Nate Silver On The Klobucharge In New Hampshire l FiveThirtyEight

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Nate Silver and Galen Druke walk and talk about the results in New Hampshire so far.

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Comments 21
FiveThirtyEight Month ago
Sorry the video looks like "The Blair Witch Project." We'll remember to bring a Steadicam next time!
Stephanie Luff
Stephanie Luff Month ago
@Solar2 👈 agreed
Solar2 Month ago
Honestly, with a steadicam, this walk-n-talk style is pretty cool and engaging. I just like seeing more of the area they're physical in.
Jared Budler
Jared Budler Month ago
Of course Amy won she came in third place. I thought this was a parody video at first. Na they are just self aware of their biases, it makes it harder for people to call them out on it. It's like how Trump committees crimes in plane sight.
Paul H.
Paul H. Month ago
0:54 “A bit BLUMPY-er” ... Urban dictionary to the rescue, and “yikes!”
LoLshark99 B
LoLshark99 B Month ago
Nate’s a bitch!
Rob Burson
Rob Burson Month ago
I love these. Keep it up 538.
Jesse Wu
Jesse Wu Month ago
walking analysis
Slow Boat Sailing
538 hates women
Joshua Phillip Walcott
Show your new tattoo 😛
Parakram Month ago
Douchebaggery, in Hampshire
Nathan Hubbard
Nathan Hubbard Month ago
Whoo Klobucharge!
Matthew Swenson
Matthew Swenson Month ago
Another draw, but this time we knew it within an hour. Hooray for a simpler methodology. Now it's about who gets the Culinary Union endorsement in Nevada.
Matthew Swenson
Matthew Swenson Month ago
Klobuchar drawing projected Warren voters as well as some of the more expected Biden support and some undecideds to nearly double expectations was the most interesting thing tonight.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Month ago
I petition to have every video filmed this way, it was way more exciting than it had any right to be. You all just go to an airport or a mall, and then walk around like it’s very important while doing the podcasts. Thanks.
Henry Myers
Henry Myers Month ago
You guys are so aegyo together
Josh Wise
Josh Wise Month ago
Is Nate going to be ok in SC since he’s NH/IA white?
Ch3mG33k Month ago
These little hits are magnificent. Keep 'em coming!
Tony Gonzales
Tony Gonzales Month ago
This is like me walking around with you guys in my ears but instead I'm watching the two of you walk around while you're in my ears. It's all very confusing.
AMand Month ago
For God's sake Nate just shave your head. :)
Tony Stagge
Tony Stagge Month ago
Can't you guys afford a little gimbal for that phone? Who is the camera person??
Talkin Zed
Talkin Zed Month ago
Nate is balding 😂😂😂
Lucy Month ago
Talkin Zed who cares?
Tony Gonzales
Tony Gonzales Month ago
Gravity always wins.
Tony Stagge
Tony Stagge Month ago
Not in his 538 profile pic!!
catsupdog Month ago
You didn't make me try and find some ABC version that I would never watch. Thank you. Now put your podcast on youtube right away. I will never go to ABC whatever it is!
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