New FAST AND FURIOUS Sultan Classic in GTA 5! (Insane)

Typical Gamer
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GTA 5 Sultan Classic new cars DLC update spending spree gameplay with Typical Gamer!
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Comments 80
Instagram Rackz_che
Can someone help me get money I’m on Xbox and low level and broke
Landon Brooks
Landon Brooks 12 days ago
Malakai Borges
Malakai Borges 18 days ago
11:12 damn thats like the real fast and furious no need to upgrade it to be a boss drifter
Malakai Borges
Malakai Borges 18 days ago
6:24 why are you still doing it when it is 200million tanks in one that can float on water
Claudio Mata
Claudio Mata 19 days ago
tg- I don't want to kill anybody today kills everybody on the doc
Hunter Kittrell
Hunter Kittrell 21 day ago
I would love it
Balthasar The MAN
Only the TG OG's remember when he used to say " What's up everybody, Typical Gamer here with your daily GTA V mod livestreams and more, and today for you guys..."
Balthasar The MAN
Mason Frias I feel ya mate.
Mason Frias
Mason Frias Month ago
Balthasar The MAN bro I remember that never forget
Luke Lane
Luke Lane Month ago
I love this car sm. It's real cool bc my dad he's got this car in real life. He's got the subaru wrx 22b
Kayla Sanford
Kayla Sanford Month ago
Love your videos 🥴🥴
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks Month ago
“Tunyer” Seems legit. It’s pronounced too-ner 😂
Kristoffer Tangnes
In my opinion number 3
Kristoffer Tangnes
OMG that drift was clean my guy
Kristoffer Tangnes
It looks like what brian drives in one of the fast and furious movies lol
AAC VLOGZ Month ago
Bit late to the release 😂
miguel vega
miguel vega Month ago
bro how do u spend 5 mins talkin abt wheels 🤣🤣
the jebs
the jebs Month ago
Hey tg I have been a fan since your first zombie apocalypse mods keep up the good work and I hope success will keep on coming to you
Susan Jenkins
Susan Jenkins Month ago
420 what’s ur weed Bc ur car look like weed
SarahCamp Vlogs
SarahCamp Vlogs Month ago
😂 if you are going for all out speed you would do all carbon bc it is way lighter than steel/aluminum
SarahCamp Vlogs
SarahCamp Vlogs Month ago
🤦‍♂️ your supposed to use tuner wheels
Omar Ayyub
Omar Ayyub Month ago
No one: Literally no one: Typical Gamer: A b c d e f M
NIGHTRANGER 141 Month ago
TG you could make the red Subaru Impreza off of baby driver
Travis Poon
Travis Poon Month ago
When he was like let me test one thing before we get to the mechanic and he drifted I thought that was the thing he wanted to test.
6warboy Real Records
Donkey_Elite489 Month ago
love how he said 18 mill was some change
ZAnN iOS Month ago
How to sell stock with friends???
Bao Doan
Bao Doan Month ago
Booga booga
Bao Doan
Bao Doan Month ago
Plz do boogaloo boogaloo is a game of war and luv and loot I only have water walk
JayZiga Month ago
I thought it was like 12 k
reece Mcclintock
reece Mcclintock
Carban trunk
reece Mcclintock
Tribal throwback
reece Mcclintock
Drift bumper
m1st3r_m1sch13f Month ago
dat ishhhh dooooo abe lookin fresh doe!!!!!!!!!
Kings Inc.
Kings Inc. Month ago
Were did you get your mod menu from but if it it is a virus please can you let me know
BlackBat J
BlackBat J Month ago
You should make a channel for just GTA5online
John Riley
John Riley Month ago
Me: looking for another live stream clicks on stream TG: YOU CAN MAKE ME FRICKIN LOSE!
