Nate Diaz is ABSOLUTELY and POSITIVELY a NEEDLE MOVER NOW-Dana White, Nate-Masvidal Face off

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Jeremy Stephens on Yair Rodriguez bout,
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Dana White Q&A Highlights,
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 1 326
ryan ashworth
ryan ashworth 5 months ago
Diaz beats masvidal. That flying knee b.s. isn't going to work with Diaz.
J GrUBbS 5 months ago
I can't believe Dana wanted to cut yair for not accepting a fight.... when that's all the UFC is about!!!
testing316 5 months ago
Jeremy should have kept his sunglasses on for the fight.
Tenzin Kuns
Tenzin Kuns 5 months ago
yair sucks cry baby
Poems Perfect
Poems Perfect 5 months ago
Dana '180' White striiikes again!!!
Antoine Roy
Antoine Roy 5 months ago
The ending is even better post fight
IRON1 5 months ago
Dana everyone knows how UFC pays the fighters. A Google search reveals that. That being said, any athlete thinking they deserve millions or even hundreds of thousands to play a game or compete in a sport needs to get heir head out of their ass. Military men die for peanuts, volunteer firefighters die for no Payday at all. So yeah fighters make enough
001Broadway 5 months ago
Nate is NOT a needle mover. He is the whole motherfucking needle! 🔥🔥🔥
john brown
john brown 5 months ago
Spot on with the prediction the pain was only for stephens eyeball
John 5 months ago
Sound alike Dana white is dancing for shekels and will maybe suck your dick if you buy ESPN package
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 5 months ago
Nate diaz has always been a needle mover. It's just that now it's undeniable.
Jamster 5 months ago
He should have kept the shades on =P
Dustin VonSoosten
Dustin VonSoosten 5 months ago
Love Dana 🤙🤙🤙🤙
Yusuf Sanad
Yusuf Sanad 5 months ago
Conor will be an idiot to reply to jg
Elvis Alexandru
Elvis Alexandru 5 months ago
Yeah, his speed, his power... Blah blah blah and then an eye poke...
Ajay Gillig
Ajay Gillig 5 months ago
YOU CAN WATCH THE ENTIRE EVENT ON ESPN +!!!!! (unless an eye poke happens)
Chad Teneyck
Chad Teneyck 5 months ago
I’m confused how espn+ is cheaper than the old way
Davidon Francisco
Davidon Francisco 5 months ago
joe Suding
joe Suding 5 months ago
Finally Uriah Hall !! Where have you been my guy? 🔥
Live Happy
Live Happy 5 months ago
What about Jones....
Don Santino
Don Santino 5 months ago
hey jeremy watch out yair s gonne poke your eye at the first round he told me that he been long training for the eye poke watch out hahahhahahahahah
Nicholas Reith
Nicholas Reith 5 months ago
First of all you're a dick... because that's what's on his mind. Dana White got some nice titties though.
Jimberino 5 months ago
That ending made me uncomfortable lmfao
Truly Come Alive
Truly Come Alive 5 months ago
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Gary Perkins
Gary Perkins 5 months ago
Ariel to Askren..."why would he fight you?" (Masvidal) Errrr did you not see how Whorehay walked up to Edwards and just attacked him?!?..... that's not the actions of a pro fighter in control of himself and his emotions now is it, so maybe that's why Funky Ben thinks it might ' kick off' when they bump into each other . I'd love to see Askren crush Whorehays head like that fukin watermelon.......Nate will fuck him up anyway!! Those antics after he defeated Askren were the actions of a psychotic child mind and I believe that deserves some pay back! We need Colby Chaos vs Marty Snoozeman...Dana get it fucking sorted sunshine!!
MrSaintVehementus 5 months ago
Masvidal should ask Jon Jones for coke to fill gap in scar face outfit.
