Naya Rivera Says There Was No Beef With Lea Michele | WWHL

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Actress Naya Rivera names the worst song performed on “Glee” and talks about liking actress Lea Michele’s instagram post of her engagement ring and shoots down the fact that the two had any beef.
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Naya Rivera Says There Was No Beef With Lea Michele | WWHL


Published on


Feb 6, 2019




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Comments 100
B MOORE Day ago
She definitely would’ve been a house wife of somewhere in Cali... R.I.P.
Dakota Winchester
Dakota Winchester 10 days ago
*Did Lea kill her?*
mags 18 days ago
she was the best person on earth
Gray sang
Gray sang 23 days ago
0:13 blue christmas
Exotic Chicken
Exotic Chicken 25 days ago
I miss her
jasmine 28 days ago
i miss her light so much
Alexandria Is
Alexandria Is Month ago
I miss her
dannilevil Month ago
What a shame, she was so young and beautiful RIP
marie urquizo
marie urquizo Month ago
terence mckenna
moonlight mel
moonlight mel Month ago
i miss her
Jon Ross
Jon Ross Month ago
I miss this sweet girl 💔
Millie Hall
Millie Hall Month ago
RIP you true angle💔🕊
me be
me be Month ago
woah when she said “the only water flowing..the bitter sting of tears”
runningkirk wa
runningkirk wa Month ago
Naya looks so sexy
Sabrina Camargo
Sabrina Camargo Month ago
I miss you Naya
kimmy cuthbert
kimmy cuthbert Month ago
Naya' fans are bullies. Bullying a pregnant woman and it is thanks to that that lea ended up deactivating Twitter
Jenny G
Jenny G Month ago
RIP Naya. Prayers to her family and son.
gigi villasana
gigi villasana Month ago
may she rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏
Junglee Media
Junglee Media Month ago
We miss you Naya 💔😭
Chocolate Sorbet
And I would fave tried hard as hell to lift my body up onto the boat
Chocolate Sorbet
Wow, im so sad that she tried to save her son in the lake, but couldn't save herself
The Curious Guy
The Curious Guy Month ago
Terra dos Contos
Terra dos Contos 2 months ago
Growing up make her sees things clear I guess...
Nappily Gugu
Nappily Gugu 2 months ago
You didn’t search for this video
punchiauntie 2 months ago
She didn't like "Do They Know it's Christmas"? Oh well. Bob and Midge raised millions for the starving in Africa, so it did its job. It was never intended to be a joyous song. It was meant to make you think about the plight of others.
thedailydanny 2 months ago
she was so classy.. she could’ve said something bad about Lea during Glee (cause we all know Lea wasn’t the nicest co-star), but Naya was like “nah, no need to open that wound.”..
Bri Souheaver
Bri Souheaver 2 months ago
Alev Abdula
Alev Abdula 2 months ago
RIP Naya Rivera
Chanel Young
Chanel Young 2 months ago
so pretty
Aaliyah White
Aaliyah White 2 months ago
okay but Naya's outfit is popping.
Jorge Coronilla
Jorge Coronilla 2 months ago
She was so gorgeous
cory clemmings
cory clemmings 2 months ago
True queen-correction, king!
Alexa 2 months ago
RiP Naya 🙏🙏
Jamal Selesi
Jamal Selesi 2 months ago
R.I.P. Naya Rivera she was a Beautiful woman of Glee She Died so suddenly when she drowned she’ll always be remembered by
Karely A
Karely A 2 months ago
RIP beautiful 🥺❤️
J Eddie
J Eddie 2 months ago
From this moment on, I can’t watch any more Naya Rivera video’s. It’s not right she is gone. If a god existed, she would still be here. That’s why I have never believed in fictional characters
Addie Taylor
Addie Taylor 2 months ago
RIP angel 👼💖
Anna Del Fade
Anna Del Fade 2 months ago
Rest in peace, Naya.
Oscar Scout
Oscar Scout 2 months ago
Rest In Peace beautiful soul.
Karen Heo
Karen Heo 2 months ago
please let naya rivera be remembered as someone who always had good things to say under lea’s posts. she was a good person.
d_great _catsby
d_great _catsby 2 months ago
Hajime 2 months ago
RIP so sorry for her kid :(
xChimmy x
xChimmy x 2 months ago
Such a beautiful woman.. her hair looked stunning here! Naya you are missed love.
AshitaNoKanousei42 2 months ago
When she and Cory died, it just felt like we lost friends even though we never knew them. The show ran from the end of my college years, through job hunting, coming out and becoming an adult. It made me happy and keeps me grounded to that transitional period of my life. I bought the season passes to the last three seasons on iTunes as soon as they came out because I wanted to watch it ASAP, not to mention dozens and dozens of the songs, which I still listen to. The Quarterback episode aired a few days after my grandpa died; my mom picked me up from work and took me home and we found him. I watched the episode on the bus on the way to work, crying at my phone. I just can't believe this, and I know you feel the same way. I hope we can be here for each other. Stay safe, all of you.
zzz 2 months ago
Rest In Peace babe
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 2 months ago
She never had a problem with Lea. It was Lea who had a problem with everyone
George Maher Jr
George Maher Jr 2 months ago
Rest In Peace 😢
Kammy LaFleur
Kammy LaFleur 2 months ago
Now every time I hear her speak about water or hear her sing “If I Die Young” it’s gonna give me chills.
Kammy LaFleur
Kammy LaFleur 2 months ago
