NBA Players Reactions/Tributes to Kobe Bryant Death

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NBA Players Reactions/Tributes to Kobe Bryant Death
In Memory of Kobe Bryant
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Feb 9, 2020




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Yusuf Ifham
Yusuf Ifham 27 days ago
Ill be honest i dont know kobe but when i knew he passed away i cried so much
Brawlstars Gameplay
If only this video was 8:24 minutes long.😖 1 like equals 1 heart for Kobe. R.I.P Kobe.😭😭😭
Bobby Month ago
Good riddance to him. He sucked. Whatever. No one cares. lol XD
crazy691ify 2 months ago
I miss you kobe
Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀 Love NBA🏀🏀🏀* 1:54 💯💛 👇👇👇🔥💃
Flamingochart824 2 months ago
This has right now 824k views💜💛
Michael Black
Michael Black 2 months ago
Im really going to miss kobe i got to meet him by mistake at the td garden so very sad
Fleur Holtzer
Fleur Holtzer 2 months ago
I never veget you kobe i love you
Biki tekeste
Biki tekeste 2 months ago
Rip to the biggest legend😰
MikazoFrom PH
MikazoFrom PH 2 months ago
Chantelle_ Is_The_Shizznit
Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi u guys will be missed
Jason Wales
Jason Wales 2 months ago
Fuck why
Jhonelle Lewis
Jhonelle Lewis 2 months ago
I miss him so much he was a god to me i never thought of him dying so soon he was a god to me and we never got to see gigi sucsess in basketball like her daddy and its sad for people who were friends with kobe and his wife and kids ps.the people who disliked this vid were so sad they cliked the wrong one. RIP kobe and gianna
brownsuga298 2 months ago
This was awesome R.l.P. to my favorite basketball player Kobe Bryant u were an outstanding basketball player u will be missed but your memory will live on forever 🙏🏾
Killa Graphics
Killa Graphics 2 months ago
Wow I still can't believe it
Damike17 Davon Welcome
Wish Kobe pop everyone come back 💯💪🙏
KOBE BRYANT 2 months ago
24 hours... 24 hours every day...For Kobe...
Amanda Whisnant
Amanda Whisnant 2 months ago
I was really moved by this
Roger Dominguez
Roger Dominguez 2 months ago
For how long did they do this for?
Julio Santana
Julio Santana 2 months ago
I wish this nightmare would just stop and I would wake up and turn my TV on And see my favorite player..The Great Mamba...😔😔😔
Joe Kimball
Joe Kimball 2 months ago
Kobe Bryant RIP and we miss you Kobe Bryant and lakes can win for Kobe Bryant lerbrown James Michael Jordan cryer for you best friend Kobe Bryant
Misia SSO
Misia SSO 2 months ago
For Kobe (*)
Basha Binghi
Basha Binghi 2 months ago
Very touching still can’t believe any of this is true 😢💔 RIP KOBE GIGI N 7 SEVERAL OTHERS THAT SUFFER THIS UNFORTUNATE FAITH
Gaston Mamy
Gaston Mamy 2 months ago
At 4:16 some retarded said "get it over"????
SuperCyberGangsta 2 months ago
Gayle and Oprah’s friends apparently saw this video. (the dislikes)
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 2 months ago
It's been a while since Kobe passed, and I still can't help but get emotional when I hear his name chanted
Cubarby Lestage
Cubarby Lestage 2 months ago
pacs biggest white fan makaveli
Incredible scenes lov from the uk
Nemesis YT
Nemesis YT 2 months ago
Timur A
Timur A 2 months ago
Mamba quit😢😢
Alek Judo
Alek Judo 2 months ago
XxBlue WolfyxX
XxBlue WolfyxX 2 months ago
I wish I had a power to save, you and Gigi. I hope that you and Gigi are safe in the heaven. Goodbye... Our number one black mamba. Gigi and Kobe
Kobie kayland sleepyhead
This no 24 is in my life and someone I love forevers life.. Birthdates. 💜RIP King Kobe. Beautiful Gigi.
meli c
meli c 3 months ago
😔 Monday will be the beginning of a new life for fans and everyone. We get to say goodbye to Kobe. After that all we can do is hold on to the values kobe left us. Always keeping vanessa and her girls in our prayers.
Grzegorz Rutkowski
Grzegorz Rutkowski 3 months ago
Polscy prawdziwi kibice basketu też myślami i sercem z Koby Brajantem🏀
Debbies Homemade
Debbies Homemade 3 months ago
I am just now able to watch anything since the tragedy happened.
