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Shoe Customs Channel - Bay Rooted: www/ruvid.net/u-BayRooted
AWESOME MERCH: www.PlanetMilo.com
VLOGS AND MORE: ruvid.net/u-PlanetMilo
ROBLOX GROUP: www.roblox.com/groups/3486129
DISCORD: discord.gg/5TqNFnB
Planet_Dad: www.roblox.com/users/34000609...
Planet_Milo: www.roblox.com/users/32886977...
Planet_Mom: www.roblox.com/users/46905177...
Twitter: twitter.com/PlanetMilo
Instagram: instagram.com/planetmilotv
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Planet Milo
Planet Milo Month ago
Dont forget to visit our NEW channel, Bay Rooted. We do shoe customs and dance videos, we will be doing random giveaways there too, hers the link: ruvid.net/u-BayRooted
Honey Altaf
Honey Altaf 27 days ago
Planet milo you cool can give me pack im like you user name:shadowfreedyand3
Evelyn Rocero
Evelyn Rocero Month ago
hey was up love this video username: esreyan
Peter Bailey
Peter Bailey Month ago
Planet Milo Gaming YOUR THE BEST
michael yoffe
michael yoffe Month ago
My user is romanator52012
Salma Perveen
Salma Perveen Month ago
Planet Milo Gaming Azaan24dk23
Hang Tung Mung
Hang Tung Mung 2 days ago
why did my code dont work
binu joseph
binu joseph 4 days ago
Hey your vids r good username: XxcoryxkinshinXban
Max Gruia
Max Gruia 6 days ago
Max Gruia
Max Gruia 6 days ago
love it good effort username : dlgoe2019
Ma. Carmela Iturralde
wassup i love your vid #planetMiloPets your Da best username:nbachampoinlol
draven joseph osera
u r op :bbjyyy
draven joseph osera
Herawati Sinergie
Herawati Sinergie 11 days ago
woah your vids so cool than all username:XxUnicornSultanxX
Даня play play
Даня play play 11 days ago
Hey wassup!Love this video Username: bzaef
Aiden Beverly
Aiden Beverly 11 days ago
Beyblade 32445
killer kittens zane
You are the best youtuber thanks to you now I started playing playing Roblox when i was 3 best RUvid vids mke more please I beg you best videos If I hade a super power it would be to give you nine hundred likes and subscribes username.IRON_cat24
Marc Antoine Kepya Aboudi
i love ur vids ur the best :D
Marc Antoine Kepya Aboudi
ha2021@asasps.org ha2021@asasps.org
hey how you doing!love your videos!username:harryarm2009
Lucas Beckner
Lucas Beckner 13 days ago
hi this vid helped me so much
Igor Guimaraes
Igor Guimaraes 13 days ago
my name is in roblox rodrigoallgames
Eva Samata
Eva Samata 13 days ago
Cool videos really cool username:GRUMPYKESTREL10
king doge
king doge 14 days ago
username: davidthehoss
king doge
king doge 14 days ago
you vids the best ive ever seen #giantsimcodes
Alan Boy
Alan Boy 15 days ago
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Démon Gamerek
Démon Gamerek 15 days ago
I really like your videos and I'm Hungarian #giantsimulatorcodes
Pamela Connelly
Pamela Connelly 16 days ago
Hey wasssup!i love your videos!keep up the good work username stupidbath
Pamela Connelly
Pamela Connelly 16 days ago
who ever agrees thumbs up
chad s
chad s 16 days ago
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Gatcha- Yagiz
Gatcha- Yagiz 17 days ago
İ love so much your videos My Roblox name:MegaladonYagiz
Alissa Qotrunnada
Alissa Qotrunnada 17 days ago
Tzuyu Fan
Tzuyu Fan 18 days ago
Thanks for the codes #GiantSimulatorCodes Username: AleefSmech098
Kiri Tonks
Kiri Tonks 18 days ago
QuartW4Z Gaming
QuartW4Z Gaming 19 days ago
i love all your vids and keep going to more subcriber;Quart_Whatis4Zio #GiantSimulatorCodes
Violeta Camaclang
Violeta Camaclang 19 days ago
yo planet dad you're really strong like, that age my grandmother is too weak
Christian Dave Barbarona
I love this video username lakas_bagani12
Lisandro Gutierrez
Lisandro Gutierrez 19 days ago
dulguun enkhtsogoo
dulguun enkhtsogoo 20 days ago
Hey wassup!this video is the best
Susan Cahl
Susan Cahl 20 days ago
I love this video
khail anthon veloz
i like your video its so cool username: DC_ManGamer
Alina Madej
Alina Madej 21 day ago
wattup your the best!
