New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles Week 11 NFL Game Preview

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New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles Week 11 NFL Game Preview
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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 628
Patriots 4life
Patriots 4life 22 days ago
Haha. Yall THOUGHT we would lose
Ron Alexander
Ron Alexander 20 days ago
I know everyone was like oh the Eagles are gonna win🦅🦅🦅👎
Jess Kalb
Jess Kalb 23 days ago
As a ravens fan y'all know i'm rooting for the eagles.
Victor Botellero Solano
Victoria de los Patriots
Emmelie H
Emmelie H 23 days ago
Heart with Eagles Brain with Patriots
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 23 days ago
rematch from the super bowl but this time nick foles isnt their quarterback....so im going with the patriots GET IT DONE...GO PATS
KARRELL ELLIS 23 days ago
The eagles will win simply because the patriots can stop a good run offense 🤷🏾‍♂️ Fly Eagles Fly 🦅
john animex
john animex 22 days ago
Margie Farrar
Margie Farrar 23 days ago
Ángel Cuevas
Ángel Cuevas 23 days ago
Donde ver el partido??
Jake Giacalone
Jake Giacalone 23 days ago
pats are going to win
vincent farrentino
vincent farrentino 23 days ago
Never in my life have in ever seen a more BULLSHIT SCUMBAG team than the Patriots they are total frauds and all their fans are DELUSIONAL RETARDS
Christopher Simoneau
Seriously? Jordan Howard isn't even playing. Do your research before going on a pregame show. Wow.
Sean Blu Digital
Sean Blu Digital 23 days ago
Refs will win this one!
VeganVRking- dGameaCat
Richie Betz
Richie Betz 23 days ago
Patriots, 31-17
Ryan 23 days ago
Song for this video is hype can we get a source?
Loretta O'Malley
Loretta O'Malley 23 days ago
Philly fans are going to be loud and will be a huge factor in the Eagle's win today!
Elijah Miles
Elijah Miles 23 days ago
Let's go Bill Belichick.
Elijah Miles
Elijah Miles 23 days ago
The Patriots keep losing. Lost to the Ravens lost to the Eagles in the SB, it's time to come back.
Trevor Bourgeois
Trevor Bourgeois 23 days ago
trout mouth
trout mouth 23 days ago
Game of week lol
ZEUS CHOWIE 23 days ago
Fly Eagles Fly!!
Greg Andrews
Greg Andrews 23 days ago
You guys realize the PATRIOTS also had a bye right?
PATRIOT DYNASTY IS SCRIPTED. It all goes back to 9/11 (now renamed 'Patriot Day'). The government co-opted the NFL to promote super-patriotism. We all see how the league promotes militarism in a disproportionate way. But also the Patriots were chosen to become the dynastic team during the 'war on terrorism' in order to instill a patriotic mind-pattern in the American culture. *This is why a skinny 6th rounder could suddenly become the greatest QB of all time and play until he's 50 years old. When everything's staged that's easy to do. *A few Moles are planted on every other team (usually at the safety, corner-back and offensive line) to ensure the success of the Patriots. The highest percentage of Moles are placed in the other three teams in the AFC East to ensure that the Patriots always have an easy path to the playoffs. This is why the other three teams (Dolphins, Bills and Jets) have been so consistently inept during the entire Patriot dynasty. *Refs are charged with the task of favoring the Patriots dramatically. Non-Calls benefit the Patriots 3 to 1 throughout the games (Patriots least penalized team in league history as a result). Phantom calls are also used to set-back the Patriot's opponent. Pass rushers are frequently cautioned with verbal warnings not to hit Tom Brady throughout the games. I even carefully watched every play in last year's Super Bowl...non-calls where penalties occurred benefited the Patriots 3 to 1 with the Rams avoiding a flag four times while the Patriots went unflagged a walloping 12 times for uncalled penalties. Rams were also hit with two or three phantom penalty calls (where the flag was thrown but no penalty occurred) while Patriots were never penalized in this fashion. Rams coach inexplicably withheld the team's most impactful player (Gurley) for most of the game - even though he was effective when he played. *Patriot dynasty suspiciously incapable of blowing-out any of their Super Bowl opponents - even though every other dynastic team was capable of doing this. This is because Refs and Moles cannot help the Patriots too much in the Super Bowl without arousing suspicion. (However, in the Falcons Super Bowl the 28-3 score forced the Refs to drop the veneer and call far too many 'bail-out' calls for the Patriots.) *The inexplicable non-call in the Saints championship game was probably intended to hold Drew Brees out of the Super Bowl since he was capable of beating the Patriots. (An equally suspicious ending happened in the