NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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Voting underway in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, Bernie Sanders talks Bloomberg, party unity ahead of New Hampshire Primary and first Americans evacuated from China released from quarantine.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
1:35 Democrats Fight To The Finish In New Hampshire Primary
4:26 Lester Holt One On One With Bernie Sanders
7:22 Inside The NBC News Decision Desk
8:50 Bloomberg Backlash Over Past 'Stop & Frisk' Remarks
10:31 Prosecutors Quit After Reversal On Roger Stone Sentence
12:23 First American Evacuees Freed From Quarantine
13:00 American COVID-19 Patient Released By Mistake
13:33 Desperation Growing on Quaranrined Cruise Ship
14:22 Jussie Smollett Faces New Charges in Alleged Fake Attack
15:48 Defense Rests Without Harvey Weinstein Testifying
17:19 New Video Shows Terrifying School Bus Crash
17:58 NTSB Calls For Seat Belts On School Buses
18:46 T-Mobile & Sprint $26 Billion Merger Wins Judge Approval
19:09 Dwyane Wade's Message of Love For Transgender Daughter
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News




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Comments 80
TheFuzzyPenguin 10 days ago
L.D. BRITE Denver Art Collective
He is the Joker he is the get out of free card you got to give him a pardon
Donald Trump Rocks! Check out my maga music & subscribe at the link below!👇🏾 ruvid.net/show-UCrMcBen9Udpv3aKMea8y3MA
Bigheadtf Month ago
Roger stone ruvid.net/video/video-km4kn_rV_L8.html
Margo Bradley
Margo Bradley Month ago
A bias black female,!!! Can’t be , that’s unheard of
Little Dove Corr
Tommy Hayfield
Tommy Hayfield Month ago
#Lester is gonna help his soul buddy Biden who also lacks genuine empathy for the downtrodden. #BadenBiden #BidenBarr
Nicholas Larsen
Nicholas Larsen Month ago
What about Tulsi Gabbard?
Sounds like she's embarrassed. She had a relationship with him. She obviously wasn't worse though. If you was coming back and writing him love notes and telling him how important he was sounds more like she's coming back because of the publicity. Unfortunately She Is doing the defense attorney's job for them?
Vanessa Iniguez
Vanessa Iniguez Month ago
trump supported stop and frisk
Sending a clear message to Adam Shift. F*** you.🖕🤬🤜👴🤤🤯😵
You're not going to believe me. Mr. President or anyone else? I would poke the fish it out of you and say what are you going to do about it? Mike you're not the only Rich sorry sob. You can throw all the money you want at it does not mean you're going to be president or even close to it.
zachisnotapony Month ago
Look for the clues...
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks Month ago
Free my man, Roger Stone.
New jack
New jack Month ago
Why don’t y’all talk about that poor woman who died in Washington state jail. She was left for 4 days with no food and was NOT even charged with a crime.
JFJ C Month ago
All the Democrats are lunatics 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Stand And Fight
Stand And Fight Month ago
From 1975 to 1981 I rode a school bus to and from school with a lady drive who drove 60 MPH on neighborhood roads and ran stop signs. I section of back road on the route she would hit the dips and rises in the road so fast we would literally bounce up out of the seats and at times would put our hands up to keep us from hitting the roof. Ms Johns, she was famous for it, like she was giving us a thrill ride. Those were the days, I guess?.
Chance Steinberg
Smollett is a fool...we would have done forgot by now!
TestTheSpirits IfTheyAreOfYAH
Why ?!.. what on Earth?!... Why not EX - Lgbtq EX adulterers EX fornicators EX drunkards druggies Other EX etceteras?!.... You can be restored by God there's many that did , just Repent from your sin and Believe Yah is Salvation JESUS YahShua, he will restore you maybe not right away by your terms schedule, but He promises He will. Please repent Don't pick sin and die in it forever in Yah wrath but Repent and Believe be saved in His Grace Mercy.
Rhonda Richter
Rhonda Richter Month ago
pal pay
pal pay Month ago
Comments are dumbest ever. Bernies supporters must be disenfranchised lardasses that know very little about the real world. Bernie has met them and knows they are dumber than a bag of rocks.
Romeoleus Month ago
The MSM repeatedly misrepresents the nature of America's economic system by saying that American's are afraid of "socialism". What they don't discuss is that America is ALREADY the most socialist country in the world where the top 1% benefit from socialism (huge subsidies by the taxpayers) and the remaining 99% are victimized by capitalist greed.
Lana Campbell-Moore
Bernie Roasted Trump Lol😂😂😂
Leo Rayes
Leo Rayes Month ago
We need to investigate the CIA MIND CONTROL PROGRAM hope Bernie understands that .
Leo Rayes
Leo Rayes Month ago
Even if democrats run capital hill the CIA MIND CONTROL PROGRAM will still polarize us in order to achieve there objectives which is to get the gun lobbyists and pass restrictive new gun legislation like e.g.Virgina.
