Never Buy a Used Car from the Dealership

Scotty Kilmer
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Never Buy a Used Car from the Dealership, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. How to buy a used car. The best place to buy a used car. Car dealership ripoff. Where to buy a used car. The truth about car dealerships. Car dealership scams. Used car buying tips from dealer. Should I buy a car at the dealership? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.
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Comments 100
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer Month ago
⬇️ Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: amzn.to/2nfvmaD 2. Cheap Scan Tool: amzn.to/2D8Tvae 3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: amzn.to/2tEr6Ce 4. Professional Socket Set: amzn.to/2Bzmccg 5. Ratcheting Wrench Set: amzn.to/2BQjj8A 6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2CthnUU 7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2nrc6qR ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: amzn.to/2HkjavH 3. Camera Microphone: amzn.to/2Evn167 4. Camera Tripod: amzn.to/2Jwog8S 5. My computer for editing / uploading: amzn.to/2uUZ3lo 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► goo.gl/rwYt2y 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► goo.gl/pTAeca Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► goo.gl/CFismN Scotty on Social: Facebook ► facebook.com/scottymechanic/ Instagram ► instagram.com/scotty_the_mechanic/ Twitter ► twitter.com/Scottymechanic?lang=en
Chad From-Cali
Chad From-Cali 2 days ago
So in a perfect world, how do you guys see car sales being performed? No car dealerships anywhere?
PowWowChicken 7 days ago
I bought a 2006 Dodge charger RT and the guy had the oil changed and the car serviced by a smog shop for it to pass CA emissions. So I thought I was getting a good deal for $5000 and it on had 125k miles on with no check engine light. I drive it for about 10k miles and now this damn Chrysler is falling apart. The check engine light is on, the oil light is on, and I come to find out that it also burns oil🙄. It was over 2quarts low when I changed the oil and the check engine light code says there's 2 miss fires and a exhaust leak somewhere. After taking the front bumper out to service the engine myself I also found out that the car has been painted multiple times,😅😂😭. This is going to cost me some $ to repair.
Charntelle Pal
Charntelle Pal 19 days ago
Thank you so much, I know more cause these places and cars you talked about I brought 2 and they was used and I gave them back with the bill from the mechanic showing all the red flags. I would never buy used from a famous car dealership cause they just trying to sell the trade off
Mike Gehre
Mike Gehre 20 days ago
Let's see, don't buy from a dealer or CARMAX, buy from a private party and a Toyota. Ok. Got it
Aybee M.
Aybee M. 28 days ago
Sometimes the only way to win their game is to not Play at all
I white
I white 3 hours ago
I got scammed at a used car dealership. Lately I was thinking to buy from a brand name dealership, but I think Scotty has good points here.
charles jones
charles jones 3 hours ago
Huh yeah, and the the private seller also selling cars too expensive and scammers.
Wayne Taylor
Wayne Taylor 18 hours ago
does the Fixd scanner work with 2007 prius
Matthew Vieira
Matthew Vieira 20 hours ago
The funny thing is a few years ago I went to the Toyota dealer and was talking to them about buying a car they said sure Toyota yaris said it would be $250/month for 15 years and I asked how much to leave with title in hand that day and they said this $11,985 I did the math and it was almost $35k for it to pay the payments
Matthew Vieira
Matthew Vieira 20 hours ago
BTW I just did the math
Matthew Vieira
Matthew Vieira 20 hours ago
It would have cost $45k I told them no
BlackTurtle Cage
BlackTurtle Cage 21 hour ago
So where is the best place to get a car for a little as possible? While financing...
