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May 25, 2019




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Comments 2 224
Christian Munro
Christian Munro 14 days ago
QA = Quality Assurance
Leo 17 days ago
we need more people like agent in this world he's really a nice guy donating to the homeless is someting i would do but i dont have the money to do but agent has all of that and still helps out other GG my guy keep doing what u doing
Jana Beandava
Jana Beandava 26 days ago
Jesus is a disroyal bitch we are like ants to him.....
Junior Martinez
Junior Martinez Month ago
Agent need a new make over he need some drop
Ahmed M
Ahmed M Month ago
Agents eyes dark as fuk
Steven Quiles
Steven Quiles 2 months ago
EVERY BUILD SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HIT 3s consistently! A pure rim should not be easily shooting 3s from the top of the ARC. Theres archetypes for a reason!
Steven Quiles
Steven Quiles 2 months ago
Definitely fix defense make it more skill based and free. It shouldn’t force me to pick up on a player i wasn’t trying to guard. And a build with playmaker should not get ripped as easily or even easier then someone like a big man. A big man should never keep up with a guard on a fast break
Steven Quiles
Steven Quiles 2 months ago
Also should bring back where all our clothes and tattoos go to the next player i make. stop making bad games and forcing us to buy more VC to help yall ass. FIX AI for rec/PROam higher their IQ how do they know to steal a pass but dont have IQ to step up and guard past the 3 or pick up a driving player, or even jump to block the ball. AI never jump for a chase down block These are easy fixes they could easily make that would feel like a major change to the community
Steven Quiles
Steven Quiles 2 months ago
Off rip they need to bring back the park rep force people to actually play the game to get your overall up. 2k turned into a mycareer grind. Even the xp or make park higher then myCareer if they plan on keeping a cap breaker, my career shldnt got up 5.0 in 1 game and park go up 1.2 (example) FORCE PEOPLE TO PLAY PARK Hide the records from other like 2k16/17 people are scared of records and overall.
TTVXballers 2 months ago
You really gonna lose 30
ScreenedYou 2 months ago
Pause 3:19 someone is the background lol Edit : I meant 3:20
Kendall Merchant
Kendall Merchant 2 months ago
Aye agent you're one of my favorite RUvidrs not just in the 2k community but RUvid in general just because in videos like these you always keep it real keep up the good work my guy🙏🏾
Dre Dredaddyfreeleek
Agent need to put this song on his next video ruvid.net/video/video-i6rT14hfr3g.html
Evens Ely
Evens Ely 2 months ago
They need to bring the cheese on 2k16 back for STRETCH BIG
KingCashYT 2 months ago
Someone please tell 2k about the Delayers and tell them To do something about it
Tyrant On 2K
Tyrant On 2K 2 months ago
David Kerr
David Kerr 2 months ago
If it's the 24th why does it say published on may 25th
Dwayne Boyd
Dwayne Boyd 2 months ago
This is my career,why can’t I do wat I want
Dwayne Boyd
Dwayne Boyd 2 months ago
No set shots
Dougie MF Hoppa
Dougie MF Hoppa 2 months ago
They should make female players in my career
WE BEEN GOATED 2 months ago
They need to bring park badges back they need to give point guards a dribble and stamina meter if they both run out they automatically lose the ball there is no way a pure point forward or playmaker is dribbling in between 2 locks and still manages to dunk on a rim protector. Glass cleaner athletic finishers post scorers should not be able to shoot 3s including slashers and playmaking slashers. Playmaking sharps should not be able to do 15 dribble moves and still hit a highly contested 3. Stretch bigs should not be able to dribble nor cheese without losing the ball name 1 NBA player that's a stretch do what Duke Dennis does the game is broken obviously. A stretch big shouldn't get the same badges as a pure sharp only badge they should get hof is catch and shoot and deep range deadeye not limitless range. Slashers dunk animation should not be stopped just cuz the defender is standing in the paint with his hand up I got tons more of what needs to be fixed and changed to make this game competitive instead of a cheese festival
xd JB1
xd JB1 2 months ago
21:00 The definition of Troydans life lol No hate to Troy
AJ Dixon
AJ Dixon 2 months ago
Yoooo last time I seen this nigga he wasn’t a fat ass 😭
Pentagon Jr 304
Pentagon Jr 304 3 months ago
2k please bring back create a legend mode that the number one mode everybody love please bring it back to 2K 🙏
Matthew De Luna
Matthew De Luna 3 months ago
Man you need to loose weight
Hayden Fish
Hayden Fish 3 months ago
Talk about my team god dam
Hayden Fish
Hayden Fish 3 months ago
Talk about my team god dammit
Ironic Kush215
Ironic Kush215 3 months ago
Agent I been a subscriber I fuck with u this vid is great and funny 😭💪🏽💯 but the last time I been on here u didn’t look like that u really a plate cleaner heavily
Nick Melton
Nick Melton 3 months ago
"North America" is a continent*
CirocBoiLex Bert
CirocBoiLex Bert 3 months ago
Your so corny
Jaden Foster
Jaden Foster 3 months ago
For 2k20 they need to add back the grand badge icon like in 2k17
Samuel Gaming
Samuel Gaming 3 months ago
Watches video sees Walid I. Background 3:21
EvilGramCrackr 29
EvilGramCrackr 29 3 months ago
Who else has been dying for 3 years day after day for Borderlands 3?
