NBA Players That DATED Celebrities

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In today's Rebound Central video, we take an in-depth look at some NBA players who dated high profile celebrities and what its really like...
#NBA #BenSimmons #DwayneWade
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Mar 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Vibhor Bhatnagar
Vibhor Bhatnagar 4 days ago
this man talks without breathing bruh
EnvyDaMonkey 5 days ago
What about Dennis Rodman and Madonna?
Gilang Ilma
Gilang Ilma 10 days ago
Dude you speak so fast
dilip patel
dilip patel 14 days ago
Kardashians make me sick
dilip patel
dilip patel 14 days ago
blake griffin is a dirt bag
Unknown223 15 days ago
72 days-
we stan cimorelli
we stan cimorelli 18 days ago
i have a problem bro. i literally started screaming when i saw ben simmons omg
john me
john me 20 days ago
Tony Parker is a pimp
Orlando Shaw
Orlando Shaw 20 days ago
Glen Rice and Sarah Palin.
LeThanos 21 day ago
If its any celebrities lebron dated it was his own wife
West Monroe
West Monroe 23 days ago
tanisha lol
Pablo’s Master
Pablo’s Master 24 days ago
fuckwits and whores
Luka Stojanović
Luka Stojanović 24 days ago
Kardashian / Jenner motto : once you go black you cant go back
D'Erra Davis
D'Erra Davis 26 days ago
Her name is tinashe pronounced tinahshay
Greg Marney
Greg Marney 28 days ago
Lebron loyal cmon now
Joseph Salazar
Joseph Salazar Month ago
Kendall Jenner has been traded to team to team
Yung Tamir
Yung Tamir Month ago
But NBA players count as celebrities too
kane 12
kane 12 Month ago
2:41 donavan Mitchell rookie of the year 🤣
joe joe
joe joe Month ago
im joe joe
X_ZgLiTcH _X
X_ZgLiTcH _X Month ago
Nah cuz Kendall Jenner has a whole starting 5
Detric cherry
Detric cherry Month ago
D'Angelo did him filthy 😂😂
Dino Zhang
Dino Zhang Month ago
bro, you miseed C-Webb and Banks
Enjoy Everything Xv
More like dated Kardashians
Maynor AsF
Maynor AsF Month ago
UI’m Hi
Anthony mascorro
chongqinghotpot Month ago
The relations change at a speed of your speech
Yg Cay
Yg Cay Month ago
cant believe all this guys are play boys
Diallo Morris
Diallo Morris Month ago
Aren't basketball players celebrities to?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Month ago
Nba players that breathed oxygen !
Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi Month ago
Bruh you a rapper? Relax
Bosfootball Month ago
Who’s Tanisha ? Lol everybody dated her !!....wait I think I did too
Music Vibez
Music Vibez Month ago
Canis Majoris
Canis Majoris Month ago
Kardashian? = BB Lovers! 😂
Arvin Ramos
Arvin Ramos Month ago
Are you in a hurry or rapping ? This guy should try be in the Guinness Book of Record for fastest talker man 🤣
Twinnin' Records
Angel in Disguise 😂😂😂
Walrus Month ago
When you're a baller. you can get with any P**** you want..
Nahum Eikenberry
What about Madonna and Dennis Rodman? Madonna want to be pregnant to Rodman
BB Gamer playz
BB Gamer playz Month ago
This is why you don't date celebrities you will break up in 2 months
windrimondo Month ago
Bron be chilling.
JayPHoops Month ago
Any RUvidrs wanna grow together? 👍☑️ I am fast and HONEST 💯
Starz Dam
Starz Dam Month ago
Tinashe you uncultured swine
Xazrael Month ago
look at lebron man so inspirational
Genjikung Month ago
Don't underestimate flight
YouTube Watcher
YouTube Watcher Month ago
Kardashian’s are the Ho-League of the NBA.
R.I.P. Kobe Bryant 🙏🏽
Adriel Tan
Adriel Tan Month ago
simmons is Griffin Jr 😂
Karl Malaran
Karl Malaran Month ago
are you a rapper sir?
Festus Maina
Festus Maina Month ago
The Kardashians have been passed around more than the ball at an NBA game.
