Nearly impossible recovery on the dry wash trail.

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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We got a call for a Jeep Grand Cherokee that the upper ball joint mount had ripped out of the aluminum differential housing!
He was 4-wheeling on a pretty gnarly trail up on Hurricane Mesa.
We recruited Paul, from Fab Rats for his welder and welding skills.
It was eight miles in this trail so after some 4-wheeling to get to it, some winching to get the axle back in place, and some welding to hold it there, we were able to tow it out.
The banana got a flat on the way out due to the valve stem getting ripped off.
Hope you enjoy!
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Jul 26, 2020




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Matt's Off Road Recovery
We got a call for a Jeep Grand Cherokee that had ripped the upper ball joint mount out of the aluminum differential housing! He was 4-wheeling on a pretty gnarly trail up on Hurricane Mesa. We recruited Paul, from Fab Rats for his welder and welding skills. ruvid.net/video/video-TYVYtyYD31g.html It was eight miles in this trail, so after some 4-wheeling to get to it, some winching to get the axle back in place, and some welding to hold it there, we were able to tow it out. The banana got a flat on the way out due to the valve stem getting ripped off. Hope you enjoy! Fab Rats version ruvid.net/video/video-aQdhGItuiVE.html
No Brainers
No Brainers Day ago
@William Labonte 11tween abouts
William Labonte
William Labonte 2 days ago
@No Brainers %
T Ritchie
T Ritchie 3 days ago
@Raytheonx I wonder how many miles he puts on his tires per day,average.
Cowboy Cody
Cowboy Cody 9 days ago
Is this Utah?
A-W-R Vlogs
A-W-R Vlogs Month ago
The orange jeep xj i have the same wheels 15x10 on 35’s and I absolutely hate them and i want to do beadlocks but thats out of $$$ rage what kind of wheels should i do?
Herbie Schwartz
Herbie Schwartz 9 hours ago
Your face doesn't look dirty, but you do have a very large nose like me.
Richard Cordner
Richard Cordner 2 days ago
somebody buy this guy some new tires
Timtim grimgrim
Timtim grimgrim 3 days ago
How much does a recovery this complex cost someone?! I cant imagine what price makes it beneficial for you and reasonable for them 😅
Barry Boppins
Barry Boppins 2 days ago
Same as any service. Few hundred bucks.
steve jette
steve jette 3 days ago
I just saw a graph of Washington County, Utah coronavirus deaths. 38. The whole state is in the red. I hope you and yours are OK.
SuperAWaC 3 days ago
Lifting that jeep up on the hylift and crawling under it is one of the most unnecessarily dangerous things i've seen in a long time.
Rampant Sloth LV
Rampant Sloth LV 4 days ago
Very good rock crawling man. ROCK solid! ✌️
Aeroworks540 4 days ago
this is my new favorite channel at 3am
Ski Bum
Ski Bum 4 days ago
Nice quad trail!
Chris Loessin
Chris Loessin 5 days ago
you are one hard working man my friend
ROBERT YORK 5 days ago
cant beleave you of all people had no spere tire
ROBERT YORK 5 days ago
run tires like expect that too happen on rocks
garret wilder
garret wilder 5 days ago
I’m not a off reader besides dirt bikes. I however have fell down the Matt’s Off-road Recovery rabbit hole. Getting people unstuck and out of really bad “precarious” situations is great content to watch.. keep up the great job and stay safe!
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson 6 days ago
This video should have been called "Attempted jack-leg suicide gone wrong"
factionfive 6 days ago
how much does that cost ?/plz..
Shannon Black
Shannon Black 6 days ago
With all these crazy jobs I have no idea how your yellow jeep is in one piece. hahaha
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 6 days ago
I've had to pull friends out like this more than once... how much does this cost?
Pat L Smith
Pat L Smith 7 days ago
Y’all are AUsome!!❤️🙏🏻
Pat L Smith
Pat L Smith 7 days ago
I need to get a winch for my CJ7 76? Any recommendations?😎
PNWYETI 7 days ago
Jamie Rocks!