Joey Garboden
Joey Garboden Month ago
Do the elegy at Benny's, pls. It's so much cooler and more like the fast and the furious
Stormzy Live
Stormzy Live Month ago
How does he get so much money in gta v
RECKZO Month ago
Please play gta 5 more
Gunther Wagner
Gunther Wagner Month ago
If you hold forward and reverse at the same time it does a burnout
The Savage69
The Savage69 Month ago
Tg do a garage tour
DarK Clips
DarK Clips Month ago
TG was BAKED when he made this video😂
bob billybob
bob billybob Month ago
Exaktly what i was thinking💀💀
jay inman
jay inman Month ago
more ark plz
Lukas Hänninen
Lukas Hänninen Month ago
Got banned today for 30 days for no reason i have played this game 1 month and already got banned, account reset too
Bryan Bonilla
Bryan Bonilla Month ago
He really took 1 hour for a gta car review
Jordan Huffstutlear
I'm unsubscribing
Julian Valle
Julian Valle Month ago
Jordan Huffstutlear who the hell do you think you are unsubscribing from the greatest RUvid channel of all time
amaan YT
amaan YT Month ago
Nicholas Kucharski
I'm sorry TG but your test is faulty why not just hit the brake and the gas at the same time if it's front-wheel drive the front wheel tires will burn out if it's rear wheel drive the back tires will Spin and burn out if it's all wheel drive you won't get much of a burnout from all the tires but they will still rotate
Amanda Month ago
Soooo I won the car on the mystery wheel. I did my modifications in my office garage, and it gave me the option for Benny's upgrade. Maybe try that?
Amanda Month ago
@Mateusz Burak You are totally right. It was just the Sultan RS. My bad. I had just gotten it off the wheel before bed, and assumed it was the new Classic. Thanks Mati :)
Mateusz Burak
Mateusz Burak Month ago
What car you modified? Was that sultan classic or normal sultan (sultan rs)?
mike chen
mike chen Month ago
the drift was truely unexpected, and awesome, actually
King Gunner
King Gunner Month ago
Option 2
Studio K!D
Studio K!D Month ago
i love tg videos are great but listing to him talk about cars kills me as a car guy lol all good everyone starts somewhere Love you tg
amy smith
amy smith Month ago
I got a Subaru in real life
william kremer
william kremer Month ago
Bad ice cream 3 on hudgames is perfect for me
Authentik Vybez
Authentik Vybez Month ago
Yea... Register as an mc, retun vehicle to storage... Disband mc and carry on!
Kenny Graham
Kenny Graham Month ago
you do great at RUvid videos and i love your videos and you are the best you are by Damon
Kenny Graham
Kenny Graham Month ago
tg is the best at RUvid videos
Kenny Graham
Kenny Graham Month ago
tg is the best at RUvid videos
Kenny Graham
Kenny Graham Month ago
tg is the best at RUvid videos
connor Sunderland
Zombie mod plz
Nikolas Daniels
Nikolas Daniels Month ago
Did you the casino Heist
colleen zollo
colleen zollo Month ago
Opchin 1
James Newman
James Newman Month ago
that is slow
JOHN SALAZAR 2 Month ago
37:22 Daja vu!
1m subs without posting a video
Damn look at his muscles at 53:39
Makhi Nelson
Makhi Nelson Month ago
You should play more escape from tarkov
Nay Nay
Nay Nay Month ago
Why no more like spikes
Kaidyn Griffith
Kaidyn Griffith Month ago
Play game modes with samara
Kaidyn Griffith
Kaidyn Griffith Month ago
Play game modes with samara
Kaidyn Griffith
Kaidyn Griffith Month ago
Play game modes with samara
Kaidyn Griffith
Kaidyn Griffith Month ago
Play game modes with samara
James Playz
James Playz Month ago
Bro I always watch typical gamer when I played gtalk he was my idol in gaming
1k24 Dispatch
1k24 Dispatch Month ago
TG when you backed into tje wall the bias was completely on the rear wheels but when you rammed the wall the bias was in the front wheels if I were to giess its four wheel or its all wheel but not sequential which means it puts power to the wheels that are needed
Death Raid
Death Raid Month ago
Kougar Lanier
Kougar Lanier Month ago
You should do the vapid peyote gasser
Death Raid
Death Raid Month ago
1 is better bro!!!
Death Raid
Death Raid Month ago
More gta 5!!!!
Death Raid
Death Raid Month ago
I watch it all!!
Harold Smith
Harold Smith Month ago
Ark ark ark ark ark ark that's y I don't watch your boring
Wolfhound 265
Wolfhound 265 Month ago
Something just happened in fortnite it showed like a nuke or some type of bomb
SpritecanRee Yeet
Play apex
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