Michael Laverty
Dear Scotty with the number of actual issues you can honestly discuss wrong with used cars dealer's you shouldn't really have to invent any . So people listen to someone who knows.. The plastic lower fascia panels you see on cars can get ripped off just spinning out on a icy roadway and hopping the curb .. Or driving over the snow bank at the end of your driveway ..and the core support on any Corolla can easily get tweaked back just bumping a Walmart light pole base in a slippery parking lot Now would you call that a "Total" NO not Me you see in order for an insurance company to "Total" your car ! It has to consume 80% of the book value ....and lets face it that's not very difficult with a Toyota corolla especially if it's a high miles commuter car . So Mr Scotty's not really telling you anything .. Yes Used car dealers are in business to sell used cars they are often times the cars they took in on trades to move new car inventory some will give you double for your trade in because they take care of that on the other end .. some even wholesale them out in large lots to used car kings in the region ..It's up to you to get the best deal but if you walk in off the street and are a clueless Nebbish then your more than likely going to get screwed .. Bring a Motorhead friend you know and if you don't know one find one .. We are everywhere ...Or you can message me ...
Mayor JED
Mayor JED Day ago
Please what model (YR) is that Toyota Corolla in the video? Thanks for response in advance.
Frontier Gaming Channel
Honda Civic 2012 or Golf GTI 2012?
Jon Hall
Jon Hall Day ago
Scotty, I have always bought used cars and trucks from individual owners. , back when I lived in NH, and I always found great used vehicles at great prices. You just need to be patient and look the vehicles over well. Dealers will crush you every time. Live Free or Die!
H M Day ago
Buying a car from an honest private seller will take forever. Most private sellers rips you off too.
Josh Nathan
Josh Nathan Day ago
Scotty if you were here in Washington state you would lol. These people out here are notorious for ripping people off with cars. We need more Scotty’s for the consumers
Radsan 2 days ago
Thanks again for the info, you're the best!
Devin 2 days ago
i know a lot of people that have had mostly good experiences with Carmax. does that count?
Chad From-Cali
Chad From-Cali 2 days ago
I wish I was getting 4x the price I bought the car for. It's not that good out there.
walt spears
walt spears 2 days ago
Truth about Scotty is that he is an evil shape shifter compleate with reptilian lip smackin just like the Queen to shock and awe you into purchaseing a new Toyota .lol.
Ant D
Ant D 2 days ago
Very insightful video. Thanks Scotty!
The737Man 3 days ago
This is why I buy new cars lol
Hectic Erectic
Hectic Erectic 3 days ago
He's misinformed on this. One sided half-truths. Lol. He's entertaining at least. He's heavily opinionated about something he knows nothing about. 🤣
Masum Chowdhury
Masum Chowdhury 3 days ago
May god shower this man with blessings. Educating and saving us from mistakes.
Juan C Gomez
Juan C Gomez 3 days ago
Hahah yeah these cars are certifried, engine and transmissions certi-fried cars are garbage basura carefull people
Juan C Gomez
Juan C Gomez 3 days ago
I did this mistake a couple times until I learned to do my own maintenance and buy used cars from owners am saving thousands now, and never buy again a used car from these dealers they screwed me up enough and enough is enough!!!
Weston Leeder
Weston Leeder 3 days ago
Actually an interesting video
Ken B
Ken B 3 days ago
So we should only buy from private sellers?