PNWYETI 7 days ago
that recovery had to cost more than the Cherokee was worth
Mick Morley
Mick Morley 8 days ago
Not the time to give a shit about your baby scorpion
demoCRAPS suck
demoCRAPS suck 8 days ago
Damn. Need new tires much? Lol
demoCRAPS suck
demoCRAPS suck 8 days ago
I want that peddle car in your shop
Saurabh Suri
Saurabh Suri 8 days ago
This is my first and most favorite video on this channel.
81 SFFS 8 days ago
JFC....Wouldn’t it be easier, and cheaper for the client to just buy a new rig?
J T 10 days ago
How are those bald tires working out for ya on those trails? The jeep on the incline with no rear end pretty hairy being under it with no truck in front to keep it from rolling away on ya...
minouchat 11 days ago
incredible, must see to believe. A whole team work and above all knowledge and resourcefulness. thumbs up for you all
KOBRAKAI86 11 days ago
Awesome show new subscriber best job u could have sometimes. Makes me want work in this type of field
Chris D
Chris D 11 days ago
Am I on the road yet? Was there really a difference.... And Kudos to you Matt. At 2AM, I'm not in a good mood like you still are.......
Rick Ahrens
Rick Ahrens 12 days ago
Absolutely the best recovery I've seen.. just awesome
Oscar Canelo
Oscar Canelo 12 days ago
You people are totally AMAZING, that guy Paul , and you Matt make a perfect team ,after seeing that recovery you guys can do anything,no doubt I’m my mind!
I vote Winder Towing, BleepinJeep, CrawlTV, and Dirona all do a Jeep challenge. Each one brings their Jeep to a predetermined location and has a competition. The competition will consist of different events. Event Number One. The “Drag” Race. To see who has the fastest Jeep of course! Event Number Two. The Mardi CRAWL! A designated route that each Jeep will have to take with only a few lines for each obstacle. Whichever Jeep makes it the fastest/cleanest wins! Event Number Three. The “Hangover” Recovery. To see who can recover a vehicle the fastest. A small passenger car maybe an old beater Honda Civic will be used as the vehicle that needs “recovered”. It will be forcibly stuck somewhere and each Jeep will have to recover it. Whoever recovers it the fastest and most efficiently wins. Event Number Four. The “To-Do” List? Each Jeep will have to complete a series of daily driven tasks. Task number one. Going to get food from a fast food restaurant using the drive thru. Whoever gets through the drive thru the easiest and is able to eat their burger and drink their drink while driving through a closed off parking lot, without spilling a drop wins this event. Task number two. Going to pick up a “friend” and take them to “work”. (Other competitors can be used as “friends” and their “work” can be a predetermined location. Whoever gets them there and doesn’t dirty up their work clothes, or ruin their hair wins this event. Whoever’s Jeep wins the most events wins this portion of the contest. Event Number Five. The “Timmy” Turner! The Jeep’s will all get parked at a mall and whoever’s Jeep turns the most heads in an hours time span gets the win. Whichever Jeep wins the most events overall, wins the entire contest! The winner should receive a trophy of some sort and some free swag from everyone else’s RUvid channel. They also win bragging rights! The three losers have to put a channel sticker from the winner on their Jeep’s and all of them have to wear the winners RUvid channel shirt in their next video. I feel like this would single handedly be one of the funniest, most interesting, and best RUvid collaborations of all time!
Mac Donald Salcedo
Mac Donald Salcedo 13 days ago
Next time always bring your spare tire
Paw X Paw
Paw X Paw 13 days ago
10:35 "gonna have to start eating goat food". I was thinking mountain goat terrain when I saw that stuck vehicle and the tow go off road to get by it. 13:46 Bead locks.. Shame about the bumper.
krishna sks
krishna sks 14 days ago
If our vehicles stuck in these type of places in India, we need a helicopter to recover the vehicle or we have to leave the vehicle permanently in that place.
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington 14 days ago
Almost not worth it for those vehicles
Green Light Reading
These guys remind me of my Sanpete Co. clan. Blood like this built the Hurricane Canal.
FluffyDuck 15 days ago
That's crazy... glad everyone's safe
Matt Cintron
Matt Cintron 15 days ago
I saw the bead locker video in my recommended let’s just say I’ve watched almost every video at this point😂😂
shteebo 16 days ago
What does Matt charge for a rescue like this? Just the wear and tear on his gear is substantial.
