then check out more details on it..
Swiwin SW6 ( ACE60 ) 6kg Turbine Engine
with ECU for RC Jet Plane
Full Complete Version, Ultra Fast Responds.
100% Brand New. Full Install kit
In re
RC jet engine wrens jetcat100
ATJ 190SV 19kg Turbine Jet Engine
ATJ 140SV 14kg Turbine Jet Engine
ATJ 120SV 14kg Turbine Jet Engine
Spark T12 12kg Turbine Jet Engine

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Mar 4, 2018

RC JET Airplane 6/K60 JETSw6-12kg-14Kg TurbojetRC JET Airplane ECU Jet Diesel fuelKJ66 Turbojet TurbineRC Hobby AccessoriesNitro helicopterRemote Controller & ReceiverRC Foam JETSRC Car & Boatmicro jet plane stuntsRC jet air showRC airplane eventFPV QuadcopterRC Airplane Fix wingDrone flying engineJetcat P200 RX Remote Control RCjet engine wrens jetcatATJ 220sv 22kg Full Auto Kero Start TurbineMini Jet Boat




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Comments 956
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan Day ago
Give place name of selling of this engine.
Јоhn Daniel
Link to place making them and selling them is under video in the description. Aliexpress links.
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan Day ago
What is price of this engine??
Јоhn Daniel
$1700 USD with engine control computer and install materials.
Dustin Turman
Dustin Turman 4 days ago
Where do I buy
Bryan St.Martin
Bryan St.Martin 3 days ago
Aliexpress $2200. See info link.
thaboomer53 4 days ago
He does understand that English speakers can't understand half of what he is saying doesn't he?
Bryan St.Martin
Bryan St.Martin 3 days ago
I understood him well enough.
Ison Willis
Ison Willis 6 days ago
does it work with h2? if yes, how is or would be the efficiency?
Ashesh 'INFINITE' Pradhan
Why does he keep on fiddling with the throttle?
مهند السويعدي
مرحبا هل بامكاني ان اشتري هذا المحرك يرجى الرد
مهند السويعدي
Can you send me engine parts please
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 7 days ago
Look below video for link to engines
Rayxl1 9 days ago
The readout was only showing about 1250rpm. Surely it was going faster than that.
john edwards
john edwards Day ago
It says Kg after the numbers. So its the thrust that's being measured.
Flare1107 15 days ago
Why use turbine to turbine and not direct shaft couple to a gear reduction to the generator?
Borut Goli
Borut Goli 25 days ago
Fact it is of short duration very expensive it also is crazyl thursty. This thing uses more full than 200hp full scale cessna
Mick Carson
Mick Carson 25 days ago
Speaking of AFFORDABLE, John, how much is it?
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 24 days ago
$1500 to $1750 USD depending on the control system you choose. Link below video should get you to their store where the builders sell them.
Sanchez Latchman
Sanchez Latchman 26 days ago
How do you cool your bearings
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 25 days ago
Velocity cooling.
Hunter Terrell
Hunter Terrell 26 days ago
Could you add a turbo fan intake and shaft?
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 25 days ago
No but you could run exhaust into a big Garret turbo charger exhaust side with proper piping and gear it 46 to 1 from there.
Brian Mountford
Brian Mountford 26 days ago
Looks perfectly stable enough to me. 12kg? Amazing :)
Brian Mountford
Brian Mountford 26 days ago
Hi John, This engine is remarkable, you sir are a legend! My only concerns with the engine are obviously cost, and the stability of the external thrust. I will be keeping a close eye on your research and developments in the future. And good luck!
T aviation68
T aviation68 26 days ago
‘Affordable’ YEA definitely £2000 bloody hell
Sune Olsson
Sune Olsson 27 days ago
Hördu Jojo thrust,,, can put full thrust in 3 ninute so i can real thrist this engie can give,,, maby its fall in parts,,, Best Regards from Good Old Cold Sweden
Ukee Horrock
Ukee Horrock Month ago
How much i need one
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel Month ago
Link to site where we got our is below the video in the upload date area
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Month ago
Need more smaller jet engine but more powerful. And create something good😘good stuff
Samsng Device
Samsng Device Month ago
SO... what is it used for?? 🏰
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Month ago
You can visit gravity industry
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Month ago
It's human flying jet engine
Jo z
Jo z Month ago
What an excellent machine, I need to get one asap.
Mike Tracy
Mike Tracy Month ago
Not certain little jet engine. What do they sell for?
