NBA's Top 100 Plays Of The Decade

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Check out the top 100 NBA Plays of the decade!!
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Jan 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Gaming Cat
Gaming Cat 5 hours ago
5:07 when ur so good u break your own ankles
Zachary Surchin
Zachary Surchin 10 hours ago
1 certainly should not be one
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Dominic J
Dominic J 11 hours ago
How was Leanard's shot not #1. That play was absolutely insane. All of Canada was going nuts.
alextamago 21 hour ago
Kyrie be like: ⬆⬅➡↖↙↪↗↗⬆↗↘↖
MrArod0990 23 hours ago
Man imagine if Derrick Rose stayed healthy, smh
Donald Moore
Donald Moore Day ago
Good dunk
Ahmed Loudini
DDDQQQ Linhero
oh yeah
Darius Hendley
we gon ignore that curry hit a damn near full court shot nd against the grizzlies nd it’s not on here?
jio jimenez
jio jimenez 2 days ago
Trash list! Where’s kawhi dunk on giannis? Dunks on 2 phily players?
N Li
N Li 2 days ago
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Toni Georg
Toni Georg 2 days ago
19:21 that was a disaster lob pass by Adebayo 😂
deeno123abc 2 days ago
This 100 list would be nothing without the infamous “bang” and “mama, there go that man”. 🔥👌
Karl Ave
Karl Ave 2 days ago
Cmon man. Kyrie's game 7 shot should be top play of the decade without a doubt.
HELL NO! Not over Lebrons block and DEFINITELY not over Ray Allens miracle three. Cavs and Warriors were tied before that shot...he misses and Warriors/Cavs are still tied. But Allen needed to hit that 3 to save a freaking championship...they even had the ropes out for the Spurs! You have to be a complete idiot to think Kyrie's 3 was top of the decade.
Danny Football
Danny Football 2 days ago
#48 should be higher
zydmohammed yasin
What about Stephen Curry shot clock fade-away three pointer
박호 3 days ago
23:50 Noone: Wade: That's a nine
Patrick Colmenar
Patrick Colmenar 3 days ago
#3 should be #1. I don't even remember #1.
O L 3 days ago
Lamb’s game winner is top 5. I don’t care that it’s the regular season. That was a miracle.
O L 3 days ago
I like how people complained throughout the decade that this era sucked and now say it was great. I always loved it.
Josiah M
Josiah M 3 days ago
Allen saved brons legacy
Qais Hijazi
Qais Hijazi 3 days ago
28:51 damn she fine
Tammy 4 days ago
Tammy 4 days ago
I'm a maker fan
Addison France
Addison France 4 days ago
Lob City was something special
Inspiring pen
Inspiring pen 4 days ago
For kobe bryant video . ruvid.net/video/video-4eCPVqT6DMc.html
Tails the fox
Tails the fox 4 days ago
play 88 isn't surprising you blocked 6'3 player lillard
Angelchildxx 4 days ago
29:22 right side, third floor, the fourth guy from the right...he was at his phone!! he missed that!! I can't believe it. He hasn't understood what is happening.
nick mcdermott
nick mcdermott 4 days ago
RIP lob city forever in my heart
Roger Plummer
Roger Plummer 4 days ago
#5: Damian Lillard's game-winning shot is beautiful. The PROBLEM is he took three or four steps before he shot it. I don't know why, but I guess that move is accepted now.
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 4 days ago
I miss NBA when the commentator says "Momma there goes that man"
T J 5 days ago
24:36 top 15 plays of the decade
iThxo 5 days ago
Idec imo 71st should be WAYYYYYYYY up there🤷🏼‍♂️
Caius Peterson
Caius Peterson 5 days ago
#2 should be #1
Cody Strader
Cody Strader 5 days ago
This is a pretty accurate list
Chargers4 Life
Chargers4 Life 5 days ago
Is it me.? Or did harden travel.
Scott Lawrence
Scott Lawrence 5 days ago
12:32 you hear the arena announcer very unenthusiasticly say lebron James 😅
Scott Lawrence
Scott Lawrence 5 days ago
8:39 mama there goes that man 🤣🤣
Basketball LiFe
Basketball LiFe 5 days ago
that's why Lebron James is the king of basketball, he's a genius, a monster... If you a fan of basketball go to watch this video ruvid.net/video/video-Nq7i0_dygA0.html
YanusDV 5 days ago
9 is still the most brutal and amazing dunk i have EVER seen 27:04
What it DO? ??
What it DO? ?? 5 days ago
#8 after Giannis dunks over Tim...lmao but what we dont see is Tim wiping the "sweat" off the top of his head and then scratched his nose...yea bruh dont smell familiar thats cuz sweaty balls was on ur head 4 a good 3 to 4 millisecs 🤣
Paul Frankovich
Paul Frankovich 5 days ago
1:35 the commentator new what was coming
What it DO? ??
