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CashNastyPlays Month ago
Let me know what yall think in the comments! YEEETTTTTT!
Alejandra Ramirez
CashNastyPlays lebron is ass kd is better they put trash lebron top because kd is injured dumbass
Salty Bois
Salty Bois 25 days ago
1v1 cheese pussy
Salty Bois
Salty Bois 25 days ago
Bro when ya going 1v1 cheese man
Jay Smitty
Jay Smitty 27 days ago
They really gave Westbrook a 90, he deserves a 94
Jay Smitty
Jay Smitty 27 days ago
You disrespected the hell outta my boy westbrook🤦🏽‍♂️
陳柏燁 Day ago
I really think Klay Thompson should be a 91 overall!!
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter 7 days ago
You pay no respect to curry
CaptainFirebolt 9 days ago
My left ear enjoyed this
Zaahir Turner
Zaahir Turner 10 days ago
In my opinion kyrie should at least be a 92
ShunONe GaMeR
ShunONe GaMeR 10 days ago
No way kyrie is straight right where he is
Cromad Gaming
Cromad Gaming 10 days ago
Russell looks like a ninja turtle
shemadaballer 11 days ago
CashNasty is waaaaaaay better than Flight
Dagger Boat
Dagger Boat 11 days ago
That's what I've been thinking Westbrook been looking like a reptile in recent 2ks
Caleb Waymer
Caleb Waymer 13 days ago
He looks like a ninja turtle there I said it!Russell Westbrook looks like a ninja turtle!👏💯
Nick Arrington
Nick Arrington 14 days ago
Lillard 89 3pt?????
IM ELI 15 days ago
No more champs for lebron
IM ELI 15 days ago
Lebron is trash
HaZe Lefy
HaZe Lefy 16 days ago
Lebron sucks ,hit this if you think kawhi is better 👇
Jaylin West
Jaylin West 17 days ago
Because he’s top six stupid
MidnightProdigy 17 days ago
Damn cash lookin like a snack (no homo)
Zauxq 18 days ago
take off ur right earphone if u just wanna hear the live stream 😂
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera 19 days ago
He look like a ninja turtle in 2k shit pisses me off
Cyclopes00 19 days ago
Every time I see flight or hear his voice I just want to beat the shit out of him tbh
donjai broadnax
donjai broadnax 20 days ago
Cash you tripping hard paul George definitely deserve that rating.. nigga was as second in scoring.. first in steals.. came third in mvp race.. came second in defensive player of the year.. wtf are you talking bout.. you obviously don't watch basketball
Awqko 20 days ago
Westbrook looking like a red noise pit bull
Jayden Hamilton
Jayden Hamilton 21 day ago
2k hires a new lead graphics engineer
DropAndFlop 21 day ago
lets be honest lebron should be the highest not this year atless cause he didnt even make it to the playoffs i think the mvp of that year before should be the highest there mvp for a reason im gonna get hated on but u know its true
Davian Litzsey
Davian Litzsey 22 days ago
I think 2k16 had the best soundtrack
Aden Wills
Aden Wills 22 days ago
Real talk....Lebron 98OVR would’ve done it for me...Dude’s that good💯💯
da da
da da 23 days ago
2k13 had the best soundtrack. I even liked this songs that weren't even rap
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 24 days ago
@16:55 Lakers are gold my man, not yellow. You a laker fan? lmao
pepper vinrs
pepper vinrs 11 days ago
He's a lebron fan
TakeOver_ Dream
TakeOver_ Dream 24 days ago
On god I been thing dat bought Westbrook face 2
junior2 24 days ago
Westbrook look like a ninja turtle on all 2k gamez😂😂
Dickey mono
Dickey mono 25 days ago
Kawhi should a 97 and higher than lebron
Sauce boii217
Sauce boii217 25 days ago
Same graphics
jurnee21485 25 days ago
Damn lebron is 97 after not even making the playoffs! 😂🤣🐐
Salty Bois
Salty Bois 25 days ago
1v1 cheese pssy
Seb 25 days ago
Lebron technically not number one he’s tied with kawhi so it’s either or
Seb 25 days ago
They disrespected kawhi bruh😂 kawhi just as strong and ripped as lebron but they made his arms look tiny
Seb 24 days ago
Jose Vitor look at kawhi guarding lebron he’s just as big and strong as lebron
Jose Vitor
Jose Vitor 24 days ago
no he isn't
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley 25 days ago
Lebron has to be breaking a 2k record. Lebron has been on a 2k game since 2k5 and has been 96+ overall and up since 2k6???!!! Let that sink in year 17 and he’s still over 96! Bruh he not human 😂😂
jayripp84 26 days ago
Who ready for that Madden 20 though😁
MrKillian1983 26 days ago
Overrated LeBron of course. He's a 90 at best. You can't be a 97 overall when you play absolutely NO defense.