Furlock Furli
Furlock Furli 3 days ago
I bought my first car - used - at a dealership. A wonderful Audi 90, 5 years old. In good shape and in fact, there were only little costs in the next two years at the mechanic. I loved the car. I always had noticed some strange behaviour of the car, when getting into some tricky corners. A little oversteering, even at relatively slow speeds. I then thought it was my fault, as I was not an experienced driver and that car was just too much car for me to handle properly. Two years of loving the car, and then - one night - I didn't see a curve coming. The car didn't even react to try to take it. It lost the rear with the first touch of steering, it went on two wheels, then flipped over and I am thankful to the designers of the car and my personal luck, and all angels... because I came out of the wreck alive. It took me years to overcome the accident. I felt so guilty, that I wouldn't drive another car again. Some weeks ago I was invited to a meeting, where I had the chance to connect to a database of wrecked vehicles, and... I just wanted to know what had happened to my beloved first and last car. I found it in the records, found out that it was compacted and then shipped to Italy, from there to many other ports and ... probably it ended up in China. When I reached that point, I felt overwhelmed again by the guilty feeling, weakening me again, making me sad. So I leaned back and was about to leave the interface, when I catched something on the screen, that called my attention. It was the historical part of my car before I bought it. And... it was a horror story. Long story short. I bought a car, whose rear end had been smashed in two accidents. No wonder that the car could barely take certain, stiffer angled curves at relatively modest speeds. It was completely out of balance. I wished I had known you before I bought that wonderful car. I wouldn't have suffered the last 15 years. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I trusted the dealer. That nearly killed me. I loved driving. I want to drive again. Driving is one of those things that the elite hasn't been able to take away from us yet. Driving is special, a kind of meditation and cure (not always, I know). Time to be alone and somehow connected to the car. On the other hand, that car saved my life, not only because of its safety design, but also later. I started to walk a lot, ride bicycles... and have overcome serious health problems because I am relatively fit. Sorry for all that writing. It just popped out, hope I didn't offend, bore or insult anyone with my two cents. Kind regards, M.
Jordan Estes
Jordan Estes 3 days ago
I bought my car from a used dealer. So far I’ve replaced the Navigation Screen, lower control-arm bushings, tires, and new battery. Not exactly what I planned for, but it’s in better shape now then it was when I bought it. I paid exactly blue book value for it. In my opinion, I definitely over paid.
T Urb
T Urb 3 days ago
Scotty. I have a 2013 Toyota Prius v. It has 135,000 miles. Is there a fix that I can do myself? What new car would you recommend to replace my Prius? We are looking for a small SUV. Thank you
michael rafla
michael rafla 4 days ago
Hello, I'm wondering if Honda HRV 2016 is a good car and reliable comparing the Toyota CRV ?? Thanks for consideration my question
sr420det 4 days ago
Itll say clean title until u send it off and get it back in your name then it says total loss claim
AC lil corner
AC lil corner 4 days ago
Dealer wanted 11k for 2010 cobalt godfather had a pontiac g5 2009 5k whit winter tires on rim ya learn my leasson
Mark Bowman
Mark Bowman 4 days ago
I was in the car business sales and management for twenty years. Scotty makes such a good point about the extended service warranties and the clauses to get the warranty co., out of payment, ex. timing belt tears and causes engine failure not covered, head gaskets covered for coolant leaks only, and no part will be covered that damage is caused by a non covered component.
Derek Sternhagen
Derek Sternhagen 4 days ago
I very recently bought a used 2010 Ford Expedition from a dealership. Overall, it was a decent experience. I’m glad I did it. I think the salesman and technicians were surprised I asked to have it put on a lift so I could thoroughly examine it. I pulled off every cap, pushed and pulled on every suspension/drivetrain piece, test drove it three times, and told them what I found and what I wanted fixed. So far, I love the vehicle, and I paid a fair market price for it, according to KBB, Craigslist, and other dealership sites. They key is to ask questions, and ask other people what questions you should ask to make sure you haven’t forgotten about anything. It helps so much to have thorough knowledge on vehicles, regardless of where you buy it from. At the end of the day, you still have to know it’s a kind of a crapshoot. It could blow up tomorrow.
JPV Lockfixer
JPV Lockfixer 5 days ago
thanks scotty..you just change my point of view.
michoacan91davi 5 days ago
I worked at a dealer and have friends that worked at almost every popular name dealer they are all the same they charge you for stuff that they didn’t do like checking the whole car and fixing it. It bs people, it’s a brake job, quick fix for the MIL wash and if it keeps throwing a code they bs you till warranty is up or sell you a warranty that doesn’t cover any thing
Mike P
Mike P 5 days ago
I have had good experiences buying from dealers. Maybe I just got lucky.
Luis alvarez
Luis alvarez 5 days ago
This dude is on planet x
Onaolapo Gbogboade Adeyemi
Thank you Scotty!
craszhtube69 5 days ago
The dealer is like a devil, once you've signed the contract you will be in their DEBT for a very long time.
craszhtube69 5 days ago
Always buy from private party now a day. Only risk is you need to know a little about car or bring a mechanic. Anything that deal with dealer is RIP!!!
