*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Season 2 IRL Teasers, Secret Phone #, Gold Claw!

TheCampingRusher - Fortnite
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Fortnite New Update - Season 2 IRL Teasers, Secret Phone #, and the Gold Claw is what we discuss today!
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TheCampingRusher - Fortnite
Thanks for watching! What are your thoughts on the Fortnite Season 2 IRL Teasers? Also, be sure to use Code TheCampingRusher (or someone's code) when buying the S2 Battle Pass! Previous video: Mutant Skin 1st Look - ruvid.net/video/video-DlYKaWqP0rw.html
Olive Green
Olive Green Month ago
Also pot of gold for st Patrick's Day coming up so... 💡☘️🍀
LeapingSure 91
LeapingSure 91 Month ago
Zebro Gamer
Zebro Gamer Month ago
I think we can use gold for buying weapons from vending machines
Jamila Younis
Jamila Younis Month ago
I think the gold hand was of there gold stayle 8 Ball golden
Supernova •
Supernova • Month ago
I have enough money for the battle pass so I’mma just put it in now
Andrew Gaming
Andrew Gaming Month ago
I’m here 2nd day of season 2 😂
Snowyy. Month ago
0:26 Hey there’s my tweet, thanks Rush.
Trials Month ago
lmfao y'all complaining about controller players and stuff wouldn't last a day in competitive smash i stg
Arkhambatknight The goat
Cat in a detective outfit skin 7/10
Yung Ianis
Yung Ianis Month ago
I use your code
ChelseaFan454 Month ago
PC player: *dies* Also PC players: “Omfg aim assist is too fucking strong It’s so unfair!”
Jona Roncona
Jona Roncona Month ago
When I call the number it shows it from la
Galaxy DinoPlayz
If we don't get a gold umbrella this season im gonna be mad
darkfire_759 Month ago
Yoo not gonna lie but I think the golden umbrella will be the victory rewards
Covid 19
Covid 19 Month ago
What if you can get gold and buy things from vending machines
DubtheDon22 Month ago
someone tell me how to get views...
KillerPotatoZ Month ago
gerpele the great
Gold will be a currency used to buy health and shields
Lord Barringtonxd
Ok it's happening stay calm EVERYBODY STAY CALM
zmr.life. Month ago
What’s his creator code? Finna buy soccer skin
Vince Constantine
My buddy pinged ammo for me earlier today and the image appeared as that hand you first showed.
Chemical Ghosties
They changed the background on Xbox
Sgt. Ravioli
Sgt. Ravioli Month ago
The Midas Touch
Koalain Month ago
Maybe the gold hand print on the 8 ball skin on the fn Twitter is referring to the gold 8 ball variant
ZappZ Bomb gaming
If u go into creative it says gold as a building material!
KermitSuicidE Month ago
The first number is in portaguese
Honorio Rodriguez
Basically king midas touch
123yeboy123 Month ago
That’s so embarrassing why is that all over the world 🤦🏽‍♂️
Eric saldana
Eric saldana Month ago
The Gold Handprint is something I saw on Fortnites RUvid yesterday afternoon
Ryan Dean
Ryan Dean Month ago
Remember a while ago about that rumoured Nintendo Splatoon crossover? Just thought of this- in splatoon it's all based on the agents, with the most recent dlc being about an inkling called agent 7, this could be a stretch but maybe this could link to a crossover?
Dark at Hearts
Dark at Hearts Month ago
1] dont call numvers from other countries. 2]How to pad a video for over 10 minutes. 3]How to fix stupid kids to use your dumb code and watch the whole video when they can just skip.
KJ T Month ago
I wish Fortnite would just make a 20 minute youtube video based on its lore.
lil lil
lil lil Month ago
I think the gold means like it’s going to take you back to the GOLDen age of fortnite it’s not going to be a new material
ALFI3_GUEST Month ago
Maybe they will bring back vending machines that you can only use good on
-ERA- Blyvz-
-ERA- Blyvz- Month ago
Oro means gold in Spanish
Bubbles Pop Gaming
gold hand touches the skin and thats why its gold from the chalenges
Vault aa
Vault aa Month ago
the safe might be that ???? landmark in the southern snowy mountains!
Constellation Month ago
I like how he says touch the like button
MikeChannel_TV _Cube
Okay this is just a theory that came to my mind...what if the redacted bunker is a secret gold mine and when they open it with the card they find this gold and that’s how it becomes a new material.
Tac0 Month ago
More hints on Fortnite’s Instagram story
Owen Bryant
Owen Bryant Month ago
touched the like button, cops called
KD Gaming
KD Gaming Month ago
your first priority should always be to touch the like button!
Risky on 60 FPS
Risky on 60 FPS Month ago
I used it code to buy manic,bullseye and two emotes kiss kiss and raise the roof use code : the camping rusher in the item shop
BootzieCuppie Month ago
You know you love 😍The Camping Rusher when, you've closed out of RUvid and think 🤔 "Did I touch that LIKE button? "So, of course you open RUvid, 😮 find the video 😲 aaannnnd.....Yup, I did ! 😁 😘
SentChiper Month ago
Good video as always
Mr evil pancake Waffle
Agents were called, chaos agents Card?
