*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Season 2 Mutant Skin 1st Look, Loot Crates, Rick Roll!

TheCampingRusher - Fortnite
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Fortnite New Update - Season 2 Mutant Skin 1st Look, Loot Crates, and a Rick Roll is what we discuss today!
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TheCampingRusher - Fortnite
Thanks for watching! What are your thoughts on the Fortnite Season 2 possible Mutant Skin teaser? Also, be sure to use Code TheCampingRusher and check out my previous video: 4 Season 2 Map Changes - ruvid.net/video/video-0-0Cwb_-KsY.html
Linda Mclean
Linda Mclean Month ago
Mutant Season hmmm Wouldn't you think it be good if perhaps Fortnite would collab with Nickelodeon and add the Ninja turtles since they are mutants as well 🤔
Trey Knutsen
Trey Knutsen Month ago
Johnny YT
Johnny YT Month ago
the gold evnt has started
Rainy Myst
Rainy Myst Month ago
Hey there is a video that sin x6 uploaded and it supposedly is a leaked message in Fortnite season 2 and it has a handprint on it along with a message that has to do with the vault.
Stewart Moran
Stewart Moran Month ago
Battlefront 2 is proof of how loot crates ruin a game (granted they got rid of them).
Eat your cereal
Eat your cereal Month ago
Were tf is mutant skin huh 😂
rich 88527
rich 88527 Month ago
Ayy me and my friends are in this vid cstxrich and q1500
TheShiftyKing Month ago
Yuri Month ago
ight im gonna dislike all your content
Jesus Garcia G
Jesus Garcia G Month ago
Epic games please bring back the fishin emote
commander halo
commander halo Month ago
I have a question for everyone do you go for a llama Immediately when you see it like when you drop out of the bus and see the llama go straight for it or go for a gun the get the llama
KillerPotatoZ Month ago
Stormtroopa and Horse boi
That’s kinda retarded, season 2 isn’t out yet
Tunafish742 Month ago
Has no one realised that the invisible Man movie has this same logo with the hand print and this movie was release on the 16th of February and Fortnite season 2 is released on the 20th.
Joelle Murray
Joelle Murray Month ago
The “new skin” is just a rick roll
I missed the emote! Nooooo
Colldzz Month ago
Zickone Month ago
5 min of trash just get to the punch line wtf!
Mcatherine Month ago
U ruined 2b2t
CouRage Panda
CouRage Panda Month ago
No loot crate in fortnite. Stw llamas: are you a joke to me
AtlanticFlame Month ago
So the rick roll emote can literally end a streamers career? I dont regret buying this emote!
Hunter ODonnell
Hunter ODonnell Month ago
Why dose PS4 get all the love Why can’t epic respect Xbox players
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey Month ago
fortnite: ricks rolls you and teases skin idea TheCampingRusher: they speak the truth and only the truth
Clay Powers
Clay Powers Month ago
I was scared of the op outfit almost wanted to quit
Jackalopethe1st Month ago
LuigiPL - LPG
LuigiPL - LPG Month ago
Lol speaking of loot crates if they were removed through our every game fifa pack you tubers would be screwed and the entire game will fail lol
o1 Simple Shøtz
i won the one for skin 🖤
Hell Bent
Hell Bent Month ago
Wow finally doing something for the over age gamers .
ItzSty1ez Month ago
I got the tango outfit oot
Laanui Month ago
Omg I live in Hawaii :)
ian mcnab
ian mcnab Month ago
5:00 you are welcome. 🙄
ToKyo Macko!
ToKyo Macko! Month ago
Im buying the battlepass as soon as it releases. Ladies and Gents, don't forget CODE: TheCampingRusher!
Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid Month ago
If you want me to put your code in, BE WORTHY OF IT! Listen to the constructive criticism that I give. Do more research, know what you're talking about, never report speculation as facts and check out PlayStationGrenade to see what quality videos look like. I'm trying to help bring your numbers up.
Darksword Reviews
Aren't loot lamas a lootbox?
Big_Chungos Month ago
I got 5th place because I just camped
JackGamer Month ago
It's abit annoying that the Fortnite Celebration Cup is only for ps4
Kermit On Cocaine
What about having a rare potion that makes you into a mutant and gives you extra abilities
Kermit On Cocaine
I got top 12% but i only played like 6 games :/
Shaun Month ago
I think it’s an in game item that gives you a juggernaut outfit
playboinavian Month ago
I won the skin
Trey Knutsen
Trey Knutsen Month ago
I used your code
Alan Lopez
Alan Lopez Month ago
Yo the Fortnite discord profile changed to gold and if you look at the banner it has a gold handprint (maybe could tie into Oro and season 2?)