Jeff Month ago
Don Lemon from CNN gets charged with sexually assaulting a male bartender in New York, And nobody says anything about it. Rodger Stone get set up by the corrupt Democrat Mafia" and nobody wants to give him a break.
Leo Rayes
Leo Rayes Month ago
You can see through the CIA mind control program by looking at who they molded in power Donald Trump let's see if they can mold Bernie Sanders or whoever when or if they get in power.
ConfusionCrew Month ago
leo please take your meds
Ed Whalen.
Ed Whalen. Month ago
Ableness dosen't mean that he's not still a Nut on the wing flaps.Bernie is out there somewhere before people the regular people line,most of these running for office people are hiding something most likely,the first thing is the intention for Powers mainly and the power to do things in other areas we don't need them in.Even areas we don't know exists,this group is a loopy group!Brains and not dumb agendas is what it takes to run the country,and their not there at all in their mind set on the real issues under the areas that must be fixed that reqiure no power or cash to fix,just a wrench or two!
Patricia Vasquez
Transgendering is a phenomena. Sciences surpass old borders.
What the truck?!
It's amazing what being rich and white will do for you in the American justice system...
Patricia Vasquez
Vital to let former mayors of the BIG APPLE and da BEARs check the answer sheets.
Jeffrey Hagelin
Jeffrey Hagelin Month ago
Drumpf's interference in the Roger Stone sentencing is a blatant example of witness tampering, a crime ! The justice department has no choice, there needs to be an assessment put in place by the intelligence Committee.
Jeffrey Hagelin
Jeffrey Hagelin Month ago
@Max Powers Another mouth breather from the trailer park. He thinks he's sane.
Max Powers
Max Powers Month ago
@Jeffrey Hagelin Your are deluded my friend. Obviously you've been drinking the blue kool-aid. HAIL TRUMP! HAHAHA 2ND TERM GUARATEED!
Jeffrey Hagelin
Jeffrey Hagelin Month ago
@Max Powers Wrong. Being president of the US comes with a responsibility to protect our laws. Executive power should never be be excercised in such a way that could be seen for personal benefit. Worse yet, that could be construed as witness tampering. Furthermore, the judge will not yield to an authoritarian imposter, his recent impeachment has relegated him to lame duck status ironically in his first term in office.
Max Powers
Max Powers Month ago
What, he can't speak out for a friend? Why should he be treated differently than anyone else? He can just pardon him if he wants to. But he has tried to let the justice system work.... obviously they aren't doing their job if they are giving him 9 years for lying to Congress. Thay are all a bunch of liars......
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson Month ago
8:25 why mention pizza? Pizzagate?
goe1punk Month ago
As far as seat belts on school busses go. Do it or don't do it. bring your own kid to school yourself Why people don't private or home school their own children is stupid anyway public schools have taught me to hate liberals because they are mostly liberal-leaning. I'm glad I'm old.
Fedup247 Month ago
Billionaire buying our elections, that’s not democracy it’s a dictatorship.
abc xyz
abc xyz Month ago
Sorry but Sanders would not be good for this nation. I would not want this country to be like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. The young people of this nation do not know what it means to have a socialist country. They will have no hope for a good future. You all need to study Venezuela the closest view of socialism. Venezuela, an oil producing nation, have many of its citizens fleeing. The talented and educated have gone to neighboring nation's to find work. Who is remaining in the Venezuela? -- the poor.
Greg Grisham
Greg Grisham Month ago
All state approved NEWS are the front line of TREASON. Selling EVIL as normality. We must March reinstate the guillotine n entitle them to their own guillotine or electric chair before to late
Fake news
Josh T
Josh T Month ago
We the people voted for the president an we will vote for Trump again
Paul Ortiz
Paul Ortiz Month ago
And you will be just as stupid for doing so.
GY Jo Month ago
Too old men run for president.....
bob smith
bob smith Month ago
"im looking to bring the country together" LMAO!!!!!
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks Month ago
bob smith lol
Leticia Quinonez
I've noticed this when I saw his latest photos of him. His face is Fuller than it was a few years ago
Leticia Quinonez
That man with the white hair used to be thinner. Now he has gained some weight and is heavier. He's larger now
Paul Ortiz
Paul Ortiz Month ago
But certainly not any smarter!
James Riddle
James Riddle Month ago
, are large child seems like a good kid hope everything works out for you God bless have a happy happy life
D V Month ago
Fawk politics, voting for Andrew Yang no matter if he dropped out
Carl Carloponty
Carl Carloponty Month ago
Wana be crook and traitor to this country and escape punishment? Join Party of crooks "GOP" that has become dirtier than W.D.C sewage.
Norf Boy
Norf Boy Month ago
Why is every night "breaking news" but its not really breaking news.
david hilton
david hilton Month ago
Trump must die
brandt justensen
If the Dnc screws Bernie again, it's over for the Democrats. trump will win and it will be an all out war within the party and the corporate democrats will deserve it.