Alfredo Rivera
Alfredo Rivera 5 days ago
You are the best! Love your videos.
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob 6 days ago
Figure out what the car is worth before you go near a dealer, the dealer paid wholesale or less so that's your guide. Get your financing pre approved from a reputable bank, make your offer and hold firm, and be prepared to walk within minutes of sensing the dealer is giving you the runaround. That's it. Don't play games with these guys, they love games.
Yumin S
Yumin S 6 days ago
If you need a new car go to carmax and talk to the people that got far to low trade in
Mark 7's
Mark 7's 6 days ago
"Certified preowned car". We certify someone used to own this car.
leonhart423 6 days ago
I took my GT-S to the dealership for a Service Bulletin I found online. It was funny how quick they were trying to get me out of that car. I don't get it til this day.
Sergio Apodaca
Sergio Apodaca 6 days ago
Scotty is a great guy. Thanks for the show. Saludos desde Baja California.
Craig Pennington
Craig Pennington 6 days ago
Scotty I've seen cars all over in the 16 county area that are at least 1 year old with 75- 100,000 miles on them. You are 100% correct. Most people can't shell out $40-69 grand for a new car every 1 or 2 years. Plus, if you're on Social Security- forget new cars or trucks, it's not happening.
Michael Battle
Michael Battle 6 days ago
Hi Scotty, I love your videos. My wife recently purchased our 3rd certified Hyundai, because we have had excellent customer service when we have had any problems, and they have been good cars. Their certified warranties are legit. Now some Hyundai dealerships are shady, and will try to sell warranties you don't need. I had this happen a few years ago at a local dealership. I knew something wasn't adding up so I called the Hyundai corporation, and the gentleman I spoke with briefed me on the language I needed to use when buying a certified Hyundai. Hyundai really does honor their certified warranties, but as far as other car makers, I will use caution. Thanks for your videos. Very helpful and informative and love your down to earth, tell it like it is presentations. If I lived anywhere near you, you would be my mechanic. Thanks again!
HueTubeR 6 days ago
In short, buy a new car.
The Caribou
The Caribou 6 days ago
anybody have a 2015 civic or corolla? how have they lasted after 5 years? are they still as reliable as they were like in the 90s and 2000s?
LM Djnchen
LM Djnchen 7 days ago
How funny, I see that car dealerships don't like this video too much lol
Mark W
Mark W 7 days ago
Scotty - if you were dirt poor and could only afford to buy a car for under $1000, what advice would you have aside from saving up to buy a better one?
Harry S
Harry S 7 days ago
I love the dislikes from car sales people, so obvious.
Cold Smoked
Cold Smoked 7 days ago
Great info. Scotty is a true car socialist, love it.
John Smith
John Smith 7 days ago
Never bought a vehicle from a dealer and never well. Case dismiss.
Jacek R
Jacek R 7 days ago
Awesome video as always!!! Would you be so kind and do a quick video about Carvana? What are you thoughts about them? Thanks :)
GrayRealities 7 days ago
“Cuz I had a customer once”.....lol 🤣
Tom P
Tom P 7 days ago
So don't buy from a dealer, don't buy a rental, don't buy from CarMax. Only buy a used Toyota. Got it.
Shannon Denham
Shannon Denham 5 days ago
Now you're catching on
Everardo Lopez
Everardo Lopez 7 days ago
How bad are hundays?
Jason Pierson
Jason Pierson 8 days ago
Next car purchase will be from a new car dealer but would be a "program" car. Dealer titles it as a loaner. After a couple thou miles, title removed and all new car discounts apply and a bunch of money taken off original sticker
Uncle Mayhem
Uncle Mayhem 8 days ago
The *”Stealership”*
Bobaganusche 8 days ago
I bought a 2016 RAV4 used from a Ford dealer in 2017. Their price was already under the Blue Book value, and when I said I was interested in it they offered to take another $2000 off because it had sat on their lot for over 100 days. I've put about 20k miles on since then and haven't had a single problem. Guess I got lucky?
