NBA Players and Teams Tributes / Reactions To Kobe Bryants Death | Part 2

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RIP Kobe & Gianna.

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Jan 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Ding Productions
Ding Productions 4 months ago
Thanks for all the support again every one, and again with this video I am not making any money because that is not the reason I made this. Also if you see ads on this video, It is because NBA claimed the video and THEY placed ads not me, and they receive money for it. I just wanted to clarify that for everyone who had questions last vid.
Da Orangutan
Da Orangutan 2 months ago
If an league “sponsors” the video they get the money
Da Orangutan
Da Orangutan 2 months ago
Who ever said that he’s not making money is an idiot
Lovely 3 months ago
That is not how it works. You are definitely getting paid for this content and lying about it. I don't agree with anyone making money off of his untimely death.
12brey Read24
12brey Read24 3 months ago
Ridge Relic rough time at home? The case got Dropped dumbass
Da Orangutan
Da Orangutan 3 months ago
You get money off ads
Maya Helguera
Maya Helguera Hour ago
We love you Kobe and Gigi
Dr. Flacko
Dr. Flacko 5 hours ago
Imagine the moment that the chopper was about to crash. Kobe had Gigi beside him. It must've killed him to see his beloved daughter in a situation like that. Kobe died twice.
Sweaty Ogre
Sweaty Ogre 17 hours ago
The Humanzombie
1:55 no one s guilty, its respect
dragon boy
dragon boy Day ago
Man I wish there a time machine to stop the crash :(
チーラ Day ago
Baby Mario and friends
if you dislike you have no soul or heart 💔
Matthew F
Matthew F Day ago
Where's the tributes to the helicopter though?
Rafael Garibay
Rip Kobe I and gg
get oofffed
get oofffed Day ago
R.i.p kobey and gigi I stopped my video @ 8:24 seconds .
audilicous 2 days ago
2020 sucks so far. This decade better get better
James chiarelli
James chiarelli 2 days ago
Your.A.Bot 2 days ago
whoever disliked the video you are all trash at basketball
KingBenny Plays
KingBenny Plays 2 days ago
Who ever disliked this go to hell
Kosakowski Family
Can you imagine in the first clip if someone just ran up and dunked it
SupermanHopkins 2 days ago
Dumbass T'Wolves announcers. How are you joking and cracking wise when there's a tribute to a legend happening right in front of you?
Ronel ventura
Ronel ventura 3 days ago
Haysss :(
EET FUK 3 days ago
4 months and still can’t believe it...FUCK
Jack Howard
Jack Howard 4 days ago
Mark 4 days ago
i didnt even watch basketball but kobes death was still hard to accept
Giulyo Cezar
Giulyo Cezar 4 days ago
Sam Bunk
Sam Bunk 4 days ago
Hard to think of a world without Kobe
Megistius 4 days ago
Millionairs feeling sad because another Millionair passed and making it bigger than it is just to extract more money out of the sheep watching. Not saying its not important that a legend like Kobe passed but at the end of the day he was 'just' a human being like everyone else. Media should be ashamed of themselves for milking his death just to make more views, headlines publicity and thus money. Same with all the rappers XXX, Nipsey, JuiceWrld, Peep and many more, still releasing songs and selling. Just let people rest in peace and stop thinking only about opportunities to profit smh.
CJ and TY
CJ and TY 4 days ago
That's kind of what the news is for, yes some companies do that but it's not milking it, it's what we want to see as other humans, you sound like a total douche.
Nahdiah Grey
Nahdiah Grey 4 days ago
Marvin 5 days ago
He died on my birthday😕
Robbie Hoffman
Robbie Hoffman 5 days ago
If this corona shit came to America a couple months before 9 legends would still be hear
276Sedv Lintsax
276Sedv Lintsax 5 days ago
I don't think that a person's death should be made into entertainment.
CJ and TY
CJ and TY 4 days ago
It's not
Parker Rost
Parker Rost 5 days ago
RIP Kobe and Gigi
kobe was a good friend, player, and this is the demostration of that
Alex is a good Name
Emmett Couch
Emmett Couch 5 days ago
1:38 watch Garland it's kinda sus R.i.p. kobe
Johnny 5 days ago
In my country when we do a tribute for somebody the commentators shut the hell up.
Ibtihal Alrasheed
my hart is crying while i am watching
Nemanja Jovanovik
The ending 😢😥😔
Puss-in-boots 6 days ago
This feels like a lifetime ago. Damn this friggin year.