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel Month ago
link below the video gets you to where we order our from
R V Month ago
I need one that weights about 1Kg.
Michael Queen
Michael Queen Month ago
amazing! i havent followed your progress, but may i ask is the finished project to yield twice as much thrust?
andgate2000 Month ago
Thrust will go up once axil flow come in.
Christopher Villiers
Shame they didn't add after burner.
Davy Bloggs
Davy Bloggs Month ago
John - youn REALLY NEED to show this running at full power for an extended period.
Fang Swiftwing
Fang Swiftwing 18 days ago
I think it would have a problem with overheating at that size, but I agree it would be cool!
Dian & Leni 2327
Dian & Leni 2327 2 months ago
How much it costs?
Nover Ananayo
Nover Ananayo 2 months ago
How could i purchase a unit.and how much does each cost
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts 2 months ago
I want two of them. One on each side of my motorcycle. Maybe four if the mpg is ok.
paul isaac
paul isaac Month ago
exactly, except I was thinking more line 6 of them
Jonn Mero
Jonn Mero 2 months ago
Bit hot start by the looks of it, and, stop masturbating with the throttle! Once or twice showing the throttle response is fine, but . . .
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 2 months ago
I'm taking 4 and installing them to my car, this bitch is gonna look like Redline
Klonoa 2 months ago
Gotta love how everyone in the comments suddenly becomes an expert on jet engines.
savcı savcı hayal
savcı savcı hayal 2 months ago
savcı savcı hayal
savcı savcı hayal 2 months ago
DOMINION CANADA 3 months ago
We can all be thankful to the young 22 year old British RAF officer Frank Whittle who first patented, built and tested the very first Turbo Jet Engine in 1937....And because of his miraculous invention, he was later knighted Sir Frank Whittle......Course I must also mention that Frank Whittle had a co inventor in Germany named Hans Von Ohain who also came up with a jet engine but a different configuration the same year only five months later after Frank Whittle tested his. So Hans Von Ohain was second but his was the first self contained one which was fueled by Hydrogen and not only that, He was the first to get his into the air in 1939. Why? All because after Frank Whittle invented his, he couldn't get the financial backing or interest of airplane manufacturers until 1941. Where as if they took him seriously right from the start, the British would have had jet aircrafts before the war started.
suresh kumar
suresh kumar 3 months ago
its in your homme.pleez try it practicaly 1 hour.
Ken Marguet
Ken Marguet 3 months ago
I noticed the flux capacitor power up at 6:27 just behind the engine.
Matthias Kleinjan
Matthias Kleinjan 3 months ago
Jason. Madara
Jason. Madara 3 months ago
Mexico is going to spend a ton on these. 2g a pc thats cheaper n safer then a smuggler strap 6 to twn to a mwxical they will get rt over trumps wall lmao
Jimmy O.
Jimmy O. 3 months ago
I dont think anyone is spending over $2000 on a jet engine from aliexpress
j r
j r 3 months ago
That is great, but I would crash it right off.
Nurhendratmoko 3 months ago
Assalamu alaikum... When we think frequency 40 to 60 box that thing was shine ... I think the real rpm have devided by total of blade. Reference of transformator lamp... Were al jet engine of air craft was run by motor always on...
Matthias Kleinjan
Matthias Kleinjan 3 months ago
Yeah I agree
Jack Theripper
Jack Theripper 3 months ago
Suck, squeeze, bang, blow. China?
Hydrohoes 3 months ago
Nice I need machine to make something like this I vision is better and will be submersible submarine with wings and I'll make investors there own after I replace automobile industry
Rakesh Bhandary
Rakesh Bhandary 3 months ago
I need one of these for my push bike..... So that I can go uphill with ease
MINDLESS EMPIRE 3 months ago
How much can this 12kg turbine push? Can it push five Bean's of cans?? Just won't to know. -_-
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 3 months ago
105 lbs of weight on a skid, 280 on a small air frame. People have put 2 on Ultralights.
Usama Ansari
Usama Ansari 3 months ago
Lbs thrust Conver To meter per seconed
Maikel Londres
Maikel Londres 3 months ago
Se podrá instalar a un ulm pendulaire
Klea Rusnim
Klea Rusnim 3 months ago
I'd like to make a paramotor kit with 4 of those.
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 3 months ago
If you do, please buy your life insurance at the same time, make the beneficiary payable to me!
