Natgeo Documentary - WHEN LIONS ATTACK - - Mana Pools National Parks - ZIMBABWE - HD 1080p

Eliza Boelke
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Mar 23, 2017




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Congratulations, Eliza! I had been doing Jaguar Videos, at the Brazilian Pantanal! I hope you will visit it, after the Pandemic! Stay Safe!
Wildlife & Birds UK
Wildlife & Birds UK 10 hours ago
Big 👍 Super footage. An enjoyable watch - Nature and the Wildlife & Birds within are the Greatest Free Show on Earth - if you have a little patience and 'see' what is around you ◕‿◕
Lovemore Mariko
Lovemore Mariko 21 hour ago
Ismail Erik
Ismail Erik Day ago
Hati 2 xerbau raja hutan licix
Justin Kredable
32:07 Buffalo crying???
Willie Colvin
Rest in peace George Floyd
Anandamurthy RN
Anandamurthy RN 2 days ago
Bola Aghedo
Bola Aghedo 2 days ago
The voice of God to settle you isn't a voice of predator: ruvid.net/video/video-iIur1iSHHLU.html
Ron Vai
Ron Vai 2 days ago
39:45 anybody want some shit?
Ron Vai
Ron Vai 2 days ago
35:00 BRUTALITY (Mortal Kombat deep Voice)
Brigitte Bucari
Brigitte Bucari 2 days ago
Jadore vos reportages, mais malheureusement ,je comprend pas ce que vous dîtes, jadore les animaux sauvages, je kiffe 2👍👍👍
Oscar Angel
Oscar Angel 2 days ago
Hola yo quiero ve un leon mordido por una cobra o por una mamba negra
Mohamed Abdirahmaan Osman
I don't owe anybody anymore with the help of, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Steve c
Steve c 4 days ago
Got 4 minutes in and had to abort, the narrator's voice is possibly the most annoying I've ever heard. Shame, looked like an interesting documentary.
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 4 days ago
We’d have so many more big cats if it wasn’t for Humans
Dert Dert
Dert Dert 4 days ago
Bruno Squadrito
Bruno Squadrito 4 days ago
42:53 yeeet!
Master 4 days ago
You haven't seen anything until you see a deer jump all the way over your car.
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 5 days ago
The elephant pooped when it died rip
mikeyb byekim
mikeyb byekim 6 days ago
16:50 wow what a treat. Very unusual seeing more than 1 litter
SHAH MRUGESH 6 days ago
Like 👍 Good One ☝️ Great 👌 Nice Video 📹👍👌,❤️ Lovely 😍 Love 👄 Queen 👸 Lioness 🦁 And 😍 LION 🦁.
Pearlie Stevens
Pearlie Stevens 6 days ago
Chenjerai Gurupira
I live here
Maria Lee
Maria Lee 7 days ago
Beautiful film no stupid loud music x
Cat Smith
Cat Smith 8 days ago
Oh no poor baby elephant. Some of this was sad to watch but a good wildlife documentary
Jose Paredes
Jose Paredes 5 days ago
Traducciones rspsñol
Jose Paredes
Jose Paredes 5 days ago
En español
Эдик Гильгерт
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 9 days ago
Bro its fun watching these stupid animals
ชาติ ชายา
heshan ranasinghe
heshan ranasinghe 10 days ago
exalnt doc
NJAMBI MARIE 11 days ago
monkeys are always spectators
John Kennaman
John Kennaman 11 days ago
3:44 watching the lioness then I saw a snare by the tree ?
Demi Thomas-Nix
Demi Thomas-Nix 8 days ago
Facts I seen it too
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Владимир Кичкен
D 12 days ago
Nature is scary..did that buffalo really cry????
xetalq 12 days ago
Whoever wrote the script for this documentary didn't do their homework: Zimbabwe is in the southern hemisphere and the Dry Season (April to October) is winter, during which time, the weather is dry but cool, with clear blue skies. Temperatures are a very pleasant low-to-mid 70s Fahrenheit (21C to 24C) during the day, and positively bone-chillingly freezing at night - the cold is one that goes right through you, and chills you to the very bone. October - the last month of the Dry Season - is probably the hottest of the year, but only in the last half of the month, as summer draws near and the rains have yet to come. It may reach 116F (47C) in the second half of October, but never during the other months of the Dry (during which months, it never rains at all). When the rains arrive, usually (though not always) in November, they take the edge off the heat, but between rainfalls, temperatures become very hot indeed. The Wet Season usually lasts 'til the first week or so of April, but before the rains stop completely, temperatures have already begun to cool. But portraying the Dry Season as the season when it is hottest is elementary ignorance based on northern hemisphere assumptions. The northern hemisphere summer occurs from June to September and is the hottest time of the year north of the equator, when the opposite applies to the Southern Hemisphere, during the same months. It would appear that the editor of this documentary has mixed footage from the Wet with footage from the Dry, and an ignoramus has written a narration based on northern hemisphere assumptions (and a huge dollop of ignorance) to try and make sense of it all. Lovely images in this documentary, but please ignore the narration, if you can.
Lolos Peter
Lolos Peter 10 days ago
I find the narration spot on. That's the Mana Pools for you. I live in Zimbabwe. The research was well done. Our winter is from Mid May to Mid August. The documentary was well articulated.
