Never Go to This Gas Station

Scotty Kilmer
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Never Go to This Gas Station, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Gas station fails. The worst gas stations to go to. Gas station pump scams. Why not to fill your car up at these gas stations. Why some gas stations are a rip-off. Bad places to get gasoline. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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May 24, 2019

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Comments 4 454
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer Month ago
The past few days I've been doing a test on the live stream question videos by making them longer with more questions but no funny pictures to see what you guys preferred. I've decided to keep the same format as before, shorter videos with funny pictures instead of longer ones without the pictures, since I don't have time to do both. So all videos will once again have the pictures, thanks for the input and support! ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Ethanol Test Kit: amzn.to/2PNXblf 2. Common Sense 3. 4k Camera: amzn.to/2HkjavH 4. Camera Microphone: amzn.to/2Evn167 5. Camera Tripod: amzn.to/2Jwog8S 6. My computer for editing / uploading: amzn.to/2uUZ3lo ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: amzn.to/2nfvmaD 2. Cheap Scan Tool: amzn.to/2D8Tvae 3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: amzn.to/2tEr6Ce 4. Professional Socket Set: amzn.to/2Bzmccg 5. Ratcheting Wrench Set: amzn.to/2BQjj8A 6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2CthnUU 7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2nrc6qR 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► goo.gl/rwYt2y 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► goo.gl/pTAeca Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► goo.gl/CFismN Scotty on Social: Facebook ► facebook.com/scottymechanic/ Instagram ► instagram.com/scotty_the_mechanic/ Twitter ► twitter.com/Scottymechanic?lang=en
Jason Cotellessa
Jason Cotellessa 4 days ago
I did notice the difference between the videos with and without pictures. I like both but you're legend with those pictures, Scotty.
psycho wyhte
psycho wyhte 7 days ago
Keep the pictures
James Hall
James Hall 10 days ago
Try Speed-tec by Liqui Moly !!!!!!!
Raja Payan
Raja Payan 11 days ago
Scotty Kilmer which gas station to avoid? No answer. Simply you have taken us for a ride.
Michael X
Michael X 12 days ago
Scotty Kilmer GasBuddy APP gives the best prices In your local area.
liam gabriel
liam gabriel 5 hours ago
I'm wouldn't be upset if I lived in a state that required employees to pump your gas, since it creates more jobs!
lemans 350
lemans 350 35 minutes ago
Hi Liam, I live in NY we have both kinds of gas stations the ones that pump it for you are 10 cents more per gallon.
madbear3512 6 hours ago
Do they do the same for diesel
National Treasure.
John Morgan
John Morgan 13 hours ago
There was a no-name station in Arizona I went to and put 45 gallons in my 35 gallon tank.
John Morgan
John Morgan 13 hours ago
My boss' family owns a 7-Eleven (yes they are Indian) and he says they make nothing from gasoline sales.
John Morgan
John Morgan 14 hours ago
I went to South Africa in 2015 and they were still using leaded gas at that time.
Gregory Georgoff Air Force Retired
So, he is a Mechanic works with his hands, and is how he gets his point across.
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F 19 hours ago
Wish Scotty was my neighbor, the things I would learn about vehicles and any problems I can knock on his door ha ha.
Luis Espinosa
Luis Espinosa 19 hours ago
if you go to a discount gas station and get the cheapest gas, would you recommend buying a fuel additive like that chevron techron stuff or STP?
Manny j
Manny j 21 hour ago
I never heard which stations to avoid.... I got distracted by Scotty's waving and started reading the comments. I will never go to Arco again. I put their gas in my car and it wouldn't start. I added fuel injector cleaner a couple times and it cleaned it up and then I only went to Chevron or Shell stations. It was fine after that!
john smith
john smith 21 hour ago
And what many do not know about Top Tier gasoline is stations who claim to sell it are only required to buy a given amount every month. Once they hit that quota, they are free to buy anything else they'd care to buy...and they do. Your best bet is to buy gas from a station that's busy, selling lots of gas all of the time. This way you know you are getting fresh gas. In this day and age, you are not going to do much better than that.
Athan Datu
Athan Datu 22 hours ago
Watch Scotty get angry at 4:23
fredfirestoner 23 hours ago
i cant watch this he doesnt move his hands enough
they dont tell us ?well we can surmmise its because the additives are carsenogenic,or rot the valves or cause dimentia .????and likely just cost us more per gallon for no earthly good or no better than dropping into ya tank a squirt of metholated spirits .
Jerry M
Jerry M Day ago
Hey Scotty, I enjoy your videos, but maybe you should take a bit of time, or hire a grunt to clean up all the crap laying everywhere. It doesn't do anything for your credibility rating. See, I can relate because it looks like mine, however that is about to change. Drives me nuts. I'm really not a slob and I'm guessing you really aren't either. It just tends to get away from us. I'm actually a perfectionist.
