Never Doing This Again.

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Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It's time for a change and it starts NOW.

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May 19, 2019




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Sabrina Ellison
Sabrina Ellison 2 hours ago
Jesus Christ is your Lord. Turn to him. Sorry your going through dark times. Jesus forgives and washes you new in his blood.
• hxn •
• hxn • 15 hours ago
who's here after he did it again? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lisette Navarro
Lisette Navarro 6 hours ago
• hxn • i was looking for it😂
Princess Bridget
Princess Bridget 22 hours ago
Tati:'I'm in a dark place' James Charles:'I'm in a dark place' Jeffree:'I'm in a dark place' Me:*opens the curtain,switches on the lamp* Me:'there y'all happy now?!'
Becca Weigle
Becca Weigle Day ago
I don’t want to piss anyone off but all these people here defending James, who is showing his ass to 12 years old. Tati and Jeffree was completely right to trash talk James. James is full of himself and does everything just cause he wants to. Stop supporting James, PERIODT
• hxn •
• hxn • 15 hours ago
meanwhile Jeffree shows his bare ass pics (up on his insta right now) and videos on multiple occasions, has a sex proof mascara video as well as many explicit content videos up on his channel and constantly talks about sucking dick. And I'm pretty sure majority of his audience are minors
Ash M
Ash M Day ago
But........ the new video tho
Kaylee Minnich
All these people making fun of jeffree are in hia birkin give away saying now saying how much they love him
Raymond Adams
Is that foundation in Jeffrey’s hair?
Key nut
Key nut Day ago
Balls in his mouth lol
Brenda Silva
Brenda Silva Day ago
Can people stop saying things if you asking your self what does this person mean read the comments you don't know what's going on ok they might have their different story about this but you guys don't have the rights to say those things ok it just there life "I can't believe he blaming us that's is own drama" blabla stop his telling you guys it's other people saying those thing like omg babla is a lair there making drama with blabla stop pls btw I'm saying blabla because people are saying it's this person so yea don't take it the wrong way
Tommy Callahan
Raina Sikdar
Raina Sikdar Day ago
No Jeffrey I don’t want fucking you too “expose” him, I want you too APOLOGIZE TO THE CHILD YOU’VE HURT, this ain’t an apology to the world saying I messed up, it should be I’m so sorry James. TUNE INTO PEWDIEPIES NEXT MINECRAFT VID BYE.
Brooke HyllandMJ
Don't worry about it boo!
Lisa Becka
Lisa Becka Day ago
I believe you
Ebcas Maria robell
I'm just a kid i dont understand he say
K&C Vlogs
K&C Vlogs 2 days ago
Why do you choose now to expose James?
GiGi W.
GiGi W. 2 days ago
I know this is old, but kudos to you for this. I hope JC gets help, truly. Before something really bad happens. We are all a work in progress, and that's okay. Hugs from afar to you and your family. 💖
Florelis Cedeno
Florelis Cedeno 2 days ago
James Charles is the best. Bye.
xPlatybelodon 2 days ago
I have one question... why are you so pathetic?
xPlatybelodon 2 days ago
Fuck you
Melissa Eysaman
Melissa Eysaman 2 days ago
Jeffree I am totally get u do whatever u want.... I love u and i am always on your team and if anyone things sething bad of u let it go...
M on Dope
M on Dope 2 days ago
What is this creature?
Raylle Joan
Raylle Joan 2 days ago
Made In EU
Made In EU 2 days ago
Emeka Johnson
Emeka Johnson 2 days ago
Jeffree is low key blaming us and saying that we had a part in this.
DARK WOLF 2 days ago
Sage Pankau
Sage Pankau 2 days ago
He looks so pretty in this video.
Tea And Honey
Tea And Honey 3 days ago
Zeina Habanneh
Zeina Habanneh 3 days ago
You are so full of shit
Darryl Causon
Darryl Causon 3 days ago
I've lost all respect for you... jeperdising a 19 year olds life. Absolutely appalling
lone wrecche
lone wrecche 3 days ago
OMFG Brenda, why do you like this fucking shit....
Vagbandit 3 days ago
He is so scary wtf
Girly Bubbles
Girly Bubbles 3 days ago
Tati: i was in a dark place James: i was in a dark place Jeffery: i was in a dark place Me: im batman
Nana Nana
Nana Nana 3 days ago
Actually yes you are EVIL 🙄
LEAD BELLY 3 days ago
Ok, here’s the “t”....these beefs are orchestrated between all the people involved,they get together and plan the “scandals “and then sit back and laugh when us the viewers buy into it ,and it works like a dream look how many of us viewed this.
