NASCAR: Top 10 Flips of the 2010s

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A top ten list of the most spectacular NASCAR flips of the 2010s.
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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 80
sethypoo1230gaming poo
Brendan Gaughan......
Marla Tittle
Marla Tittle Day ago
10:12 07:04 09:43
Doris Cordell
05:38 19:42 13:45
Professor Chonk
Professor Chonk 3 days ago
Someone tell these guys to stop trying to do a lightning mcqueen
5:47 Christopher Bell(#95) could have gotten “satisfied” himself,but instead he choose to drill Danika from behind, with a lot of momentum!!! And then sideways! she doesn’t even remember anything (AKA FCKD HER BRAINS OUT) !!! and a lot more personal details..
must9819 11 days ago
Who's woman at 1:39
Terri Zandecki
Terri Zandecki 18 days ago
I remember that Austin dillon flip in 2015 Daytona speedway that I so scared of that wreck I have probably seen got out of that his car!!!
I think we’ve already seen the number 1 for top 10 flips of the 2020s
Silver The Hedgehog
When ever I see that Aaron's car flip or wreck, I always think about the dog/puppy on the hood and other parts of the car. Just sad.
Bobby Brummett
Bobby Brummett Month ago
When you're a professional driver you don't misjudge the front of your car
Bobby Brummett
Bobby Brummett Month ago
I'll watch it just to watch Dale
Carlos Egido Molina
Spectacular Spaghetti
They seem so light when they flip, but its actually 2 tons of mass, hard to imagine
Leopard Cup Pup Kryky
I bet Danica gets "drilled from behind" a lot.
Dumb shit science with Timmy turtle
That's just black My mind out so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aidan Askew
Aidan Askew Month ago
18:35 no one gonna talk about the 3 car's engine just chilling?
kihuji jihuki
kihuji jihuki Month ago
someone explain me how did austin dillon survive
BOWSAQ Month ago
Who's here having a NASCAR crash day I just came from a dale earndhart
Razburry Boi 87
Razburry Boi 87 Month ago
That Newman interview couldn't have been any more warranted
IRee Month ago
danica patrick is really bad at driving
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
Well I don't see you out there driving and I'm sure she could drive you into the dirt.
CalebL71 Month ago
“I know I got drilled from behind and it went sideways”
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
Wow! I heard the same thing happened to you when you bent over to pickup the soap.😳🥺
Florentino Martinez
I saw the 1000 lightbulb crash live that was the dopest thing ever
MrBugatii12 Month ago
Ryan Newman was shaking before they spoke to him
JAdams1127 Month ago
Should've added Larson's 2013 Daytona Xfinity crash in this. Granted, you could argue it didn't flip, but still got crazy airborne
Romina Guzman
Romina Guzman Month ago
Max GAMER Month ago
The number 10 Danica is a idiot because he crashed that guy not accidentally I guess that's for girls not going in the neskar community.
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
Well at least she can spell, she's out there living life what the hell are you doing.
Max GAMER Month ago
Sorye naskar community
LM Month ago
There’s nothing more stupid than “competition” that to win the looser behind hits the winner on the front to win. Loser’s method. What a crap.
Harsh Month ago
Always feel like she wrecks way harder than she need too.....not always, but sometimes they seem a little dramatic n another reason to whine.
Red Poole
Red Poole Month ago
Dana got Drilled from behind. I bet that was Fun as hell. She is Hottt
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
@Red Poole So is your boyfriend so are you, stop disrespecting Dana. What are you like 9 or something.
Red Poole
Red Poole Month ago
@Kenny Sherrill you are so Gay
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
Yea I bet your boy friend says that too!
Jose Lico Matozo
Jose Lico Matozo 2 months ago
Joselico gracias 🇺🇸🌎Joselico 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪
Jerry Lamb
Jerry Lamb 2 months ago
what about dale sir flip at daytona and finished the race
คํารณ ค้ําชู
earth channel
earth channel 2 months ago
Bowyer 2014 flip should be here its basically Brendan Gaughan but with practically no damage.
alonzo symalla
alonzo symalla 2 months ago
"Just remember, there is a driver in every one of those cars". Well, that kills my remote control theory for NASCAR
Proto- Tyrant
Proto- Tyrant 2 months ago
Danica is like the hottest female race driver in Nascar!
CTRL Noxious
CTRL Noxious 2 months ago
Here Ryan is talking about how dumb it is these people can't keep the cars on the track. And now look where he is. They just don't learn do they?
Wild Thing
Wild Thing 2 months ago
when was geoffry bodine truck crash that sent engine out of the truck ?
Dave Wyman
Dave Wyman 2 months ago
She likes to get drilled from behind !! Not her first time....
Steb Stebanesier
Steb Stebanesier 2 months ago
Too bad we couldn't have more camera angles of the same crash.
Zachary Owens
Zachary Owens 2 months ago
There's PROOF that they have made flying cars
Richard Monaghan
Richard Monaghan 2 months ago
Number 7 video... wow. Awesome attitude buddy.. that's an awesome dude.