Jay Wooten
Jay Wooten 26 days ago
You vacant judge someone off of one season just gonna leave this hear
tastyberger 26 days ago
2k13 definitely because it was made by jay-z
ForeverSmoov _102
ForeverSmoov _102 27 days ago
I don’t remember which 2k had it but when they had One Day by Matsiahyu or however you spell it... it just hit different when the menu started up and that song played imo
Tav GotWaves
Tav GotWaves 27 days ago
I can’t hear cash at all
TYPICAL Wolf 27 days ago
CashNastyPlays Paul George got injured Thats why he wasn’t doin good in the playoffs he came back from a shoulder injury
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 22 days ago
TYPICAL Wolf right people said all of a sudden PGs not playing good anymore, but he’s been struggling with his shoulder for months
TYPICAL Wolf 23 days ago
Adil Khan bro me to guess everybody doesn’t realize it but only if it was lebron they would know
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 25 days ago
TYPICAL Wolf ya everyone forgets that bruh I felt like I was the only person in the world who knew lmao
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 27 days ago
lol he cash said "bow down and kiss the rings". but lebron didnt get the lakers to the playoffs
UltimoScorpion 25 days ago
Definitely hasnt won rings before
Hezekiah Israel
Hezekiah Israel 27 days ago
They’re gonna keep favoring Lebron with his OVR until he retires because he really doesn’t deserve a 97 this year 👎🏿
lilaids HD
lilaids HD 27 days ago
28:19 Lmao wasn’t Ronnie just a Warriors fan like 2 months ago? No loyalty at all
Kai Saunders
Kai Saunders 25 days ago
lilaids HD he was saying the other dude is the lakers fan
WWE The Lit Figure Collector
Your so dumb . Stop disrespecting russ
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb 27 days ago
This is how much money cash gone lose on 2K VC loot boxes. 👇🏻
Abraham Velasco
Abraham Velasco 27 days ago
The lakers jerseys look so bad on graphics
IT'z Austin
IT'z Austin 27 days ago
my left ear
ELITE MATHEW 28 days ago
I think in the game Russell Westbrook looks like a frog
Kevin Mayo
Kevin Mayo 28 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about how stressed Ronnie 2k looks?
XuiMari 20
XuiMari 20 28 days ago
He said “idk” after “He had a better season” Release..
Th Vazquez
Th Vazquez 28 days ago
Big fan cash nasty. Go Lakers my g🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Swif Vision
Swif Vision 28 days ago
XXXTENTACLES 28 days ago
when you signed a contract about 2k so you gotta say the graphics are amazing.
ReaganGymTrack Awesome
If anyone was wondering because they didn’t show it, Jimmy butler is an 88.
The Cringe Artist
The Cringe Artist 28 days ago
2K players: fix the servers 2k: did we hear add MORE sweat?
pepper vinrs
pepper vinrs 11 days ago
Nah they heard wnba
Jack K
Jack K 28 days ago
The Cringe Artist Wow real original joke
The Cringe Artist
The Cringe Artist 28 days ago
if khawi is the best the best player in the world then I am better than Kobe Lebrun and kd are the best its been like that for years and it will stay that way god dammit
Random Sped
Random Sped 28 days ago
The Cringe Artist nigga sthu this nigga kawhi had to carry the raptors with only two good ppl siakam and lowry
SHAWANA HADDEN 29 days ago
Kahwhi look like offset
what a demon
what a demon 29 days ago
bruh they keep selling my man klay short he at least should have a 90 over
the warriors blew a 3-1 lead
This man said the graphics look better
Santi Medina
Santi Medina 29 days ago
Your mic needs an upgrade
Tragic_ kid
Tragic_ kid 29 days ago
All they do is put sweat that’s not good graphics
The G. Files
The G. Files 29 days ago
I need one of those 2k mugs
Darkhan 91
Darkhan 91 29 days ago
Kyrie definitely below 91, why he’s so overated
Scullex 29 days ago
Why he lick lebron 7:47
M Zazzy paper
M Zazzy paper 29 days ago
Why is cash in my left ear and Ronnie in my right
chriskoee 29 days ago
How do you give accurate ratings if we haven’t seen them play before? Doesn’t matter if 2 players are 96 overalls individually. They might not have chemistry and that duo might be a 87.
chriskoee 26 days ago
Grejaviun Dawson yea bruh. This 2k shit is beyond me now. 😂 they just saying shit now.
Grejaviun Dawson
Grejaviun Dawson 26 days ago
chriskoee im also wondering how can they rate K.D when we haven’t even seen him post injury. Im like What😂😂
L3THAL-PixelEX 29 days ago
12:08 put in closed captions
usernameisale 29 days ago
Cash you can only hear you talking from the left side of headphones
Drawnby1 29 days ago
Lebron should be a 90 ovr, let’s be real, he sucked ass last season
Treveon Hall
Treveon Hall 29 days ago
Best sound track was 2k13
Jdotm Month ago
Westbrook doesn't do face scans with 2K because of his history with EA.
Derrick Winfield
Pg was 3rd in mvp right?
ツSkinny Month ago
lol russ look like an animal, wooow i always thought he look like a turtle or sum but hes my fav pg tho or he looks like a ape lol
Ohegotthejuice Month ago
NBA 2k 14 soundtrack
Josh Leos
Josh Leos Month ago
westbrook had kd and pg running from him and lost to a rookie but LeBron got Isaiah Thomas , d wade , kyrie running from him and kawhi didnt want to play with his old ass ..and on yea LEBRON DIDNT EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS
NBD Dru 28 days ago
Josh Leos and 27 ppg is alot to be a “old ass”😂😂
NBD Dru 28 days ago
Josh Leos because he was hurt😂😂😂
Josh Leos
Josh Leos Month ago
LAKERS NOT THE BEST TEAM IN LA ...have 2 good players , one past his prime and no bench
Josh Leos
Josh Leos Month ago
how westbrook one of the biggest ballhogs and cant shoot but lebron has a worser free throw percentage then shaq in his prime and LeBron cant ever play with no one which is why people keep leaving and cash is so biased and a BIG ASS BANDWAGGON
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