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Apr 12, 2019

NEVER CELEBRATE TOO EARLY COMPILATIONreactreactionreactingfunnynevercelebratetooearlycompilation




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Comments 351
Loliååå Meink
Loliååå Meink 2 hours ago
triste garcia
triste garcia 9 hours ago
Tuck ramsi
killer cheese boy
killer cheese boy 13 hours ago
1:39 nice boardslide and can’t even do a Ollie or 180 shuvit
Guy Bechor
Guy Bechor 15 hours ago
Yode's channel is the best channel ever hit that like button and sub to the channel
GamerOX YT
GamerOX YT 23 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay You are being a Very mean
Esley Marson
Esley Marson Day ago
Yode you need help taking you talk bad
Viktor Vrdoljak
Viktor Vrdoljak 2 days ago
Can you react to handball fail's or epic handball wins
Johnny Chen
Johnny Chen 3 days ago
LaDaisha McBride
LaDaisha McBride 3 days ago
I ran track and I thought I won but we had one more lap then I lost :( but I got first place in the final round
Paco Perez5584
Paco Perez5584 3 days ago
You look like mess your self
Jack 82091
Jack 82091 6 days ago
1:09 theres a philipine flag lololol
Bers Makhauri
Bers Makhauri 6 days ago
When the guy did the back flip and landed in the water his led lights went red
Ana Fox
Ana Fox 6 days ago
0:22 when ur so happy u die
Landon Pennington
On the Volleyball one the ball hit the ground
Mikael Östman
Mikael Östman 7 days ago
Why did you sei woder
Whindy Astuti
Whindy Astuti 8 days ago
i feel bad for the wrestle that wearing a blue shirt
Krish Shreyan
Krish Shreyan 8 days ago
Ismael Lopez
Ismael Lopez 8 days ago
Yode is bad
Mr Geebar
Mr Geebar 7 days ago
Kirsten Ph
Kirsten Ph 8 days ago
0:13 is in the filipono player
Xai Clarke
Xai Clarke 9 days ago
0:01 when you get a privilege 0:04 when you get a privilege taken away
Baluloy Austria
Baluloy Austria 10 days ago
Baluloy Austria
Baluloy Austria 10 days ago
The volleyball match is the Philippens
Moses Papalii
Moses Papalii 11 days ago
Todd Blaize
Todd Blaize 8 days ago
Beast Clan
Beast Clan 11 days ago
0:57 u can’t do that in soccer.
Gamer Kale72
Gamer Kale72 9 days ago
Beast Clan yes u can
I'm ugly
I'm ugly 14 days ago
He's do annoying
Hunter Rafte
Hunter Rafte 14 days ago
Xbox Sux-713
Xbox Sux-713 14 days ago
He stole this from forfun
Yogui Cardenas
Yogui Cardenas 8 days ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wanna swing from the hacker on the wall jk 😜
Shotzzx 9 Brown
Shotzzx 9 Brown 15 days ago
BV bIs nsb is bxn is,Cm!bc c bomb,c,nB bMcmnbc bBb,,Nn,cN
Shotzzx 9 Brown
Shotzzx 9 Brown 15 days ago
Cian Mc gill
Cian Mc gill 16 days ago
The rock climber lost the feeling in his arm
S0ccerG0D 66
S0ccerG0D 66 16 days ago
Every thumbnail Yode has he has his mouth is open
Frazer Parker
Frazer Parker 13 days ago
S0ccerG0D 66 every thumbnail yodes face is the same, it’s photoshopped
Storpigt 16 days ago
You know why i hate your videos? Because you keep talking u peace of shit
jayd9920 jayd9920
jayd9920 jayd9920 17 days ago
A kid named CJ
A kid named CJ 18 days ago
Gordon Ramsay is really nice irl
Bree Lien
Bree Lien 18 days ago
I celebrated early when I was playing kickball then I proceeded to get hit by the ball
Zelda Tamati
Zelda Tamati 18 days ago
They are all "Embarrassing!!!!"
M-Mobiles Bolton
M-Mobiles Bolton 18 days ago
Play gta5
M-Mobiles Bolton
M-Mobiles Bolton 18 days ago
Very funny😄
Chance Richards
Chance Richards 19 days ago
Shut up
DMS Videos
DMS Videos 23 days ago
2nd vid is from philipines i know it cause im filipino hi all
mrbringer 19 days ago
Im filipino and im basura tapon mo ko sa tamang basura..
FxDerekFx 20 days ago
DMS Videos the only Filipino word I know is basura
aka_cammi n
aka_cammi n 21 day ago
Blazing Ice Xd
Blazing Ice Xd 23 days ago
Why do you always use the same face in the thumbnail it makes me nervous
Steve Spencer
Steve Spencer 24 days ago
We’re just getting out there now
David Metzger
David Metzger 27 days ago
Coaxum The wizard
Coaxum The wizard 28 days ago
Your the most annoying reactor in the entire world
Graiden 808
Graiden 808 27 days ago
Coaxum The wizard haters gon hate
Cute cupcake
Cute cupcake 28 days ago
OMG why
Jackson Bevins
Jackson Bevins 28 days ago
He sucks
Preben Hukkelås
THE EZ BOYZ Month ago
0:36 his hands were sweating not celebrate ng
BraydenandNick Murray
Oh yeah
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