*NEW* INVISIBLE GTA 5 Car! (insane)

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This NEW GTA 5 Car can go Invisible!! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: ruvid.net/video/video-Qy7sCJoD4sI.html
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 1 529
Tom Morcom
Tom Morcom 21 hour ago
WTF how is it invisible
Termillion 21 hour ago
@jelly where is kwebbelkop??
Harry Draper
Harry Draper Day ago
Is this an actual car in gta 5. If so what is it
Samarveer Singh Bisen
you are such a liar jelly there was no invisible car
Jaidan Liverpool
Jaidan Liverpool 3 days ago
Jelly race with Slogoman
Daniel McKenna
Daniel McKenna 3 days ago
Me go slogoman slogoman yayy jelly and jordi fu#$ him
Cristian Brown
Cristian Brown 3 days ago
Ur vids make no sense the car is not invincible
Vali JustVali
Vali JustVali 3 days ago
Angel Palomino Munoz
I have subscribed
Violeta Krasteva
Violeta Krasteva 4 days ago
Guys you know how jelly said he was a billion are look at his money at the beginning of the vid😂😂
Daniel McKenna
Daniel McKenna 3 days ago
ya like 9000 broke
xImNotaWolfxxx 4 days ago
11:19 it ain’t math it physics
Mohammed Fuzail Hussain
Billionaire aim to shooot at rims.
BULK 5 days ago
Whats a gta5 carl
jojimon joseph
jojimon joseph 6 days ago
you're the best and don't forget to compete in races with Kwebbelkop and slogoman
William Sanjurjo
William Sanjurjo 7 days ago
3AM is still in the United kingdom and Morning and the wasp will be there in an 1hr and I have interviewed a few of them I
jaden ragbir
jaden ragbir 7 days ago
What happened to kewbbelcop idk pls make a video on it i rlly want yo know what happened
abhijith jithu
abhijith jithu 7 days ago
I like it the car
Victor Hegerslund
Gustavo Huamani
Gustavo Huamani 8 days ago
I’m your biggest massive fan ever❤️🤘👌😎❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Deivydas Deivydas
wen is kwebbelkop comeing back jelly tell me plz
CupidZz 10 days ago
Can u give me a gift card for Xbox of 100$ so then I can buy it
Kakashi Hatake2.0
Kakashi Hatake2.0 11 days ago
The car is a Honda and a Jaguar combined
Choose Will ne cause Morgan mum is spazed
Good invisibility
Craig Wortley
Craig Wortley 11 days ago
New car/ helicopter
LordStorm Gaming
LordStorm Gaming 11 days ago
Your car looks like a tesla, but it is green and is not electric.
Anthony Cook Jr.
Anthony Cook Jr. 13 days ago
There is a new car
xBLUE LINRx 13 days ago
At 4:47 it looks like a Tesla
Logan Lashbrook
Logan Lashbrook 13 days ago
Nobody litterly nobody: JELLY every gta car video:Josh what did you do
OG Draxtil
OG Draxtil 14 days ago
He looks like a fish
Zach McCormick
Zach McCormick 15 days ago
susu f
susu f 16 days ago
your car was awesome jelly
Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 16 days ago
1sub 1sub back
fam 5
fam 5 16 days ago
Dumb that is olive green0
Amber Boles
Amber Boles 17 days ago
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith 19 days ago
Jelly:he’s a DOPE me: no he’s becomeing pewdipie noooooooooo
Michael Spaniak
Michael Spaniak 19 days ago
When are you going to do another rdr 2 video with josh and jorty
Oscar Cabañas
Oscar Cabañas 19 days ago
It’s not a jaguar
Crazy Gamer Haz
Crazy Gamer Haz 19 days ago
I think there's one clip with Preston's sister
Steven Pearson
Steven Pearson 19 days ago
Hi Jelly your my fav you tuber and Jordy I have subscribed your such a good you tuber.
Souhair Dannaoui
Souhair Dannaoui 19 days ago
How did you get your hair cut
Yahia Bassim
Yahia Bassim 20 days ago
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 20 days ago
That’s like tanner fox car
Leon Dancer-Farren
Leon Dancer-Farren 20 days ago
meet on cms 18
ARRON LAGMAN 20 days ago
Jelly help help
Titanus Destoroyah
Titanus Destoroyah 20 days ago
Rocket launch m8
Taylor Thompson
Taylor Thompson 20 days ago
It’s not invisible
Sophie Vane
Sophie Vane 21 day ago
Who would you comment jelly or slogo
PickleStew 22 days ago
White and black is my favorite color mix
PickleStew 22 days ago
Jelly’s car looks sort of like a nascar
Nigel Davis
Nigel Davis 22 days ago
When was the last time they done a death run? Remind me by clicking da like
cakey swirl
cakey swirl 22 days ago
I love this game and jelly
Jacob Espinoza
Jacob Espinoza 23 days ago
If you were rich what would you do? LIKE and coment ^^^^^
ROAR GAMING love gaming
Plz make video on game called gangster vegas
Allen Monares
Allen Monares 24 days ago
Where is jordi?
de jochen
de jochen 25 days ago
Ik weet dat jij Nederland bent maar je moet echt stoppenet het groen maken
Zephyr REDVIEW7878 County
Whenever we see a new GTA video. The car on the Video picture
Mikky Jay
Mikky Jay 25 days ago
Hi I’m Jeff
Cecil Vee
Cecil Vee 25 days ago
so you clickbaited us...
Kirsty Lawrence
Kirsty Lawrence 25 days ago
Jelly’s car is best
Kirsty Lawrence
Kirsty Lawrence 25 days ago
Where’s Kwebblkob
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