Roszha Craig
Roszha Craig 3 days ago
Bro shut up. 🙄 you should’ve just been quiet & shut your mouth up. You brought Ian into this and you knew it wasn’t about you or the drama at all. I looked up to you until you started feeding into all this drama. I AM ASHAMED OF THE WAY YOU ACTED ❗️❗️
LEAD BELLY 3 days ago
Yes BUT who does the best makeup?.........FIGHT
Skyla Baker
Skyla Baker 4 days ago
Waiting for Shane’s new video. Expecting some of these clips in it. I love you Jefree Support all the way .
Skyla Baker
Skyla Baker 4 days ago
Not saying anything Jeffree did was okay. He’s human. Everyone is going to have a scandal no matter what is said or done. Perks of being famous.
Fadel Baraka
Fadel Baraka 4 days ago
Caitlin 4 days ago
Why did jeffree get involved tho??
xox Vera
xox Vera 4 days ago
I LOVE YOU JEFFREESTAR . Your amazing don't let James Charles down :)
mark anderson
mark anderson 4 days ago
Jeffrey star if you're reading this your ausome
fif fof
fif fof 5 days ago
Dylan Mitchell
Dylan Mitchell 5 days ago
How arrogant is it to say everyone wants to hear your response?
{Ximena Haro}
{Ximena Haro} 6 days ago
White Girl
White Girl 6 days ago
Mean while the amazon rainforest is still on fire...
White Girl
White Girl 6 days ago
Jeffree: I was in a very dark place. Me: oh good you turned on some of those beauty lights!
nicole johnson
nicole johnson 6 days ago
Listen jeffree should have taken his ass on vacation and kept his damn mouth shut!! That was none of his business what so ever!! Trying to drag a friend and his younger brother?? You are a grown ass man...you owe james and his brother Ian a huge apology!..and now trying to make videos with the Dolan twins....you can't replace the Sister SQUAD!..
DamnedQueen21 6 days ago
Tsk. I used to like you and even defended you. I'm just disappointed with myself right now for believing in you.
Mirabellaa 6 days ago
Nicely said, same
Ciana Rodriguez
Ciana Rodriguez 7 days ago
Its ok jeffre we all love you not only are you a diva but you care about people fellings and you care everyone sends mean message and if i were in your situation i wouldnt be able to handle it the way you do love you jeffre hope we meet one day
Catherine O'Farrell
I've been in hospital for a few months and taking a break from youtube and all other social media platforms, I'm finally back from my break and this is what I see. I'm so confused.......😶
João Paulo
João Paulo 7 days ago
Idk why but this video sound sooooo fake.
Nesrin Isli
Nesrin Isli 7 days ago
I am actually really disappointed in you. If you have proof then show it, otherwise you lied. If you lied , then just apologise! You should back James , you shouldn’t put him down. By saying what you said you portrayed homosexual men as villains!
Ariana Bell
Ariana Bell 7 days ago
You may not hate James, but you and Tati absolutely BURNED down the bridges. He deserves an apology, because no matter how much of a dark place your in, you and her DESTROYED a friendship. I'm glad that you realized that you put yourself in a situation that you shouldn't have, and you did things you shouldn't have, but you nearly DESTROYED A YOUNG MANS ENTIRE LIFE BECAUSE YOU CHIMED IN ON SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. HE IS 20 YEARS OLD, AND TEARING DOWN AND ACCUSING SOMEONE WHO HAS THEIR WHOLE LIFE IN FRONT OF THEM IS AWFUL AND HORRIBLE. Its not how WE feel about the situation its about WHAT YOU DID TO JAMES. YOU OWE AN APOLOGY NOT TO US BUT TO HIM. Im sorry Jeffery. Other than that, you were right in this video, but you need to apologize to him not us.
TonyStark3000 7 days ago
So this whole drama started because of some hair care vitamins.. *vitamin* .
takizawa seidou
takizawa seidou 7 days ago
8:02 "i need facts" but also says "i've got receipts, text messages and voice memos" ur full of it jeffree.
takizawa seidou
takizawa seidou 7 days ago
it's a video of excuses. "i got to a dark place because i know i shout have said anything and i'm a massive cunt and people are gonna see through it" fuck you jeffree you don't change ur an asshole.
Victoria Greenfield
Lol @ everyone who thinks they know what really happened based on a couple videos.
Joshua Santos
Joshua Santos 7 days ago
sukham sangha
sukham sangha 7 days ago
Jealousy is a disease and Tati needs a doctor
Callie Feezell
Callie Feezell 7 days ago
This video is why I love Jeffree so much.
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