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 8 days ago
Okay so some of this stuff applies to new car dealerships as well. Are you honestly complaining about the fact that a company buys a car at its true value and sells it for more? It's called a free market economy (CAPITALISM). That same exact thing applies to literally every company in every industry selling Goods that wants to make money in the US. Mechanics do the same thing though providing a "service" instead of a "good."
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 8 days ago
All salesman are "good at what they do" whether they sell (new or used) cars, jewelry, electronics, or clothes because their income depends on it. Much of their income relies on whether they make a sale or not and most take a very small percentage of each sale. Everyone who works a commission based job wants to mark up the price as much as they can so they can actually make a living. This guy isn't complaining about used cars or dealerships, he's complaining about the "Goods Industry" in general. As a mechanic, he works in the "Service Industry."
Raymond perez
Raymond perez 8 days ago
I've had my Corolla for years and Still going Strong!! One of the best cars I ever Owned.
John Leonardi
John Leonardi 8 days ago
CarFax goes by if the people report it on Insurance... If they pay out of pocket to fix it, it doesn't go on CarFax... There is a reason why they have a 🦊 fox for their mascot...
Landshark Buckaroo
Do you think buying a 2003 x5 with 100k miles for 6 grand is a good deal? It came from a used dealer lot but is incredibly reliable and now has 140k miles with only about 500-800$ in the car
That Guy
That Guy 8 days ago
Kelly blue book is a scam too!!!
pometown 9 days ago
It is almost impossible to find a private car for sale in the US. It's a thing of past.
pometown 7 days ago
+patrick A Oh Brilliant!!!!
patrick A
patrick A 7 days ago
You have to look for cars with for sale signs on them.
MMM mm
MMM mm 9 days ago
Last year, when I went to a dealer and bought a used car.. (last time I bought a used car was over 2 decades ago so these hidden fee's were new to me.) I told them I wanted a $6000 car... end up picking a scion.. when we were at the desk and they told me the total.. I said I don't want those extra's just the car... They said it's already on and part of the price. I YELLED... YOU HAVE WASTED MY TIME.. I TOLD YOU I WANT TO SPEND 6K ON A CAR.. IF YOU KNEW THERE WAS 2K OF JUNK ALREADY ON THE CAR YOUR SALESPERSON SHOULD HAVE SHOWED ME the $4000 CARS AND TOLD ME THERE IS 2K MORE THEN THE PRICE ON THE WINDOW, I bought the Scion for the window price.
MrMagooo 9 days ago
Those graphics are the bomb! 2 thumbs up to the editor.
Gina Gorgone
Gina Gorgone 9 days ago
Went to a used car lot. Bought a Subaru Forester WRX turbo. Big mistake. First, Turbo WRX expensive fixes. Next, smoked on the way home! Dealer said to drive a few days. Then, let him know. Went for an oil change/check up. Numerous things wrong. But most worst-metal shavings poured out in the oil!??! Back to dealer. No refund. They limited my test drives, to 3 cars. Not happy with the test drives. Being treated rudely for 4 hours. Ended up with a Subaru outback legacy. $2000 lower priced and older. No Pennsylvania lemon laws people. This car didn't even come with auto alarm fob. I wanted-and waited years, to replace my Buick with a newer Forester, Acadia, etc. Not a wagon. So you can understand why I am p.o.'d. I also bought into a 4 year warranty. I hate being stuck 😠😡 with something I did NOT want. Obviously, I'm babying this car. If I still prefer a Forester after receiving the title I will sell this. What happened to the other Subaru. It was put right back up for sale! Guess he figured, that with a new oil change, the new owner won't know until it's too late. So it is a champagne Forester with a turbo WRX, and hood scoop.
Conan Harris
Conan Harris 9 days ago
I bought my car from a rental car company. The car is doing pretty good.
