NEW MAP reveal *LIVE* RIGHT NOW in Fortnite!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - NEW MAP REVEAL livestream!
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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Ali-A 7 months ago
USE CODE “AliA” and get ready for the NEW season! 🔥 As soon as servers are up you’ll know HERE on the channel! ✅
Parker Alsman
Parker Alsman 19 days ago
Tomato god
Tomato god Month ago
Ahh what happened where were we ) I stayed up all night watching it
Joey Byrne
Joey Byrne 2 months ago
Ali-A I use ur supporter created code
SpartanPOS 3 months ago
1 killed I'll give you a donation
NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa 4 months ago
I love 💗 u Seth
SkullSmasher 899
SkullSmasher 899 9 hours ago
I love how most of the crowd is squeaky kids
Sarah Lou
Sarah Lou 16 hours ago
Beverly Syner
Beverly Syner 4 days ago
Alia:happy Others:sad
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 5 days ago
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry 7 days ago
No not the old map bring it back
paul oppedisano
paul oppedisano 8 days ago
where are you ali a
Bee Swarm BlitZ
Bee Swarm BlitZ 9 days ago
The Kids in the backround ruined it :/
Lindsy Robertson
Lindsy Robertson 9 days ago
Who is ready for chapter2 season 3
Gamer boy 42
Gamer boy 42 17 days ago
I didn’t watch it I was at scotland vs San Marino
aboodyaboy 17 days ago
Mr. Tron
Mr. Tron 18 days ago
6:46 - kids: fhsgvfvchjgyhc! (Alia looks up to see meteor) 6:53 - kids: GFYJFCFHJTHGNCFGTJHDRDYTD!!!!!
The Deathly King
The Deathly King 17 days ago
Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha 😂 🤣 😆 hahahahaha
Brandon Jiagge
Brandon Jiagge 19 days ago
KendrickSpeed -
KendrickSpeed - 19 days ago
Ali A: sees black hole "iS tHaT tHe NeW mAp?"
Parker Alsman
Parker Alsman 19 days ago
Ali-A can you add me in Fortnite my Username is Beauthebeast41 please yes or no can you say yes or no on your Stream it might sound weird because my friend was trying to add his account on my Xbox without asking and he change my username account I think it’s really really weird
I saw me there
Reshmi Narang
Reshmi Narang 20 days ago
What happened to your voice??
red corvet
red corvet 23 days ago
It took 3 days
Oglad 2010
Oglad 2010 24 days ago
Who’s here in chapter 2 and waited for 3 days
Tara Donnelly
Tara Donnelly 24 days ago
Edge Apple Smiling
Edge Apple Smiling 29 days ago
Still hasn’t hit 100k likes wow
Debra Mutter
Debra Mutter 29 days ago
Why didn't he look up
wavywithbaby 1000
Nothing like the tumbnail
Blake Brown
Blake Brown Month ago
Ali I love you videos and I am your biggest fan also I have put the code alia but I didn't get anything
OMGolly isdataburrito
where was he?
Eddiethereaper Month ago
Am i the only chapter 2 season 2 comment?
abdulla plays
abdulla plays Month ago
Toby Bailey
Toby Bailey Month ago
Fortnite got hacked
Stacey Ratcliffe
It takes ages!
Daniel GachaDream
Ugh he ruined the scene, why aren’t you looking at The zero point but everywhere else man, also the audience ruined the final music
ToastyKez Month ago
His subscribers are all so little They’re all like 4-8
Paloma Cruz
Paloma Cruz Month ago
the kids in the back ground be saying * i LoVe ForTNitE!*
Account Terminated
all u can here is little kids screaming in the background
Vicky Turton
Vicky Turton Month ago
Pls add me on fortnite my name is Matthewking25 I love u and ur vids
The Knight YT
The Knight YT Month ago
Alia your the best😁.
Zack Hagger
Zack Hagger Month ago
Richard Hino
Richard Hino Month ago
Sindre Oliver
Sindre Oliver Month ago
5:52 and 7:22 Is when you finally get head but don't know what it is
spidermadd 11
spidermadd 11 Month ago
It goes on for two days 🤯🤯🤯
Olivia Snell
Olivia Snell Month ago
coolguy 792
coolguy 792 Month ago
So what was the whole point of Kevin The Cube
Ivyoe Month ago
you know that the audience are those 9 year old that are bots at fortnite. (and boomers)
Socorro Cansino
Socorro Cansino Month ago
I use code alia
Socorro Cansino
Socorro Cansino Month ago
I use code in fortnite gift me a skin my acaont is jesusyjose44
yoyokitten on tiktok
Doled yes code lazar
Doled Month ago
@Socorro Cansino no code lazar
Socorro Cansino
Socorro Cansino Month ago
Use code aliA
Kieran day
Kieran day Month ago
Your croud sounds like a bunch of sqweeky 5 year olds
yoyokitten on tiktok
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 2 months ago
It is a new season
Azza Animations
Azza Animations 2 months ago
when you watch a event from earlier and you know whats going to happen.
Jack Knox
Jack Knox 2 months ago
Lawrie Capp
Lawrie Capp 2 months ago
TrapParodyYT 2 months ago
Natalie Arneson
Natalie Arneson 2 months ago
Corliss Abrams
Corliss Abrams 2 months ago
You trasj
Corliss Abrams
Corliss Abrams 2 months ago
You trash
Scorpio Pg3d
Scorpio Pg3d 2 months ago
Sub to me Toxic Shadow
Scorpio Pg3d
Scorpio Pg3d 2 months ago
Drzzy C
Drzzy C 2 months ago
It is chapter 2 season 2
Doled Month ago
Ok boomer
Rigo's Unitermania
Rigo's Unitermania 2 months ago
Fortnite rocket and meteor are cool some game.🔰🔷️🌌☄
SkwirlSniper Drawz Gamez and møre
When i watched the event in game i was on the meteore so cool
Vito 5623
Vito 5623 3 months ago
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar 3 months ago
Chasling Playz
Chasling Playz 3 months ago
The kids screaming when something happens makes me laugh.
Mra Minethestone
Mra Minethestone 3 months ago
Dumb ali a it is a black hole
Check out the video Pokémon cards Avery Washington
Liolet Aoto
Liolet Aoto 3 months ago
claire78 3 months ago
It is broken
La Is My home
La Is My home 3 months ago
Eat your cereal
Lee Hanson
Lee Hanson 3 months ago
Can you please add me My name on ps4 is Boss_XY9
Pwaler 3 months ago
I was in it but everybody killed each other all ready :
Myron Gibson
Myron Gibson 3 months ago
I play fortnite and i also with the telescopes work
j penguin
j penguin 3 months ago
Well duh it's an update if there going to make a new map it's gona have to update
Eliza Wiggle TV
Eliza Wiggle TV 3 months ago
You’re a
Simon Vann
Simon Vann 4 months ago
The video starts at 12:36
Cilixo Fan
Cilixo Fan 4 months ago
Chapter two can have 1000 terse ok
shay osborne
shay osborne 4 months ago
Riley Bass woodcoc
Riley Bass woodcoc 4 months ago
I have used code Alia duuuuuuuuh your the best
Code 1234
Code 1234 4 months ago
Why Kevin dont doing anithing
Zak Le Poidevin
Zak Le Poidevin 4 months ago
I love you
Jams 12
Jams 12 4 months ago
Fake map
Rngmrfresh Asian
Rngmrfresh Asian 4 months ago
The Launch Squad
The Launch Squad 4 months ago
They sound like 1 to 5 years old
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