New invention wind and water turbine design

Omar A
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New invention: The Horizontal axis logarithic spiral fluid turbine
- Because of its aerodynamic profile, the golden spiral turbine is self orienting when tethered or attached to a horizontal pivot point.
- The shape of the blades and the smaller radius minimize drag while still collecting the kinetic energy efficiently.
- It is relatively safe for fish.
- Because of its small radius it can be constructed from cheap recycled plastic, PVC, or similar.
- It is a design that works for both wind and water.
- It is very simple comparing to the turbines out there in terms of cost, manufacturing, number of part, and maintenance.
project is funded by my personal money and donations.
looking for partners to help commercialize this invention.
please go to our website for more info.
Invented by Omar N Abass
Patent pending Sep, 2010 Columbus, Ohio
Golden Turbines LLC

Science & Technology

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Dec 2, 2010

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Comments 76
Lordy Grafeno
Lordy Grafeno 3 months ago
Aceleración lenta eso se me ocurrió a mi para motor espacial el agua chocaría en pared que crea empuje en el espacio,solo hay consumo electrico
FLAT EARTH 4 months ago
DJ Pal Ma
DJ Pal Ma 4 months ago
The big shit is, " New invention" +"Turbine"! ! ! ! This is a Schauberger impeller !!!
Roger Hewett
Roger Hewett 8 months ago
Great design that equal builds up resistance and wind force at the same time.
Jeremy Mettler
pipeliness everywhere why not use if there anyways
Le Vilain Petit Canard
Haha, designed 2000 years ago by Archimedes
Ali Sina
Ali Sina 2 years ago
New inversion? This was invented Da Vinci.
Reginaldo Martins
Reginaldo Martins 3 years ago
e dai ????
adrian moreyra
adrian moreyra 3 years ago
nice...what it is for???
FLAT EARTH 4 months ago
ITS A BUTT PLUG !!!!!!!!!
zippy 3 years ago
junk maybe ok for water.
FlamsON Flams
FlamsON Flams 3 years ago
this is not new its is called archimedes turbine
Open Omniversity
Open Omniversity 3 years ago
You need to remodel this slightly to perfect it, create its mirror image and add it on the edn to form an egg like shape, as it is this would suffer from turbulence induced by the straight edges at the tail end. Nice work tho, may just plagarise it in a turbine I am considering.
The American Patriot Party
your a parasite
The American Patriot Party
vortex on a stick, a little misguided and when you have refined you plagiarism you will find you would of ended up with an orga. Do your reasearch or maybe you did, thats how you got the idea, from our old inventers. Real inventers. Makes me really sick.....
Schwanzel Stock
Schwanzel Stock 3 years ago
+Steven g Don't get mad.... Some people need attention conical Archimedes screw..... Probably already tested by the man himself more then 2200 years ago.
John Vanderburgh
John Vanderburgh 4 years ago
sorry but Victor schauberger is a little ahead of you he used this design long time ago, it will grab and slow down water very effectively capturing the energy for power generation . nice to see it animated though ;)
lightrose100 4 years ago
water wind and post hole digger ?
SLRS 4 years ago
Omar, any idea when you will have a product to sell?
1HayesEng 4 years ago
Very Good design, It should friendly for Birds also. I would like to see a power performance chart for wind speeds.
Mill Eudic
Mill Eudic 4 years ago
This should propel from a stream quite well. Possibly tripling the spin and having a constant strength. To produce power when attached to an electrical alternator ? .
Basado en los dibujos de DaVinci, nada nuevo, si acaso el material con que se elaboren, de resto es un plagio.
sassyblondel 4 years ago
Pretty and would make an interesting yard art piece but has to much surface area and to much drag to be efficient. Look at airplane propellers, sail plane wings and modern windmills with long narrow blades. These shapes evolved over many years to have a good lift to drag ratio. Early boat propellers were similar to your design but often went faster when damaged and part was missing do to the to much surface area problem. It might have an application as a generator if it proves to be no fouling to where weeds and leaves and stuff in the water will not hang up on it.Good luck.
FLAT EARTH 4 months ago
@Captain Quirk A IS FOR APPLE !!!!!!!!!!
Captain Quirk
Captain Quirk 4 years ago
No disrespect intended (sincerely), but.... "To" ≠ "too" ("To" is a preposition; "too" is an adverb meaning "excessively". So for example, "Icarus flew TOO close TO the sun.") Also, the phrase that means "because of" is "due to", not "do to".
craig silta
craig silta 5 years ago
Just a thought but ocean currents are a reliable constant source of energy that could be captured with some sort of turbine or paddle wheel design.
Omar A
Omar A 5 years ago
Thank you for your comment Norman, the turbine would still work as a propeller but I'm not sure if it would be more efficient.
mateuszstanislaw 5 years ago
ok now go and manufacture it
john hanrahan
john hanrahan 5 years ago
Reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter rotor from about 1490 AD.
진준철 5 years ago
How can i contact you?? My email is classic1972@naver.com Please do contact me as soon as possible. I have tried to send email so many times but the address was wrong.
Mark Rowe
Mark Rowe 5 years ago
If the screw was made of some kind of rubber/plastic material, which progressively got thinner at the end with the bigger area, it would have some 'give' in it to reduce area presented to the wind in a gust.
AndreasDourin 5 years ago
This is not new invention it is a diferend design for Archimedean Screw
Thomas Guilliam
Thomas Guilliam 5 years ago
Thats good for bathtub drain pipe .
vicegrip33 5 years ago
I'm researching use of turbines on ships. I'm focusing on high-pressure hydraulics to transmit the collected energy to the ships screws, & variable positioning of the collectors (note plural), simillar to how the courses of sails were varied to match the weather on Square-Riggers. I think I see a beautifull matchup... accept the collectors MUST be able to "spill" their wind when hit with gusts ... gotta figure out how the trailing surfaces could be made to collapse and spill during gusts.