BTL music
BTL music 10 days ago
protect this fucking man at all cost
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb 10 days ago
I had a 1992 Chevy Cheyenne with a rebuilt title I used for work for 8 years.
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb 10 days ago
I bought my current car from a private seller and compared to the exact same car from Marietta Auto Sales I saved $4200. My car had 2000 less miles.
EnVec0 10 days ago
Scotty, you forgot to mention that even when the Warranty does cover you, they will find a ton of other ways to upsell you. My favorite line is "Winterize your Vehcile" at a Chrysler dealership. And they just offered to change a couple fluids and charge $500.
Gar Bear
Gar Bear 10 days ago
Dude, I watched a few of your videos and you are the real deal man.
mklik4 10 days ago
Where can you find cars from private owners? All the website are full of dealerships. Hard to come by these days
Anthony Rohr
Anthony Rohr 10 days ago
So true on the Carfax. Don’t even use that as a factor to buy a car. I bought my car got the Carfax and it said never been in accident. A week later I notice the plastic liner in my wheel well didn’t look right. Under closer inspection it had some minor damage to the wheel well behind the plastic. I was able to fix it myself (basically bending the piece back to its original shape but it was clearly hit by something or the last owner backed into something. Luckily it was very minor damage however my Carfax said never in an accident. I will no longer trust them at all and next time if a dealer pushes that as a selling point I’ll tell him that report is a bunch of BS.
Tod Grice
Tod Grice 10 days ago
Awesome info!
wordup2yourmother 11 days ago
I thought the celica was 450 not 350 aww who cares?!? Lol
Imad Sager
Imad Sager 11 days ago
Who should we buy a used car from ? Private? LOL. I don't trust those people either THEY LIE TOO.
Imad Sager
Imad Sager 11 days ago
Should we trust mechanics?
downsouth420 11 days ago
Most used cars are bought from car rental places at wholesale and flipped on their lots. Large dealerships buy retired rental cars. The smaller lots you find on the corner buy cars that are either: (A) company cars and work trucks that had been originally leased by the car rental companies and have been turned back in or (B) cars traded in to the rental car’s own dealerships. Every now and then they get nice, well maintained cars in decent shape, but the majority of the cars are dogged to hell and back at mind blowing levels. Anyway, you speak nothing but the truth, Scotty. You’ve made a subscriber out of me.
Beth Heinecamp
Beth Heinecamp 11 days ago
There are some very reputable dealerships in my hometown. If they were all scheisters, bandits or whatever, they'd be out of business. Wouldn't they? So I take his advice seriously, but also know that there *are* good deals out there, and that I just need to learn what to look for when checking out a used car.
NINTH WORLD 11 days ago
If you're buying a used vehicle get one that's only 1 1/2 to 2 years old and only from a big dealer.
Mike Sienicki
Mike Sienicki 11 days ago
560 dealers didn't like this.
LeonTiry 12 days ago
Smart man... Lol great videos***
Behroze Choudary
Behroze Choudary 12 days ago
scotty i want you to make a TV show and destroy the dealership market!
TechGuyRony 12 days ago
Thanks a lot. Get car photo editing services from us. 2 images as a trial
nukestrom 13 days ago
Everything you said is true but how do we find used cars by private sellers, manufactured in last 2-3 years (2016 Odyssey, 2017 Sienna, ...) . I can't find them on any major listings.
Mark G
Mark G 13 days ago
Yea its tough... most had to finance and dont have title.
KeepinYouUp07 13 days ago
Scotty you are 100% correct. I bought a tacoma from a dodge dealership. They wanted 29k I got them to 25k. Told them to study the extended warranty where the sun don't shine. They said they went thru it before...I drive 10 min & the Oil service light came on. Either they didnt change the oil or they didnt reset it. After shopping around, I believe I got a fair price. Have had zero issues except a couple recalls...I cant imagine buying anything other than toyota.
chillz zoe
chillz zoe 13 days ago
I bought my camry from an auction. One year, 10,000 miles later still running butter smooth. I guess i was lucky. My brother who has the auction license has bought cars that wouldn't even move. They started initially but wouldn't after.
