New Hampshire Democratic Debate Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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2020 Democratic presidential candidates Tom Steyer (Pete Davidson), Amy Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch), Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon), Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis), Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Pete Buttigieg (Colin Jost) and Andrew Yang (Bowen Yang) face off in a debate.
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Feb 9, 2020




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Comments 80
Bron Kowalik
Bron Kowalik 3 days ago
Colin jost is so fine
William Jenkins
William Jenkins 3 days ago
bernies bros ummmmmmm guurrrrrl its barbzzz for bernie
Street Glide Pete
Thats not even a close impression of Creepy Joe. Sleepy Joe cant form a sentence and sounds sedated .
Junior Delgado
Junior Delgado 3 days ago
And Andrew yang 😂
Stephen Stotch
Stephen Stotch 4 days ago
I used to love Pete Davidson in Weekend Update but I wish he weren’t in sketches that aren’t Chad. He just seems like he doesn’t belong in this one
my name is jeff
my name is jeff 6 days ago
Joe Biden can’t possibly be our next president
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 7 days ago
What a line up!
Hex 7 days ago
*Sad Bernie Bro noises*
Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm
cake one was a mistake. I meant to save it for later.
Yugali Gullapalli
Joe Biden’s creeping up from behind comment aged well 😂 and now its Biden2020 🍻
Gryffindor Equestrian Girl
I still haven’t managed to figure out which nickname SNL Klobuchar assigned to which candidate lol
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 10 days ago
I love how Bernie plays himself in the political sketches
Finn Berger
Finn Berger 10 days ago
And Andrew Yang!
Amy Rietveld
Amy Rietveld 20 days ago
Haha! Love how SNL pokes fun at their own.
storm pancake
storm pancake 22 days ago
If bernie was actually the favorite candidate of 4chan it would be a much better place.
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 24 days ago
Somebody horizontally stretched Pete's face a little.
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 24 days ago
I'm Hispanic and I like Pete
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 24 days ago
These guys feels like rip-offs of the real ones. It's kind of weird lol.
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 25 days ago
I meant because of my pin racists!
Kate Cahoon
Kate Cahoon 26 days ago
“Joe Biden’s has gonna do what Joe Biden does best! Creep up from behind!” My face: 😮
Taylor Swiftie
Taylor Swiftie 27 days ago
1:34 that aged well
Brady Murtaugh
Brady Murtaugh Month ago
When she did “You’re not going no to out poor me,” it reminded me of Penelope.
James Tilsley
James Tilsley Month ago
Jason is by far the best Joe Biden!
YouTube Account
YouTube Account Month ago
Yang impression sucks ass why does he sound like a flamboyant gay man? This guy probably hasn’t even listened to yang speak, yangs tone and demeanor is unassuming and funny in a goofy way, there’s so much snl coulda done with it. Bernie, Biden and Warren are the best
Dina Kay
Dina Kay Month ago
Bernie Bros👍👍
AbleAnderson Month ago
Everyone up there is so good, but Pete Davidson has noticeably less talent than the rest. He has no business being on the stage with the likes of Kate McKinnon and the Jason Sudekis
Adrian Walker
Adrian Walker Month ago
Can we just get Colin as president?
Bleep Blop
Bleep Blop Month ago
Somebody please help me out here if you would. I remember Pete airing a grievance about always getting cast as an idiot in sketches. Does he have a valid point in your estimation, or is "playing the fool" inherently part and parcel of being a sketch performer on SNL? Also, when he bristled about being on the receiving end of Update jokes, is it a) rude to him, or b) the same as when they did the exact same thing to Belushi 45 years ago and Belushi didn't say jack about it?
porp109 24 days ago
I dunno but his acid performance is on point here
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter Month ago
Elizabeth Warren starting to sound like Jodie Foster, yes sir.
Matthew Cockburn
Matthew Cockburn 2 months ago
Losing Iowa was a real kick in the nuts LOL
Davey 2 months ago
JohnLikesDiamond 2 months ago
ew propoganda
Walter Levesque
Walter Levesque 2 months ago
your not gonna out poor me. Awesome.
Buster Cherry
Buster Cherry 2 months ago
The guy playing George Steponallofus blows chunks.
Tammi Davidson
Tammi Davidson 2 months ago
This is the funniest ever on Cold open. Bernie Sanders..right on and hilarious..and Elizabeth Warren and Bloomberg is spot on. 😂😂
Toya V
Toya V 2 months ago
What a difference two months make.