Scootermad man
Scootermad man 5 years ago
How many holes while ice fishing can I drill with it in an hour? And am I guaranteed to catch an average of 1.618 fish per trip?
wowfanatic100 5 years ago
It's just a spiral. Not an invention.
Omar A
Omar A 6 years ago
I did my background check, PAX is a propeller to propel not to collect energy, totally different purpose. the design is different as well. thank you for your advise.
Omar A
Omar A 6 years ago
I've seen it, it's beautiful. it's a great propeller.
Harley Ross
Harley Ross 6 years ago
Not new, not new at all, oldest tech actually. Archimedes' screw.
Omar A
Omar A 6 years ago
you share your money, I share my work, time, experience, knowledge, resources. you just want others to share so you can sit on your ass all day and post nasty comments for people who at least try to do something useful for others. sharing is usually mutual, if you don't share in return it's called taking.
TheRealVerbz 6 years ago
Also look into the PAX Impeller by Jay Harman: watch?v=dZCMAo1ZYfA Moving 80 million pounds of water with 200 watts: watch?v=9ely-59ChYs
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 6 years ago
This design is far from inefficent. It just depends how you use it.And wha you make it out of. Check out wood splitting with a unicorn screw.
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 6 years ago
a unicorn screw
omarabs01 6 years ago
Da Vinci invented a helicopter, it was used as a propeller not a turbine, also his didn't follow the logarithmic spiral and it also has a different configuration in terms of how the surface is made. you may find a lot of other spiral turbines that have something in common but they are not all the same. including Victor schauberger, Pax scientific, to name a few. just because they are spirals doesn't mean they are the same, there are many different types of spirals.
bittertongue96 6 years ago
yeah,it was used in his model for an invention similar to a helicopter
kdc43 6 years ago
The facts have decided: This is an old obsolete inefficient design.
Diego Martin
Diego Martin 6 years ago
Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin 6 years ago
Jay Harman and PAX Scientific have engineered a fan and patented this logarithmic, or "phi" progression. Do your background checks...it's taken. sorry. I learned the hard way. :(
Vega Motor Werkz
Vega Motor Werkz 6 years ago
yeah, on his helicopter concept
SeeAnemone 6 years ago
...its a pitty to see theres in fact no turbine left on this planet that is allowed to be called his own. But what does it say about a man to give away his life to die at home. Why cant anyone say i found it inventions are for gods. But never mind you stole them. Our useless Working
wow, a spiral that gets bigger at one end. hmm... hundreds of ancient brilliant people never thought of this. (it's called sarcasm)
Luca77azmodelnet 6 years ago
New invented!!!
Michael Sehaik
Michael Sehaik 6 years ago
any wind design will work with wind and water...unless it's from paper
discouniverse 6 years ago
this design is not efficient and won't generate you any income, that is why it is not used...Archimedes invented most of nowadays reinvented stuff including this one
Guru of Random
Guru of Random 7 years ago
Check out my channel.
Herve Yamodo
Herve Yamodo 7 years ago
I got a much simpler and efficient idea working as wind turbine, water wheel and water turbine. Yes, you got it right; one single design working underwater, above water and in air. Watch it here. Samory wheel: three in one - RUvid
Omar A
Omar A 7 years ago
@JC4crs i didn't know that thanks for letting me know, archemedes who? The USPTO must be crazy too for accepting 10s of patents for different spiral turbine designs why don't you email them and open up their minds?
JC4crs 7 years ago
Patent pending? you're crazy. spirals have been already in a thousand things. Going back all the way to Archimedes. every water well with an electric vertical "screw" pump has a one in farms. Just bc it is new to you, doesn't mean YOU invented something.
TheTorko1 7 years ago
Good luck with the patent.It is the exact same disign I have at the bottom of a beach umbrella I have had for 30 years. It works pretty good for digging into hard soil when I burry my umbrella
kdc43 7 years ago
Didn't Leonardo DaVince invent this 500 years ago?
joanne61 7 years ago
we need to actually see one working.
Omar A
Omar A 7 years ago
@ChrisjayH1 sure, please email me more details at o m a r a b s 0 1@yahoo.com
Christopher Henningsen
do you have an STL file of this thing? if I included it in a project would you want royalties?
lawrence ogden
lawrence ogden 7 years ago
great video
Omar A
Omar A 7 years ago
@matchbook69 how big can you make it? email me at o m a r a b s 0 1@yahoo.com
TheLandormaxim 7 years ago
OOoh ok well a spiral is a spiral and you can see in Victors designs (which all came from nature) are principly the same. Hint use croada effect in your design and you will also experience greater efficiencies.
hynzify 7 years ago
@MucusFelidae You lack intelligence, you can only distinguish colours, i know
pork611 7 years ago
What is the maximum efficiency you can obtain with this design?
pathosbedlam 7 years ago
It needs to start and finish small, making a Diamond shape. That will increase efficiency and reduce drag. Used in a small hydro power generator it would work really well. So mirror the design and your set.
Geo 7 years ago
Wow, early 90's CG. Amazing
TheLandormaxim 7 years ago
Do you have an email I can contact you on as I have some questions I would like to ask you.
Omar A
Omar A 7 years ago
@TheLandormaxim not all spiral turbines are the same, Victor S. did work with spiral turbines but he doesn't have the same one as far as I know. tell me which one of his turbines is like this one?
Omar A
Omar A 7 years ago
@BarefootBASE this is called Biomimicry
TheLandormaxim 7 years ago
Been done befor it is same principle as Victor Schauberger.
Jeremy Throop
Jeremy Throop 8 years ago
So it goes in some kind of casing? What does that look like?
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