Deep Fried
Deep Fried Day ago
I get some of the best info from this channel, I love how none of the mainstream sources even hint about this stuff because of who they are paid by. Stay independent, good luck
Oby-1 Day ago
Does Scotty have eyes?
Steve Zielonko
Report the stations to weights and measures big fines for tampering with meters
Apryl’s Page
Jersey & Oregon won’t allow self pumping
Joseph underwear smelly Smith
Beam me up scotty
Missy Soaps
Missy Soaps Day ago
Regular LOL .... 😂😂😂
C W Day ago
Oregon too no self serve
Peter Grant
Peter Grant Day ago
One if not the biggest thing to know is the new gasoline with ethanol breaks down faster then years ago... So buying gasoline from a busy station means fresher gas. Stay away from a gas station that is not busy... one thing a lot of station owners were guilty of is adding water... not so much today because Mom and Pop don't own stations today.
Robert Burke III
Robert Burke III 2 days ago
I can see your Italian the way you keep moving your arms but it bothers me I'm sorry but I'll listen to you video now
Jocelyn Savard
Jocelyn Savard 2 days ago
Wonder what would happen to his hand if you ask him.questions while his head is under the hood?
Laurentino Keegan
In Argentina all of our gas stations are still full service. you'd get yelled at if you pumped your own gas lol you typically have to tip employees who pump your gas too.
Mike Muha
Mike Muha 2 days ago
Use the app, Gas Buddy. Super helpful especially for diesel, because it shows who sells diesel. Great to use in unfamiliar areas.
Casey Stoner
Casey Stoner 2 days ago
Fat cats, classics.
Chris Coatess
Chris Coatess 2 days ago
Village drunkard
Luis Hoyo
Luis Hoyo 2 days ago
Scotty, that story of your where you went to a station with a one gallon tank and only got 85% is kind of fishy. Or the receptacle you used had a larger capacity, remember you didn't use a "calibrated measure" or you simple tested incorrectly.
Geir Balderson
Geir Balderson 2 days ago
He makes me tired with all of his hand and arm flying about. Less coffee?
DREADNAUGHT46 3 days ago
You seem a little bit sloshed today.... Bravo.
Mike Flippin
Mike Flippin 3 days ago
Tetraethyl lead also had the bonus of lubricating the valve seats, especially the exhaust valve seats..
J L 3 days ago
Supposedly the reason why New Jersey has the gas station attendant pump your fuel, is so they can give uneducated workers a job. If that's true, I can appreciate it. When I am visiting that state, I do however get out of my car to keep an eye on things anyway. Just to be sure.
Jason Cotellessa
Jason Cotellessa 4 days ago
You're the man, Scotty. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated.
james klinckman
james klinckman 4 days ago
Scotty,I think your getting to much ethanol in your gas tank.
Golo1949 Day ago
Sounds like he has had too much falling down water.
Eric Outram
Eric Outram 4 days ago
Another 👍🏻 vid 😂🤣😂🤣👍🏻🎥🙏
Jack F., manager
Jack F., manager 4 days ago
Hi Scotty Has the bottom side of your Sunfish rotted out yet?
Straight Whitemale
I never buy gas at stations in poor areas. Poorly maintained stations could have water in their tanks.
C Armani Trosclair
Scotty, man I love watching you video's..... Love me some houston, TX. Thanks for sharing...
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 4 days ago
H TOWN !!!
Raymond Kisner
Raymond Kisner 4 days ago
JIMJAMSC 4 days ago
A sleeeeezy industry. Or so a friend of a friend who read it on the internet...... I dunno... No big leap to think the industry is crooked from the time it leaves the ground to the time the "gallon" if it's weight is not being cough cough adjusted by the highly reputable store owners via a simple/cheap mod. Inspections are anything but random or unannounced. And YES, the cheap gas causes rubber orings/gaskets to swell.
rick hilliard
rick hilliard 4 days ago
Where did the plane finally land that you were waving in?..lol
v 5 days ago
He showed a Shell station in the picture when he said worst gas station. Why?
loumed1101 5 days ago
Wow! Something is wrong with you! Body & arm movements during the whole video are just so distracting. Annoying.
LM Djnchen
LM Djnchen 5 days ago
What what they charge you for anything you buy inside the gas station. You'll be surprised.
LM Djnchen
LM Djnchen 5 days ago
Don't get gas at a station where you can't get a printed receipt from the pump.
0rl 5 days ago
In New York State, gas pump handle locks are not allowed. You gotta hold the handle to pump your gas.