Caroline Schissel
Caroline Schissel 2 months ago
this video didn't age well
MR AGK 2 months ago
You guys want to hear a joke? Joe Biden runs for President, the end!
may day
may day 2 months ago
I can't even imagine the thrill it must be to announce "Live from New York it's Saturday night."
tori248 2 months ago
Okay but I'll vote for Biden if we get off-color long senile grandpa stories every week like FDR fireside chats
Keith Tyler
Keith Tyler 2 months ago
1:40 April 9 here. Too spot on
Aztecelotl 3 months ago
Woody Harrelson made it better as Joe Biden
Katie Williams
Katie Williams 3 months ago
Mayo Pete doesn’t look like the man from south bend Indiana
MONSTA X is 7 3 months ago
"They call me Mayo Pete, I'm the king of the Rumba beat"
MONSTA X is 7 3 months ago
Jason is hilarious but he's not good at doing Biden, he's way too energetic, Woody was perfect
ronald tetreault
ronald tetreault 3 months ago
... And still they SNL could easily build a better dirty filthy word aka fed govt .. ain't the truth a big bite in da as .. still ❤️ twisted ...... .. and dey the federales .. Schmucks is too nice a word .. amen ❤️
earlrobiii 3 months ago
No no no no you're not gonna out poor me. 😆😆😆
Jale Ulrich
Jale Ulrich 3 months ago
Jason sudeikis' Joe impression really sounds like J. Jonah Jameson (jk Simmons, that is)
Liquid Golem
Liquid Golem 3 months ago
Well this aged well. So far.
Emil Cancar
Emil Cancar 3 months ago
Rachel Dratch's Shakira bit was the best part of this segment.
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness
Biden: They told me I have 6 to 8 months..." Puck Hillary as your VP and you won't even last long enough make it back to White House from your inauguration. Your hand print will still be a warm spot on the Bible when Hillary assumes the Presidency if you choose the psychotic bitch as your running mate.
Gabriel Anderson
Gabriel Anderson 3 months ago
The way Jason Sudeikis plays Biden will never be unfunny
Patrick Michael
Patrick Michael 3 months ago
Larry David is brilliant.......Kate McKinnon is.......anyone....literally, she could be a 300lb man.
Black And Proud
Black And Proud 3 months ago
Joe Biden creeps up from behind,bribe little kids with icecream and then have them jumping up on his lap
Doug Goldwater
Doug Goldwater 3 months ago
the irony is that Joe Biden's opening statement was correct
Alekhya Das
Alekhya Das 3 months ago
Joe Biden really did creep from behind
Michael Jha
Michael Jha 3 months ago
Pete Davidson looking adorable af here
John John
John John 3 months ago
For 40 years I have been diligent , close to a TV somewhere on Saturday night . 40 years where programming Should be stronger , somewhere has tipped over the edge into an irreversible decline . After all of my life dreaming to one evening be a part of the Live audience , it's not important anymore , the corporate pricks at NBC have won , the ' Rebel ' show Sat night Live has been watered down to , after the news, where I flip back to South Park . After the production you were so proud of 3 weeks ago with that Black drag queen , as my stomach turned , so did my channel changer , That to say the ship has steered Way off coarse and Michaels should do us ALL a favor and give this corporate sell out show a decent burial !!!!! With Great disappointment , John
Keith WOLF Hoskin
Keith WOLF Hoskin 3 months ago
" Biden going to do what Biden gonna do.. creep up from behind " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fuckin Biden had me hollin lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Viviana Joe
Viviana Joe 3 months ago
"you can never out-poor me" killed me
Boingfish1 3 months ago
Perfect...fair and balanced roasting.
Mark2020usa 3 months ago
Spot on! Couldn't tell the difference! Whole democrat party is a joke. Lol 🇺🇸
Lisa McAndrews
Lisa McAndrews 3 months ago
I just received a notice from the town of Nashua New Hampshire I have not paid my property taxes for three months. I’ve been trying to help out my sons families to help with what’s going on with the virus and that’s where my money has been going to. I got a notice from Nashua City Hall because I did not pay my property taxes for three months That they’re going to take my house from me because I did not pay my property taxes for three months
Anshul Puri
Anshul Puri 3 months ago
Cool Runnings is the best movie
Natasha Matznick
Natasha Matznick 3 months ago
They are all so good in their roles!, it's just all so funny to watch.
1:30 he was right
Rozemarijn van der Steen
"Mr. Biden you have 60 sec." "No the doctor said I had 6 to 8 months!" :D
Rozemarijn van der Steen
"I'm king of an army of internet trolls. Should I stop em? Yeh. Will I stop em? Nah" :)
Rozemarijn van der Steen
This is so absolutely brilliant! My favorites: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden. Excellent acting, better than the real thing!
Who? Not You.
Who? Not You. 3 months ago
That South Carolina joke hurts.
ThatPikachuMain 3 months ago
Zubair Razzaq
Zubair Razzaq 3 months ago
The most funniest show ever especially Biden Sanders Elizabeth and Klobuchar and everybody else is one of the most funniest show ever on SNL
Green Ghost
Green Ghost 3 months ago
You made your point SNL! The Democratic candidates are jokes. TRUMP 2020. THANKS SNL FOR HELPING ME MAKE THAT DECISION!!!
Ty 3 months ago
Well Biden wasn't wrong
Dale Andrews
Dale Andrews 3 months ago
Larry David looks and acts more like Bernie than Bernie does!
Wu Yu
Wu Yu 3 months ago
Bernie 4 3rd member of Run The Jewels!
Wu Yu
Wu Yu 3 months ago
Don't cheat Bernie this year. SICK Biden.
Chuke Blyers
Chuke Blyers 3 months ago
Will Farrels Tom Seyer was better
Dat Meme
Dat Meme 3 months ago
Why is Owen Wilson dressed up like Elizabeth Warren?
Kxng Earner
Kxng Earner 3 months ago
toyota is a UGLY piece of SHIT
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