NASCAR: Top 10 Flips of the 2010s

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A top ten list of the most spectacular NASCAR flips of the 2010s.
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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 100
Ace Myers
Ace Myers Day ago
Cmon you should’ve at least put Larson’s flip on their but still really good content
Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell 2 days ago
Whoops when I said 2019 Daytona 500 I meant 2020
Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell 2 days ago
I know it's the off on the year but is Ryan Newman's 2019 Daytona 500 flip a good one to add for this video
Ryan Seger
Ryan Seger 3 days ago
Talladega the Worlds Fastest Junkyard
3:12 When you put Nr2003 asphalt grip in 3..
Shatter Sucks
Shatter Sucks 15 days ago
There were better flips than the first 5 you could have put there.
Whitney Woodruff
Whitney Woodruff 21 day ago
Gotta love Mike Joy's commentary.
John Baisden
John Baisden 29 days ago
Ryan Newman always in restrictor plate wreck....hmmmm maybe he can't drive...just say'n
Alan luscombe8a
Alan luscombe8a Month ago
Ryan newman is a bitter asshole. Go retire dude, we get it everyone sucks. Its just every other interview with him he is shit talking someone and confronting people for having an opinion about his mediocre career. I always liked newman but his attitude just kills it for me.
Aidan W
Aidan W Month ago
Stenhouse and Danica were perfect for one another: they saw the wall more than the finish line.
420Devil Dog
420Devil Dog Month ago
Danica, for the love of god. PHRASING!!!
Jose Mtz
Jose Mtz Month ago
John Foley
John Foley Month ago
Amazing david r still alive the wrecks that boy been in
Sherrif Coen and Entertainment
Talladega: exsist Brendan Gaughen: flips Me: OOOOoOooooOOoOoOo look at the backfire on Ricky stenhouse jr
Nancy Jensen
Nancy Jensen Month ago
Back those day i do remember back then
Curt Willett
Curt Willett Month ago
Danica got drilled on the race track more than the bed
Caleb Begley
Caleb Begley 2 months ago
I love how Brendan thanked his team, told everyone of his condition, AND analyzed the entire wreck all in one interview.
Nick Erskine
Nick Erskine 2 months ago
I love how Danica was like 95 was drilling her. Uh bitch you where all over the place and they had a run you spin yourself and still can’t lock it down in time to avoid driving head on into the wall
stefano 11
stefano 11 2 months ago
Deberian aser los negros del ataud en estos flips
johnnyg00se 2 months ago
Be honest if he just flipped over Brendan Gaughan he would’ve been in the race
johnnyg00se 2 months ago
Brandon go on is funny
johnnyg00se 2 months ago
To be honest me personally I hate Danica PatrickBut in that case I think she was kind of right the 95 was kind of drilling her the 95 was literally just moving and I get it you have to move pushing you it’s not like the car just stay still you have to move wherever you can but in that case the 95 was just bound bound bound Danica Patrick was still and then the 95 just trying to get a draft and then spin the thing out and then it was nobodies fault but still Danica Patrick was right that’s not how you push
DrunkenGamer 2 months ago
#1 was probably one of the most violent crashes I have ever seen on Nascar. Ripped the engine and transmission out of the car in one piece!
Ervin Adriana Discua
Stan Lee at 7:28 i think
ஐ ラッセル車で行こうஐ
Kanita Ishara
Kanita Ishara 2 months ago
Cebolinha 3 months ago
Cebolinha Turma da Mônica
super mario 500
super mario 500 3 months ago
In 0:34 I see lightning McQueen lol the 95
John Chandler
John Chandler 3 months ago
Austin Dillon had God with him. That was one of the absolute worst wrecks ever.
Trotrex 3 months ago
"Do a barrel roll"
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 3 months ago
2 aj almindinger 3 jeff gordon 2012 4 christopher bell 5 cris bucher 2016 6 kurt buch 7 brad keslowski 8 kyle larson 2019 9 clint boyer 2014 10 jammie mcmurry 2018
Sandra L
Sandra L 3 months ago
Man, Kurt Busch's crash will be in here for 2020. Shame.
Stewart Haas Hater
Stewart Haas Hater 3 months ago
Top 10 flips of the 2010's =First clip 2017 Talladega WTF 👿👿
hi_c.v7 2 months ago
matt.t21 3 months ago
Can't stop laughing at how erotic Danica's interview after the crash sounds 😆 "drilled from behind" huh? 😆
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez 4 months ago
Whats that type of NASCAR racing at 15 minutes called??
Riff 4 months ago
1:37 AJ hat happed there? I recked the 24 so I could pass him but I suck as a driver and messed it up
Rock Star
Rock Star 4 months ago
Анна Галинкина
Наскар плохой
Dhidotz channel
Dhidotz channel 4 months ago
Jan entek"an
jeremybr2020 4 months ago
There's no other sport that I can think of where someone else's mistake can be so devastating to others who could be performing flawlessly. I just don't know how these drivers are able to keep cool after something like that and not go and pound somebody's head into mush. Especially if your in a top spot with only a few laps to go. Man I would kill someone if that happened to me. And it's not like other sports where someone else's mistake simply causes you to lose the race. But you might be taking serious physical damage from their screw up as well. "So hey, you didn't just lose the race sir, but you also got a broken collar bone and a few broken fingers and a couple of broken ribs as well. Sucks to be you." There would be a murderous rage in me for sure.
