Nate Diaz: “I’m The Don of all this s***, anyone says otherwise... I beg to differ”

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Aug 15, 2019




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Tommy Arnold
Tommy Arnold 5 days ago
He wanted to take out the wheaties box boy and he did..💪🏻
Tracey Remarais
Tracey Remarais 7 days ago
Ive heard so much about how he talks. He sounds fine to me here... 🤷🏾‍♀️Very down to earth and humble... carefree too
Spacemonkey 22 days ago
Who is Nate talking about at 10:20 for a guy named Nick who? middleweight 3-0 brown belt I couldn't make out his name wanted to look him up
Spacemonkey 22 days ago
Found it nick maximov
RiK Rivine
RiK Rivine 28 days ago
1:52 I do that When im baked asf to
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Month ago
Weed is so much safer than alcohol or cigarettes ! It's beneficial ! It's natural ! I can't believe how beautiful Selena is omg I'm speechless - I get a sense of calmness - quietness So whatever Idk why this happens or why it takes my problems and agitation worries basically everything disappears ! Except testosterone and adrenaline that increases by the second I would bet I could set a record for fantasizing in a day easily with looking at Selena ! She's the only one that it would work otherwise it's just too much work and not worth the time to waste going through all that aggravation ! Takes way too long - but with her it's literally less than a min maybe quicker especially if I have or had not seen or talk with her in a day or two or just builds up and it's a huge distraction ! Like a volcano inside uneasiness inside of me tension kinda but she's breathtaking can't stand it it hurts me I've been staring at her picture for three hours straight - that's crazy ! Seems I can't look away for more than a minute ! My heart races skips a beat rapid all kinds of things happen - she's the most beautiful girl in the entire world hands down ! All day long ! Those eyes are dangerous seductive - lured me right in willing to risk whatever whenever - I guess at this point it wouldn't matter if she was the devil I can't resist - there's nothing I can do to change that - honestly I've tried countless times to WALK AWAY AND ITS IMPOSSIBLE LIKE RUNNING IN PLACE NEVER MOVING ANYWHERE - completely pointless trying to go or leave or deny it or fake it or get away it's impossible ! Cause the days I ignore my feelings I'm miserable as hell ! Hating everything - like u don't speak English and only speak in hate ! Not to anyone in particular just life in general ! So unhappy ! Then the unicorn brings out the sunshine and everything is so much better and perfect again - seems everything is gonna be okay again and hope and faith returns ! Purpose returns and adrenaline big time I got more testosterone inside of me then have the country combined ! But y'all don't know how she makes me feel it's incomparable ! Like a million times better than heroin or drugs combined ! I love her so much and it's torture the days that go bye and say nothing to each other - I just want to marry her and wouldn't ever not go an hour without talking to her ! I just can't do it on social media - cause of the lies for three years and now I need to know that I am talking to only Selena ! So I need it directly ! Cause I'd do anything for her at any time of course I would I become mush with her and under complete control of the witch craft trickery makes me sweat flawless wow so idk what's happening with the way that she makes me feel and I can not describe it doesn't make any sense and can't be put into words ! Breathtaking tho holy mackerel I'm sitting here just yelling out loud how perfect and shockingly amazing she is I'm speechless three hours of adrenaline ! I could start a jet plane with my testosterone ! It's like punishing myself not going to social media and I don't know what I can do to just be direct with her and leave all that madness out of it eliminating the third party ! We don't need that third party at all Nathan whatsoever ! Mesmerizing ! Big time owns me ! I'm a complete slave for her ! A sucker - defenseless / yes vulnerable and unsure insecure worried anxious nervous all those feelings weak in the knees and can't resist impossible ! I haven't heard anything ! She knows I'm like the North Star tho what an amazing perfect girl ! Drives me fucking crazy tho ! My god ! Can't handle her beauty and knowing that her inside heart is better is unspeakable ! In the opposite form that trumpet is to America cry out mercy when she's controlling me and knows has me on a dog leash and I can't break free even if I wants to - I can't go anywhere ! I never leave I just go back to her time and time again and can't live without her I'm too unhappy ! I know how hard it would be to be her boyfriend but that's easy for me and I tried to not love her and tried to leave a lot of times and it's just too hard on me and not good for my mental health or happiness - she's the only person that makes everything better instantly ! Not only better but perfect ! I changed wallpaper again and again
LBMshall Month ago
Liam Smith
Liam Smith Month ago
He has literally smoked all his brain cells!
luis malca
luis malca Month ago
Sinan Berkant Yildiz
He’s cool, but Sounds just like lil wayne ( a retarded kid)
Master Ruby-red
Master Ruby-red Month ago
I want to meet this guy, he's a true mental case. My favourite MMA personality Nate Diaz! Bless
Dra O
Dra O Month ago
@ 6:46 - he is the Don
Ariel Batyrov
Ariel Batyrov Month ago
The way this nigga laughs makes me laugh automatically 😂
Mahbub Noor
Mahbub Noor Month ago
HAHAHA fuck Pettis. Nate fucked him up. Nate is my most favorite fighter. I hope Nate gets the trilogy and fucks up that annoying little overrated Irish midget
Chadwick Allen
Chadwick Allen Month ago
Diaz and Pettis gonna be 🔥two savages..
DNL Lingo
DNL Lingo Month ago
It wasn’t disrespectful to see Petis on a Wheaties box and say I don’t like that guy because they should have picked you because you been here longer?Sounds like the very definition of jealousy.
