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NBA "High IQ" MOMENTS highlights some of the smartest plays in NBA History. It includes players such as LeBron James, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook and many more basketball geniuses!
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Mar 2, 2020




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Comments 80
KingSwish 3 months ago
Who do you guys think is the smartest player in the NBA 🤔
Dadhu Miah
Dadhu Miah Month ago
Magic Johnson
Edward Bailey
Edward Bailey Month ago
Tom Brady for sure
Parker Shea
Parker Shea 2 months ago
KingSwish 500 comment
Qi Xian Tang
Qi Xian Tang 2 months ago
definitely luka doncic
Connor Ruestman
Connor Ruestman 2 months ago
KingSwish Rondo in his Boston days
Russell Markey
Russell Markey 8 hours ago
chris paul being a snitch compilation
Rauf Emerly Zaky
Rauf Emerly Zaky 12 hours ago
Jason Izuchukwu
Jason Izuchukwu 15 hours ago
7:05 that’s Kuroko’s ignite pass right there 🔥
Alejandro Sorrells
Alejandro Sorrells 17 hours ago
08:51 03:30 01:18
PS4-Bertuko87 19 hours ago
G: Rajon Rondo G: Luka Doncic F: LeBron James F: Ben Simmons C: Nikola Jokic
Martin G
Martin G 20 hours ago
1:45 lmao almost knocks old into another dimension
Quieres Day ago
Lebrons not look passes are my favourite
Aaron Baptist
00:43 that wasn't smart, that was luck.
NBA me haces demasiada falta
christo siegel
christo siegel 2 days ago
he should’ve hit olynyk a lot harder for what he did to kevin love
Shirley Myers
Shirley Myers 2 days ago
j.p. 2 days ago
10:09 just a great sequence
j.p. 2 days ago
8:38 no, no, no, no. i didn’t just watch that😂😂that’s just nasty lmao
Your Mom
Your Mom 2 days ago
change the video name to lebron highlights
imfine 2 days ago
6:05 Proof that Lebron has the Bestial Eye
TJ Ferrenbach
TJ Ferrenbach 2 days ago
Alternative title: LeBron
Guide Dam
Guide Dam 3 days ago
I wish LeBron never looked back after that no look 3:45
Romell Gamit
Romell Gamit 3 days ago
If marquess was only 6’11 he’d be so athletic and block so many shots
Levi Martin
Levi Martin 3 days ago
How many teams is rondo on in this video
kidsintuxedos 3 days ago
10:00 heellnaww
Centech 3 days ago
guys lebron was just trying to hide his sharingan
Chuchón 3 days ago
Marcelinho Huertas dislikes this video.
okan dogan
okan dogan 3 days ago
Lebron james passing best player
Cj 4 days ago
Every character not a strategy game swear people arent people in that way once again nigga lol
your boi tacotastic 강진혁 八郎
8:50 8:52 lebron pulled a pistol pete
Tze Herng Ng
Tze Herng Ng 4 days ago
2:11 didn’t know Jason momoa in NBA
Domagoj Bajs
Domagoj Bajs 4 days ago
lebron and westrbrook on highest iq anything list...not a chance
Ervie Ganub
Ervie Ganub 4 days ago
Some of these are not high IQ moments. Some are just lucky plays
Haq Amar
Haq Amar 4 days ago
Oh Westbrook, if only you stayed on Brown on that play smh... He had to know that a 3pt was the only option for the Celtics
Aw2matic 4 days ago
Quarantine all gud
西安浓眉哥 4 days ago
Trae Young
azuma kazuma
azuma kazuma 4 days ago
7:13 kuroko in real life.
Kenji Koibuchi
Kenji Koibuchi 5 days ago
why did rondo point to kuz?
Ja Bob
Ja Bob 5 days ago
Only recent years? I mean no iconic plays from the 80’s or 90’s?
Jason Neises
Jason Neises 5 days ago
lebron is the goat thats why hes my favorite player
browbowwow 5 days ago
1:59 what a friendly hug was that. 👍
Trym Logan Stunner
Lebron n westbrook owns 70% of this video
Marcus Bass
Marcus Bass 5 days ago
You should do the PG and C duo. Like Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams
TGAS 74 5 days ago
CP3 is a snitch
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett 5 days ago
1:42 I don’t understand basketball can someone explain the play haha
Oğuzcan Gençer
Oğuzcan Gençer 5 days ago
4:07 leBron put him to sleep :D
noel reuben
noel reuben 5 days ago
I dont get 0:19 Is it Warriors ball?
noel reuben
noel reuben 5 days ago
Nvm i already googled it
Mikasa Hachiman
Mikasa Hachiman 5 days ago
jason williams?no... it’s okay..
