NBA Dynamic Duos On Fire

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It is always fun to see NBA Players go on hot streaks and score a lot of points. But seeing two makes it even more fun. Call them, Dynamic Duos, they feed off each other's skills to be better. Here are the Dynamic Duos who caught Fire! NBA Dynamic Duos On Fire.
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Video was made by DimeX.
1.) Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combine for 70 points
2.) Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum combine for 60 points
3.) Steph Curry and Klay Thompson make 17 Threes
4.) Dwyane Wade and Lebron James
5.) Lebron James and Kyrie Irving combine for 82 points in Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals

Please do note that the clips used are not owned by me, instead, it is owned by the NBA. Clips are only used for entertainment purposes.
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Comments 80
Kevin Bertalotto
Kevin Bertalotto 2 years ago
At 23-17, the Miami Heat with ZERO ALL STARS has a better record than OK3 who has the REIGNING MVP AND SCORING CHAMP and 2 former all stars
Irsyad Basuki
Irsyad Basuki 2 years ago
intro song?
TCG Productions
TCG Productions 2 years ago
1:32 did anyone else hear shit
Ivan Kulya
Ivan Kulya 2 years ago
2:41 CJ Mccolllum, "and one, mothafuckas"
Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez 2 years ago
Kobe and Shaq ??
Marcus Troyer
Marcus Troyer 2 years ago
Javale Mcgee dunk attempt though😂
bootlegtunic870 2 years ago
intro is straight fire!!!!
Irsyad Basuki
Irsyad Basuki 2 years ago
bootlegtunic870 song name?
Joannis Paul Torayno
No Jordan Pippen? both 40+ points in one of their games..
klay ❤️💯
Niel Lukman
Niel Lukman 2 years ago
1:32 someone said sh*t lol
Mhyco Alvarez
Mhyco Alvarez 2 years ago
Dimex your vids are lit 🔥🔥👌👏💯 keep up the good work😉😎
H Gordon
H Gordon 2 years ago
Intro song?
Juhl 2 years ago
To bad Kyrie is gonna leave bron
Dionisis Savvopoulos
what is the song on the intro?
張易安 2 years ago
Heat comeback vs bulls 2011 eastern conference finals
Kevin McLs
Kevin McLs 2 years ago
Steph is the King of making "fancy" crossovers that don't get him anywhere
Kobe Klay
Kobe Klay 2 years ago
When will people understand that booing a player just makes them play harder....
The Dez Dispenser
The Dez Dispenser 2 years ago
There's no damn rivalry why is everyone saying that. I'm 100 percent positive they actually work together to make videos.
The Dez Dispenser
The Dez Dispenser 2 years ago
My number 1 source? More like my 8th.
Owen boi
Owen boi 2 years ago
Send to osn
Ace 2 years ago
new intro's lit
King Jojo
King Jojo 2 years ago
Forgot CJ and Paul George from last year
boSS key yachtS
boSS key yachtS 2 years ago
İt would be better you write how many points they combine . But great video!!
Kaiser Amadeus
Kaiser Amadeus 2 years ago
Kyrie about to leave like LeBron's hairline
Greg Pinkston
Greg Pinkston 2 years ago
Dame and CJ were definitely my duo to watch in this vid. Nice work on them!
ANKLZ 2 years ago
Spidah8 2 years ago
westbrook and durant against spurs in 2016 playoffs
Jazspur Ingram
Jazspur Ingram 2 years ago
make a video about when Pg's block big men
A-Quince music
A-Quince music 2 years ago
1:30 " aye! Aye! SHITT!
Dropout Bear
Dropout Bear 2 years ago
Damn. As a Cavs fan, that thumbnail makes me sad af. 😔
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 2 years ago
And1 motherf***er 2:40
Aryan Kumawat
Aryan Kumawat 2 years ago
Did anyone else hear the booing of bandwagons at 6:02 ?
Dik Diki
Dik Diki 2 years ago
Whats the intro song??
A 2 years ago
KD and Westbrook I cry
STBFlamingTitan 2 years ago
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akirtania17 2 years ago
I really love your content. You deserve at LEAST 200K more subs. This video was a great idea. Very unique thinking. :)
Bow time
Bow time 2 years ago
Rich 2 years ago
Didn't know I was watching warriors highlights
-_- 2 years ago
Do "Hard To Tell BuzzerBeaters".
boto roina
boto roina 2 years ago
Kuzma and Lonzo soon
Gatorade Guy
Gatorade Guy 2 years ago
LeGOAT james Kevin durGOAT Gordan GOATward DeGOAT derozan
Jay Smoove
Jay Smoove 2 years ago
Steph and klay the original 2k cheesers 😂
vLockdownSnag 2 years ago
2:41 and one mofo lol
-_- 2 years ago
Love your vids! I just started my channel. Hope I can have the same amount of subs as you😂. (probably won't happen)
1121-823-90 iLLEST EVER !!!