ExoticAlpha358 Month ago
I hate Fortnite GTA gang
Nebula Month ago
My insane theory, you know how you said we might be getting a way to spend our XP, I think that mutating skins could cost XP
Orrin Pollock
Orrin Pollock Month ago
9:32 with captions lol
leconen leksa
leconen leksa Month ago
Yeah. Why wouldt have esports teams? Just like football etc
Heath Kelley
Heath Kelley Month ago
I got top19 percent
anonymous Harris
New season trailers are being dropped in big cities!!! Golden hand print indicating the gold event will leak over to the next season ! Please make a video!!
Jude Spero
Jude Spero Month ago
I’m most happy for the emots
S Fc
S Fc Month ago
hey camping rusher its been so long i watched but i was subbed on my ipad since the rocket league videos
VOID Month ago
Yo rusher, when is that Minecraft factions video coming out
Ethan Powell
Ethan Powell Month ago
Rusher a new leak just came out check it out it’s appearing around the world it’s a gold hand print and has a voice box that says somethibg
Rainy Myst
Rainy Myst Month ago
TheCampingRusher Hey there is a video that sin x6 uploaded and it supposedly is a leaked message in Fortnite season 2 and it has a handprint on it along with a message that has to do with the vault.
Oni !
Oni ! Month ago
I feel like there should be more money for the college fortnite league especially due to the fact that it’s expensive to pay for
BluMac. Month ago
I’m in high school, taking all kinds of AP and AICE classes. Having those classes and playing this video game is hard.
M1ST MO Month ago
Epic Games: Never gonna Me: WTF I swear is you are talking about the season- Epic Games: Sweating water falls
Toes-Jams K
Toes-Jams K Month ago
But doesn’t Fortnite have loot lamas that u can spend v-bucks on and u don’t know what ur getting in save the world
Tmex Month ago
to yall saying the loot llamas are gambling. no its not they have x-ray so you can see what you get in them and to all non stw players maby do a littel research before saying its gambling
Walter Reeves
Walter Reeves Month ago
Why are people now talking about “loot boxes” in STW they’ve been in for as long as I can remember playing and only now that it has anything to do with BR they’re being talked about it’s really sad
FxKz Month ago
I play rl
Damion Lewis
Damion Lewis Month ago
i got top 26 and im mad
Pedro Maldonado
Pedro Maldonado Month ago
My epic is Rin Draconian I would love to play with anyone who friends me
Roy Ortiz
Roy Ortiz Month ago
Love your vids keep up the good work
puppet show
puppet show Month ago
I rick rolled my cozin with the emote
Evolve Over Time
I was top 3% yesterday
Hotdog Yt
Hotdog Yt Month ago
The last and the first couple days of a season are the best because we get lots of news and rusher vids!
WiserCarter Month ago
Maybe the unlikely bears friend could be related to the mutant bear in the news
fawnclamp Pro m
fawnclamp Pro m Month ago
Bought the Fallen love Ranger pack with ur code :)
Sneer Month ago
I didn't.
Samurai Month ago
Rusher, I love your new vids so much but man..... You need to work on your aim. Maybe do some kovaaks, Lower your sense, aim maps. Idk but do something
Christain Hansley
Lol I switch from an Xbox controller to ps4 for this cup and dominating. I'm sorry Playstation players
Terri Month ago
Use code thecampingrusher in the item to buy next battle pass
Obligatory Turtle
We as a community have always failed to guess the skins in the battle pass. I don’t think we ever will.
SlashYT Month ago
That MuTAnt SkIN was a joke from Fortnite revealing the never gonna emote 😒😂
Darth Terrax
Darth Terrax Month ago
I bet that mutant skin is actually a skin with two variants one standing behind the other.
Jack Callen
Jack Callen Month ago
I almost won the money tournament but I won the tango skin
Travis is trash
Travis is trash Month ago
My internet went down when the emote came out. It's still down so I can't even get it. Sad boy hours
Turtle Gang
Turtle Gang Month ago
I find it find it funny that they condemn loot boxes while they still have them in save the world.
Hidden Figure
Hidden Figure Month ago
Na est took top 2%
nMod_Shepz Month ago
They do looot boxes in Fortnite save the wprld
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Month ago
Cadenthegoat 20
Cadenthegoat 20 Month ago
Like this before I leave
varthor Month ago
I bet about 1 million people got rick rolled because they went to check out the OP skin and it was rick roll.
A.R.C Str4ger
A.R.C Str4ger Month ago
I got 7 points in my first 10 games, it's so hard
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