[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

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Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.
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Jul 22, 2019




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Comments 20 974
Alex Camorlinga
Alex Camorlinga 2 minutes ago
Sigma? Hmmmmmmmm im getting real mega man vibes
Thiago Alves
Thiago Alves 2 minutes ago
The next hero will be Ligma. 100% confirmed!
shogun 2 minutes ago
Maggie McKettrick
Maggie McKettrick 2 minutes ago
do people still play this game?
CruzHi 2 minutes ago
Sigma: ... Player: can i go sigma please Sigma: ok Player: thanks Sigma: u can sigma balls
silent finesse DMW
silent finesse DMW 2 minutes ago
To the 1% reading this , I hope you have or had an amazing day / night and all your dreams come true My goal is to reach 1k subs
Cladan 2 minutes ago
Blizzard: Ok how insane do you want this character to be? Jeff: *yes*
Billy smith’s Big brother
This is me after solo queuing and getting 6 Dps instantly 10 games in a row
Jangmo-o the Warrior
Jangmo-o the Warrior 3 minutes ago
Ok, ok, THEORY TIME! Just a theory, but wait if, in the actual lore not the game, Talon uses the 'melody'that Sigma mentions to keep the violent Stigma in control? Personally, I think that he either developed DID from tramua or is Bipolar, but he may of just gone insane. Only time will tell. Well, THATS JUST A THEORY, AN OVERWATCH THEORY! AND CUT!!! Also I love how people are either hiding behind their Mains in fear and awe or begging for Sigma to come out so he can be their Main. 😂😂😂
AgbeFam 3 minutes ago
Overwatch can start a new extremely interesting and fleshed story with the introduction of this character. I don't even play the game and am thoroughly interested.
Charlie 3 minutes ago
his ultimate he releases a black hole?
Xmite 3 minutes ago
i think i need to play overwatch again because i think i missed something
I love how experimental this is
Goo_Ze 3 minutes ago
0:32 interstellar The Wormhole Soundtrack
C a r l i t o
C a r l i t o 3 minutes ago
Well goooolly...
Gabe T
Gabe T 3 minutes ago
Wait what the character that was yellow at the end? I know it was Reaper on the side, Behind Sigma it was Moira, Sombra, & Widow but who was in yellow????
ChrisC Origami
ChrisC Origami 4 minutes ago
Doesn't Zarya have a black hole that comes out of her gun
Skull Capton
Skull Capton 4 minutes ago
If you boys are wondering about that that last bit at 1:49, he said "RELEASE ME!" backward.
Adam Stehley
Adam Stehley 4 minutes ago
i haven’t played overwatch in a fat second
LordOfTacos 115
LordOfTacos 115 4 minutes ago
I forgot this game existed
MIN3RTHR3TT 4 minutes ago
What is that melody!? Some random dude in the back: *La la la la la la*
FeedMeSalt 4 minutes ago
SO you guys just toned down Doctor Manhattans back story and applied to Smegma, Cool rip off. Also this looks like zaryia and phara had a baby. no thanks.
TheAnimeKid10oo Awesomeness
Sigma a megaman villain. Overwatch: Check out our new character Sigma
Freaty the Dreary
Freaty the Dreary 4 minutes ago
Holy molly #1 on trending?
Thee indecisive King
Thee indecisive King 5 minutes ago
Yea aight thats lex Luthor
Alex's Stupid Imagination
Wow MegaMan X9 looks great!
Pongsakorn Kingsuwankul
Shrek uwu
Shrek uwu 5 minutes ago
#1 on trending. wooop
Totally Not A Spy
Totally Not A Spy 5 minutes ago
*"Why Colonel, this is merely superconductor electromagnetism -- surely you've heard of it! It levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka. It levitates my desk, where I ride the saddle of the world. And it levitates... ME!"* --M. "Sigma" Bison
NeoArisat02 5 minutes ago
This was such a good origin story, I love the voice acting and all of the subtle things like the splitting objects and that sly smile at 1:16.
Lardzo Aximus
Lardzo Aximus 5 minutes ago
What's Moira's Dad doing on here?
Kassi 5 minutes ago
"I have harnessed the harness" UHH......Okay dude, whatever you say... xD Love this origin story!
Charles Urban
Charles Urban 2 minutes ago
"Well, I'm going to harness the harness's harness. So HA." "Are we talking about gravity or horses?" "QUANTUM horses!"
Cristian Rosado
Cristian Rosado 5 minutes ago
Melody name???
玫RADIO-ROSE 5 minutes ago
simga nuts*
Westley Will
Westley Will 5 minutes ago
I dont even play Overwatch and in my opinion I find this to be the best character trailer in the game, I love the dark mood!
Weirdo Home
Weirdo Home 5 minutes ago
Myla 5 minutes ago
At the very end when it is backwords it says "release me"
고수셀카 5 minutes ago
저거 언제나옴?
Ghosst PresentX
Ghosst PresentX 5 minutes ago
Confirm you're not a Robot ⤵
Slurpzz L
Slurpzz L 5 minutes ago
ImposCoE 6 minutes ago
The part near the end that is played backwards says RELEASE ME, when played correct.
Grizzly BƎAR
Grizzly BƎAR 6 minutes ago
1:28 - 1:37 Freedom.....imprisonment... it’s all an illusion... *WELL THAT GOT **_META_** OUT OF NOWHERE*
Patorras :D
Patorras :D 6 minutes ago
I think that when he is in the mental institute (at least it looks like) and when the red lights come on, it's probably when Talon captures him (because you can hear shotgun shots, from Reaper, and some sniper shots, probably Widow. But hey, that's just a theory.
LivingHell99 6 minutes ago
Ok I have absolutely no idea what this characters ability will work in-game. it controls gravity, but how will they apply it to the game
firstdrafttooscar 6 minutes ago
Looks a lot like Lex Luthor
Bobby The Blizzard
Bobby The Blizzard 6 minutes ago
Like *WHAT* my BroDude?
Eray 6 minutes ago
The background music sounds like plants vs zombies
trickstar250 6 minutes ago
0:30 How it feels to chew 5 gum
Bakicci 6 minutes ago
if moira ever had a crush i think this would be her mad interest
G r a y
G r a y 6 minutes ago
I smell a new blackwatch character.
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