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 3 months ago
All u niggas are clowns 2K and Live fan boys fuccin clowns
Yuin Diving and fishing
Why is badge plug talking he breaks the game
Goodluck 40
Goodluck 40 3 months ago
Lmao bruh wtf is up with that hat 😭
TacoJuice YT
TacoJuice YT 3 months ago
Who thinks Agent would make 2k 100 times better if he ran the company
Alex garcia
Alex garcia 3 months ago
True I found your channel from Simone else's back in 2k 16
Alex garcia
Alex garcia 3 months ago
😂 bro wtf agent what did you just start
Alex garcia
Alex garcia 3 months ago
I should be donating to nobody in America because 😂buh I couldn't
King Zilla Tee26
King Zilla Tee26 3 months ago
Like a play sharp stretch shot Creator
King Zilla Tee26
King Zilla Tee26 3 months ago
Tell them we need 5 attributes
HOLDMYNUTS Boi 3 months ago
Everytime i watch one of his vids he gets fatter
Jason Thornton
Jason Thornton 3 months ago
Still making 2k vids huh lol
ImHonest 3 months ago
3:19 am I the only one that seen that person
ImHonest 3 months ago
Gjon selitaj
Gjon selitaj 3 months ago
Looks trash and waste of money
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 3 months ago
How dope would blacktop online be???
Tank Coffee
Tank Coffee 3 months ago
You should be able to buy badges if things will stay in the attributes category
Tank Coffee
Tank Coffee 3 months ago
Well if they want to bring up big men and real statistics they should take y’all of fame limitless range off the game then cuz statistics show it’s only a few that can hit from the fcking half court marker
Tank Coffee
Tank Coffee 3 months ago
It’s funny how the ppl that mostly get cards first in my team and players to 99 first be in a pic with Ronny n see the new 2k before anybody guess it’s true what they say
pablo esteban espinoza molina
2k20 ruvid.net/video/video-cROL-ZQy3rI.html
Kane 3 months ago
Height limit should be 7’7😂😂
KXING Apocalypse Entertainment
Half the shit you’re reading, you’re not even paying attention, bruh 😂
lipoli polipo
lipoli polipo 3 months ago
That's some low IQ people arguing about a videogame.... disapointed
Troll 3000
Troll 3000 3 months ago
Damn agent I used to watch you vids all the time.. if you can’t get thru a video without sweating like that its time to hit up that goodlife, man got that RUvid money and hit up every restaurant in brampton
Androidzxz 3 months ago
Can I please get some subs I just want 1k 😓 please. Sorry you don’t need to watch the videos
Androidzxz 3 months ago
Can I please get some subs I just want 1k 😓 please. Sorry you don’t need to watch the videos
The DribbleGod
The DribbleGod 3 months ago
Bring the 2k16 release back😂
Etienne Bertie
Etienne Bertie 3 months ago
Appreciate this Agent 👌🏾
LyfeGotBanned 3 months ago
Them pants tho
Baron 3 months ago
Mmogo.com buy cheap nba 2k20 mt
LeSnag James
LeSnag James 3 months ago
i swear to fuck i will kill my self if 2k don’t change the ability to get the ball stolen every time you dribble around someone like paul george, kawhi, lonzo, etc. pisses me off
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