Minnesota/New Orleans game the previous year where it appeared that a Mole took out his own teammate to allow Diggs to score and keep Brees out of that Super Bowl as well.) 100-1 when leading at halftime? Can't fans understand how completely impossible that is without it being scripted? Due to the random factors involved in a football contest (injuries to key players, bad officiating calls, bounces of the ball, missed tackles or missed FG attempts, etc.) Alabama could not achieve this stat against Vanderbilt despite the huge gap in talent between the two teams. Yet they think an NFL team can dominate other NFL teams to this degree when the talent is comparable and both teams have supreme athletes? Studying the Jets/Colts Super Bowl is a good way to overcome the initial doubt that the NFL is capable of scripting a game. Anyone who examines all the facts realizes that this game was definitely rigged to protect the television revenue - which required an AFC team to win a Super Bowl to seal the contract with the networks. But when it comes to the Patriots, the specific motive seems clear and the evidence is incredibly obvious. Here's one category of proof: Patriots do not have the same success outside of the script. Let's look at the coach and QB: Genius head coach BILL BELICHICK Bill Belichick had a 37-45 record in Cleveland and was fired by owner Art Modell. An Akron columnist pithily wrote, "Bill Belichick's five-year reign of error is over.'' Belichick was in Cleveland from 1991-95, going 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, 11-5 and 5-11 over five seasons. TOM BRADY Brady was not even evaluated by his own college coach as the starter on that team. Think about it: The greatest quarterback ever could not get the starting nod against just one other QB he randomly played with before the Patriot dynasty? Then the Patriots passed on him five times before drafting him and evaluating him third on the team's depth chart. Suddenly this all changes after Patriot Day and he starts winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl...enjoying incredible pass protection, run support (and Mole support) while looking like a movie star cast to play a quarterback in a movie. Currently, Brady is even close friends with the President of the United States. At the 2002 Quarterback Challenge Brady cannot hit the targets going 0 for 4. Tom finished last place in the competition with 0 points behind Garcia 72, Plummer 54, Brooks 39, Flutie 36 and Peyton Manning 36 NFL makes no claim that the games are NOT scripted and no laws are broken if they pre-designate the winner of a contest. It's just like the 'don't ask don't tell' concept of pro-wrestling. The fans of wrestling may or may not be aware that they are watching scripted entertainment. As long as the show is produced it really doesn't matter. The more intelligent fans are bound to deduce the truth and the goofy fans might never figure it out. I believe that if you held the 'truth lasso' around Roger Goodell he would claim that the Patriot games are not totally pre-determined. They've probably got it set-up so that the Patriot's opponent has a chance to win...but just barely. Opponents must defeat the Patriots, the Officials and the handful of Moles planted on their own roster.
@Salsa531 Free Agents indicate the Patriots are a scripted franchise because of their insane, inexplicable ability to excel ONLY when playing for the Patriots: REX BURKHEAD Bengals drafted Burkhead in 2013, but over the span of four seasons he never really got to see much action. Then in 2017, he signed with the Patriots. In just 10 games that season Burkhead racked up 518 all-purpose yards and eight total touchdowns, five on the ground and three through the air. JAMES DEVELIN Develin, an Ivy Leaguer who went undrafted before finally getting a chance with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 was never more than a practice squad player in Cincinnati, Develin was signed to the Patriots in 2012. Since that point, he has been a mainstay on the game day roster and made the Pro Bowl. PATRICK CHUNG Chung signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013. Less than a year later, he was released. "Chung was out. It was hard not to interpret his release after one season as a sign that Chung was a big part of the Eagles’ problems in 2013. Their secondary led the NFL in touchdown passes allowed." -Phil Sheridan, ESPN Staff Writer New England gave Chung another shot. He was a major contributor in Belichick’s secondary, helping lock down offenses en route to winning his first championship ring. Two seasons later, Chung and the Patriots were back in the Super Bowl. Chung finished with five tackles and two passes defended against the Atlanta Falcons, earning his second ring along the way. DANNY