*New Dyno Record* on BARELY any Boost! Leroy Goes FULL FREEDOM MODE!

Cleetus McFarland
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Finally, our boy Leroy is back on the dyno and running better than ever!
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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 2 122
John Blaire
John Blaire 7 days ago
The only reason I watch this is to see Leroy. That's it really 😂 keep up the good work!
john messina
john messina 7 days ago
Black C8 in the background from 12:01 to 12:04
Edgar Boggess
Edgar Boggess 17 days ago
Name the third gen dookie
Steve Loring
Steve Loring 19 days ago
Leroy now sounds like a tiger with jumpers attached to its balls.
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 20 days ago
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle 20 days ago
that's cool what engine is in that thing I'm really curious.
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle 17 days ago
@Im here because im bored lol for sure
Im here because im bored
1.0 Ecoboost out of a Ford KA
ROVER25X 21 day ago
chevyrida72 22 days ago
Next shirt... dyno sauce
CSR Tuner
CSR Tuner 23 days ago
Who remembers when Leroy was first thought of.
James Duffy
James Duffy 25 days ago
I think that Ruby needs a compound turbo set up.. maybe like the turbo that Jeremy put on the subscriber donated crown Vic feeding the turbo that's already on Ruby!? Have that small ex side turbo spool up the bigger one. Lolz idk worth a try
Travis sams
Travis sams 26 days ago
ur missing a lug nut on leroys back tire
Daniel S
Daniel S 26 days ago
Cleetus, seriously think about a wing or something... with that light cart, how are you ever going to get 1300hp to the ground? You need Gorilla glue on the tires hehe.
Ham Mer
Ham Mer 27 days ago
Have you considered a cam change to lower the peak torque? You can make high HP all day long but if you can't put it down because it's spinning the tires at the track then you'll never see its potential.
rosa rawlins
rosa rawlins 28 days ago
a second cleetus channel ! why????
Porkchop 28 days ago
Boys I’m thinking it’s time to go big tire
Joshua Stienmetz
Joshua Stienmetz 29 days ago
Hell yeah brother
Cassie 29 days ago
Go to Twin clutch
less kiss
less kiss 29 days ago
Go to Twin clutch
Shady Matt
Shady Matt 29 days ago
So u say that car is fast now , put some body panels on it and lets see you run against the 405, that's a challenge !!! #Run the Street Outlaws
SCS Sarge
SCS Sarge 29 days ago
that tight and slipping! oh no who is Donkey!
SCS Sarge
SCS Sarge 29 days ago
? what about your clutch slip?
SCS Sarge
SCS Sarge 29 days ago
come on leroy 7.1 seconds. got confidence in you guys. Question about the clutch slippage.aye?
Bubu N
Bubu N 29 days ago
Who likes the video before the video starts?
Kevin DeChamp
Kevin DeChamp Month ago
Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.
Anthony L Mozee Jr.
I wish your cars were featured on forza... I'm tryna drive Leroy! Somebody tag Forza lets make this happen. #forzahorizon5savageedition
Anthony L Mozee Jr.
@less kiss I just buy new ones...
less kiss
less kiss 29 days ago
Do you ever clean spark plugs are just buy em Everytime ?
Stephen krause
Stephen krause Month ago
Did it bother anybody else that on cletus's side the brackets in the middle of the coil packs and on James side he has all the way at the end?
Eric Chambers
Eric Chambers Month ago
WB02 sensors getting air contamination, in those short exhaust pipes. Even on a normal exhaust system, a bad leak or big crack can let enough air in to mess with the readings. Also, Leroy is gonna need bigger/wider rear tires to put all that power down at the track!
450 rippin
450 rippin Month ago
This car is only good for the dyno
Mango Mussolini
Mango Mussolini Month ago
I had an Uncle Fuel when I was just youngster. He bought me my first Ozark hooker. That was also the night I learned what my sister did for money.
Danny Meyer
Danny Meyer Month ago
All I keep hearing behind the camera the whole movie is James "its time to turn up the boost."
Jacob Arcand
Jacob Arcand Month ago
Whens are you guys gonna put a body kit on this guy??
Timothy Wright
Timothy Wright Month ago
Hell yeah brother 💪..... I love this channel...you guys are great keep up the good work...
Da vid
Da vid Month ago
That Engine seriously moves air, holy shit.
Cj Huntsman
Cj Huntsman Month ago
You could call Jeremy "Dr. Fuel", like Dr. Phil. Get it????
mcjok88 Month ago
Good to see the "BEARDED WIZARD" show up to sprinkle a little MAGIC DUST! YOU GO GIRLZ!
mcjok88 Month ago
@less kiss Yea know dought, i agree.
less kiss
less kiss Month ago
How can 700,000 people watch this video but only 24,000 like it enough to click the thumbs up button? What's up with that?
yjacket00 Month ago
I press pause every time Jeremy is lecturing cleetus and take a mental picture, and it feels like my dad lecturing when I was playing football.
