Natural (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Frog Leap Studios
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Original by Imagine Dragons
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Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.


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Jul 10, 2020




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Comments 60
Chris Sikes
Chris Sikes 3 hours ago
Love this version way better than the original
Jacob Hanna
Jacob Hanna 17 hours ago
I always said imagine dragons could hold there own at a live standard with a metal crowd
Eugene Kotelnikov
Eugene Kotelnikov 23 hours ago
Это очень круто!!!
Devinda n Kaushalya
Hell yeah 😈❤💪
Alexander Santos
Alexander Santos 3 days ago
I like to see a cover of siames the wolf
Edrogrimshell 3 days ago
I keep expecting his eyes to be red during this video.
Zen Wistaria
Zen Wistaria 3 days ago
Thank-you for this naturals mashup with patera and nuclear blast
Michael m
Michael m 5 days ago
Hey Leo. Do some Flogging Molly covers or any Irish folk music. Keep rockin the videos . You are awesome !
John Zidlicky
John Zidlicky 5 days ago
You need to do behind blue eyes by the Who
Richi Lewis
Richi Lewis 5 days ago
I love this
ephifite eph
ephifite eph 6 days ago
hi, how to get that freaky rabbbit costume?????
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 7 days ago
Please do a cover of Day O the banana boat song
Anu Hjarpe
Anu Hjarpe 7 days ago
Näää du är ju bäst du räddade mig från en jävligt tråkig födelsedagen! 31/7
Orlat Hemming
Orlat Hemming 7 days ago
Amazing, love you music and your videos. But to be true, imho you achive the best results when you work with a female voice. You did many of this videos and all of them are fantastic. Your voice fits best if you have a good female counterpart. Maybe you can do one with J. Fla (ruvid.net/show-UClkRzsdvg7_RKVhwDwiDZOA) or Melissa Bonny (ruvid.net/u-MelissaBonny) both amazing singers with their own style. Go on with that great work! Don't get my wrong, all your work is close to perfect, your an amazing artist, but the female voice then makes it 100% perfect.
Ricki Vincent
Ricki Vincent 7 days ago
Rabbit is starting to look a little strung out. Lol
Aggr69 8 days ago
Better than the original. Keep up the great covers!
random cam
random cam 9 days ago
this man is purely magical
Dylan Costley
Dylan Costley 9 days ago
File this under one of my favorite covers by you, or anyone honestly, yet. This was so damn good!
Arikikami Chan
Arikikami Chan 9 days ago
Man I instantly had an eargasm on the chorus, this cover makes me happy xD
crazyd3uces 11 days ago
Dude the quality of your videos just keep getting better and better
crazyd3uces 11 days ago
Leo is literally better than any original i have heard to date.
Dainalys Colón
Dainalys Colón 11 days ago
Could you make a version of Devils never cry from the video game Devil May cry? Good video :D
Evy Music & Lifestyle
Super-duper nice👏 ... Would you like to be RUvid friends?:) when you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle too, thank you!
Jimmious 12 days ago
Psalm David
Psalm David 12 days ago
Oroberus 13 days ago
I honestly did not think that anything by Imagin Dragons could be even partially salvaged but ... well done to correct me there :)
Tony 13 days ago
Fucking awesome! Keep the videos coming Leo!
Akela Awnyo
Akela Awnyo 14 days ago
Could you please do Cats in the Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe... This song means alot to me ✌️
Dan the indoor man
Dan the indoor man 14 days ago
That grey guitar is sleek af
Phelippe Arthur
Phelippe Arthur 14 days ago
this is one of the best metal songs I've ever heard🤘🤘🤘
Au roi du nord
Au roi du nord 14 days ago
super j'adore
Dick Hammerbush
Dick Hammerbush 15 days ago
i wanna see him do Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire
Arvind 15 days ago
This is soo good bruh!!
Silvan 15 days ago
My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion That would be awesome
Cory Gilliam
Cory Gilliam 13 days ago
That’s a metal cover already
Joshua 15 days ago
I’d love to hear no rain by blind melon. And also. Bad moon rising. By CCR. Would be awesome too. Love this channel
Osage Saint
Osage Saint 15 days ago
Would like to see you do in the dark by billy Squier?
Malachi's Guides!
Malachi's Guides! 15 days ago
I love your delivery on the hook/chorus
Opposed Tuba
Opposed Tuba 16 days ago
Bryan Linquist
Bryan Linquist 16 days ago
"Night Ranger- Don't Tel Me You Love Me" would make an awesome metal cover. Just sayin'. Great covers. Keep up the great work.
Rob Soruco
Rob Soruco 16 days ago
Gorrillaz "Clint Eastwood" Please
Dave Kehrer
Dave Kehrer 16 days ago
Cute kid :)
Will S
Will S 17 days ago
Could you do Hard Candy Christmas. That would be intresting
Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman 17 days ago
Can u do rock star by Robby rich
Marco Delnegro
Marco Delnegro 18 days ago
Richtig coool
Ryan Paul
Ryan Paul 18 days ago
Would love to hear Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones
Steven McFly
Steven McFly 18 days ago
This man has done the unbelievable: turned a rock song into half funk (2:35)! It's un-NATURAL! :-)
Андрей Каргалев
Лео сделай кавер the clash should i stay or should i go
Gary Gerloff
Gary Gerloff 18 days ago
Dude, I love this cover! Good job!
karislost 19 days ago
Do blinding lights
Eric London
Eric London 19 days ago
Leo ( noun ) Description of a cover tune that is artistically and musically better than the original ; "I gotta go listen to the latest Leo."
Euller axl11
Euller axl11 19 days ago
Suggestion: Lady Gagga- Telephone
Cesar Aguilar :3
Cesar Aguilar :3 19 days ago
PLEASE!! Make a cover of "The undertaker" by Sons of perdition You killed it man 🤟
Jess M
Jess M 19 days ago
Love the cover! I was wondering if anyone has heard of breakdown by Bob Seger. I would like to hear that.
N H 20 days ago
Please do a metal version of Amazing Grace, Leo!
Afaque Adil
Afaque Adil 20 days ago
Suggestion : Venus Doom - Him. I'm more than sure you can do a much better version. You're the man and I really love your videos.
PatchTheKiller26 20 days ago
Dude that was awesome hey do Warrior next
Kerrie Maree
Kerrie Maree 20 days ago
You should really do a cover of this Australian song, Mr Natural by mental as anything. Rock that one out for us Aussie's while in lockdown 😎
angel kiss
angel kiss 20 days ago
where is your tatto lego
kyle stacks
kyle stacks 20 days ago
Fuckin dope man good stuff
Marc Wilson
Marc Wilson 20 days ago
Need to do some Springbok Nude Girl songs!
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