AMENDOLA He was signed by the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2008. Amendola was cut by the Cowboys and re-signed to the practice squad after clearing waivers and never saw regular season action. Amendola was signed to the practice squad of the Philadelphia Eagles. He was waived during final cuts. Thankfully for the Patriots Amendola was nothing short of sensational during the entire postseason run for their team. He caught 11 receptions for 137 yards and three touchdowns in the playoffs alone, including five catches for 48 yards and a touchdown in the championship game. Two years later, Amendola was back at it again, catching 10 balls for 90 yards and a touchdown in the 2016-17 postseason. He came through when the team needed him most during the Patriots’ furious 25-point comeback, scoring on a late touchdown and a two-point conversion to earn a second Super Bowl ring for himself. He left the Patriots in free agency in 2018 to play with the Miami Dolphins...On March 8, 2019, Amendola was released by the Dolphins. DAVID PATTEN Undrafted in 1996. He competed only in the Arena Football League. Patten finally got his chance in the NFL, failing to make an impact for the Giants and the Browns before making his way to New England in 2001. That was a magical season for both Patten and for the Patriots. The journeyman receiver caught 51 receptions for 749 yards and four touchdowns over the course of the regular season. He then added a touchdown in the AFC Championship and in the Super Bowl. Patten had a career-high 61 receptions for 824 receiving yards, to go along with five touchdowns, in 2002. And in 2004 he caught 44 balls for 800 yards and a career-high seven touchdowns. Following the 2004 season, Patten signed with the Washington Redskins. Patten finished the season with just 22 receptions for 217 yards. In 2006, Patten recorded one reception for 25 yards for the unscripted 'Skins. ROB NINKOVICH A fifth-round draft pick in 2006, Ninkovich lasted just 14 months with the Saints before he was waived. Ninkovich saw limited action with the Dolphins in 2007 until he was finally cut and picked up again by the Saints in 2008. Not long after, he was released by New Orleans for a second time. The Patriots came calling. He then became a veritable iron man for New England, playing in all 16 regular season games for the next six seasons straight. He wouldn’t miss a game until his final season in 2016. Along the way, Ninkovich picked up 469 tackles, 88 quarterback hits, 46.0 sacks, 12 forced fumbles, 14 fumble recoveries and five interceptions. He simultaneously anchored the Patriots’ defensive line and its linebacking corps. MIKE VRABEL A third-round pick, Vrabel played his first four seasons with the Steelers never getting any official starts. Vrabel, like David Patten, joined the Patriots party at the perfect time for scripted success in 2001… just in time to help the team win its first championship. He played in all 16 games that season and started in 75 percent of them, obliterating all his previous career highs in the process. Vrabel suited up for eight straight seasons in New England, carrying over his regular season success deep into the playoffs. Astoundingly, Vrabel finished his career with 10 receptions for 10 touchdowns. You read that correctly: 10 receptions for 10 touchdowns. Even more impressively, two of those touchdown catches came in Super Bowl wins over the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles. WES WELKER Despite being undrafted, Welker made the Chargers, but was released after the first game of the season. Welker signed with the Miami Dolphins where he was mostly used on special teams. Welker's first scripted season as a Patriot was much, much different... In Week 1, he caught the first of the Patriots' record 75 touchdowns, equaling the one receiving touchdown he had scored in his three seasons with the Dolphins. He set career highs for single-game yardage three times in 2007 setting the Patriots franchise record for catches with 112, and tying for most receptions in the 2007 NFL season. He also set an NFL record for most catches in a first season with a new team. Welker, who finished the season with 1,175 yards and eight touchdowns, received one vote for NFL Offensive Player of the Year, an award won by his 6th-round quarterback, Tom Brady. Despite the season-ending injury to quarterback Tom Brady in Week 1 the script rolled on for the Patriots and Welker in 2008. He continued to amass receptions at the same pace through the first half of the season with Matt Cassel at quarterback: He had six or more receptions in each of the Patriots' first 11 games, breaking the league record. After joining the Patriots, Welker caught more passes than any player in the league in the period between 2007-2012, and