*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 7.40 Weapon and Vaults, Planes, Season 8 Iceberg!

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Fortnite New Update - 7.40 weapon and vaults, planes and the Season 8 Iceberg is what we discuss today!
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Feb 11, 2019

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TheCampingRusher - Fortnite
Thanks for watching everyone! What are your thoughts on the new Fortnite 7.40 Weapon? Also, be sure to use Code TheCampingRusher and check out my previous video: 2000 Vbucks Challenges - ruvid.net/video/video-g6Z4CB_0im8.html
Kitten face
Kitten face 6 months ago
I subscribed today, thanks for the new video!
Dokster 6 months ago
The gun is not out yet
RGSpartan87 Gaming
RGSpartan87 Gaming 6 months ago
TheCampingRusher - Fortnite Hey TheCampingRusher! I have been watching your videos for a long time to see what is happening in the Fortnite updates. But, I have a theory that you will not be able to unlock the final stage of The Prisoner until sometime in season 8. I believe this because generally earthquakes are the things that make volcanoes erupt, and as most of us know, people thought there was going to be a volcano in Loot Lake. So, I think there will be a volcano that forms in Loot Lake (and will maybe erupt) and you will have to jump inside using The Prisoner skin to unlock the final stage. Hope you read this man because I think it is possible!
Matthew Noonan
Matthew Noonan 6 months ago
Is apex dethroning fortnite??
Giovannie Saldana
Giovannie Saldana 6 months ago
Im supporting your code in fortnite, keep up the great videos
Smoothie4653 6 months ago
7.4 update is the worst in fortnite history the game actually sucks now
Hjalte Have
Hjalte Have 6 months ago
Yeah the fire nation attacked
Clickbait 6 months ago
Career for small devices is already out!
Darksideprof lego
Darksideprof lego 6 months ago
let's go
Jack Lopez
Jack Lopez 6 months ago
I think infantry rifle will be like the M1 carbine with an 8 round magazine but the range of a hunting rifle
Bapmos Op
Bapmos Op 6 months ago
I’m subbed
Snowy 6 months ago
it hasnt came yet dumbass
Billy Booby
Billy Booby 6 months ago
I think the whole ice map part will detach because of the fire king which will also melt the ice
Bboy. Tony
Bboy. Tony 6 months ago
good players think they own this game...keep planes..
PZ9 The best fighter
Im still waiting for update
If I put your cood I will buy every thing u whant
Sry I whant
SpookySioux 6 months ago
AcePuppy 74
AcePuppy 74 6 months ago
you a tard
Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez 6 months ago
I just got a win with the hunting rifle today sooooo, IF IT GETS VAULTED IM GOING TO GO COMMIT DESPACITO
FaT3L B1ooM
FaT3L B1ooM 6 months ago
Hunting Rifle 2.0 Ooooooooooff
Enrique Zuniga
Enrique Zuniga 6 months ago
Hey Camping, you have to verify your sources. You got Punk'd. That's the Avatar: The Last Airbender. 2:45 lol
Shredderp 6 months ago
best theory yet: go play apex legends instead loser
Sanjeev Das
Sanjeev Das 6 months ago
Always typing you in TCR!
Dylan Pham
Dylan Pham 6 months ago
So the fire nation tried to attack?
ImmortalFox Games
ImmortalFox Games 6 months ago
you may like kitbash, but it IS a copy of bastion from overwatch.
mobile master 610
mobile master 610 6 months ago
Has everyone forgotten article 13 coz it's worrying that no one is protesting
Gavin Byrne
Gavin Byrne 6 months ago
Fortnite is not updated and it is 3:36pm in Canada
xKryz 6 months ago
The infantry gun is actually a m1 grand from world war 2, this guys was a semi and shot 5 rounds with a iron sight so maybe i dont think it will replace the hunting rifle because the hunting rifle is bolt
vOrtexx 6 months ago
Anyone notice in the desert biome there is grass appearing and trees are greener and there trunks are darker. Idk if this has anything to do with season 8 but like if u saw the grass
itzFU _
itzFU _ 6 months ago
What back bling is that?
Craig Hart
Craig Hart 6 months ago
What of that is the aim assist nerf just adding more bloom to console
rors123 6 months ago
I have not got the wrap but I have had the code typed in
Uncooked Toast
Uncooked Toast 6 months ago
rors123 you’ll receive it soon
Oskar Bucholski
Oskar Bucholski 6 months ago
What if someday they add a ppsh that's like a gold drum gun Jesus op much
MrVamps469 6 months ago
I got so many wins in mobile and they won’t even count, I’ll have to get new ones
OWL GOOGL ooo 6 months ago
ебать копать
FlipDip 6 months ago
The gun looks like an m1 garand which is a ww2 weapon
Greeny Gruett Gaming
Does he realize that the 4 kingdoms post is basically just the avatar intro. I mean like word for word
Minol Fernando
Minol Fernando 6 months ago
Nice Video!