Greatest Never
Greatest Never 2 months ago
5:00 of course never Danicas fault
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 5 days ago
It really wasn’t. If you take a closer look at the Ariel view, she did get clipped from behind, and then that same car veered right and clipped someone else.
MayMayMoriarty27 2 months ago
Umm, Larson’s 2019 flip??
Skorza Music
Skorza Music 2 months ago
Brad's wreck is just revenge lol
Route 69
Route 69 2 months ago
Nascar makes rules around cars to make them more airborne (I guess for the ratings).
Route 69
Route 69 2 months ago
7:38 Number 62 pulled the Doc Hudson signature move there lol!
John Dough
John Dough 2 months ago
What may I ask, is a restrictor plate?
John Dough
John Dough Month ago
@RC RACER 88 I actually thought it was something on top of the engine. ...lol...
RC RACER 88 Month ago
It's a metal plate that goes into the car that slows the car down
Fishing Daily
Fishing Daily 2 months ago
Newman is a cry baby bo ho
Hernandez86 _
Hernandez86 _ 2 months ago
That racing chick getting interviewed, she caused the wrecked and bitches about her arm with an attitude, the guy at 8:39 flipped didn’t cause the crash pile and smiles.
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson 2 months ago
Thing about Danica wasn't would she wreck but when in each race.
Dylan does 9 and 8 ball pool
I'm just wondering in Austin crash why is there so much crew members in a team
Van Poll
Van Poll 2 months ago
Imagine being guilty of causing a crash that results in the destruction of 10-15 multi million dollar racecars.
Season_1cage yt
Season_1cage yt 2 months ago
I’m disliking because the crashes make me sad
Grady Griffus
Grady Griffus 2 months ago
Actual quote from Danica Patrick " I always think men rig my car so I hit the wall"
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn 2 months ago
I got drilled from behind and turned sideways
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
You did? Shame on you, didn't your Mommy teach you better?🤨
Flat Rock Fox!
Flat Rock Fox! 2 months ago
People who make & sell race car parts LOVE this video!!!
Cascadian 2 months ago
This is number one: *It all starts with a post*
Mack Mills
Mack Mills 2 months ago
Kyle Larson Xfinity no32 car wasn’t big enough??
BigNick 2 months ago
Pack racing is stupid
ツJohnny Boy
ツJohnny Boy 2 months ago
No Jeff Gordon?
LoneNutter1 2 months ago
D-A-N-I-C-A "Did Anyone Notice I Crashed Again"
tommy i-opener
tommy i-opener 2 months ago
@ 8:23 movie quality
Ремонтная Мастерская Юрича
Захватывающее видео!
Douglas number 10
Douglas number 10 2 months ago
6:30 the guy in the sunny D car got instant karma he shoved Kyle Busch in the other camaro then the sunny D car got hit himself 7:42 the 95 car aka lightning McQueen got his buttcheeks ripped off
t drizzle
t drizzle 2 months ago
No Edwards at dega?
TheRoc Last Name Here
Kirt the coward bush
Godzilla 2 months ago
There should be a rule that the driver that causes a wreck, accidentally or on purpose, should be suspended from that race, the next race and fined $25,000!
chad 27
chad 27 2 months ago
6:56 that was fresh
Taylor man40
Taylor man40 3 months ago
Danica left Nascar because she got drilled from behind too much?
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill Month ago
Same reason you left the Navy!!!
Danimal 86
Danimal 86 3 months ago
#62 is funny.
Pause it at 8:27 and it doesn't even look real
Now You Know
Now You Know 3 months ago
AJ Allmendinger looks like he just stepped out of the 1960's....his haircut and the way he speaks is just THROWBACK.....
Bob Greives
Bob Greives 3 months ago
rusty had bigger wrecks at daytona
Dennis Carver
Dennis Carver 3 months ago
Poor girl got drilled? Leave me alone? Remember when she said "slower car should let me by" Her words folks not mine. 10 yr old son said "she should get a pass" knew then he knew what racing had become. No more Davey Allison, Niel Bonnet.
Stephen_L94 3 months ago
And to start 2020, Ryan Newman had a scary flip. Funny how he’s always the most vocal about the accidents on the superspeedways and he’s usually involved in the worst wrecks.
Codey Snow
Codey Snow 3 months ago
Ryan Newman can't drive for shit. Nothing is ever his fault either. The man's Nascar career is a joke.
Larry Booth
Larry Booth 3 months ago
NSACAR Designers need to rethink. The airflow issues: . Why fight something that will always be there. Allow the air to flow through the car and multiply it out the back.
Titan_tiktok 3 months ago
Where is Kyle Larson flip in 2012
motorgrader5 3 months ago
the cot was the worst car ever so glad they put a spoiler on em again , the wing turned these cars into airplanes
Hit The Legendary Assassin
10:23 and then the 2020 Daytona 500 happened
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