Ty Moffett
Ty Moffett 16 days ago
You need a helicopter for these jobs. :)
Tooligan 16 days ago
When Matt and Fab Rat Paul get to work on a project together they are unstopable!!!
Kyle Wendt
Kyle Wendt 16 days ago
10/10 recommend an additional rear winch for solo recovery
phuquehoful 16 days ago
i knew that back tire was going.. when climbing hill around other jeep.. i saw it lookin about to go then
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 17 days ago
need take 300$/hour if help idiots, stupid need pay because brains not say him "no go idiot place" smart normal men human not newer go to drive there. normal men no need go there. only big idiots go drive shit place. off-road idiots.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 17 days ago
4:26 must be totally big brainless idiot if go drive to there. who idiot want go to out of road desert ? only totally idiot must be. and broken car here.
superImpious 17 days ago
The bald ass tires on this recovery vehicle makes me wonder if they can't afford a new set. Super cringe.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
It’s hard to explain to somebody who hasn’t experienced it. The condition of these tires are in in this video are the perfect condition for the work that I do. The soft blow sand is brutal to work in, and a rounded semi bald the tire is king. There’s even a moment in this video where you can see these tires outperforming the new KM3’s on the Toyota.
David Hillbrand
David Hillbrand 17 days ago
That was impressive! You guys rock!
Dudeman 90
Dudeman 90 17 days ago
The guy that drives that rotator crane semi truck does some badass towes too. I've seen him drag truck and trailers a thousand yards over grass, loaded mind you!!! Lol if you have the leverage you can tow anything lol love the videos!!
HJ Visagie
HJ Visagie 17 days ago
You know a set of hand radios should help you guys out A LOT.
Thornton733 17 days ago
That Toyota sounds like it needs to be replaced with a JEEP!!!
kiba335 18 days ago
@matts off-road recovery: You need to make a bigger bullbar and a rear bar should provide enough weight to give you loads more traction than what you are getting your tires are spinning way Too much for something that should be easy
dancaroll29 18 days ago
How much does a job like this cost? Gotta be a grand at least? Do people just give you the car when the bill isn't worth it compared to the value of the car?
Oddball Dynamics.
Oddball Dynamics. 18 days ago
Love the banana and you got great off road rock climbing skills. Great job. This is a great advertisement for the harborfrieght badlands winch. Lol.
WildBaja 19 days ago
Providing a great service and having a great time...dreamjob!
Daniel Corona
Daniel Corona 19 days ago
The jeep is so impressive
hawk3000 19 days ago
Why are the letters pointed in towards the axle
HK 19 days ago
at 11:38, what is he collecting into the water bottle?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
The little ends of the welding rod. It would be like leaving nails on the trail if we didn’t pick them up.
Albert 19 days ago
What would this cost 😂
SpeedFreak 19 days ago
Epic footages!
Logan Meline
Logan Meline 19 days ago
I’ve seen countless numbers of Matt’s videos. Best one IMHO!
Black Car
Black Car 20 days ago
carry Started fluid an spare valve stems. Started fluid is an easy alternative to inhale a tire
Geo rge
Geo rge 20 days ago
what the f!!! i would charge him 2 cherokee at least!!! i got tired even seeing you guys doing all this!!! I can't imagine what would they do without you all those people... VERY GOOD WORK ONE MORE TIME!!!
fred sausage
fred sausage 20 days ago
You fellas need a new set a meats on that yellow jeep .😎
Allen 20 days ago
Baby scorpions are sooo cute...
Fabricio Carranza
Fabricio Carranza 20 days ago
I like this channel, I rather watch these guys adventures than any other video. It is so entertaining. Your skills to figure out what to do to get the job done is amazing.
Matt 20 days ago
Sorry what's the differential?
E Zap
E Zap 21 day ago
Too many commercials. I don't have any need for entyvio.
Casual Observer
Casual Observer 21 day ago
What an unbelievable way to make a living! You guys are for real badasses!