MagCynic 6 days ago
I'll NEVER agree that you can intentionally throw the ball at an opponent to get it to go out of bounds on him.
MagCynic 4 days ago
@Robbie Lindsay Well... if I dribble up the court and just throw the ball right into the face of the guy guarding me, should that be a foul?
Robbie Lindsay
Robbie Lindsay 4 days ago
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron 6 days ago
The "high IQ MOMENTS" in the NBA is when the players leave the floor and only the refs are on it.
Graham D
Graham D 6 days ago
2:08 Why the Warriors fired Mark Jackson
Dixon 24 Eren
Dixon 24 Eren 6 days ago
10:10 GSW Rakibiyle Taşak geçiyo Oynat Bakalım
Luke Regan
Luke Regan 6 days ago
Simmons didn't establish himself in bounds on the in bound play and should've been called for being out of bounds
陳宥兆 6 days ago
1:57 The best moment of the whole movie (schroder Bumped on people XD
Philippe FLORES
Philippe FLORES 6 days ago
YOu can have all the IQ of the world you will never succeed the Giniobili pass
JT 6 days ago
UM Lebrons IQ is 0.
MrSavageM 6 days ago
Life of Cable
Life of Cable 7 days ago
Antonio Curatola
Antonio Curatola 7 days ago
If this guys had high IQ the wouldn't be playing bball.
Cj 7 days ago
Everyone yeah speaking on your characters "death" is a real thing they have souls basic yeah other world is dumb can't live forever we reloop
Trenton Woodward
Trenton Woodward 2 days ago
John G
John G 7 days ago
1st play should of be a violation
GoodCrazy Camisa 10 e Faixa
0:40 Volleyball style🤣
Furqan Ahmed
Furqan Ahmed 7 days ago
Slam dunk did this before 😛
Steezy A. Smith
Steezy A. Smith 7 days ago
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Facundo Rossi
Facundo Rossi 8 days ago
Second part?
avocado o
avocado o 8 days ago
Basketball is not hard all u have to do is not miss the ball and that's it
Courier 12
Courier 12 8 days ago
Rondo coaching Cousins is so hilarious.
its junior
its junior 8 days ago
Can someone explain how this play makes sense? 0:17
John G
John G 7 days ago
The ball is not out of play till it hits the floor
Jack Shortis
Jack Shortis 8 days ago
The warriors sequence at 10:10 was insane!!!!!
Inspiring pen
Inspiring pen 8 days ago
Kobe bryant most inspiring video ruvid.net/video/video-4eCPVqT6DMc.html
Aritro Abedin
Aritro Abedin 8 days ago
Fantastic compilation, well done
River PM
River PM 8 days ago
10:09 That teamwork is insane!!!
GeoCarbone 8 days ago
Lebron was already out of bounds when he bounced it off Olynyk. Did they give that call to him?
prodip das
prodip das 8 days ago
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cherker04 8 days ago
in the descpriction you say smartest plays in NBA history, HISTORY, this was just recent plays, no larry, no magic, no jordan, no old plays at all.
cherker04 8 days ago
half of these are just really good plays, high iq should be really smart plays not just really good plays, but suprising not just dirbbled past and scored.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 8 days ago
Yeah must be new no Mike Conley, Marc Gasol they did that every other game, oh my bad Memphis doesn't get looked at
M. Setia0ne
M. Setia0ne 8 days ago
Asian G-an_g
Asian G-an_g 9 days ago
Murray traveled
Alejandro Cristancho
Right at 6:59 i was about to stop and comment, "soo Highest IQ moments and not a single play by Manu Ginobili???? shmm
Jaeseok Yoo
Jaeseok Yoo 9 days ago
벤시몬은 아무리 잘해도 슛없어서꽝 한계인가? 슛연습좀 하지~
Nash Hamami
Nash Hamami 9 days ago
Lebron is a straight up magician with them misdirections
SongYoubloger 9 days ago
How does rajon know what hawks gonna do
kev 9 days ago
*lobs a ball halfway down court just to dunk* wow very high IQ (:
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