Hawaiian Born
Hawaiian Born 3 months ago
What a beautiful show of love & respect nationwide from the fans, coaches & other teams. I hope Vanessa and his daughters feel the love. 💞
Tiff 3 months ago
Labron funny as hell 🤣🤣
Liljoker 3 months ago
Ha-Shatán Grey
Ha-Shatán Grey 3 months ago
😔Damn. I bawled for 3 mins straight. This hurts like hell.
gefferie femke
gefferie femke 3 months ago
124 dislike? TF how??
juanita sanford
juanita sanford 3 months ago
Who ever disliked this is so heartless
Marina Syndulla
Marina Syndulla 3 months ago
This is crazy the fact that kobe is dead...it makes no sense still to this day..life is a bitch
Ronald Malone
Ronald Malone 3 months ago
Still hard to believe he's gone. RIP KOBE BRYANT AND HIS DAUGHTER.
SEA 3 months ago
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez 3 months ago
Why thumbs down ?🤔
M x Man
M x Man 3 months ago
I feel like Kobe is crying from heaven seeing this how much people loved him
KingRichee LatinKing
Kobe Bryant legends never die aight aka 👑KingRichee ✌🏽👉🏽
Baby Gurl
Baby Gurl 3 months ago
I’m going to play 824 Straight box for the next 30 days lottery in tribute to GG & Kobe RIP Angel 👼 baby and Angel King 🤴 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Conmovedor !!
Diep Thanh Duy Diep
Diep Thanh Duy Diep 3 months ago
Một trái tim lớn. Một người hùng vĩ đại của giải nhà nghề bóng rổ NBA Mỹ đã mãi mãi tắt về với chúa. Một ngôi đền huyền thoại vĩ đại. Kobe Bryant vẫn sống trong trái tim người hâm mộ anh và giải nhà nghề bóng rổ NBA Mỹ. Mỗi khi chúng ta xem một trận đấu giải nhà nghề NBA đều có hình ảnh của Kobe Bryant và bé Gianna Bryant. Tạm biệt anh Kobe Bryan và bé Bryant về với chúa. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant
Lil Hobi
Lil Hobi 3 months ago
Damn this is so tough... Why Kobe man... ❤😷😢
Christina Bailey
Christina Bailey 3 months ago
This pain hurt to whole Usa im still in disbelief
Lollie's World
Lollie's World 3 months ago
Why they do LeBron like that tho 💀
Shay Shay C
Shay Shay C 3 months ago
That’s was nice what each team for the bean.🏀
Aim33 wonghuan9
Aim33 wonghuan9 3 months ago
Time flies.... Rest In Peace ✌️ ☮️ Kobe Bryant 2*4=8 💪
bloody hell
bloody hell 3 months ago
`` Sorry truth dieng young demon u`` Rip Kobe Bryant and the other victims of the helicopter crash.
Cassandra Dennis
Cassandra Dennis 3 months ago
Wow! Incredible!😭😭❤
lakeysha pennix
lakeysha pennix 3 months ago
This is sad... bringing tears to my eyes now. How this man, although I couldn't stand him as a player. Had such an impact on the world. May his soul and the 8 other passengers souls rest easy. May their families, friends, loved ones, and the whole NBA family and fans be comforted in Gods Loving Arms!!!
Manouchka Lamarre
Manouchka Lamarre 3 months ago
Don Nas
Don Nas 3 months ago
Illuminati killed him
adil seddiqi
adil seddiqi 3 months ago
Rip kobe
Teresa Rowe
Teresa Rowe 3 months ago
Kobe Kobe Kobe !
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia 3 months ago
Wow ! Kobe was loved all over the world !! Gone but not forgotten !! RIP Kobe & Gianna !!
Melanie Daniel
Melanie Daniel 3 months ago
Rip Kobe and Gigi. GBNF 😭😭
Rafaela Tulfa
Rafaela Tulfa 3 months ago
I started to watched NBA cause of kobe when he retired I stopped watching. ..😢😢😢
Edis Ajvazi
Edis Ajvazi 3 months ago
Zions bank kilers of children
SWog 3 months ago
What's with the thumbnail?
Drea Cole
Drea Cole 3 months ago
so they did the whole game like that??
Felicia82 3 months ago
I sure hope he knew how much he was loved and what his legacy means to the whole world💕💕💕💕
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay 3 months ago
I'm sure he knew he was loved and impacted a few million people, however, his sudden death impacted at least 500-Million People World Wide.... John Lennon level type stuff.
Moot Point
Moot Point 3 months ago
Still just so crushed...💔
Seeit2Believeit 3 months ago
Glenda Turner
Glenda Turner 3 months ago
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 3 months ago
5:48 for the explanation.
nabatanzi sara designings
Am from Uganda Kobe was my inspiration n all I was doing but trust me guys they will always stay in me ,ad ilove them always RIP all
Kandy Krush
Kandy Krush 3 months ago
Most amazing thing I’ve seen lately rip Kobe and Gigi rest easy #24 🏀 #2 🏀
Mr. Fair
Mr. Fair 3 months ago
Its stupid.. acting like fools. Clapping and not playing.. idiots
Travel with Tommy
Travel with Tommy 3 months ago
RIP Kobe.
Women Are Water
Women Are Water 3 months ago
Brian Tzic
Brian Tzic 3 months ago
Please pray for kobe & giana🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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