Ray Morin
Ray Morin 22 days ago
Omg the sound of that toyota was expecting it to break any moment
Richard tes
Richard tes 22 days ago
Great job guys lol i hope you made a lot of money on that one lol
jfkdotcom 22 days ago
time for new tires..
manuel Duran
manuel Duran 22 days ago
These guys are amazing
GroovyGeek 23 days ago
What is the jack you used on your own Jeep. I need something better for my Wrangler than the stock one
super Dave
super Dave 23 days ago
I know I'm late adding this but as a guy pushing 60 and being a steel fabricator for a living, all I can say is I'm glad it was you guys and not Me! Great job and thanks for the nightmares :)
Scott Fichter
Scott Fichter 23 days ago
The car was a killer movie (literally)
jarq19 23 days ago
I really like watching these videos not only because I like cars but also because Matt is very calm, he doesn't swear, doesn't get emotional. He just goes on with his job without any hesitation, blaming or complaining. It's like ASMR to me. Keep up the good work, Matt! Cheers from Poland!
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins 23 days ago
Good thing you fixed that vent hose. I am concerned about welding next to the gas tank though.
Danny Carlson
Danny Carlson 23 days ago
That is why you always use metal valve stems.
bigbike 23 days ago
I take it this aint covered by any breakdown recovery membership , so how much would something like this cost , all those guys travelling way out in the hills and all the equipment ?
Bdfda Cdfere
Bdfda Cdfere 24 days ago
I can imagine the invoice for the work
GalaxySteam Smash
GalaxySteam Smash 24 days ago
Wow! This was crazy.
Lukus Carter
Lukus Carter 24 days ago
Do I sense shame in using a wench?
Lukus Carter
Lukus Carter 24 days ago
Think of what it would be like if all of Matt’s subscribers bought old school Jeep Grand Cherokee’s and 2nd &3rd Gen 4Runners and went into towing business. America would be a Better Place! 🇺🇸
Anonymous98 24 days ago
The only equipment which you ought to have, but don't, is a parachute. For living and working in the middle of nowhere, you meet a lot of unusual people in unusual places. Is Jeep a Sponsor? Should be, if they aren't.
Rene Jensen
Rene Jensen 24 days ago
was that jeep electric, it was so quiet
T Rex Cal
T Rex Cal 24 days ago
Put some brand new tires on your yellow Jeep u cheap miser. A wheel drive without good tread, sucks.
Ted24689 classified.
when your s/o isn’t happy and try’s to explain why 7:40
Brian Herrera
Brian Herrera 25 days ago
"I can't see!" "You don't have to!" 😂
SunflowerArcher 25 days ago
"Its Trail Rated" lol
Daniel Nixon
Daniel Nixon 25 days ago
What size generator are you running for the stick welder. Because I will need it.
enrique shockwave
enrique shockwave 25 days ago
What is crazy to me is crawling around under it like that while its being held up by the jack.
Skylar Clapp
Skylar Clapp 5 days ago
I've cracked ribs and broken a shoulder when a Hi-lift Jack(AKA a Dead man jack, when the handle snapped free on the trail. NOT FUN.
K Stitt
K Stitt 5 days ago
I am hoping at that stage the winch cable was still attached to stop it rolling back.
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis 14 days ago
yeah those high lift jacks are known to have issues too. But you got to do what you got to do I guess..
Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy 14 days ago
My buddy was killed when the base of the jack slipped. it cracked him on the chest when it went down. He died a few minutes later. It made my skin crawl watching that part.
Andreas Lankes
Andreas Lankes 25 days ago
Where do you hide your beers all the time?
Andreas Lankes
Andreas Lankes 25 days ago
Hi guys. I wish you have a proper connector at the front for your winch. Everytime this cabeling....
Verdigo 25 days ago
Have y'all considered getting a lift helicopter?
shawn zirkle
shawn zirkle 26 days ago
Congratulations to Matt and the Crew. Thank y'all for the entertainment.
Greger Schylander
Greger Schylander 26 days ago
You need a pair of gloves to protect the hands
Srikanth Mashetti
Srikanth Mashetti 26 days ago
Great level of service. Awesome cameraman who is shooting all the way in the night 👍
Larz 27 days ago
Roof rack for a spare tire?
Bill Fauber
Bill Fauber 27 days ago
I certainly hope the money you charge covers all the troubles you have with these recoveries, they are enjoying to watch.
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