Jerry Wallace
Jerry Wallace Month ago
Thinking about switching to PC. what's a good PC to start off with not too pricey?
OffTopicPerson 369
At this point fortnite is obsessed with the number 2
Kyookumbur Month ago
I’m going to Disneyland in Anaheim while the tournament in Anaheim is happening
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Month ago
@thecampingrusher you said those people missed the point because the majority of "pro" players are kb&m not controller that's why its suprising controller won but aren't the majority of total players controller or can controller players just not be considered pros by kb&m players and now those controller player are on equal hardware to PC players now that they bought a pc and are able to compete and win its suddenly the controllers fault not the fact that they were on equal hardware and just happened to play better and dont blame aim assist because controller can blame all the past wins for kb&m on scroll wheel reset doing that takes away from the achievements of the players and creates toxic environment
IceDropz Month ago
Maybe the gold material could be used for vending machines or other items 👀
Kyookumbur Month ago
It’s a gold handprint on 8Ball and Scratch because Midas touched 8Ball and turned him gold
Xaphod Month ago
The profile change was on Saturday
Ian Farmer
Ian Farmer Month ago
Not everyone on pc plays 144fps or more I play 60 and I'm good but I still get annihilated by controller players
OP Owen
OP Owen Month ago
I can’t remember what he’s called but I think there’s a god which whatever he touches it turns gold and that god might be the golden skeleton skin
LeapingSure 91
LeapingSure 91 Month ago
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez Month ago
This is like the mightess touch what ever he touches it turns into gold
PhaZerX Month ago
I talk fortnite called u out in video...this means war
Drew Bennett
Drew Bennett Month ago
Also I just realized something very interesting. So the background for the lobby just changed back to its original coloration with the blue and the lighter blue waves. I just realized that this could be a hint that we could actually be maybe inside of the Zero Point, or something like that. Just compare the background colors to that of the Zero Point or the Zero skin, it looks almost identical. Maybe the Zero Point is still out there. Edit: this theory is even backed up by the look of the orb in the fusion orb backbling. Maybe there's multiple Zero Points across different dimensions. And this dimension we're in now has one where ALTER has found a way to take control of its power, via those triangle things on the orb in the different edit styles of the fusion orb. Creating the ALTER Sludges and Fusion and the like to stop EGO from ruining whatever evil plans they have. Maybe even taking over all dimensions.
cikduh Month ago
I think that the profile pic and the other picture might mean that everything is turing gold
GeckoHammer 2
GeckoHammer 2 Month ago
Vending machines have a gold option
i ryoth
i ryoth Month ago
New season soon: Thecampingrusher:i will go to an vacation iwill try to upload
Fish Boi 19
Fish Boi 19 Month ago
Where’s the vid
Ryan Monroe
Ryan Monroe Month ago
I think that gold will be a currency like v bucks. You will be able to trade in all of your extra xp for gold to be able to use in the item shop. Maybe there will be specific skins that you can get for gold?
logan Blankenship
im not a pro players i don't have the time to be so when i play i wish i could have the option to play cross platform or not cause some people have full time jobs and don't have the time to go up against sweaty kbm pc players
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan Month ago
Gold for Vending Machines?!
Yfdhj Hjjvd
Yfdhj Hjjvd Month ago
4:40 that golden hand is from god of war. God of war x fortnite?
The Coded Glitch
What if gold is a currency but you have to harvest it? You could use gold for vending machines or something new
flix on 60fps NAE
gold rush?
Death Skull
Death Skull Month ago
Can we get this Video to 50+Likes for TCR saying what needs to be said about Console Players and Controller Players 🙏🏼 there is a HUUUGE difference between them but PC Players wanna find a reason if they die in a Game even if they got Killed by a PC player still (AIM ASSIST AIM ASSIST OMG IT'S A CONTROLLER PLAYER !¡!¡!¡) and...it's turns out...it's a PC player but you got KILLED BY HIM BECAUSE HIS AIM IS BETTER THAN YOU !!!!! (Mongraal)
gM xRqn gM
gM xRqn gM Month ago
Ayyy you already know controller gang
Ceaters Month ago
Ngl I use your code even though my irl friend has a code
David Velazquez
David Velazquez Month ago
Midas touch
Morganzv1123 Month ago
Code TheCampingRusher
Emmett Baxter
Emmett Baxter Month ago
Maybe the vault place with the big doors is where we hide from the flood
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cat skin lmao
CamperZ Flaming CheetoZ
I run 20 fps on pc
Ahmed Raad
Ahmed Raad Month ago
There are prefabs in creative of gold buildings and nobody cares about them, go look at them your self. They could mean something about next season?🤔🤔🤔
SuperNiteFIN Month ago
There are more numbers
Just an Average Human
I honestly hope we get a Agent Meowscles skin.
bat barron
bat barron Month ago
I honestly don’t want a catfish skin
PshycoVK Month ago
I used your code! (CODE: TheCampimgRusher
Xinex FN
Xinex FN Month ago
In my opinion controller play do deserve aim assist but on PC with controller
PshycoVK Month ago
I think the cat sound will be the sound of the live event if there will be one.
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