NBA's Top 60 Clutch Plays Of The Decade

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Check out the top 60 clutch plays of the decade!
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Dec 28, 2019




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Comments 80
Just a dude tryin to learn piano
19:25 poor girl got reeeejected
Minh Vu
Minh Vu Day ago
We all knew Ray Allen's shot was going number one
pramey tripathi
pramey tripathi 7 days ago
bro. Lebron is insane. hes in every list lets all just stop comparing and enjoy the game
Esteban Guerra
Esteban Guerra 9 days ago
So Kobe’s 3 straight 3 pointers and winning dunk against the Raptors in 2013 not even in here 🤦🏻‍♂️
Im gay since Im responding to your comment but ,
players like Brandon Jennings and Mike Dunleavy bring me nostalgia
sacrofice d
sacrofice d 16 days ago
How is Kawhi’s shot in the 2nd round of the playoffs ahead of Kyrie’s for the Finals ?
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit 18 days ago
#1 and #3 are pretty even but... #2 should be lower for sure
Regular Freak
Regular Freak 20 days ago
I love the Zach lavine game winner. The turnaround jumpshot looks so fcking smooooth. Love it
Bryce Lovett
Bryce Lovett 21 day ago
Ray Allen had the most important shot of this decade (Down 3-2 in the Finals, if he misses Spurs win and LeBron's legacy is changed forever, and that Allen practiced for that moment his whole career) and is iconic. Also, Kawhi had the most historic shot of the decade (first Game 7 buzzer beater in history, competitive series, and Kawhi redeeming himself after his injuries and situation in San Antonio). Both plays along with LeBron's block were the best clutch plays of the decade and are among the greatest plays of all time. Legendary 🎉🏀🥇
Nick H
Nick H 21 day ago
The sixers had like 4 against them and none for them
Eula Siton
Eula Siton 22 days ago
Wow hangang hanga ako sa inyo
Yeezy Guy
Yeezy Guy 23 days ago
Goksel Yildirim
Goksel Yildirim 23 days ago
guđrún hrafnkelsdóttir
3:24 i wish jr smith could have done that in the finals
KON_B0wdr1e Month ago
#53 doesn’t count. Huge foul by Giannis.
James for three no rebound bosh back out to Allen his three bang .green blocked by bosh there will be a game seven
el stash
el stash Month ago
Josh Smith followup jam is too🔥🔥
Kentrell Gaulden
1:23 had me dead😭
Kentrell Gaulden
MrTmel123 Month ago
Apparently, clutch plays just means game winning shots.
Kermit Fish
Kermit Fish Month ago
As someone who doesn’t watch basketball a lot my favourite is 19:25 this was the only basketball game I’ve really watched.
xnicenoah Month ago
8:27 this shot is only on the 35 ??
afzongho Month ago
"Bang" is the "goal" of NBA.
Juneplays Month ago
Man old Russ jus hits different
Lavines should be higher
Louis HamanTalens
“Is this the dagger?............OHHHHHHHHHHH” “Iguadala to curry back to iguadala, up for the lay up OHHHHH BLOCK BY JAMES”
y33tboy Month ago
9:39 was nuts ngl the crowd was roaring
Alexander Fearing
7:36 sounds like they spit a lot.
Ari Itzkovits
Ari Itzkovits Month ago
Kawhi's shot is way too low on this list. If there was a #0, it would be #0.
Peliqum Month ago
Na... nothing beats ray allen.
Daniel Wolfe
Daniel Wolfe Month ago
What about John Walls shot vs the Celtics?
ADAJ3 Nigeria
ADAJ3 Nigeria Month ago
Bro, It gets omitted from every clutch shot list
Bull in the Heather
The commentator said Carter lost the ball on play 51, but he actually just did a cold ass pass to Marion 😂
Blake Elder
Blake Elder Month ago
7:20 Did anyone ever notice the clock? They were cheating like a mf 🤣
pramey tripathi
pramey tripathi 7 days ago
CW Month ago
Both of Lillard shots need to be higher and how is Roy's shot against the rockets not on here.