Gargola18 5 months ago
I cant fucking stand Jeremy Stephens..he keeps losong yet he think he deserves a title shot and that he is the best..lmao what a joke
josh jarrett
josh jarrett 5 months ago
Is Uriah Hall that high up in the rankings to fight #1 contender or even a title fight against the winner of Whitaker and Israel Adesanya...and what about Paulo Costa and the soldier of god?...who's name is on the top of my tongue but can't spit it out..
josh jarrett
josh jarrett 5 months ago
Yoel Ramiro
Adam Millar
Adam Millar 5 months ago
Why does Stephens show lil Chihuahuas so much hate lol
Chad Hill
Chad Hill 5 months ago
Ben what do you mean fight again? Don’t both people at least have to throw a punch in order for it to be a fight? You walked right into the losing Side of whatever you call that I would not call it a fight
Icet619 5 months ago
Why is kenny florian still talking he never got a prediction right can you just stfu damm youre not even relevant
Crying Hippy
Crying Hippy 5 months ago
I didn't know Jorge was a lil guy!
K O 5 months ago
Damn Askren is shook
BP BP 5 months ago
Tony Ferguson the type to hold the door open for himself and say "Thank you"
Zilvinas Zuravliovas
BJ Penn is realistically made sparing dummy
Zilvinas Zuravliovas
Velasquez gone Mexican ppvs not interesting anymore . Hopefully Yair will be good
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce 5 months ago
Fight me in Ireland. I need that to change my bum Life - who the FOOK is that Guy🤔????????
purpleswag knk
purpleswag knk 5 months ago
Bmf ? Cancer Mane a fucking openweight belt and make cejudo vs miocic happen!!!!!
Criz Nluv
Criz Nluv 5 months ago
Nate was always a needle mover. UFC tried to sabotage his career,be honest Dana!!!
phalspar 5 months ago
Realest dudes to do it
Lukelawlyay 5 months ago
04:32 yeah ben, and you'd be dead inside 5 seconds
ricky gervais
ricky gervais 5 months ago
So incredibly cringy. UFC is trash.
A A 5 months ago
Let it go Ben, let it go 😂 #supernessecary
matt m
matt m 5 months ago
Nate is a needle mover thats how he knew everybodies on steroids
Oscar Acevedo
Oscar Acevedo 5 months ago
Dana White is trying so hard to be as big as Boxing Organizations. That's why he try's anything, and everything for sales.
Oscar Acevedo
Oscar Acevedo 5 months ago
Thanks alot kenny I like Jeremy!
Colon 5 months ago
I loved the comradery in yair zombie. It was fun. It was two guys putting there hands in the air saying 'yeh, fair f!&ks m8' after an insane 5 rounds. it was cool af.
The Cook And the Cookie
Little diddle
Little diddle 5 months ago
Kenny florian is the type of guy to fall short of everything he tried to accomplish and has opinions no one cares about.
I would be surprised if Nate beat Masvidal but I'm still rooting for him!!
IceShackLife ForLife
Who's this David White fellow? And why is he talking about money?
Cortney Jermaine Jones
Dude. That outro was HOT! 🔥🔥🔥 (Malik Yoba editing ass..... ☺)
cathy 5 months ago
The ending though! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🌊
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 months ago
Stephens just needs to leg and calve kick him in round 1 and slow him down then rip the shit out of him with the boxing in round 2. WoW really Askren stfu you are done once Damien strangles you.
Tyler Moreau
Tyler Moreau 5 months ago
"No one has ever broken my will or spirit, I only lose these technical decisions." -Jeremy 'Got bodied by Jose Aldo' Stephens
Kelsey Russchelle
Kelsey Russchelle 5 months ago
7:10 dana white, "first of all your a dick" LMFAO! I am no dana white fan boy but fuck me running that was hilarious! 🤣
innertubez 5 months ago
Jeremy Stephens is Mexican and Mike Perry is African. I love the UFC.
Jonathan Ulloa
Jonathan Ulloa 5 months ago
Hahaha Askren said "fight again"
Shinnok 5
Shinnok 5 5 months ago
Jorge is alot wider than him... this fight is a joke for a joke of a belt made for people who can not win a real belt. Nate will just get destroyed.
Tim's parts
Tim's parts 5 months ago
Dana white next week: Nate? Nate who? What is a Nate?
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