Ben Agyeman
Ben Agyeman 22 days ago
Lmao they pass Kendall around like a blunt
Super Sticious
Super Sticious 26 days ago
Festus Maina good one 😂
Alwaleed Algahmi
Alwaleed Algahmi 28 days ago
@Jackson Gilmore LMAO
Jackson Gilmore
Jackson Gilmore Month ago
Especially if Harden has that ball
Beeble76 Month ago
d book lol
5 mins straight
5 mins straight 2 months ago
I totally get lebron's wife
sandro lortkipanidze
2:27 look at that modasoka michael blankson😂
VaBeach09 2 months ago
Its pronounced “Ta-Nah-Shay”
Ryan Osbourne
Ryan Osbourne 2 months ago
These broads love getting passed around by ball players!
Matakala Kasanda
Matakala Kasanda 2 months ago
Tinashe...Tinashe....Tee-Nah-Shay.... Say it with me now.
Arief Budiman
Arief Budiman 2 months ago
Dude, u speak like a rapper
Gabriel Njonjo
Gabriel Njonjo 2 months ago
Kris Humphries and Kim dated!?😭🤣🤭🙌🏾
Francisco Brown
Francisco Brown Month ago
Yep. 😷🤢🤮😂😂😂😂
Jean Beans
Jean Beans 2 months ago
Wait a minute aren’t NBA players celebrities
Boomie Month ago
Jean Beans loll
Gregory Mcgregor
Gregory Mcgregor 2 months ago
NBA players is also celebrities
Fuk d Pôpó
Fuk d Pôpó 2 months ago
That's why LeBron is the 🐐🐐🐐
I know this is nitpicky, but nba players(or at least the superstars) are celebrities.
Ishaan Choudhary
Ishaan Choudhary 2 months ago
Tristan thought other women were hotter than khloe
CHRISSOFLY • 11 days ago
Francisco Brown Fr
Francisco Brown
Francisco Brown Month ago
Khloe looks like a man
The0neand0nly YT
The0neand0nly YT 2 months ago
Y’all are talking about the Kardashians. But look what Rihanna is doing with Lebron!
illronico 2 months ago
Broke Kid242
Broke Kid242 2 months ago
Why is most of the people on here are the kardashians and jenners
Trivical 2 months ago
shronk shronk
shronk shronk 2 months ago
Wow the kardashian's have a type
Francisco Brown
Francisco Brown Month ago
Lazer 2 months ago
She is a lebron fan ok that doesn’t mean she is dated him
Pj Mappatao Cue
Pj Mappatao Cue 2 months ago
You're so fast. Are you hungry? 😂😂
patek 2 months ago
Yes 🙁
Elmer Domingo
Elmer Domingo 2 months ago
You speak too fast, your eating what you're saying...
Young Simba
Young Simba 2 months ago
Tanisha 😂😂😂
00Nisha 2 months ago
I had to mute this fool .. like wth are you doing !! Rapping ?
biggmonie 2 months ago
It's Tinashe!!! Say that girls name right
Wild Mask
Wild Mask 2 months ago
are you in a hurry? who's chasing you dude?
Emperor Zorg
Emperor Zorg 2 months ago
"dwyane wade" u sure you dont mean "dwayne wade"?
Sweet Baby Rick
Sweet Baby Rick 2 months ago
Emperor Zorg he’s sure.
adrian rodriguez
adrian rodriguez 2 months ago
I understand when black women get bitter cause thee clowns get a contract and immediately go get a white chick-
Tasha P
Tasha P 2 months ago
her name is TIN-Na-shay lol
rhiyon naderi
rhiyon naderi 2 months ago
2:44 it looks like this man just travelled 20 steps 😂
Exotic PAPS
Exotic PAPS Month ago
Fr 😂
terry terry
terry terry 2 months ago
patrick sarnicola
patrick sarnicola 2 months ago
Bro LeBron James what you be doing
patrick sarnicola
patrick sarnicola 2 months ago
WeDGomB 2 months ago
What about Andre Drummond and Jennette Mccurdy??
Christopher Everson
Christopher Everson 2 months ago
It’s pronounced TIN-NAW-SHAY
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