ranks in the top five in yardage. Welker reached 500 receptions with the Patriots in just 70 games, an NFL record. Welker holds the franchise record for consecutive games with receptions, having caught a pass in every game he has played as a Patriot. What incredible accomplishments for an undrafted player! This could never happen again......let alone to the SAME franchise......could it??? JULIAN EDELMAN I consulted a doctor because I thought I had gone completely insane when lightning struck thrice for the Patriots. Not only Tom Brady in the 6th round becomes the greatest NFL QB to ever play, not only Wes Welker destroys the record books as an undrafted super star, but then Julian Edelman, who had never played WR in his life and was drafted as the 232 player selected in the draft ranks second overall behind Jerry Rice in both post-season receiving yards and post-season receptions. He was named Super Bowl MVP for Super Bowl LIII, in which he had 10 catches for 141 yards receiving, more than half of his team's total receiving yardage. Height: 5 ft 10 in / NFL Draft: 2009 / Round: 7 / Pick: 232 Doctor said I was not insane and agreed that Patriots success is 'damn hard to explain'. PATRIOT O-LINE: ETERNAL DOMINATION (WITH BELOW-AVERAGE PLAYERS) The data tells a clear story: The Patriots' offensive line has kept pressure out of Brady's face on a consistent basis, ranking inside the top 10 in lowest pressure rate. In years where the league average pressure rate was 33 percent, Brady was sacked, hit or hurried on only 28.5 percent of his drop-backs -- a difference of 4.5 percentage points that works out to his being pressured a ridiculous 14 percent less often than the average quarterback. And the Patriots did this with an offensive line made almost entirely out of patchwork parts. Here's how the 2018 Patriots acquired those players: Brown, a former seventh-round pick of the 49ers Thuney was a third-round pick in 2016. Andrews was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Georgia in 2015. Mason was selected with a 2015 fourth-round pick. Cannon was a fifth-round pick in 2011. That's a full offensive line built out of mid- and late-round picks. That's pretty ridiculous in and of itself. But that group was not sieve-like, which you would expect such a unit to be. Rather, it was arguably the single best line in the league this season. All for the ridiculously low cost of just $14,539,489 against the cap. During the playoffs, the Pats have been even better up front than they were during the regular season. While Brady's pressure rate of 25.8 percent during the year was already absurdly low, it has plummeted to a completely ridiculous 15.6 percent in two postseason contests. In fact, Brady has not even been sacked during New England's run to the Super Bowl. And he has been hit while throwing the ball only one time in 90 attempts. ...............................And he has been hit while throwing the ball only ONE TIME in 90 attempts.??? Against NFL elite pass rushers in playoff games??? (I need to see my doctor again because if that is really possible I am going to NEED meds.)
Salsa531 22 days ago
Ok boomer
Aaron Gerrior
Aaron Gerrior 23 days ago
Pats had a bye too guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SLUGFEST-TV 23 days ago
Im a EAGLES fan but I think PATS 20 EAGLES 17
Michael Keegan
Michael Keegan 23 days ago
Pat's are Dolphin waxers!Go Eagles!
Curt Leighton
Curt Leighton 23 days ago
Your mama likes to wax my dolphin
John Free
John Free 23 days ago
Let’s go eagles
UseCode ClawHeheNum
Lets hope @eagles double moon walk all over them England theifs
SayDat Quan
SayDat Quan 23 days ago
Philly can never stay healthy. It's a shame. They are going to lose
Marquis Robertson
Marquis Robertson 23 days ago
Let's go Patriots let's go
SMVTTY 23 days ago
Somebody hold EDP. He said it's gonna be a miracle or a divine intervention for the Eagles to win this game. Hopefully, the birds win. #FlyEaglesFly
Packersfan 12
Packersfan 12 23 days ago
Patriots win 24-20
Will Beecher
Will Beecher 23 days ago
Pats 34-21
clout chaser
clout chaser 23 days ago
Falcons going to the Super Bowl......on treyway
Zak Farrell
Zak Farrell 23 days ago
Pats: 35 Eagles: 27
thanksfernuthin 23 days ago
Yeah. Add my shaking head to this video. Talk extensively about the Ravens having a bye and now the Eagles having a bye without knowing the Patriots just had their bye.
Faithful Cute
Faithful Cute 23 days ago
I can’t be the only Eagles fan that’s more worried about the Seattle Seahawks game that we have against them rather than this game😭😭😭
LA Beezy
LA Beezy 23 days ago
Eagles win
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 23 days ago
Eagles 35 patriots 17
Richard Richard
Richard Richard 23 days ago
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