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Jul 16, 2019




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CashNastyPlays 4 months ago
Let me know what yall think in the comments! YEEETTTTTT!
Starr Burrst
Starr Burrst 3 months ago
There’s no audio
Alejandra Ramirez
Alejandra Ramirez 3 months ago
CashNastyPlays lebron is ass kd is better they put trash lebron top because kd is injured dumbass
The Yeeter Of stuff
The Yeeter Of stuff 4 months ago
1v1 cheese pussy
The Yeeter Of stuff
The Yeeter Of stuff 4 months ago
Bro when ya going 1v1 cheese man
Jay Smitty
Jay Smitty 4 months ago
They really gave Westbrook a 90, he deserves a 94
Trey Doss
Trey Doss 2 days ago
I think 2k17 has the best soundtrack
44 Clip
44 Clip 6 days ago
Nobody: My Left Ear: Hmm Interesting
Jakob Macdonald
Jakob Macdonald 11 days ago
Ok c'mon cash u know harden didn't run away he got traded cause he didnt get max contract and Kawhi was talking to PG behind everyones back so he didnt really run away from him either.
TheArolas 18 days ago
Ur mic is waaaaay too low
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat Month ago
I am proud to be a bronsexual
Galaxy Vulture
Galaxy Vulture 2 months ago
After all these years they couldn't fix the bugs or improve the graphics. Games like final fantasy and last of us are oldwr, but still look far better
Pxin 2 months ago
Really cash a 89 for kyrie11 he deserves that 91 maybe a 90 at most
S.J. Rapala
S.J. Rapala 3 months ago
Where was curry lol
jay pierre
jay pierre 3 months ago
how is james a ball hog when he average's 7.5 assist?
fx_ Chesser
fx_ Chesser 3 months ago
Old 2kmusic
KID M 3 months ago
I’m a lebron fan but chill with the Westbrook hate triple doubles are hard to get let alone for a whole season
WarLizard 3 months ago
I appropriate what u said about kat
Lil Driptune
Lil Driptune 3 months ago
Please tell me what makes hiim the goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh you mean of this generation
Ethan Bertram
Ethan Bertram 3 months ago
Is is me or is there no sound when cash talks
Schmupid 3 months ago
My man may you turn the volume of your vids up ? too quiet
Micah Brown
Micah Brown 3 months ago
KD, James Harden, and PG didn’t leave because of Westbrook.
Micah Brown
Micah Brown 3 months ago
Y’all won’t let Westbrook play his game. Stop criticizing him. It’s just more trouble doubles.
陳柏燁 3 months ago
I really think Klay Thompson should be a 91 overall!!
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter 3 months ago
You pay no respect to curry
CaptainFirebolt 3 months ago
My left ear enjoyed this
Zaahir Turner
Zaahir Turner 3 months ago
In my opinion kyrie should at least be a 92
ShunONe GaMeR
ShunONe GaMeR 3 months ago
No way kyrie is straight right where he is
Swizzy Greens
Swizzy Greens 3 months ago
Russell looks like a ninja turtle
shemadaballer 4 months ago
CashNasty is waaaaaaay better than Flight
D.Green 4 months ago
That's what I've been thinking Westbrook been looking like a reptile in recent 2ks
Caleb Waymer
Caleb Waymer 4 months ago
He looks like a ninja turtle there I said it!Russell Westbrook looks like a ninja turtle!👏💯
Nick Arrington
Nick Arrington 4 months ago
Lillard 89 3pt?????
IM ELI 4 months ago
No more champs for lebron
IM ELI 4 months ago
Lebron is trash
HaZe Lefy
HaZe Lefy 4 months ago
Lebron sucks ,hit this if you think kawhi is better 👇
Jaylin West
Jaylin West 4 months ago
Because he’s top six stupid
MidnightProdigy 4 months ago
Damn cash lookin like a snack (no homo)
xanaxpurp 4 months ago
take off ur right earphone if u just wanna hear the live stream 😂
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera 4 months ago
He look like a ninja turtle in 2k shit pisses me off
Cyclopes00 4 months ago
Every time I see flight or hear his voice I just want to beat the shit out of him tbh
donjai broadnax
donjai broadnax 4 months ago
Cash you tripping hard paul George definitely deserve that rating.. nigga was as second in scoring.. first in steals.. came third in mvp race.. came second in defensive player of the year.. wtf are you talking bout.. you obviously don't watch basketball
Luchy 4 months ago
Westbrook looking like a red noise pit bull
Jayden Hamilton
Jayden Hamilton 4 months ago
2k hires a new lead graphics engineer
DropAndFlop 4 months ago
lets be honest lebron should be the highest not this year atless cause he didnt even make it to the playoffs i think the mvp of that year before should be the highest there mvp for a reason im gonna get hated on but u know its true
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