Nope Nope how?! I didn’t say I was gonna have a meltdown every time, jeez.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 2 months ago
...a bit dramatic!!! 🤣
Spencer Read
Spencer Read 2 months ago
She was so gorgeous ✨
Tiffany 2 months ago
She is the most beautiful and down to earth soul. Even in her smile you can see so much personality! She’ll forever be missed but I haven no doubt the love and soul lives on.
maharani ghufron
maharani ghufron 2 months ago
Beautiful soul. Rest in love Naya
Ramos Summers
Ramos Summers 2 months ago
She didn't care about her enough to have any grudge with her.. RIP Naya :(((
miss meela
miss meela 2 months ago
wow RIP❤️❤️❤️
Emma Panzica
Emma Panzica 2 months ago
Still can’t believe she’s gone!!!!😭😭😭😭 R.I.P. Naya Rivera!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻A beautiful soul gone too soon!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Fly High Angel!!!!🕊🕊🕊🕊
Alisha 2 months ago
This came into my recommended after she died 😔
Bhadd Fattie
Bhadd Fattie 2 months ago
Rest in power naya💗✨
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed 2 months ago
What a beautiful woman❤️ rip
runner4life551 2 months ago
RIP 💔💔
Peach Bombshell
Peach Bombshell 2 months ago
Gonna miss Naya so much 😭💔
Yuri Faxineira
Yuri Faxineira 2 months ago
Rest In Peace our for ever santana
Robin Salem
Robin Salem 2 months ago
Rip queen 💔💔🙏
hanah angel
hanah angel 2 months ago
rest in peace babe
The Kansas Cat
The Kansas Cat 2 months ago
Rest in peace, Naya, we love you, forever in our hearts
Richie Phongsavath
Richie Phongsavath 2 months ago
RIP Naya Babygirl! The whole world will miss you so much!
ColeHere 2 months ago
Who Came Here When She was Dead.. Pray For Naya
Jeffrey S
Jeffrey S 2 months ago
RIP Darling. You will be hugely missed. 💐
HollywoodCole 2 months ago
Rest in Peace beautiful Naya.
misopaste27 2 months ago
Naya ❤️
celeste matthews
celeste matthews 2 months ago
My PRAYERS are with Naya Rivera family especially her son 🙏
Jhene Evans
Jhene Evans 2 months ago
Not gonna lie hated her character on glee but I ALWAYS LOVED HER 😭 Please naya ive been keeping you in my prayers 🙏 ❤
Ale Gree
Ale Gree 2 months ago
Rest in peace, naya! What is happening is unbelievable...
Melanie Gardner
Melanie Gardner 2 months ago
God she was stunning.
Trista Love
Trista Love 2 months ago
Sweet woman 😢
Lonna 2 months ago
I’m here after Naya Rivera’s death I just miss her smile.
lucy gluce
lucy gluce Month ago
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin 2 months ago
Man she was beautiful. Absolutely heartbreaking!
Quantum Entanglement.
She was absolutely GORGEOUS. I love her voice and face. R.I.P Naya.
Chase Carda
Chase Carda 2 months ago
Rest In Peace love!
钟宝宝 2 months ago
Daniel Londoño
Daniel Londoño 2 months ago
There was any beef then stop harassing a pregnant woman who by the way recently got along with Naya, even Naya herself said many nice things about her and her pregnancy
mona 2 months ago
Rest In Peace Naya ❤️
Mackenzie Dawkins
Mackenzie Dawkins 2 months ago
RIP to this sweet and beautiful angel. She will be missed so much. 💔🥺🕊
befi tuihalamaka
befi tuihalamaka 2 months ago
😭💔 RIP sweet angel 🕊
Tee Tarquin
Tee Tarquin 2 months ago
Maya was so beautiful. RIP
black devils advocate
When she says he worst song lyrics on glee was where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears ‘’ ...
- alex
- alex 2 months ago
There are SO many coincidences that have to do with water, it's crazy.
ass holic
ass holic 2 months ago
swim next time
zeze 2 months ago
Such a beautiful, classy lady
adrian alonso
adrian alonso 2 months ago
shvedha 2 months ago
Rest In Peace beautiful💔
ThatsHot B
ThatsHot B 2 months ago
RIP sweet pretty angel
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher 2 months ago
Rest in peace, beautiful woman
Latifaa Hmd
Latifaa Hmd 2 months ago
Gontzal ST
Gontzal ST 2 months ago
So heartbreaking her recent death...I hope upcoming years won't be like 2020... One of the most tragic years ever.
Daire Kelly
Daire Kelly 2 months ago
Rest in peace ❤️
brendanayres92 2 months ago
RIP Angel
Ren Zen
Ren Zen 2 months ago
Congratulations on paying poor women to sell you their baby. Humans are not for sale
kdoingherthing 2 months ago
Rest in peace Naya ❤️
Yoma Nugraha
Yoma Nugraha 2 months ago
may she rest in peace
King khalid
King khalid 2 months ago
RIP queen
Laura Schaub
Laura Schaub 2 months ago
It's so heartbreaking. Rest in peace beautiful Naya.🕊 All the love going to her family and her little son.❤
Angys Taekookies
Angys Taekookies 2 months ago
2020 is truly the worst year. Sweet Naya although I never watched glee I still remembered you from it I would still recognize your face. You truly are a hero for saving your son using your last bit of force in you to save him as any mother would you died a hero. I still refuse to believe that you’re gone I still find reasons to believe you’re alive but you’re not and it’s heartbreaking I wish you could come back but sadly this is not the case I hope you are in heaven looking down on your son and taking care of him I hope you are reunited with Cory taking care of eachother as you guys always did. RIP sweet Naya you will never be forgotten 🥺💔🙏
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