Dee John
Dee John Month ago
Mr.Weinstein you the example of w justice you guilty and they gonna let you take ya friends. The bible say you will do evil and wont hold yourselves responsible Man see everyday.
Dee John
Dee John Month ago
We know all y'all sorry History says it over and over now its at your door. You not looking good plus your projecting ain't working something else Trump aint paying / attention to.
Dee John
Dee John Month ago
The politics what does it matter America wanted Trump and know they can't get rid of him. If can't or don't understand how Rome fell your living it they don't even understand that this is something different they feelings is gonna be crushed.
m Jenn
m Jenn Month ago
I am amazed that Bernie has convinced average people that millionaires pay taxes just like an average employee! I am amazed and slightly surprised that so many Sheeple chant "make the Billionaires pay their fair share"! And, what is that "fair share"? No one really knows, because well....it has not really been addressed now has it? Hmm....amazing indeed.
Gary Mcguckin
Gary Mcguckin Month ago
Just Beingmyself
Biden/Clinton's famous last words "we're not concerned"
garuchilla joe
garuchilla joe Month ago
Everything is a rich man's trick
Panther TV Channel
Rodger Stone is a traitor and a lying clown and a fool
Tracy James Tavares
The only thing I got against the LBJ??? is they stole or claimed a great flag an I cant fly it now that they did
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Month ago
We love trump
Tom Budish
Tom Budish Month ago
jee I through things were great better then 10 years ago. Who cares who at the wheel. None of them care for you. All liars
Christy Poos
Christy Poos Month ago
265 days for a landslide win for Trump. Whoohooo.
Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore Month ago
Roger Stone looks like a funeral director leading a hearse.
Montrose Williams
Amy Amy
Amy Amy Month ago
Imagine you live in a country where its politicians make money on thyroid drugs. What do they do first for your thyroid not to adjust itself? Like, take something out of the soil. Now, if you have any integrity towards your country, you would refuse to believe that. But checks matter and so do facts. After trying thyroid drugs and seeing that my thyroid becomes fully dependent on these drugs, which means, something is missing for it to adjust itself, or was missing...Perhaps Iodine overdose? Oh wait, Magnesium is not there? :( Also, how do you have vitamin C invading your whole body, including deleting all the metals?
ali kani
ali kani Month ago
Lester is NOT -- Not GQ !!!!
ali kani
ali kani Month ago
fukin feminist news anchors
Jim Lawson
Jim Lawson Month ago
The judge will not allow the swamp to take control of the judiciary but he will get a pardon anyway.
charles schnell
charles schnell Month ago
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring. Is this NBC News we used to love? Or a video version of 📺 The National Enquirer? Come on... You can do better than this!
K!L0_2 Month ago
Bernies word means nothing. Dems full of lies. History will show who is the true traitors. MAGA
sheldon goff
sheldon goff Month ago
I will never vote for a democrat. After the bullsht I seen that the house Democrat’s did to trump? Acting like a bunch of Fckn babies. Never will I ever
Tulia Garcia
Tulia Garcia Month ago
I don’t understand why any school busses don’t have seatbelts? Shouldn’t be a law it is a moving vehicle
I'm right you're wrong
It's not NEWS if it's a day old.
Tori G
Tori G Month ago
the strap in cargo better then they do kids on school buses...
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson Month ago
Bill Barr is not the AG for the American people he is the AG for corrupt Trump and all his corrupt cronies
Tom Forest
Tom Forest Month ago
Nbc is hate news, bias hate for republicans. Take this fake crap news media out of business. Trump 2020
Rick J
Rick J Month ago
Districts won't install seat belts until someone loses their life.
Rick J
Rick J Month ago
Bernie, half of the country voted for Trump, which means they have the same qualities and values that you mentioned which are horrible. Not a good thing at all. It really boggles my mind to think so many people in this country hold those values in life and really believe it's a good thing. Trump said he's looking to keep from dividing this country any further. Easy way to do that? Resign.... You have created the greatest division in this country I've ever seen with your so called values.
Brian Winston
Brian Winston Month ago
Rick J I agree. Trump has divided our country. If he wins, it will be a "do nothing term", as he has nothing to lose after that. Well, maybe his freedom if all goes well.
April Miller
April Miller Month ago
I was a bus driver for many years. The reason buses don't have belts is that, if there is a fire, it would be impossible to get all the kids out safely. I had children as young as five and they would never have been able to get to safety.
Brian Winston
Brian Winston Month ago
That is something i have not considered.
MrAac2020 Month ago
Yea Biden....We know exactly who you are. 🤪 You just joined your buddy with his binder full of women.
Marsha Mercer
Marsha Mercer Month ago
This school bus seat belt has been going on for 32 years and still the kids are unprotected. It has to do with the fact that they cant pack kid in like 3 to a seat if the are required to have seat belts
markyncole Month ago
We all know how much 12 yr. old's are capable of making such sound,well thought out life altering decisions. Not.
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