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 4 days ago
Why is that ¿
LM Djnchen
LM Djnchen 5 days ago
How can we find out if a station is pump jumping?
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 5 days ago
Oregon also won't let you pump your own gas.
phila gamer
phila gamer 5 days ago
New Jersey has some of the cheapest gas prices
Borax Sopanic
Borax Sopanic 5 days ago
Pumping your own gas is a scam by states who claim you will pay less, but you don't because the scam is making you do the work. Do they give you hand towels as they may have in the beginning? Some people are dressed up for work, wedding,etc. and they are pumping gas getting dirty hands and possible stains.
Ben Shute
Ben Shute 5 days ago
What your thoughts on co-op gas.......
MrArtVendelay 5 days ago
Remember Blue Sunoco? Just blue dye. Product differentiation. Sunoco used to offer 6 blends of octane when I was a kid. Sunoco 200 was 87 Octane.
MrArtVendelay 5 days ago
Let's talk auto supply store additives. Techron, Lucas, STP, Marvel Mystery Oil. Any of these kinds of products do you recomend? Which product? How often?
YeuLaKho 5 days ago
YOu still can't pump your own gas in Oregon.
Bryan Fullerton
Bryan Fullerton 5 days ago
Oregon also thinks its residents are too stupid to pump their own gas.
Bryan Fullerton
Bryan Fullerton 5 days ago
@Borax Sopanic Not sure what that has to do with anything but we don't really have a choice. A lot of stores around here make people do their own check-out. Personally I like choices. I don't mind having my own gas pumped, but when the place is hopping I'd rather be able to do my own versus waiting ten minutes for the attendant to show up.
Borax Sopanic
Borax Sopanic 5 days ago
Next time you go to the supermarket work the register and bag your own.
Serge 5 days ago
Not to mention most of these stores are owned by brown people
MC273 MC
MC273 MC 6 days ago
Pause video at 0:12 and look at top right Uuhhhhh.......... waht am I looking at... 😳
bryanweis 5 days ago
she's getting pumped up
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 5 days ago
Gio Perez
Gio Perez 6 days ago
Scotty looking hella 4K
Kelley Condon
Kelley Condon 6 days ago
Oregon has laws about pumping your own gas too
Brittany M
Brittany M 6 days ago
Scams are from the top of the chain all the way down to the bottom.
Eddy Edwards
Eddy Edwards 6 days ago
Only use Shell , Chevron if I’m in a pinch. I lived in NJ for years, against the law to pump it yourself. First time I left the state I was lost on how to pump myself.
TheMoonShark squirrel
Me too 🤣
g ricktee Corbin
g ricktee Corbin 7 days ago
I love Scotty and his animated style..
Billy Hickman
Billy Hickman 7 days ago
2.3k gas station owners have this video a thumbs down so far
sasquatch1 ****
sasquatch1 **** 7 days ago
Cr readers... Skimmer! It's not the gas stations fault.
George Ballew
George Ballew 7 days ago
That jump starter would be a lifesaver to keep in for car love you tech advise videos Scotty
Thinking Tinker
Thinking Tinker 7 days ago
I always use 95 octane gas... In my 2003 Kia Rio.
Kyle J. Rohrbach
Kyle J. Rohrbach 6 days ago
Thinking Tinker You like wasting money?
peppercap 7 days ago
One scam that is done here in the Las Vegas, NV area by a few gas stations is they will post a bogus price on the sign that is lower than what the pump is set for. People pump the gas not knowing the price is not the price on the sign. That low price on the sign is showing up on Gas Buddy and people like me feel good that they are getting the lowest price in town. At one station that runs the scam they will offer to give you a receipt that has the price of the sign on it, apparently this causes some people to believe the pump is actually pumping the price on the sign but showing a higher number. Always check the price on the pump before paying.
peppercap 5 days ago
@LM Djnchen I wanted to and I have reported things in the past but I was so busy, I used scam reporting triage.
LM Djnchen
LM Djnchen 5 days ago
sounds like you need to report it
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 7 days ago
I take it he doesn’t like shell 😂
otahu Rice
otahu Rice 8 days ago
Here in Canada. ANY Long weekend.. Gas go up 10 cents or more a liter. After the Long weekends over.. it drops like stone! Talk about Price Gouging.
LM Djnchen
LM Djnchen 5 days ago
Kriger X.
Kriger X. 8 days ago
What about for diesel fuel? Do they contain additives or ethanol?
Benjamin Porter
Benjamin Porter 8 days ago
Cancer...show deep fried twinkies 😂 😂
mimi palmer
mimi palmer 8 days ago
So what gas station should you avoid?