Dan G.
Dan G. 14 days ago
$350 for a car? I bet it’s REALLY NICE, RIGHT CLARK?
Keith reed
Keith reed 14 days ago
Excessive oil consumption to the Chevy dealer that my moms car was at was a quart per 1000 miles
Doug F
Doug F 14 days ago
3:30 "If you wanna sue somebody, sue CarFax ", the pic of the car fox reaction had me bursting out laughing! Love it, great videos Scotty!
Steve P
Steve P 14 days ago
I've had pretty good luck buying almost-new from the dealership. There's always a demo car, and while it may have been driven by some awful drivers, it's still way better than an ex-rental (for example) and often - if it's a bit higher spec - has been used by one salesperson almost exclusively. I once bought a great demo car off a dealership that had been ordered as the owner's daily driver. I think he got to use it for a whole week :-) (I ran it for 300K miles) As long as you aren't too stuck on the exact options and color you want, you'll find a similar car in use at half a dozen or more dealers within striking distance. Then, I go in, take a test drive and make them a cash offer for that "almost new" car. Full remaining factory warranty, etc. If you look at the end of the month and aren't in a big hurry, eventually someone will accept a reasonable offer. (I'd be interested to hear a dealer salesperson's opinion). Sure, you could do better buying privately, but why is someone selling a six-month old car privately? That's suspicious in itself. By law in most states (AFAIK) demos can't be claimed to be "new" (and you can read the odometer anyway - just keep telling them it's "used"). So you can sort of split the difference and save a few thousand yet get a car with the full warranty support many people value.
NINTH WORLD 11 days ago
I agree. Ex rental cars are junk.👍
med8tor1 14 days ago
Hey Scotty, you should cover the dealer's trick of using " TENT SALE " as if the cars are cheaper if sold from the stupid tents. LOL! 😂
Me 14 days ago
I bought a 2008 Tiburon GT from a private seller after looking at a ton of used car dealers. I'm glad I did! It had less than 72k miles and is still in very nice condition. Got it for $3k! I have to agree with Scotty about dealers, they are a rip off. Even the most honest dealers still have overhead to cover that a private seller doesn't. The dealer is in the business of selling cars, a private seller usually isn't.
john Tan
john Tan 14 days ago
chuckschilling 14 days ago
Scotty, is there an easy way to tell if a vehicle has been exposed to flooding?
NMISM TKB 13 days ago
chuckschilling I’ve heard a lot about that! It’s a shame. I live in Albuquerque, we try to be cautious not to purchase anything that’s coming from that region for fear of flood damage(I work in the car industry). You may be better off finding something from a neighboring state and shipping/flying out to drive home instead just to be on the safe side. Good luck!
chuckschilling 13 days ago
+NMISM TKB Sadly, tens of thousands (not exaggerating) of vehicles in the region where I live (about 100 miles east of Houston) were flooded out by Hurricane Harvey about 19 months ago. Many of them were never written off and remained on the road. I have also heard reports of dealers not having insurance to cover their flooded inventory and those vehicles being "fixed" and sold as new. So the purchaser of a used vehicle in this market is faced with the Hobson's choice of paying through the nose for a nearly new/post-flood car or rolling the dice on an older vehicle and hoping for the best. I'm looking for a cheap car for my kid to drive (she turns 16 in August) and the last thing we need is for a flood car to go wigging out when she's alone at the wheel. Since flood damage can manifest itself many years after the initial event, I'm quite concerned.
NMISM TKB 13 days ago
chuckschilling pull up the carpet and look underneath. Is it wet or are there signs of water ever being present? Moisture in places where there shouldn’t be moisture is usually a good indicator. You could have twigs, brush etc in places where it shouldn’t be(an indication of water forcing plant material into places they wouldn’t normally get to) there are quite a few giveaways for flood damage.
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