Jayden Le
Jayden Le 21 day ago
Jayden Le
Jayden Le 21 day ago
Your the best username:RageKiller009091
Siti Zaharah
Siti Zaharah 21 day ago
this video so awesome username thedarkdemon590
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hi i love all your vids my username camtiger
Gabriel Silva Riso
Gabriel Silva Riso 22 days ago
Johnzkie Boi
Johnzkie Boi 23 days ago
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pornphan manichote
pornphan manichote 23 days ago
Hey wassup liked your vids username:nifids3
Lana Smith
Lana Smith 24 days ago
i love your vids
Zac Wang
Zac Wang 24 days ago
you have done all these codes
Gemma Handley
Gemma Handley 25 days ago
I done all of that my name is supersonicharry
Mariah Louise
Mariah Louise 25 days ago
Thanks for the the codes
Chris Coull
Chris Coull 25 days ago
Hi my username is lewis90809
Chris Coull
Chris Coull 25 days ago
Btw love ur vids
Roaa Alhomoud
Roaa Alhomoud 26 days ago
My name is Midoo1251
Janerie Bandiola
Janerie Bandiola 26 days ago
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Mamae Oblima
Mamae Oblima 26 days ago
Love your vids i watch your every videos and its all amazing username:emmancruzata
Yves Solan
Yves Solan 26 days ago
there is a new code for your chanell that called planetmilopets
cuong tran van
cuong tran van 27 days ago
hey wassup!love this video! name is hachbibi123
Siti Siti
Siti Siti 27 days ago
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Eman Pason
Eman Pason 28 days ago
Can you give me Robux pls
Ruth Huong Speight
Ruth Huong Speight 28 days ago
Anja Kattwinkel
Anja Kattwinkel 28 days ago
nice video
Justin Kraan
Justin Kraan 29 days ago
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Miguelito Jr
Miguelito Jr 29 days ago
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cameron downy
cameron downy 29 days ago
cameron downy
cameron downy 29 days ago
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cameron downy
cameron downy 29 days ago
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thunder allan Month ago
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thunder allan Month ago
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Maricel Facun
Maricel Facun Month ago
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Maricel Facun
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Edy YT
Edy YT Month ago
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Duarte Nuno
Duarte Nuno Month ago
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Brody Acevedo
Brody Acevedo Month ago
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Madd Pad
Madd Pad Month ago
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Kevin Eriksson
Kevin Eriksson Month ago
Kevin Eriksson
Kevin Eriksson Month ago
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Suwell Marcus
Suwell Marcus Month ago
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Ansar Satti
Ansar Satti Month ago
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Akrampot Singh
Akrampot Singh Month ago
Cool vid make more
JayJay _Gamer_Vloger
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Marie Jackson
Marie Jackson Month ago
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Uchi YT
Uchi YT Month ago
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Reynaldo Gonzales
Ussername: gweyean278
Reynaldo Gonzales
Hey wassup love ure vid and name is gweyean278
Suwell Marcus
Suwell Marcus Month ago
Wassup username:XxjohncenaxX12
BekCreevey Month ago
I love your channel so my username is Rob Creevey but no space with Rob but it has to have Creevey
Kinswore _XD
Kinswore _XD Month ago
Awesome Beautiful video username: kinswore
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