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 3 months ago
id need more than 10 of them for vertical take off
Christian Paje
Christian Paje 3 months ago
Using this and gyroscopic tech could you build a rockateer type pack?
Klonoa 2 months ago
That little engine doesn't have the thrust for a jet pack. 30 pounds of thrust isn't going to make you take to the skies.
Arslan Binselimoğlu
i disapointed cause this is not powerful enough. ı think
I Flick
I Flick 3 months ago
How much is "Very AFFORDABLE"?
Brando Da Bikestar
Brando Da Bikestar 3 months ago
This one is $1900 on ebay
Tony Quigley
Tony Quigley 3 months ago
Don't talk, do subs.
Amilcar Valença
Amilcar Valença 4 months ago
Is it broke?...isnt that dangerous? Is your Family in home wen you do those thinks?...
Billy Quinn
Billy Quinn 4 months ago
also playing with the rpms is not true thrust as the table slide rides back and forth so 30lb is not true I work on jet engines for the USA gov.
Camron Cherry
Camron Cherry 3 months ago
Billy Quinn Quit your bullshit.
LameBrainMcCain 4 months ago
I saw this in Mad magazine yeeeeeears ago!! That's a Lectrolux vacuum cleaner!!
keith henry
keith henry 4 months ago
Can the fuel be converted to hydrogen gas
wow slectaculer
J Horne
J Horne 4 months ago
What other applications other than RCs?
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 4 months ago
I’m interested, either as investor or to buy 50 units, let me know.
Terrance Stroud
Terrance Stroud 4 months ago
Brilliant sir brilliant
Chloe Chadwick
Chloe Chadwick 4 months ago
You should do a video on the turbine from Holland that has 352lbf thrust.
Trucker Allister
Trucker Allister 4 months ago
Fking hell ,you Rev it like you haven't stopped playing, I think Lego would be better for you
Klonoa 2 months ago
Perhaps he was demonstrating throttle response. Notice how quickly it responds to the throttle input, which especially when flying, is important.
baka baka
baka baka 4 months ago
Not very fuel effecient compared to their commercial counterparts. These Jet engines still need alot of RND
Mc Cc
Mc Cc 4 months ago
Keith Busch
Keith Busch 4 months ago
AWESOME! You invented a poor man's JET!
Redel Ala
Redel Ala 4 months ago
Project Management CW
Can you make a turboramjet for $10,000?
Bill Pao
Bill Pao 4 months ago
I think I will wait for Stark industry engine from Ironman suit 😂😂
Malcolm Wood
Malcolm Wood Day ago
It won't be long before someone builds an ironman suit on youtube, LOL
Raymond J
Raymond J 5 months ago
thats crazy cool hahaha
Don Hunt
Don Hunt 5 months ago
Wow how strange to see a jet engine work without fuel lines how strange😜
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
No stranger than your eyes working without glasses. Watch it again, the tube flowing fuel into it contains Kerosene not Martian juice.
tinkmarshino 5 months ago
Very interesting! I can think of a couple of applications for this wonderful little tool.. I must investigate more! Nice response time! very quick little turbine..
Jimmy's Tractor
Jimmy's Tractor 5 months ago
Twin paramotor comes to mind.
Han Realistic
Han Realistic 5 months ago
What fuel it burns?
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
Rolla Coasta Ride
Rolla Coasta Ride 5 months ago
put it in a Dyson so witches can hoover, and have a fly about on halloween
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
Cool, We'll send Nancy Pelosi one to fly to Bermuda....... With half the fuel needed.
Abraham Drimmer
Abraham Drimmer 5 months ago
what is the application for a jet engine this small? remote control aircraft? just curious.
Jason. Madara
Jason. Madara 3 months ago
Strap 12 of them to a mexican he will get over a wall lmao
Charlie Sarson
Charlie Sarson 5 months ago
Does anyone know how to contact this guy
tom thompson
tom thompson 5 months ago
this makes electric bikes look like cat nip ,,,,
babul babul
babul babul 5 months ago
need to try it at least 30 minutes on maximum.
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
GE would love to see that too. They call that idiocy.
jer ros
jer ros 5 months ago
Those amazon drones are gonna be fucking loud
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
And don't forget, fast to smash your package into your SUV in the driveway.