John Rambo
John Rambo Month ago
Go to Twin clutch
SpaceRider Month ago
Do you ever clean spark plugs are just buy em Everytime ?
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown Month ago
Something to think about... technically if you want same amount of electricity farther away your gonna want slightly thicker wire for better electricity flow
Aj Lauzon
Aj Lauzon Month ago
Where do you guys have ur plug gap set? Do you close it up? I've always wondered.
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
Are you guys going to sct indy
Tyler Wildman
Tyler Wildman Month ago
Hey before you put it on the hub dyno you better change the clutch... its gonna slip for sure ;)
Justin Day
Justin Day Month ago
4 lug? 7:21 :)
Jeff Heidel5
Jeff Heidel5 Month ago
What’s nice about watching you guys no egos everybody works together as friends for one common goal it’s good to see and I’m sure there’s a lot of us that appreciate it thumbs up guys
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
I understand I'm about to sound dumb, I just want to learn. What does timing do (what is it) in an engine?
Misanthropic Euphoria
The sounds Leroy makes , gets me excited! Sounds amazing. Jeremy is so calm. I need to watch some of his videos too
allen fry
allen fry Month ago
Father Timing, Uncle Fuel and Grandpa Dyno.
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Month ago
Leroy has such a distinctive sound now, i can just about close my eyes and say " yep, that;s Leroys engine firing up ! " cheers from australia guys :)
Pioboss 98
Pioboss 98 Month ago
They making 27 more horses with LESS fuel and my car cant even crack 15 horsepower at full tilt
Scott Rj Wilson
Scott Rj Wilson Month ago
Leroy is ready to go 7s again ❤❤
88mtd Month ago
Mullet update please!!
ThePeopleVerse Month ago
How can 700,000 people watch this video but only 24,000 like it enough to click the thumbs up button? What's up with that?
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter Month ago
You guys should really try to turn or get a triangular rail in front for aerodynamic purposes rather than the current square one. Should help out with top end.
pcshooter24 Month ago
Uhhh 23:06 you guys are missing a lug nut.
Ellenor Malik
Ellenor Malik Month ago
Lean burn brothers and sisters :flex:
less kiss
less kiss Month ago
I hear B is for Build is looking to come after leeroy with there new Texas speed LS swapped lambo??
Jeffery Ampey
Jeffery Ampey Month ago
I always thought the stock reservoir looked good sitting there.
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst Month ago
Good old leroy spining and diggin
Cameron Bidwell
Cameron Bidwell Month ago
Jim Croce at 3:23. Killin it with the tunes!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Month ago
#49 on trending
Liuses5 Gaming
Liuses5 Gaming Month ago
I understand I'm about to sound dumb, I just want to learn. What does timing do (what is it) in an engine?
Tyler Haney
Tyler Haney Month ago
Are you guys going to sct indy
Austin Adams
Austin Adams Month ago
23:11 missing lugnut
Stemo Shenanigans
I love these vids man! I wish I could do half the stuff you guys do! I started up a RUvid so it’s a send
Cody G
Cody G Month ago
Awesome episode guys
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
Scuff the drum of the dyno.
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
Your strapped fine. Now use traction compound on these higher horse pulls
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
When you make this horse power under 20 lbs. you are set. That’s a safe max boost Just perfect man.
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
22 absolute max boost is the goal. For long lasting race car
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
Leave it alone and use the boost to lean it. Not remove fuel. Leave it slight rich low boost cool burn and turn up the boost will lean it out naturally. Undo that. Put it back. Just add boost and see what she does
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
Sorry for spam. I wanna see you win. First thing ya need is a hand to win. Never fold. Keep it at safe tune and destroy the track this year !
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
Just set it and forget it man.
kaylan varney
kaylan varney Month ago
I hear B is for Build is looking to come after leeroy with there new Texas speed LS swapped lambo??
James Duffy
James Duffy 25 days ago
That guy's a joke haha
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
Barely Rich = SAFE BURN. SAFE IS BETTER THEN GAINING .010 and blowing it.
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
If you ran as is low boost. Last forever and dominate. Stop turning it up to blow up. I hope you learn that while your young and have this understanding
None Yazz
None Yazz Month ago
More power less boost = NOW YER CATCHING ON!
Sasha Hurd
Sasha Hurd Month ago
put Jeremy's channel in the description
Sanbasuto Kuruma
I think Leroy needs wider rear tires.
david leckenby
david leckenby Month ago
Time for a hub dyno
Maverick Versus Everything
Your creative potential seems limitless. We're doing our best over at MVE and learning new tricks all the time from channels like yours. --Super Dad
MJusten7657 Month ago
You know you’re making steam when the dyno won’t hold..
Everyday Magic
Everyday Magic Month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Cleetus McFarland: FREEDOM
Shredder2099 Hojk
Y do dynos portable ones explode and these
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