[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

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Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.
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Jul 22, 2019

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Comments 23 143
Aye_Its_Hollo 42 minutes ago
1:14 Moira’s shadow?
Oofer lettuce
Oofer lettuce 42 minutes ago
Is this real
Draukagrissah 43 minutes ago
You guys are letting the freak flag fly a little more and I am living for it
Маша Машкина
Look like dishonored
Arkan NOA
Arkan NOA 43 minutes ago
This is Unsettling
Mohammad M
Mohammad M 43 minutes ago
Wow overwatch is the greatest game ever made, a work of art. Very deep story and amazing gameplay. My favorite level is level 44.
Savage 43 minutes ago
A new dps or a tank from talon
james Hopwood
james Hopwood 43 minutes ago
Who else went to RUvid trending and clicked on the first thing
Vanqsy 43 minutes ago
do you play sigma? **sigma balls**
T DP 43 minutes ago
God his theme fits well, ominous and foreboding, I like this character so much already.
RNGesus 43 minutes ago
Hey can you go sigma? *Im already sigma though?* No I mean can you *Sigma Nuts*
James Thomas
James Thomas 43 minutes ago
“Oh this dude crazy” - JunkRat
George Montes
George Montes 43 minutes ago
Most interesting Character yet, but I feel Overwatch misses out on even exploring these stories by just being an arena shooter, I need a show to be honest
Brandan 43 minutes ago
sigma balls
videogameparrot 44 minutes ago
sigma balls
TIngram 44 minutes ago
So this is number 1 on trending but number 2 trending for gaming... WHATTT????
SeraphLight248 44 minutes ago
The directing in this seems different from the other origin stories animations. Like it.
Barry Scott
Barry Scott 44 minutes ago
Sigma BALLS!
Nombre Apellido
Nombre Apellido 44 minutes ago
Asopotamadre esta primero en tendencias
LemonStrike111 44 minutes ago
Lex Luthor/Sigma (Megaman X)
dragon slayer god
dragon slayer god 44 minutes ago
Overwatch just disappears in my life then pops up whenever a never character comes out
Abhi Johal
Abhi Johal 45 minutes ago
Blizzard has really good production quality. Like really really good.
Jasper Barr
Jasper Barr 45 minutes ago
Sigma......... SIGMA BALLS
Ivory :/
Ivory :/ 45 minutes ago
Big doctor Jekyll and mr Hyde vibes
Zac Collins
Zac Collins 45 minutes ago
Franz Cedric Lat
Franz Cedric Lat 45 minutes ago
I see 3 personas: Ambition, Failure and Chaos, exploring alternate realities at the same time... WTF!?
felipo_ galaxy
felipo_ galaxy 45 minutes ago
Hol up isnt that a mega man boss?
Yoloswaggins 45 minutes ago
You Fools
You Fools 45 minutes ago
i’m getting hella Moira, Symmetra, and Medic from TF2 vibes from this character.
Zachary Wagner
Zachary Wagner 46 minutes ago
I've never played overwatch before but it looks fun.
flufiham 46 minutes ago
Haha sigma balls
Jonathan Hagen
Jonathan Hagen 46 minutes ago
"Did I really just forget that melody?"
Darc Arkon
Darc Arkon 46 minutes ago
Wow very spook much muchness.
ThatOneFlareon 47 minutes ago
Honestly,I find this character really interesting and cool with a rather creepy tone to his trailer here,and I can't wait to see his abilities! ...But I must also joke on the fact that this character is insane Graviton. XD
Akira Davis
Akira Davis 47 minutes ago
This has got to be the creepiest Origin Story yet and I'm in love with it
Allispie 47 minutes ago
Dude, can we get more Megaman X characters in Overwatch?
Grey Hades
Grey Hades 47 minutes ago
The quiet, empty abyss of nothingness: Sigma: Song name?
facundo ruiz
facundo ruiz 47 minutes ago
we need more thots
Ivory :/
Ivory :/ 47 minutes ago
Lmao sigma balls
Emily Biggs
Emily Biggs 47 minutes ago
If you play it backwards there is a hidden message.
DJ Squishy
DJ Squishy 47 minutes ago
Interesting character but his costume is boring and bland yet overdesigned
AtownRay 47 minutes ago
Better be a tank!
Victor Tang
Victor Tang 48 minutes ago
Okay, this sigma guy is literally a scientist gone mad but still possess awesome powers. A very interesting origin story, and I wonder who else can top him within Talon.
Sean Xu
Sean Xu 48 minutes ago
I'm already feeling more crowd control coming...
chris cartoons
chris cartoons 48 minutes ago
Sigma bruh I think you mean ligma
Junhoen Kim
Junhoen Kim 48 minutes ago
sigma d***
ToXic 48 minutes ago
One letter away from sugma
I Zilbulbek I
I Zilbulbek I 48 minutes ago
Now Zarya is crying.... She thought that she had black hole... but it was just some STUPID magnet made out of antimatter...
DeJohn 48 minutes ago
Can someone leave an opinion on my video of me singing? I just need some feedback. Thanks!
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