Fish poem
Fish poem 13 days ago
First rate and best lion vs buffalo video on youtube. Superb cinematography. Thanks, Eliza!
brookie73 13 days ago
That buffalo crying waiting to be eaten. I know its life but still. That was awful
二宮章子 14 days ago
Coretta Washington
Coretta Washington 14 days ago
Chaka ain’t nothing to be played with...true hunter
Abas quli
Abas quli 15 days ago
Malek Khazaee
Malek Khazaee 15 days ago
Silly namings for these lions.
Gottlieb Goltz
Gottlieb Goltz 15 days ago
They can certainly bite and scratch.. Yup.!!!
Take care monkey BB
These animals are so beautiful and lovely
alex alfredo paredes mendoza
ابو محمد العباسي
All wild beasts must be killed, and there is no justification for their existence as an environmental parity. Let the peaceful animals live in peace, which is the wealth of the countries in which they live in the Arab countries.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 16 days ago
Animals' style
Animals' style 16 days ago
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فاخر البصراوي
فاخر البصراوي
Brown Phiri
Brown Phiri 17 days ago
Jerry Rawlings
Jerry Rawlings 17 days ago
@32:07 that buffalo started crying fearing it's demise.
t real
t real 17 days ago
The narrator for this doc. Is under rated by man like many others for too long!
oscarc909 Day ago
Ron Vai
Ron Vai 2 days ago
That raspy voice is really engaging right!? ;D! 35:06
Jake Garner
Jake Garner 17 days ago
4 mins in when describing one of the young lions, he say,"Small, stealthy, wreckless." How can he be stealthy and wreckless??/??
waleed farouk
waleed farouk 18 days ago
These elephants are inspired by Indian police and taking bribe from every passenger
عاشقة الزهراء
Ū .ذلك . د
madhawgz 18 days ago
Rip Bambi,Pumba and Dumbo🦁
Jamie McManus
Jamie McManus 18 days ago
It’s so awesome to watch these animals in action, so beautiful and intelligent!
Sujin Thongsuk
Sujin Thongsuk 18 days ago
Fredo Joaquim
Fredo Joaquim 18 days ago
🦁 🦁 and Cape Buffalo.
Michealla Michael
Michealla Michael 19 days ago
Ivanka Jain
Ivanka Jain 19 days ago
Wykeisha Craft
Wykeisha Craft 20 days ago
Animals falls and cries too! 😔
Wykeisha Craft
Wykeisha Craft 20 days ago
Cute baby 🐘🐘🐘
untold history
untold history 21 day ago
32:09 he is crying :(((( awww
Chloe Rae
Chloe Rae 21 day ago
and this ladys and gentlmen is why kids stay in there rooms all day watching youtube and tiktok
Carl Carl
Carl Carl 22 days ago
Why does the Smithsonian inject electronic piped-in music, which distorts the speaker's voice, and prevents us also from listening to the natural sound the makers of this video labored to record.
S J 23 days ago
One of the best vids by smith.......suprised to see thkse lions that high up in trees, usually dont see that & guess a leopard is sol ther haha
S J 23 days ago
AWW. @ 32:10 That bull was crying!!!!!! Awww omg!!
Norvel Capistrano
Norvel Capistrano 23 days ago
. Ok
k1w1 23 days ago
Imagine being as tough as a hyena who can hang out among a pride of hostile lions and still come away laughing hysterically.
The PM
The PM 23 days ago
Why do I continue to sense a human hand in all this to manipulate killings for the sake of their documentary? did tha animal really got injured???? Deep down im crying for my nation the we may be rid of such manipulators in all aspects of our day to to day operations.All lives matter yes ans so do Black lives!!! Get this right!!!
Myrtha Zenteno
Myrtha Zenteno 23 days ago
Excelente documental. Gracias
eren mori
eren mori 24 days ago
PLease Trump ban all lions from kill poor innocents in Africa parks! buffalo are bovine and the Hindu god Vishui demands humans stop all animals from killing bovines for food.
Billy Eggers
Billy Eggers 25 days ago
The monkey had front row seats, every fight!! Haha😂🎥🎬🍿 Thanks for the video guys!!
Anthony Juarez
Anthony Juarez 26 days ago
I’m sorry but I swear when Shaka watched the bull rolling down hill! She licked her chop, and said meats back on the menu boys 😂😂🤣🤣
Diah Yarsi
Diah Yarsi 26 days ago
African moved out .... American moved in .
Leonard Salazar
Leonard Salazar 26 days ago
Buffalo could cry 😭
无明 26 days ago
32:08 牛在流泪
Hoes mad
Hoes mad 26 days ago
21:35 *Ohohoho~~~ can I join ;)*
Sandra MacIsaac
Sandra MacIsaac 27 days ago
And eat.
Sandra MacIsaac
Sandra MacIsaac 27 days ago
I can relate to what your saying it is heart wrenching no matter what animal is being killed. I have made myself watch these videos to understand better ow these animals live and survive. I also tell myself that we kill to eat too except we go to the grocery store to buy ours. Somebody else does the dirty work but we all have to survive.
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