The best duo is my music plus WESTBROOK dancing equal bombs 🔥🔥🔥🤙🤙💨
Xavier The Legend
Xavier The Legend 2 years ago
Notification gang🙏💯
Tre Production
Tre Production 2 years ago
The chemistry kyle kuzma and lonzo had at the summer league can turn them into a young and scary duo I see them as a jason williams/ peja stojaković duo excellent passer/ 3 point shot
thejlang52 2 years ago
Fresh video idea dude I feel like you eventually are gonna run out but you never do
KG x INstxnt
KG x INstxnt 2 years ago
Dimex how do you make an intro like yours
Raphael peykar
Raphael peykar 2 years ago
All these videos are same clips that I saw tons of times there is nothing new!!!
Derpit The Frog
Derpit The Frog 2 years ago
In Russia, basketball shoot you
T.Jay 2 years ago
Mark Brodit
Mark Brodit 2 years ago
2:37 And One mofocker-cj
Taj4life99 2 years ago
Mark Brodit I laughed way too hard when i heard that 😂😂
Fire Tony
Fire Tony 2 years ago
Where dwade 3 and lebron 6 🔥🔥🔥?
person 2 years ago
Anyone else heard "and one motherf***er" at 2:40
Hour Happy
Hour Happy 2 years ago
Whers Russ and kd
Daylen 2 years ago
0:46 is the most obvious carry I've ever seen
Fernando Alarcon
Fernando Alarcon 2 years ago
You and smikes are on the come up frfr y'all put up great content👍
SURFCURSE 2 years ago
kyrie LeBron dangerous
HaYDeN Smith
HaYDeN Smith 2 years ago
Carl Scholl
Carl Scholl 2 years ago
Is it just me or does dimeX, jlooki, smikes, and Kawhi not all have a massive rivalry??
Defined Diamond
Defined Diamond 2 years ago
No joke everyone chill, they're all a community. all grinding 🏀 stop stirring the pot
TheCleanDreamTeam 2 years ago
Carl Scholl I think it is a friendly Rivalry.
Highlight Heaven
Highlight Heaven 2 years ago
DarkJay why is it a dumb comment? The guy who commented first is trying to stir up drama by saying there is a rivalry between NBA RUvidrs
Kawhi Not
Kawhi Not 2 years ago
Carl Scholl What about HoopsTube
Defined Diamond
Defined Diamond 2 years ago
Highlight Heaven yea ikr
Kēb Î
Kēb Î 2 years ago
blazers in 6.
MatthewMurphy 2 years ago
Kyrie and Lebron aren't a duo anymore
A 2 years ago
Do u no dae wae peaps
Smikes brought me here
HighlightComps 2 years ago
Nice video and cool new idea DimeX. Can you guys check me out too I make similar highlight compilations and I think they'd interest people here 👍
Jay____the______Goat 123
HighlightComps i subscribed sub back
Twice4Layf 2 years ago
i like the most.. your first soundtrack ofvyou intro
Miguel Tongol
Miguel Tongol 2 years ago
Kobe and kwame for 82 points?
Jlooki 2 years ago
This went viral
Tbone Bates
Tbone Bates 2 years ago
Jlooki wassup
STBFlamingTitan 2 years ago
Oh, hey Jlooki
Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley 2 years ago
Jlooki my left stroke just went virrrallll
I mean I guess
I mean I guess 2 years ago
Never been this early awesome video bruh
LeBron James
LeBron James 2 years ago
Eliminate the other dude in the thumbnail -__-
Miget Matt
Miget Matt Year ago
Why should you eliminate the man who gave you a ring
sportupload 2 years ago
LeBron James No more rings😝
MM_PR1NC3 2 years ago
Uncle Drew u sound dumb af LeBron scored all 16 points to tie the game and blocked iguodala. So if anything, he saves his own legacy.
Future History
Future History 2 years ago
He's as good as gone. Come over to my channel to see some awesome trick shots!
kyrie 🐍👍🏻
Ribs raining barbecue sauce
Lebron and kyrie are neinnamic duos
Roni Gorani
Roni Gorani 2 years ago
LeBron James
LeBron James 2 years ago
Roni Gorani yo 2:41 I'm dead 😂😂
lil Beelzebub
lil Beelzebub 2 years ago
missed open game winning shots in playoffs
Brian Wong
Brian Wong 2 years ago
Cocaine Is bad X-Racer Gaming!!!
JL24 2 years ago
I was gonna upload in a few minutes 😟
ross matthew uson
ross matthew uson 2 years ago
hello youtube
SI Weezy
SI Weezy 2 years ago
Just like these dynamic duos are on fire this video is fire 🔥
just a random boi
just a random boi 2 years ago
100th view and 20th like. Great vid!
Gibbs 28K
Gibbs 28K 2 years ago
lil Beelzebub
lil Beelzebub 2 years ago
im early
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