Dqalex 8 days ago
He's 100% RIGHT about NJ
Thomas 8 days ago
Although he didn't name a brand, the video showed more pictures of Shell stations than any other brand. 🤔
AcidreignWB 5 days ago
plausible deniability
Buddy Vegas
Buddy Vegas 8 days ago
Scott, thay pump for cars in Orgone aswell, I think becous the medication and their zombie robotic state!
Picky Ricky
Picky Ricky 8 days ago
Randy Real
Randy Real 8 days ago
Get out on your boat Scotty
Vette440 9 days ago
I sprinkle motor oil in my food. Helps lubricate my hip joints
surfertube44 9 days ago
Scotty I dont care what they say about you but I luv ya, and yes I did give a thumbs up to the guy that said " If you handcuffed this guy, he wouldnt be able to talk" had me rolling on the ground! and i am blown away by this information your given us and I cant believe this.
Joseph Webb
Joseph Webb 9 days ago
Oregon doesn't let you pump your own gas either.
Capt Nemo
Capt Nemo 9 days ago
Talk about calling the kettle black..lives in Houston Texas and he call NJ a corrupt state?? lol
Hey Scotty thanks for the info!! Got a question for ya, what do ya think of the Ford 3.7 liter quad cam(non-turbo) V-6?? Got a 2011 F150 with one myself...Any suggestions or tips and tricks on maintenance end ....
D. G.
D. G. 9 days ago
Oregon is the same as Jersey!! You can't pump your own gas.
Borax Sopanic
Borax Sopanic 5 days ago
I hope you realise it's ridiculous for people to pump their own gas. Are they giving you a savings?...no...that was the claim in the beginning to get people to do work for the stations. Self pumping is worse than self service. Soon you will be paying and doing your own work in everything.
Callandor 9 days ago
Something you never have to a worry about if you buy a Tesla or EV. Cost of maintenance and fueling up much cheaper. If you own a vehicle for more than 5 years, EVs are cheaper even without any EV discounts.
Kyle J. Rohrbach
Kyle J. Rohrbach 6 days ago
Callandor How much do you get paid to advertise for Tesla?
Danmagnamius 9 days ago
Cracked me up when I saw the helicopter at the fuel station.
mario frias
mario frias 9 days ago
wtf,he didnt name them
NVHSChadSheppard1 10 days ago
Hey Scotty, I’m from New Jersey but I had to learn how to pump my own gas when I moved to Florida
sergio morales
sergio morales 10 days ago
Excellent information thanks Scotty
James M
James M 10 days ago
You are in TEXAS? Dude! Houston!!! Small World. Love you videos!!!! Much love
Sludge 9 days ago
Small world, until you have to paint it.
꧁Jake Pollen꧂
꧁Jake Pollen꧂ 10 days ago
avoid S_ _ _ _ gas station ⛽️
Jessie Neal
Jessie Neal 10 days ago
Scotty, I miss service stations like your Dad's. Although my Dad was pretty competent with car care, it was nice to pile out of the car, hit the ladies room, buy the glass bottled Cokes, Lance peanuts and gum. By the time you all got back to the car it had been fueled with "ethal", the oil, water, tire pressure had been checked and topped off as needed. Cars were taken care of and we drove all over the lower 48. 🚗
stan sorensen
stan sorensen 10 days ago
Good information and I really like your method of handsigning!
ebox008 9 days ago
Should not go to any gang areas.
Eric 10 days ago
another thing people in the oil industry has brought my attention to is avoid those stations that do not have a decent flow of traffic. you don't know how long the gas has been degrading in the tanks.
Michael Heathman
Michael Heathman 10 days ago
I always thought it was a sign of a mental defect if you can’t talk without moving your hands. Not so with Scotty. He’s smarter than most humans. I listen to the audio only. The hand gestures are distracting.
Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln 10 days ago
Scotty for president!
sigma six
sigma six 10 days ago
If ethanol increases octane how do you get less mileage on ethanol per capita?
Jeffrey Creem
Jeffrey Creem 10 days ago
Octane is not a measure of the energy density of fuel. It is a measure of how much you can compress it before it explodes. Using fuel with octane rating lower than the design point of an engine causes some of the mixture to expose before the spark plug fires causing 'knocking'. Using higher octane fuel than required essentially just wastes money.
Angelic Alien333
Angelic Alien333 10 days ago
He didnt tell us what the best gas station was so my car ran out of gas during this video and NOW I DONT KNOW WHWRE TO GO. THANKS SCOTTIE. LOL
Angelic Alien333
Angelic Alien333 9 days ago
@BigDish101 I dont own a car so I dont care. I do however find his videos entertaining. Also somewhat I formative do to the fact, where I live, you see them all over. Not bad to get some info on the "money pit with wheels"
BigDish101 9 days ago
Angelic Alien333 Chevron/Texaco is the best gas.
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