Guess That NBA Player vs. Jiedel - INSANE Guess Who #1

Kristopher London
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Today I played Jiedel in a classic NBA Guess Who Challenge.

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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 915
XXXChrisTenttation R.I.P XXX
How does that
XXXChrisTenttation R.I.P XXX
James is dumb he pick pg 2 times
Name your channel
The fucking disrespect. Beal played in the ECF agaist the Celtics.
Luke Nocchi
Luke Nocchi 4 days ago
imagine wearing a Rutgers football shirt...
David 30
David 30 6 days ago
Where is buy this game?
Ahseem Young
Ahseem Young 8 days ago
ttttuuuuuffffffffffff i love this
ChrisRyanVlogs 9 days ago
Lol Paul George literally has ALWAYS HAD A BEARD 😂😂😂😂
MothaFkn Patriot
MothaFkn Patriot 11 days ago
wow....paul does have a beared 🧔🧔🧔🧔 👈👈
Bryan Jurado
Bryan Jurado Month ago
Mooshie mooshie? Nah bruh im unsubscribing😐👋🏼😂😂
Mr. SAUCE Month ago
U should do this with jesser
Carson Postma
Carson Postma Month ago
Yo, Kris should do a Guess Who NBA edition except the only way you can ask questions, is making a three
Nicardo Month ago
Paul George don’t have a beard what world am I living in 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑
Kush Sethi
Kush Sethi Month ago
They should put down the player they have coz they cant get the same card
KillaJ Rasta
KillaJ Rasta Month ago
How can he get PG13 twice
Salvacion Gecto
Salvacion Gecto 2 months ago
You do that with Victor Oladipo
ugly god3d
ugly god3d 2 months ago
Lebrons been in the nba for about 17 years
Keondre Greene
Keondre Greene 3 months ago
he definitely said dami{E}n lillard doesn’t have an E in his name
Jade Smith
Jade Smith 3 months ago
I love ur guess who vids😜
MysticalBeast 3 months ago
how did u make this
MaHari Jarmon
MaHari Jarmon 3 months ago
Paul George was not smiling
DocXbox1 3 months ago
Jiedel still missing his bottom teeth in thumbnails.
Jayber Collado
Jayber Collado 3 months ago
5:25 bro the paper is see throu
Angelo Loki
Angelo Loki 3 months ago
Do more Gusse who
T.A.R. 3 months ago
“Chris has your player been to the second round of the finals?”
T.A.R. 3 months ago
“Is your player smiling” “yes”... ummm
Valxd FN
Valxd FN 3 months ago
T.A.R 😂😂I was just thinking that🤦🏾‍♂️
Evan Waller
Evan Waller 3 months ago
T.A.R nobs😂😂
Fortnite BSM Gaming
Fortnite BSM Gaming 3 months ago
All of them are ironic
Owen Hilliard
Owen Hilliard 3 months ago
Is it just me or does PG has a beard in that pic.
Aiman Daily
Aiman Daily 3 months ago
LSK on weed or something 😂 “has your player been in the playoffs?” “Yes” “is your player Lebron James?” 😂😂😂😂
Precious Sean
Precious Sean 3 months ago
Where did you get NBA Guess Who? PLEASE ANSWER
Precious Sean
Precious Sean 3 months ago
Thank you!
Jesse Cruz
Jesse Cruz 3 months ago
Sean Rafferty he printed out pictures of NBA players and put them in the inserts of the regular guess who game
Jamir Jackson
Jamir Jackson 3 months ago
lebron and anthony davis curry and klay damian lillard hits the buzzer beater on paul george
Keanu1k 3 months ago
Lmao one had Davis one had lebron who woulda knew they would be teammates
Kazi Kyrogunga
Kazi Kyrogunga 3 months ago
Anthony Davis got traded lmao
Mahdee 3 months ago
He got paul george twice in a row😂
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 3 months ago
Paul george is smiling?
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 3 months ago
Damn, was hoping i would be your 2 millionth subscriber 😂
Niko Love
Niko Love 4 months ago
Dude lied 😂😂
Cal Thunder
Cal Thunder 4 months ago
More with lnu
Valid Prod.
Valid Prod. 4 months ago
Can this comment get 1k dislikes
michelle d
michelle d 3 months ago
He where did you get the game and how did you get it
Si Liwanag
Si Liwanag 4 months ago
Almost all of the players they pick have something to do with one another dame w the game winner over pg.
Mikey2wavvy 4 months ago
Has an e
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