CallMeRay Xray
CallMeRay Xray 6 months ago
infantry could be a epic or legendary varient of the green and blue hunting rifle since they removed bolt action snipers
Jj.Vargass 6 months ago
I woke up right now at 4am(pst) &’ there is nothing to update. 4am est to pst is 1am didn’t want to wake up early just to update it😂. Well I’m still waiting for the update:/
Call_Me_Radium 6 months ago
Why does everyone say the m1 garand is like a hunting rifle? Just because a gun is similar to another doesn’t mean it works the same. The gun will have an 8 round clip and do 55 damage a hit. 90 for headshots.
just_Exot1c 6 months ago
TheCampingRusher I’m subscribed and I’m using you support a creator code and you are the best
Liquify 6 months ago
Stop streaching videos
Kian Simpson
Kian Simpson 6 months ago
the enforcer has something to do with lore. Description for the prisoner is 'I will restore balance' the description for the 8th loading screen is 'Order must be restored' and the description for enforcer is ' Balance and order will be restored'
Agnieszka Kosiedowska
Ja z Polski thanks
Johnathan Isaac Sanchez
Bro, it's about to be season 8 and I still don't have a console:(
Kam Kaur
Kam Kaur 6 months ago
U r the best got ur code in the shop
nox II
nox II 6 months ago
What if TheCampingRushers profile picture was a default in a Minecraft cow 😂😂💀
LCG Infinite
LCG Infinite 6 months ago
Has anyone else been seeing the mini earthquakes that are happening in fortnite around 9pm CST
Bill Ger
Bill Ger 6 months ago
TB iSmartSnake
TB iSmartSnake 6 months ago
I bet it will be a purple/gold hunty
A Ryerson
A Ryerson 6 months ago
i put in your code keep up the good work
Michael_Playz 6 months ago
How did u have max materials?
Jacoby_bourget 6 months ago
The hunting rifle is my SMG if they vault it I will change to warface
OG Flat Earth
OG Flat Earth 6 months ago
Neptune Gaming
Neptune Gaming 6 months ago
Rocket Defender 59
Rocket Defender 59 6 months ago
Think it's gonna be heavy hunting rifle
I’m going Sicko Mode
The “Infantry Rifle” looks very similar to a semi-auto ww2 American rifle called the M1 Garand. Possibly a semi-auto weapon.
TMR Flezty
TMR Flezty 6 months ago
Apex is better
Uncooked Toast
Uncooked Toast 6 months ago
*Uses fortnite image*
Burnt Percentage
Burnt Percentage 6 months ago
When he literally just starts reading the last avatar story
D3STR0Y3R_12_04 6 months ago
I used your code rush it didn't work at first so I decided to try the next day ( Feb. 7th) and it worked keep up the great work man
DeepFreeze 115
DeepFreeze 115 6 months ago
The infantry is based on the M1 garand the m1 is a semi auto rifle so I think it will do about 50 to 44 damage
Clapped Kevin
Clapped Kevin 6 months ago
0:20 oh no he is on to me better sub
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 6 months ago
I bought everything in the item shop for 2 days straight with you’re creator code
DRIIP_THEANGELS 6 months ago
the gun looks like the m1 grand like if agree
Jack Sundwall
Jack Sundwall 6 months ago
Used your code!!!!
Let’s Animate TV
Let’s Animate TV 6 months ago
The hunting rifle is a bolt action rifle, The infantry rifle is semi automatic
That_Random_ stuf
That_Random_ stuf 6 months ago
That sounds like avatar
iSkoolYou 6 months ago
Hey , I’m an Apex Legends Console Player and I’d appreciate it if you guys checked out my other videos for more on Apex Legends HIGH Kill gameplays / tips. Would appreciate it if you left a like and enjoyed my content hopefully! Thanks🙏🏼.
Rylen Cox
Rylen Cox 6 months ago
I have subscribed and turned on notifications
Sneak_Diamond 6 months ago
Now, to end all RNG, balloons...
Vxper 6 months ago
U already know I’m using ur code
Hami FN
Hami FN 6 months ago
I have u as my support a creator 20 percent for u
TheNerdyPig 6 months ago
Its the avatar story line!
Todd 6 months ago
I think that it’s gonna be a epic and legendary version of the hunting rifle
cyotix 6 months ago
what about the soccer skins maybe coming out on feb 15!?!??!?!?!?! PLS READ!!
Avery Phillips
Avery Phillips 6 months ago
I use your code whenever I buy something
Free To Ride
Free To Ride 6 months ago
BTW the name of the "combat rifle" is called the M1 Garand used mainly during world war 2
Free To Ride
Free To Ride 6 months ago
i subbed
Le Person
Le Person 6 months ago
4:58 my guy the purple pump
Joshua Jiménez
Joshua Jiménez 6 months ago
New wepon 5 bullets
Denia Loo
Denia Loo 6 months ago
retaild and greasy groove was
Brian Suddeth
Brian Suddeth 6 months ago
I used ur code....I love ur vids, keep em comin
JusticeHarvested 6 months ago
Can we talk about how the theory just memed us with the fire nation.
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