Ned’s Life Before Kids Vs. After Kids

The Try Guys
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The differences between life before a baby vs. life after. But Ned wouldn't change a thing.
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Wes Fulmer
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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 3 872
Bi18yaoi 7 days ago
Ned first married - Ned first baby- Ned second baby - Ned first divorce
Casey Oliviaa
Casey Oliviaa 9 days ago
i cried 😭❤️
Adesua Eromo Ekwale
He is a good father
Penney Burgess
Penney Burgess 13 days ago
Dao Xiong
Dao Xiong 14 days ago
Wes is so adorable ❤️❤️
Greenie Fox
Greenie Fox 17 days ago
1:04 When your mom forgets your grounded
Jessica Hanson
Jessica Hanson 18 days ago
Awww~~ this made me tear up 😭❤
Mara P
Mara P 21 day ago
hermest99 22 days ago
It seems so acted... but with Ned you know he's exactly like this.
Giuliana Saravia
Giuliana Saravia 22 days ago
Wes : *hugs Ned* My black heart: *beats* this is so precious
Nia Eva
Nia Eva 22 days ago
This is beautiful
minecraft enthusiast
He looks like Ned
Let's talk 2
Let's talk 2 24 days ago
The baby is so cute
Shayy The Louisanimal
I have 4 kids 5,4,2 & newborn and somehow manage to stay up past 12 if I want and get up early to have 2 of them ready and to school. It's not as bad/ hard as some make it. I'm lucky ig
Niki Month ago
I wish I could go back and talk to myself before I had my baby just so I could prepare myself for the shit storm (pun intended) that was ahead of me. However, I wouldn't trade being a mom for ANYTHING.
Mia Cox
Mia Cox Month ago
It's so weird seeing Ned talk to himself
Rebecca Jevon
Rebecca Jevon Month ago
why does ned laugh like squidward-
FrenchieRocks Month ago
Is no one going to mention how adorable Ned is dancing with his baby?
Kate M
Kate M Month ago
This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen
Blah Smith
Blah Smith Month ago
Makes me tear up
IWant2Live OnMyFeet
Wes is such a blessed baby to have such wonderful parents!
Miss Honeypenny
Miss Honeypenny Month ago
His cheeks!!! So cute!!! 😍
Ayushi Wadhera
Ayushi Wadhera Month ago
Oh!! I want a husband like Ned!!
mysticurry Month ago
I've been thinking on how i dont want to have kids but when ned said that you'll never be able to be ready for a kid its like... Oh... So it's just a matter of whether both parents want to have a kid and is willing to sacrifice to have kids...
Disco Deac/ky is sweeter than cheese
This is off topic, but I HAVE THE SAME ALARM CLOCK AS NED!!!!!!
Crazy Kiwi
Crazy Kiwi Month ago
Wow Wes has such beutiful eyes
Mere W
Mere W Month ago
Accurate 👍
Bleu Titanium
Bleu Titanium Month ago
That was a freaking awesome video... on so many levels. Every so often you guys hit one out of the park !!
Sbrisart21 Month ago
Jee thanks. Im now crying.
simply • potato
Yeah, no. I still don't want a baby I'm too lazy to do anything. And the fact of having a baby *inside* you for 9 months and then giving birth which is *pain* . ;-; Edit: You can't even eat ALL the things you want :(
Bioric Month ago
I wonder if Ned saw Keith about to get married, thought “Oh shoot, I won’t be the married guy anymore so I need a new thing.” and then decided to be ‘the dad.’
sarahtolkien 2 months ago
OMG Wes is soooo cute!
Alessandra Troise
Alessandra Troise 2 months ago
Ned is a great dad, but let's get to the real point of this video: have you seen the cuteness of Wes? The baby cheeks and the blue eyes! The cutest!
Marykate Gilligan
Marykate Gilligan 2 months ago
this video made my heart grow five sizes omg
JOgummybear frncvlsn
is it me or is it ned sounds like squidward? 😶😂
Just Katelyn
Just Katelyn 2 months ago
Is it just me or does Ned sorta sound like Kermit
Benjamin Barham
Benjamin Barham 2 months ago
No one's even going to mention the Gamecube controller they chopped the cord off that he was waving around. Scandalous.
akshita solanki
akshita solanki 2 months ago
Gfadbmp ty
Adrita Roy
Adrita Roy 2 months ago
Short haired Ned looks like Charlie Puth
Mary-Adeline Ngwa
Mary-Adeline Ngwa 2 months ago
Awwww. 😭😭👀
stine Kartevoll Lie
stine Kartevoll Lie 2 months ago
Was this just an excuse for ned to show off how cute wesley is?? Cuz if so i dont blame you❤️❤️
Tom AteO
Tom AteO 2 months ago
Does anybody else think that neds laugh sounds like squidwards laugh
fazle azim
fazle azim 2 months ago
2:45 ned : *oh god* ned : *yeah* both neds : *i hate pineapple pizza and I love pizza* ned : claps hands *you get me*
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez 2 months ago
I love it!
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez 2 months ago
So trueee
Lotta Steyaert
Lotta Steyaert 2 months ago
dat boekje dat hij voorlas heb ik thuis
Kaitlin Nelson
Kaitlin Nelson 2 months ago
ned is the sweetest i cantttt this video is too cute
Soline Reb
Soline Reb 2 months ago
1:04 "Before Ned" is a mood
alpaquita 2 months ago
the way ned goes to bed now is exactly how i go to bed every night.
sos911110 2 months ago
Ned is such a wonderful dad, and I'm sure Wes will look back at all of these silly videos and feel so blessed and loved. I wish my dad loved me 1/8 of the amount Ned loves Wes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!
stargazer4293 2 months ago
Wes is the CUTEST baby EVER!
Kay Williams
Kay Williams 2 months ago
he has the most beautiful eyes
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel 2 months ago
It looks more fun with a baby
Emma Clarke
Emma Clarke 3 months ago
I love how in love Ned and Ariel are
Starry Sky Memes
Starry Sky Memes 3 months ago
So cute!
Laila Balogun
Laila Balogun 3 months ago
Love this!!!!!!!!
Liberty Pacheco
Liberty Pacheco 3 months ago
I just went and watched the pregnancy announcement and now I’m crying like a big baby... they were so excited and worried at the same time, they’re such good parents despite what their worries were. Wes is gonna grow up with so many loving people surrounding him and he’s gonna be able to look back and always know how much his parents love him, even before he was born.
Blackberry Blum
Blackberry Blum 3 months ago
Wes Is A Little CutiePie🥰
Aliyah Harris
Aliyah Harris 3 months ago
"Oh my God you're such a martyr"😂😂😂
Nayaka Syahidah Vlogs &Games
*sends this video to my dad*
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