MightyMarven Month ago
Conor is the only top 5 ranked fighter at the time of the fight that Nate Diaz has beat in the UFC. Pettis is good but guys like Poirier, Ferguson and Khabib etc would wreck Nate.
poppington808 sc
I'm only watching this fight bc of Nate Diaz
poppington808 sc
I'm only watching this fight bc of Nate Diaz
Night raptor
Night raptor Month ago
6:46 is where the quote comes from.
Cody King
Cody King Month ago
No Nate.. No you are not.
Master E
Master E Month ago
What happened to being Humble, yeah right! Arrogant!
Master E
Master E 29 days ago
@magdalenojuan You mean the guy who gets a few good punches in the second fight then says he won. Or the guy who thinks he deserves to get paid more after a loss, or the guy who says he is the best fighter in the world, the guy is a durable punching bag and will get smoked by Masvidal. He is talking some arrogant shit lately that's why I said it. Nate used to be quiet now he act's entitled. Acting like he is McGregor 2.0
magdalenojuan Month ago
Master E Being confident and have no fear is different from Gay MCGrebler.
Michael Franzese
That scar tissue around the eyes, geez. Everybody flips out when he bleeds during a fight but look at that. Wouldn't be surprised if he was opened up from a strong wind gust.
Narrow Is The Way
Doesn't Nate remind you of Sid from toy story 😂
Xx-M249_Guy-xX Month ago
Does anyone else find irony in the fact Conner is making money from a Nate Diaz fight that he's not in? MacLife lol
Wayne Smalley
Wayne Smalley Month ago
Come an Nate Diaz good look mate
lmajeris Month ago
Diaz is a weed head demon. Hes entered and is inside Petis now, so if you want Petis to win hold it against Petis, not for Diaz, but against Petis :D
therottenrook Month ago
Quitters never win, smoke it before the fight Nate...!!!
krishna tiwari
krishna tiwari Month ago
I luv nate but his shtick is getting old....one knockout nd he ll come down to earth
rytcka Month ago
this dude is a fkn MAN killer
The Londoner
The Londoner Month ago
I always struggle to understand him🤔.maybe I need to be on his level and smoke some weed first then watch this back!
lol lol
lol lol Month ago
You are the main event always will be 🖕🏼🖕🏼 everyone else
JOHN DUIT Month ago
I love this Kat but I can see the damage ... I'll pray for you Nate .
Ed Reyes
Ed Reyes Month ago
This man deserves McGregor money. Alot more entertaining w out all the shit talk. Stand strong Mr. Diaz. UFC, I'd pay to watch Diaz every time .
liam owen
liam owen Month ago
Love this Guy so real and down to earth doesn't let fame get to his head class fighter 👌👌
Diaz bro's are the realest guys you can find in this sport. Ufc have mishandled there career. Al the oldschool savage fans respect the Diaz bros
Mac Z
Mac Z Month ago
I'm singing up to UFC fight pass just to see Nate Diaz fight he is the main event Dana needs to stop trying to down play him and real people like Jorge Masvidal
Pat pat
Pat pat Month ago
Wheres the live show tonight please
Joe Daddy
Joe Daddy Month ago
It’s sad he has to smoke so he can be sociable with the media
youtube youtube
youtube youtube Month ago
Помоему нейт постарел потупел и похудел.. (
Trollop_dX Month ago
Shouting out his teams names, that's what I've always loved about him and his brother. They always try to help the newer dudes on their team it's great.....good man
Trollop_dX Month ago
He has so much respect for his brother and always credits him. So dope to see this is why I love this dude pretty humble dude.
Lyon Morgan
Lyon Morgan Month ago
Awesome interview for Nate 🔥 so Proud of Him 🙏 😊😊
Base3 Month ago
Cockerilla Month ago
So articulate as always Nate, cheers. The only thing we know now is how many thoughts you can't string together
Ryan Goulet
Ryan Goulet Month ago
Can't understand you that well that's probably why your not on the Wheaties box? Good fighters these brothers don't get me wrong but nothing up stairs anymore.
Anoop Kalarikkal
this guy is genuinely high as F all the time
P Erickson
P Erickson Month ago
gameupnutrition.com/cbd/ ..Step Your Game UP- Nate Diaz
Warpicus Month ago
He talks like brain damaged people.
Vj Avzone
Vj Avzone Month ago
Keeping it Real as Always 👊🏼😜👍🏼
Juggler parent managers
Met him on a flight,nice person, terrible wet noodle hand shake, probably to avoid exasperating injury.
Bandit Bandss
Bandit Bandss Month ago
Keither B
Keither B Month ago
i gotta give it to Nate... hes the real deal. no show boating. he talks the real shit like any real deal on the street would talk.
JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K
Coming in like a fucking heat seeker missile in this motherfucker! A cocksucker comes in the room and says they’re the ass whipper no matter the size or weight or frame of that bitch we beg to fucking differ with whatever is possible in hand!
Zer0Diamonds Month ago
Turn down the volume will you? I can still hear Nate.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Month ago
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Month ago
Nate's cool today, he didn't want to destroy the word lol
dano Month ago
Nate look like he just smoked a fatty. I got 2 friends that you can't hardly be around them until they smoke them some. After they smoke they are happy as hell. Best nerve med in the world. I'll be glad to see Nick there at the fights. Nate is the Don, he's funny as hell bit he's damn serious too. Pettis is crazy if he tries Nate on the ground, Nate rules on submissions.
Jesus Zamarripa
Jesus Zamarripa Month ago
Hope Nate wins he has his hands full with pettis though...😬
Paul Fahy
Paul Fahy Month ago
Y'all gotta love Nate Diaz !!
Alex Stachura
Alex Stachura Month ago
This dudes a smarter version of his brother mentally
Justin Kline
Justin Kline Month ago
Nah, dude, Nick is a Zen master.
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