NATO Cafeteria Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Foreign leaders (Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, James Corden) that were caught making fun of President Trump (Alec Baldwin) at the NATO summit continue their taunting in the cafeteria.
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 60
Chris Fletcher
Chris Fletcher 20 hours ago
Just noticed the attention to detail. Boris has fish and chips, macron has a pastry, and Trudeau has Poutine.
BroadwayDivo Day ago
Does Paul Rudd ever age? I think he may have the fountain of the youth
the belljar
the belljar Day ago
Lol the baltics would never let a friend of Russia sit next to them.
Bruce Levy
Bruce Levy Day ago
Epic Times is Falon Gong.
Lorrie Day ago
I can't believe this is still so funny after these eons.
Lex The Mystic
“Get lost, Romania.” “Uhhh... I love your economies.” As a Romanian, this hurt me...
hutch 2 days ago
"Romania, scram!"
mmimpromptu 2 days ago
That was too harsh on Latvia
dest151 4 days ago
i can never get enough of alec baldwins trump .. he kills me lol
Hod Osinin
Hod Osinin 4 days ago
Lol bunch of jealous crybabies.
JUAN MANUEL 4 days ago
Eric Panissidi
Eric Panissidi 4 days ago
Omg snl is going to offend latvia! Get ready for war
Daniel Hucklebridge
James Corden....playing Chris Farley......playing Boris.
ThatDutchGuy 5 days ago
So, NATO is a WASP club, good to know. Now we can leave.
Thelma Lopez
Thelma Lopez 5 days ago
i love this it is so hilarious. i am so very sick of trump and all his goons! thanks for posting
David McCoy
David McCoy 5 days ago
Look at trump plate burger city
ronald tetreault
ronald tetreault 6 days ago
When Trump gets angry , he turns a bright lavender , and looks like he ate Alfred Hitchcock . ain't it. ☮️ amen
Jakub Kováč
Jakub Kováč 7 days ago
SNL people don't like Trump and his polictics but them themselves make fun of Eastern Eropean countires and make them look stupid :D
Raymond Chandler
Raymond Chandler 7 days ago
The funny thing here is that none of these countries actually matter.... they wouldn’t be anything without the US. Also screw all you liberal pieces of turd.
Grainne Gowen
Grainne Gowen 7 days ago
World War III could start because Donald Trump knows he will never be one of the cool kids
Hes The Phantom
Hes The Phantom 8 days ago
How does Angela not already run the cool kids table.
Pamela Shore
Pamela Shore 8 days ago
Oh my God I'm at the losers table!!
This skit never get’s old. This is also a correct representation of what other countries think of the current potus.
Kilobyte254 8 days ago
It was just locker room talk!!!!
chaging1 8 days ago
This is fucking awesome 👏...
Thank You
Thank You 9 days ago
Call Danny for an okay time 641-751-9167
Mar - Chan
Mar - Chan 9 days ago
No mames, se pasan de vergation!🤣
Edgar Babilonia
Edgar Babilonia 9 days ago
Mister president how come you are a worthless coward?
RGXO 10 days ago
Im Latvian and that was so dumb and unaccurate 😂
Fuckin Latvia 😂😂
Getting Farley vibes from James Cordon there. Good memories
D Paul
D Paul 10 days ago
Mcjibbin 10 days ago
I love how the USA can even have a moron like Trump as president and the major countries of Europe STILL have to act like they life him xD. If our Economy werent so friggen larger than the UK, France and Canada COMBINED we would be ignored. But everyone has to kiss our butts no matter what! lol 😂
Michelle Tran
Michelle Tran 11 days ago
I hate how political SNL has gotten but this was actually funny.
Josh Render
Josh Render 11 days ago
The comb never touched Fallon's hair! I call shenanigans!
NeonzZ 11 days ago
America can keep that turncoat of a man James Corden.
David Canizares
David Canizares 12 days ago
1 like = 1 prayer for Latvia to get at the cool table
Nathan Roos
Nathan Roos 12 days ago
The hair thing! They nailed Boris’ hair.
Tristan Tweardy
Tristan Tweardy 13 days ago
for one split second, i thought boris johnson was being played by chris farley
RichB Doop
RichB Doop 13 days ago
mandy moore
mandy moore 13 days ago
This thumbnail so made me think Boris was Chris Farley! Idk who it is, can’t place his face but he could be his doppelgänger
Matteo Watteo
Matteo Watteo 14 days ago
Dumb skit. Could have been alot funnier. Jimmy Fallon and James Corden are lame and unfunny.
GamerGod337 15 days ago
I dont like how they made fun of romania and latvia like that. Typical americans
GamerGod337 13 days ago
@Roger Martin yeah? Does that make it better?
Roger Martin
Roger Martin 13 days ago
Only because they're small countries.
Calcatic 15 days ago
Someone explain to me why they had to cock-up boris Johnson's voice? He isn't an aussie..
Sam Dias
Sam Dias 14 days ago
Neither is James corden 🤔🤔🤔🤔
ADVENTURES with Christian
Trump has done more then all 3 of those fools. Trump also would never take a knee with BLM like that idiot did from canada.
beats soul
beats soul 16 days ago
Plot twist: In real life All these people on screen votes for trump 😆
BRVD Production
BRVD Production 16 days ago
Who was the host lol
TL Andrews
TL Andrews 16 days ago
Fallon nails Canadian Wayne by Mike Meyers
Alison Diaz
Alison Diaz 16 days ago
This is so high school!!! Love that James Corden is playing Boris Johnson.
Jacob Loesch
Jacob Loesch 16 days ago
Who else got mad at 5:40 when she picked up the tenor horn and said, "Should I bring my flugelhorn?"
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 16 days ago
Trump is everything except a good leader and a good person, with a strong character. He is the quintessential bad guy you grew up watching in cartoons, that you promise yourself you will never be like. The bad guy in movies like AVATAR, etc...Caring more about oil and profit, than nature, and human life and equality. He chooses to never say, empathetic and kind things, and instead divides our country with negativity. A child. And he cares about nothing except for money, and unless your white and wealthy, your dispensable to him.
LovesthedramaMama 17 days ago
James Corden looks like Chris Farley here
NattyBoyTM 17 days ago
Exactly what I thought.
Emily Grace
Emily Grace 17 days ago
"no classified discussion in this area"
scott young
scott young 17 days ago
Soybean tariffs am I right???
B.I.G TICKS MEDIA 17 days ago
Why is James Corden doing an American accent?
Doctor who what now
I hate my prime minister for even considering being friends with annoying orange here.
Doctor who what now
You guys do know i don’t like Trump and Boris, they are pathetic but the countries The uk and usa are decent counties, and I’m apart of both germany and the uk. And the size of an army means nothing because some people think they can solve problems by shooting, bombing or building a wall around it, rather than fixing them. It is what a group of people do to save each other and the world. Oh and my best friend is Russian and is the nicest person a human being can meet so don’t disrespect a country where not everyone is a monster. My case is closed.😐
Your Mom's Boss
Your Mom's Boss 13 days ago
Shut up commie, USA has the best president in the world and the largest military in the world. USA USA USA USA
Julie Singh
Julie Singh 17 days ago
Must be so much fun filming this! 🤣🤣🤣
IBEJI BENSON 17 days ago
This was mean 😂😂
splodge 17 days ago
Trudeau is looking a little pale 🤣
TONY FERREZ 17 days ago
Yeah, that's what trump really is, a total joke!😄
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