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Linkin Park
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Linkin Park "New Divide," filmed on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Directed by Joe Hahn.
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Transformers Song


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Jun 15, 2009




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Comments 80
riski setyawan
I from Indonesian i like linkin park 💯👍
T-stinzy Hour ago
There is another version of this video which integrates transformers into it which looks awesome. Unfortunately I can’t find it on RUvid. It’s a chinese site called Netease Cloud Music
Fightingmoon341 4 hours ago
He saved millions of lives but couldn’t save his own life. Rip Chester
Palathip Kongweha
Palathip Kongweha 6 hours ago
Sandra Oliveora
Sandra Oliveora 7 hours ago
Adoro link park
REN 8 hours ago
We have come back from where we started
Elineide Barreto
Elineide Barreto 9 hours ago
Janaelson Mario
Janaelson Mario 9 hours ago
ALGUÉM EM 2020????BR
R3D GAM3R KING 10 hours ago
2020 still a banger
kacaroto ss
kacaroto ss 11 hours ago
Jackie Buchanan
Jackie Buchanan 12 hours ago
Missing you rip 🕊
Nafeesa Ali
Nafeesa Ali 12 hours ago
Chester Bennington
Jamz Becera
Jamz Becera 21 hour ago
When i heard the name linkin part name All i think is.. "Turn the heat on!!!"
Mahendra Rama
Mahendra Rama 22 hours ago
I cant believe it's been 11 years😲 really miss the good old days
chhive leang
chhive leang Day ago
so high
JQuil Day ago
I feel old now....
Wade Wapass
Wade Wapass Day ago
Didn’t know who these guys were until I heard What I’ve Done
Parker Pshebnisky
2020 anyone?
Kekese Day ago
Ariel Sebasti�n Ayala Mamani
Avrga que distorcionado con el velocidado.5
せきろう Day ago
Who came from HankVsJesus ?
EMstar smit
EMstar smit Day ago
it is a Keeper .. all the best guys..
João de Sousa Neto
Alex Sidiropoulos
Matthew Steenbergen
2020 No Quarantine For Me! Freedom. America 🇺🇸
LEGOmAs3r21 The 1st
Chester was a God among men, it was sad to see him go but we all know where is now R.I.P Chester.
Yurian Rosales
No importa cuánto tiempo pasé. Linkin Park forever ❤🤟🏼
djole player
djole player Day ago
I now looked again Transformers: revenge of the fallen and dark of the moon.
Anton Sugianto
Anton Sugianto 2 days ago
Ryan Dunne
Ryan Dunne 2 days ago
i refuse to believe this song is 11 years old
Kevin Maharaj
Kevin Maharaj 2 days ago
Transformers revenge of the fallen
Icy sky
Icy sky 2 days ago
: whips out guitar : 🔥💫💋🎸
daypark 2 days ago
The best video clips
Ariel Duran
Ariel Duran 2 days ago
Esta canción la escucho cuando estoy triste y la escucho mil veces para irme de mi tristeza sin duda una de las mejores de la banda
CatRaven 2 days ago
Transformers is what brings me here when i was younger. Still here to this day
British reject
British reject 2 days ago
Wen I was 6 and watched transformers I loved this song
Jorge Hernández
Jorge Hernández 2 days ago
give me reason :')
Kushal Saha
Kushal Saha 2 days ago
Anyone in quarantine?
Queen Jk
Queen Jk 2 days ago
I can't believe it. lol . So far I have not found anyone who likes Linkin Park in Spain. I'm soo obsessed with them. Y me pone triste que nunca iré a un concierto suyo😭😭 thanks my brother I heard them when I was a child. 💜
Soap gaming
Soap gaming 2 days ago
i like song
Lisa Mahadeo
Lisa Mahadeo 2 days ago
this song is gonna make donald rump party on
DeLi DeLi
DeLi DeLi 2 days ago
Praewa balloon TV
Patricia Mendoza
Patricia Mendoza 3 days ago
Aun dueles Chester😞
abrahan vilchez
abrahan vilchez 3 days ago
mi musica favorita
Lia Margareta
Lia Margareta 3 days ago
My kids will know about this band no matter what ❤️
Renaye Dev
Renaye Dev 3 days ago
I miss u guys of Linkin Park!!!
Cida Nolasco
Cida Nolasco 3 days ago
Melhor música do linkin Parker
Cida Nolasco
Cida Nolasco 3 days ago
Muito show
mike hamilton
mike hamilton 3 days ago
Thanks Chester, giving me another reason to live
Ahnuf Rashid
Ahnuf Rashid 3 days ago
Those were the days
Kasi Krueger
Kasi Krueger 3 days ago
Einfach ein unglaublicher Song!
Gazhaa 3 days ago
Vanessa PA
Vanessa PA 3 days ago
One of my favorite songs and movies♥️ When I was a teenager my life was: listen Linkin Park and watch Transformers. I miss that time, now I feel nostalgic
TheRealGiths 3 days ago
I rise... you fall...
Jan Zinsel
Jan Zinsel 3 days ago
Jhosep VasqueZ
Jhosep VasqueZ 3 days ago
Eres el mejor de todos
The Kings Furius
The Kings Furius 3 days ago
100% good 100% like 100% subscribe
nurhafiza mikhail
I miss Chester... 😔
Murdah 3 days ago
just rocking out in the tomb of the primes casual friday night
Warm Cobra
Warm Cobra 3 days ago
This is the first time I've heard this song. Can't feel anything, I feel so bad for myself. Unlike they're other song's which I've heard since childhood.
Gokul krishna
Gokul krishna 3 days ago
Miss You chester😓
Hello Mama
Hello Mama 3 days ago
Crücia 3 days ago
i remember listening to this at 11 years old here i am listening to it at 22. theres amazing people who go through life with mental illness and it goes unnoticed their pain and theres people who want nothing else but to hurt others, who get to walk the earth with no consequences. twisted fucked up world huh
Roblox Gameboy
Roblox Gameboy 3 days ago
This is prefect
Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant 3 days ago
I remember the good old days of transformers ima tell my son about they’s beautiful times
OceanMachine 3 days ago
Haven't heard this song in like ten years. Damn pretty good for a pop song
Hannah Baker
Hannah Baker 3 days ago
Caramba q nostalgia mano... Amo essa música. 🤦🏻‍♀️😻💙🎶
Devangana Bose
Devangana Bose 3 days ago
I'm still Numb!
Shalini Verma
Shalini Verma 4 days ago
436 million views still so underrated.
Pathum Lakshan
Pathum Lakshan 4 days ago
Future is never getting any better, without these kind of a artists there is no better future. Everything thing in the future is polluted except memories.
SXCKI 4 days ago
2020 Chester Forever 🔥
Bangtan Titles
Bangtan Titles 4 days ago
They are Galvatron's friends who dislike this song!
Goku supersaiya
Goku supersaiya 4 days ago
My grandpa told me Elvis Presley, My father told me Michael schumacer, I am going to tell my kids Linkin Park
Kkmobil7 Kkmobul
Kkmobil7 Kkmobul 4 days ago
Gta dk12
Gta dk12 4 days ago
Our worlds United from a history long forgotten and the future that we face together with in those memories we live on
parzival x
parzival x 4 days ago
do you remeber transformers 2
Mickey Moran Cordova
I remmeber beautiful memories with the music of Linking music
Kıvanç Elbir
Kıvanç Elbir 4 days ago
MATTHEW Villagrana
I so badly want to get linkin park cd's. I am officially a fan of linkin park. This song is famous for the ending of transformers revenge of the fallen.
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