Damien Dubocage
Damien Dubocage 7 days ago
my dad passed away the next day .... 2020 is unreal
Marcel Dahdal
Marcel Dahdal 7 days ago
Mike Will Made it
I was at the spurs vs toronto game that day january 26th and i remember finding out the news from a tweet from tmz as i was at the gas station headed to the game.
j210 hernandez
j210 hernandez 8 days ago
U blind sheep smh
Gabriel Cajigal
Gabriel Cajigal 8 days ago
its been 3 months and i still cry watching this
808bill 8 days ago
This shit will always give me chills
Etuini lavaki
Etuini lavaki 8 days ago
I never knew Kobe scored more goals than MJ until he passed #RIP
02SubaruWRX 9 days ago
NBA will never be the same
Dutchman 9 days ago
Why this monetized bruv
help i need vänke
Imagine if someone actually went in for a score
CJ and TY
CJ and TY 4 days ago
Dunk on someone else out of rememberance
proxactual 9 days ago
5:51 utah? the classiest fans in the nba? please...
Jason D
Jason D 9 days ago
How the hell did the refs mess up in the very first one? It’s an 8 second violation but 12 seconds were taken off lol
Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker 10 days ago
That last clip got to me
Jack Agnew
Jack Agnew 10 days ago
I can’t believe people dislike this what is wrong with them
CJ and TY
CJ and TY 4 days ago
@Aden Chebbi It's not his fault, either way it's his channel, y'all out here shitting on him instead of thanking him for putting this together for us.
Aden Chebbi
Aden Chebbi 8 days ago
He put 3 midrolls and said to subscribe to him and follow his insta or something. Making money off of someone's death is pretty messed up man. Edit: Obviously there were 9 people in the helicopter but my point still stands.
Bay is Bae
Bay is Bae 10 days ago
Damn its crazy to think about Vince wanting Kobe’s advice on being ready to retire and how he could talk to him when he was ready. Kobe left this earth before Vince had a chance to get his advice after retiring.
bored 10 days ago
Keep On Balling Everyone R.I.P
Max master
Max master 11 days ago
Kobe isn't dead ,he is just waiting for the 4th quarter
mdhcccc 11 days ago
rest in peace kobe we will always love you
Chris L
Chris L 12 days ago
T-mac breaks my heart as bad as he breaks the rim
Kiero B
Kiero B 12 days ago
This was the coolest way they paid tribute to Kobe
BRBallin1 12 days ago
8 second backcourt violation. 24 second shot clock violation. 2 violations in total (Gigi)
I want it All
I want it All 13 days ago
Cmon man im still crying Mamba's really out :(
C M 13 days ago
That last segment crushed me. RIP Kobe!
KlixzySZN 14 days ago
rip kobe and gigi and the rest of the passengers i still cant believe this is real man 😢
Dorian Carcamo
Dorian Carcamo 14 days ago
It’s sad because people in these comments are bringing down others and hating on Kobe Bryant 😢rip Kobe Bryant & Gigi and everyone in the helicopter crash
Boss Killa
Boss Killa 17 days ago
To this very day....it still haunts me
thatguynic 18 days ago
so much pain in vince's smile ....
Isaac Danielson
Isaac Danielson 18 days ago
R.I.P mamba
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 21 day ago
I’m still hurt over this tragedy. I was born in 85 and I was fortunate enough to watch 3 of my idols. Mj, Ai, and of course Kobe. Despite this whole pandemic situation, I will never forget about you Kobe. You’re truly an inspiration. Ain’t no fake love over here. Rip to the goat Kobe bean Bryant. Also gigi and the other 7 passengers.
BluecrySoft 23 days ago
It still feels like a nightmare😭😭😭
MantisAtlantis 23 days ago
Gilbert Arenas has a great tribute to Kobe on youtube somewhere.
Aaron Wernli
Aaron Wernli 25 days ago
Kobe the rapist is dead. Good Riddance!!!!
Marc Rosati
Marc Rosati 26 days ago
Rip Kobe god bless him he’s in a better place with his daughter 😢🥺💪🏻🙌🏻
NoAimSteww 27 days ago
Man, this still doesn't feel real and I'm still tearing up watching some of the people's reactions. I rewatched the news lady at the end for the 2nd time and it still hits me hard.
dim Neu
dim Neu 27 days ago
2020 sucks
aifos Ond
aifos Ond Month ago
3 months today💔 still hard to believe... RIP all of the victims👼🏼🤍 until we meet again 💕💕
Dinos Dasoukis
Dinos Dasoukis Month ago
We miss you Kobe 😢💜💛💜💛
Dobby Jai
Dobby Jai Month ago
I thought im through... but 3 months in, tears still comes out on its own
rae bean
rae bean Month ago
That last bit got me good!
L Jj
L Jj Month ago
Pilar Robles
Pilar Robles Month ago
Tracy McGrady and Dwayne :(
Stanley Kozyrev
Stanley Kozyrev Month ago
I'm so sad When A Legand dies
kay illa
kay illa Month ago
still cant believe this! damn man 2020 suckkss
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