Myles Neely
Myles Neely Month ago
The 9 one and the first one best plays fr fr
HYPE MIXES Month ago
number 56 is bogus. Zach travelled without a doubt taking 4 steps to the three.
ForgottenSoles Month ago
Who else smiled when you say the Ray Allen game-tying shot at number 1?
Tommy buckets 77
LeBron did very well
Ashwin Sudhakar
Ashwin Sudhakar Month ago
hiphop hooray
hiphop hooray Month ago
5:31 Linsanity!!!!!!
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey Month ago
They could have atleast showed the date of each play
Michael Pighetti
I think D wades was the best
ASTAR Month ago
kawhi first
Mite Dimitrov
Mite Dimitrov Month ago
The best clutch shots are in the playoffs since there is so much more at stake. That being said at 16:12 is one of the wildest/most difficult shots ever made. Lebron back to the basket catch off of a 70 foot bullet from K-love who then turns around fade away 3 pointer off glass is legendary... He was also falling out of bounds and he checked to make sure he was behind the line while also being defending really tight...
MrAbdullah2100 Month ago
Where is LeBron against pacers in 2018 playoffs !?
joseph May
joseph May Month ago
Rip Black mamba
Waiter Joesh
Waiter Joesh Month ago
Kyrie's shot should've been 2
Jun Xiang Ang
Jun Xiang Ang Month ago
more like voice crack compilation
Jr 07
Jr 07 Month ago
13 should be higher
nothing will ever beat Ray Allen
Danny Challenger
#14 Derrick Rose shot is the most overrated game winner of all time
why lmao
Kevin Peng
Kevin Peng Month ago
Shaq nutmegs Dwight: ruvid.net/video/video-dxbIr-pqSJ0.html
that1tryhard Month ago
Where’s jr smiths rebound and put ba- Oh wait
Dynasty2201 2 months ago
@ 19:22 DAMN girl
Daniel Rocamora Valero
LeBron vs Pacers? Eastern Conference Finals, one down and 2'2 seconds remaining in the clock. Man...
Pete Peters
Pete Peters 2 months ago
Matt Barnes so happy to be on this list
J F 2 months ago
So Chris Bosh’s block to force a game 7 in the finals was the 44th best play of the past decade??! 🤔🤔
A A 2 months ago
Imo 1. Lillard deep deep three. 2. Kawhi vs Philly 3. Ray Allen three 4. LeBron chase down. 5. Kyrie three.
maj 2 months ago
Tyler ulis is probably my favorite play ever
muammar alaudin
muammar alaudin 2 months ago
8:20 DAMN!!!
Red Nose Gamer
Red Nose Gamer 2 months ago
Ok where is the Nikola Jokić game winner?
Yuffie 2 months ago
1:58 cold blooded 3 lol
Solomon gamer
Solomon gamer 2 months ago
The legendary kobe Bryant...
James Caulfield
James Caulfield 2 months ago
Derick roses shot shouldn’t have counted he double dribbled
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
15:35 raptors suck raptors suck raptors suck
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
NBA,u made this on my birthday
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
luka magic
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
12:03 my favorite
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
it should have 2 or 3 what a shot!
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
8:25 the best shot besides ray allen and kyrie
Ethan Safir
Ethan Safir 2 months ago
ray Allen of course number 1
Phøenix 2 months ago
10:41 them 99p microphones
Nick Stone
Nick Stone 2 months ago
That one where Memphis & Sacramento went tit for tat is was nice I was not expecting that 🔥😂
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 2 months ago
Bucket Getter
Bucket Getter 2 months ago
MFTW 2 months ago
15:39 (#13) was bullshit. It was clearly a back court violation.
TheRealMarazzi 2 months ago
Anyone else notice Jimmy B getting scored on a lot?
Johnny Lupino
Johnny Lupino 2 months ago
1:20 travelling
Fit To Be
Fit To Be 2 months ago
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Austin Titsworth
Austin Titsworth 2 months ago
14:38 Look how calm LeBron (the king) looks when he just lets that amazing distant floater go right in for the win.
Eric meng
Eric meng 2 months ago
How de hell did that go in ?!!!! Can someone pls explain?!!
Eric meng
Eric meng 2 months ago
King james
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