What it DO? ?? 5 days ago
#15😂🤣 The Jet....1ag
What it DO? ??
What it DO? ?? 5 days ago
Okay somebody just rapeat #33 everytime Paul Pierce open his MF mouth
What it DO? ??
What it DO? ?? 5 days ago
#71 is just sad and makes you wanna give OJ MAYO and TYREKE EVANS a bald fade just so its nothin but skin! LICK YOUR PALM AND SLAPPPPPPPP the back of their DUMBASS heads!!!! Okay im carrying on....#70
Easton Seagroves
Easton Seagroves 5 days ago
8:47 wth is Blake doing
MGN Gaming
MGN Gaming 6 days ago
I love Mike Breen’s commentating! He makes the plays even better!
T J 5 days ago
Yeah I love hearing rapist
Gustavo Bolsson Bilibio
Number 3, and 71.
The Poo Poo Gang
The Poo Poo Gang 6 days ago
I don’t see how that jermey lamb game winner is 27. I bet if it was curry they would rank it higher.
Marth Der
Marth Der 6 days ago
Whats missing is blake's 3 pointer off a pass while in midair
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson 6 days ago
KAT hit PG with an illegal screen
Tomer Razker
Tomer Razker 6 days ago
Big time players make big time plays...
Peter Jimmy
Peter Jimmy 6 days ago
spurs is always a background
mrbucknastyjf 6 days ago
That Tatum dunk on Bron is at least top 50. And I’m one of the biggest Bron fans...
Basketbite 7 days ago
Basketball Life
Basketball Life 7 days ago
Isn’t it odd that faze rug has more subs than the NBA....
R Factor
R Factor 7 days ago
But who got championship ruvid.net/video/video-JLEh0YYvqds.html
Ngô Nhất Nam
Ngô Nhất Nam 8 days ago
I think every Curry's highlight should be included.
Leo Santiquet
Leo Santiquet 8 days ago
Love this bird documentary
Arvydas Andrius
Arvydas Andrius 8 days ago
how the fckn 47 and a lot of other places are better then 48??? SErious???
Muzik Man Muzik Man
Lovely plays the older bringing in the youngers💯 everyone working like family x
Plu 10 days ago
Who else already knew that alen shot is going to be no1 before watch this
Mark Joseph Moral
me cause i read your comment first?
Alex Quinn
Alex Quinn 10 days ago
15:30 you can hear the block in the broadcast, 100% man, 100% amazing
Wavveyy Jay
Wavveyy Jay 10 days ago
Rest up kobe
Te Fo
Te Fo 10 days ago
u dont put a Kobe B. in a top 10. shame on you
Baerto Meneguzzi
Baerto Meneguzzi 10 days ago
James harden is a fucking MACHINE
juanio 10 days ago
Kawhis should be number 1 as it was a game winner in a game 7
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Nice !!
Anthony Zarate
Anthony Zarate 10 days ago
Is this the Lebron James channel??? What a joke...that block wasn't even a top 10 play and they have it #2...this is the reason so many people scrutinize James because of the FANBOYS he has in the media...it is literally sickening! The true top 5 plays of the decade are: #1 Kyrie's shot #2 Allen's shot #3 Kawhi's shot (only game 7 buzzer beater in NBA history!) ...you could swap these 3 #4 Lillards shot (on George) #5 there are a bunch you could put here. Maybe Lillard's other shot. Again, Lebron was on the list about 50x and 90% of those plays were a joke. His block was actually a goaltend too. His playoff game winning shots probably belonged higher on the list though. P.S. That behind the head shot that took less than 0.3 seconds to release has to be the fastest release I've seen in my 40+ years of watching NBA basketball. That shot may have deserved top 10 consideration.
Laura Roig Lindenbaun
although i'm a big fan of lebron, i think there are too many plays from him to be fair
Van Derrinx
Van Derrinx 10 days ago
We'll wait another 10 years just for this
Sam Askew
Sam Askew 10 days ago
How on earth is 19:00 only 31?????
Christiel Rabago
Christiel Rabago 10 days ago
Jeremy lin ⬆️
Clickbait Calenfan
Clickbait Calenfan 11 days ago
Wow jimmy butler is the goat
Nicolas Arias
Nicolas Arias 11 days ago
Who made this list? Griffin's mom?
pvrunner8 11 days ago
Steeze Radio
Steeze Radio 11 days ago
Okc fans getting punished this vid
Bryan Yu
Bryan Yu 11 days ago
i guess the guy who put up this is a lebron james fan. And also if i am new to the NBA and i watched this, i would have thought blake griffin is a top 3 player in the nba the last 10 years.... oh and the Warriors must have been nothing other than a few Curry trick shots, since they are on the opposite end of the these plays so often
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