Akono Yu
Akono Yu 5 months ago
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
希望我們能夠更加了解中國在這種發動機生產中的質量。 我擁有4我們正在用於驅動不同的項目。 我為製造商推廣它,以顯示發動機和中國製造現在有多好。 💕 ( 希望我们能够更加了解中国在这种发动机生产中的质量。 我拥有4我们正在用于驱动不同的项目。 我为制造商推广它,以显示发动机和中国制造现在有多好。)
Randy goodspeed
Randy goodspeed 5 months ago
i have a ?if i got two of the engine what they be strong a nuff to use in a 2 place air plan thanks and i hope i hear back from u
CUBETechie 5 months ago
Could this be work as a generator?
frank jackson
frank jackson 5 months ago
Stephen Hayston
Stephen Hayston 5 months ago
Throttle response was amazing
itchyvet 2 months ago
Actually, NO, it wasn't, it takes time for fuel to enter the combustion chamber then ignite and expand. He did not give enough time for the process to full proceed.
Miguel Severino
Miguel Severino 5 months ago
Excelente y muy motivador, para las generaciones siguientes, para que se aboquen a aprender y así aprovechar el tiempo, para producir y ser hombres y mujeres de bien en las sociedades./ Lo felicito. 🇩🇴🇩🇴
BATTLE OF GAME 5 months ago
What happen if it run off
Barney Brey
Barney Brey 5 months ago
Chinese junk
Roberto Di Gesu
Roberto Di Gesu 5 months ago
I'll put one on my car
Hans Geiger
Hans Geiger 5 months ago
Playboy on the throttle........
Mark Googolplex
Mark Googolplex 5 months ago
Your statement; "The SW6 Jet Engine will run non stop for years on any 0.25 micron filtered Diesel, JT8, and Kerosene.." is *highly suspicious*. These jet engines typically have an overhaul time of 25Hours due to the temperatures and speeds experienced by the bearings.
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
Non Stop, Figure of speech. Not 24 hours 7 days a week type running, but constant use as a jet for planes and models of all kinds. And the general bearing and fueling Overhaul recommendation from the maker is 64 to 70 hours of 80% power use, 130 hours of 50% and less use. You extend that by removing all the abrasive contaminates in the fuels.
Jim Vetromila
Jim Vetromila 5 months ago
Sounds like my old Hoover vacuum cleaner. It would smoke and shoot fire too.😆
Russ Redman
Russ Redman 5 months ago
Thank you friend. Very impressive engineering!
Ripcord 5 months ago
I want to build a scale helicopter around one of these engines I've gone from Electric to Nitro to gasoline helis. its The next step
Simon Hill
Simon Hill 5 months ago
When you were using as generator what was the turbine to electricity efficiency?
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
As a primitive design, it has potential and the fact its multi fuel capable was why we experimented with it. Better options were found for using such technology. We now have a pulse jet with 4 engines in it thats I am playing with. Using old volkswagon mechanical diesel injectors and a dual venturi design I figured out.
Cipi SixZeroFour
Cipi SixZeroFour 5 months ago
Dat fuel hose in front of the turbine though...
Cipi SixZeroFour
Cipi SixZeroFour 5 months ago
@Јоhn Daniel so what? The hose can be installed at 180 deg along the engine
Јоhn Daniel
Јоhn Daniel 5 months ago
Dat cuz the fuel goes in the front end and is compressed in the venturi to a point of ignition.
MrDb 5 months ago
THIS could be installed into CARS!! IMAGINE that!!! WoW!
jtgdyt2 3 months ago
At 30lbs of thrust it would accelerate as fast as if you were behind your car pushing.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 5 months ago
DEF NOT replica of a real jetplane engine as that tech is kind of secret and very different
itchyvet 2 months ago
Don't recall anyone claiming it as a REPLICA of a full size jet engine. The component structure is totally different.
Mark Smileer
Mark Smileer 5 months ago
first of all congrats on putting this together in your basement !! nobody seems to get is he's got a jet engine to work with no fuel. he could probably explain how modern jet engines don't consume the kind of fuel Boeing wants you to believe if you could do a video explaining how jet engines work that would be wonderful
DFX2KX 5 months ago
it most certainly DOES use fuel, you can see him hook the Kerosene line up (it's that clear tube with amberish fluid in it). The flame coming out of the back is partially burned fuel before the combustor reaches temperature. It runs on the same stuff old space heaters run, but you can make one run on gasoline, propane, nail polish, or even lighter fluid if you want. But you do need SOMETHING to burn in there. It's a perfectly conventional centrifugal compressor/axial-flow turbine jet engine. The same thing Jet Cat makes, just cheaper. Here's what they look like inside ruvid.net/video/video-0SmEWWWyIQk.html
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