Never Doing This Again.

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Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It's time for a change and it starts NOW.

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May 19, 2019




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Sophie xoxoxo
Sophie xoxoxo 3 hours ago
anyone else re watching All this tea in 2020✌️
M Martínez
M Martínez 15 hours ago
Jeffree star: Falsely accuses James Charles of sexually assaulting a man even though Star is literally seen groping a man without consent in a video, and could have been charged for defamation Shane Dawson: stays quiet after instigating the whole thing. Tati: Ruins James Charles’s credibility for the sake of gaining more money and could’ve also been charged with defamation James Charles and the boy who was involved: explains everything Tati & Star: Make an apology video while Shane stays quiet Their stupid blind fans: “WE STAN!”
Janice LGo
Janice LGo 16 hours ago
Beauty is so dramatic. These are adults w actual adult lives, right? Who has time for high school past high school.
Alyssa L.
Alyssa L. Day ago
“I’m in an amazing relationship.” “My dogs are healthy.” 😰 this did not age well
Karlafrostfire78 Games
Thanks for being so honest and thanks for apologizing
nevy channel
nevy channel Day ago
Girl we all know you’d destroy anyone. That’s exactly why you don’t need to.
Faith Kinkead
james is more mature than u and he’s like 10 yrs younger
all this over some gummy bears💀
I do not Stan other makeup artists tearing down other makeup artists.
That Gaming Guy
Okay asshole
Raven M23
Raven M23 2 days ago
Who else is here from 2020 when he said I’m in a beautiful relationship
Thomas Hi
Thomas Hi 2 days ago
I've something or someone comes for james he will win
isra munir
isra munir 2 days ago
I'm so late because my life has become so boring that I have to rewatch this lmao.... but Jeffree and Tati were lucky that James didn't commit suicide. In his video he admitted to being in a place so dark he couldn't think and he never thought he would get out of it.... in his bio he put the numbers for suicide hotline and assault hotline so anyone else can take action!
M Martínez
M Martínez 15 hours ago
isra munir James should have and could have used them tbh
Rino Raaa
Rino Raaa 3 days ago
u a PUSSY fucking idiot
Eddie Edmonds
Eddie Edmonds 3 days ago
Yeah never again hope ur still staying away from that silly ass thing . I watch some of his vids I don't hate but he's just silly as shit .
Inxyat 3 days ago
nobody not a single soul: Jeffree: *_TuH tEe_*
Sean R
Sean R 4 days ago
"the whole world is wondering what Jeffee Star will say next" lol I think you overestimate your influence over the world
Nat King
Nat King 4 days ago
Elaina Marie
Elaina Marie 5 days ago
*Straight Boys by Jeffree Star plays* Oof
Samantha Thompson
Just ridiculous... act your age. 🙄
Jose Salsinha Pinto
Ur not sorry...U just do it for fame
Jose Salsinha Pinto
Fuck u
Patrick Cleary
Patrick Cleary 6 days ago
How does Jeffree still have subscribers like he treats people horribly
Sandra 6 days ago
Yet you have the BALLS to bite the bullet. Bravo to this.
coutures victor
coutures victor 6 days ago
0:20 "i know the all world is sitting here, wandering what is jeffree star going to say next" I just learned that this person exist... The all world doesn't care about what you're going to say. Come on.
John Soldevilla
John Soldevilla 6 days ago
she is still beautiful without eyebrow
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 6 days ago
“The whole world waiting to see what Jeffree is going to say next?!” BOYYYYYYYYYY PLEASEEEEE!!! Lmfao talk about day dreaming! MF don’t fly too high! The drop will be stronger
Unkñowñ Cōmmęñtatōr 08
Let this gays fight
poopwaffle 7 days ago
Karma hit Jeffree for this shit
smckeller100 Day ago
I know right. He was wrong, and now he paying for it. Karma a bitch 😔
Seanald McDonald
Seanald McDonald 8 days ago
Thank you for handling this 10 x better than Tati did
ananı bacını
ananı bacını 8 days ago
it was not your mistake, it was your choice and your behaviour was pure evil.
JonnyWooShow 8 days ago
I wonder if ay of them learned a single thing about the meaning of humilty? hmmmmm I hear alot of....me me me from ALL of them. I kinda like all their channels for what they are but the internet / SM is EGO FUELLED! I'm late to the party I know, I'm off to mediate
Lula Smalls
Lula Smalls 8 days ago
I’m here in 2020!
Hunter McKenna
Hunter McKenna 8 days ago
Just dropping in to remind everyone that Jeffree Star is one of the shittest people on RUvid today. Morally bankrupt scumbag.
Samantha-M. 8 days ago
Here after his breakup video. Lmao what is going on here? Someone gimme a run-down please. 😂
Akashic Archives
Akashic Archives 9 days ago
Jeffree goes to a shop to return some crap make-up. Cashier "recipient please" Jeffree .....
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 9 days ago
The Queen Of Pop
The Queen Of Pop 9 days ago
All this drama, all this drama, all over vitamins 🙄
JJ Waterz
JJ Waterz 9 days ago
who’s just randomly watching in 2020?
Sabrina Ellison
Sabrina Ellison 9 days ago
I wonder if this is about nate?
Danny Alt
Danny Alt 8 days ago
How late are you. His relationship started to go down hill since the dogs and the robbery. So no just no
Lys Weatherley
Lys Weatherley 9 days ago
I think James Charles has been hurt by you and Tati more than he has hurt you too. Just saying😂
Claudia Truman
Claudia Truman 9 days ago
Jeffree in this video: ‘I don’t know what the future holds’ Me: 😂
DeeCee 9 days ago
You are very " good looking." & sweet.
ت나나 9 days ago
Where his/her ayebrows?? That’s important question than he/she is a girl or a boy :/
E Sahutske Iza Bear
WTF, YT... I’m not a man and I don’t *wear* makeup. YT AI is idiotic PS: This dude has a MUSTACHE
Katelyn Jolie
Katelyn Jolie 10 days ago
no one said it better
Bonnie The Tattletail
alyssa 10 days ago
i remember this LMAOO
Olamide Adelaja
Olamide Adelaja 10 days ago
Why were you in a dark place.....it had nothing to do with you🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
smckeller100 Day ago
I known right. He was the one saying and starting shit 🙄🙄
Dante rowell
Dante rowell 10 days ago
love you Jeffrey
k 10 days ago
Sister satanic
ProtoCoaxke 10 days ago
"I will not provide ant evidence backing up what i was saying" BECAUSE YOU DONT GOT ANY YOU FUCKING IDIOT- Get Cancer bitch.
qornn 10 days ago
If everything could be forgotten by just saying sorry, we wouldn't need police then.
Sandra 11 days ago
Jeffrey I expected more from you. You really disappointed me and you seem to be dramatic, attention seeking and your "dark places" are nothing but your inner devil who wants to destroy all and everything. *YOU MISTER MISHANDLED JAMES MENTAL HEALTH*
Remi Player
Remi Player 11 days ago
I just realised he has more subscriers
Kay Leguillow
Kay Leguillow 11 days ago
2020 people.. Anyone?
Claire Beck
Claire Beck 11 days ago
you guys also know his mom has been sick?? he is going through a lot and he apologized his life is harder than any of us know
smckeller100 Day ago
That didn't give him the right to say all that shit he did. I bet if James didn't come out with that no more lies video, he wouldn't had even apologized.
2010! Generation shows Edits
I love how he thinks that this entire situation involves him when it doesn’t 😂
Cameron Mclin
Cameron Mclin 11 days ago
Dang, 7 months ago
The Grinch
The Grinch 12 days ago
Amen, brother.
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