Samuel Miracle
Samuel Miracle 4 months ago
“I got drilled from behind”
lee armstrong
lee armstrong 4 months ago
Is it really necessary to show the same crash 7 or 8 times. Jesus christ
Mark K
Mark K 4 months ago
That mayonnaise car sure got smeared!!!
Cleidineia Ferreira
Cleidineia Ferreira 4 months ago
Moran Madness
Moran Madness 4 months ago
Can we take a minute to admire some of the camera work and skills of the camera people that can keep up with the speed of the nascars.
Paul Middlebrook
Paul Middlebrook 4 months ago
If ya wanna see real fast cars check out NHRA (NATIONAL HOT ROD ASSOCIATION) wrecks.
L NASCAR 5 months ago
5 hour energy car did a full flip
pandu sanjaya
pandu sanjaya 5 months ago
The bad racing, no need skill
William Andrews
William Andrews 5 months ago
There is nobody like Clint Bowyer when it comes to dancing on that commercial. Go Clint, make Kansas proud, HA!
NSCS 21 5 months ago
Oh Stenhouse, go figure - Brendan Gaughan 2019
Sad Face 4590
Sad Face 4590 5 months ago
When I saw the number 43 on one of the cars in the 8th accident in this video...I got memories....
Sad Face 4590
Sad Face 4590 5 months ago
Go to 4:56 for proof of what I said
Brian Davey
Brian Davey 5 months ago
To finish first. First you have to finish
Jimmy 5 months ago
Surprised larsons flip from 2013 at Daytona wasnt here
NPaul 5 months ago
"Mother it's ok, it's just a flip I promise." LOL
Rick Arra
Rick Arra 5 months ago
Danica got drilled from behind. Hmmm. I'll take the blame for that one
Eat Weed
Eat Weed 5 months ago
8:26 Mad Max?
Jenniejoy Cuevas
Jenniejoy Cuevas 5 months ago
They forgot the lightning mcqueen drift
LoLo 5 months ago
It’s just a flip mom I’m ok
TurboSpencer96 6 months ago
60 FPS I love it! ❤
Wesley Levy
Wesley Levy 6 months ago
The way DW said "Matt Kesneth" made it seem like it was his fault he crashed 🤣
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 months ago
Carl Edwards should be on this list, he won 12 times in the 2010s :)
missile Boi
missile Boi 6 months ago
When America try motorsports lol and it's driving in a circle 😂😂😂😂😅😂😂
Steve Dodge
Steve Dodge 6 months ago
18:15 Did anybody notice the Flaming Engine Block?
LifeOverDeathVIII 6 months ago
lol u call those wrecks ive been in worse on my four wheeler
Brayden Rightmyer
Brayden Rightmyer 6 months ago
7:37 "ahhh Stenhouse, go figure" might've just earned Brendan Gaughan a spot on my favourite drivers list
tejeo 6 months ago
0:37 oh look it’s me
Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy 6 months ago
You tell them Ryan Newman
Tennyson Whitty
Tennyson Whitty 6 months ago
Noticed steam or something coming from the no 10 car at 4:30
SinikkaL 6 months ago
Overheating from being tucked into the draft. No big deal with only 8 laps left.
Brent W
Brent W 6 months ago
Love how Gaughan is critiquing his flips landing saying it coulda been better XD
Snowflake Nights
Snowflake Nights 6 months ago
Princess Luna is Best Pony 😂
Who Cares
Who Cares 6 months ago
Darrell waltrip, so glad he retired from announcing. No kidding them cars have drivers in there!! Oh wait, I thought maybe they were the new self drive cars!! 🥴
AZT95 6 months ago
Weren’t here
AZT95 6 months ago
Kind of sad that the Apperence of restricter plates race in Talladega and the Daytona truck race were a truck flew and exploded on the catch fence
David G
David G 6 months ago
All the sexual innuendos in Danica Patrick's story was a little, um, hard to ignore. Lmao
Mac Daddy Trevor
Mac Daddy Trevor 6 months ago
"the #95 was drilling me" - Danica
GeorgeLennon100 6 months ago
Danica said "the 95 drilled me from behind." Is this safe to watch at work with the sound on?
CyberAndrew 5 months ago
Michael McDowell does whatever he wants, he’s the goat
bunk2471 6 months ago
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 months ago
she said more than that, lol "bumping and pushing and being close...." Well I'm sure all drivers wouldn't mind bumping Danica from behind :O oh..........
Tina Kessler
Tina Kessler 6 months ago
Brendan GAUGHAN is my favorite driver too
Chris K
Chris K 6 months ago
Listening to Danica was she talking about NASCAR or was she describing her porn audition
Alien studio :p
Alien studio :p 6 months ago
Mexicano ser inglés ser xd
Vysakan D
Vysakan D 6 months ago
Melted Camera
Melted Camera 6 months ago
Just goes to show that what happened to the 3 in 2001 had such a huge impact on car safety. 14 years later and Dillon was able to walk away from a huge wreck that would have most probably killed the driver back then...
DWMiness2018 7 months ago
To me it seems like Kyle Busch doesn't understand how the draft works sometimes.
Elijah Jacob Sabale
Elijah Jacob Sabale 7 months ago
Dont yall notice that 10 9 8 7 are just Wrecks in Talladega
Tmb1112 7 months ago
2015 Daytona is how they should end every race. Just crash into each other behind first place.
Gunner The Gub
Gunner The Gub 7 months ago
Is anybody watching this in 2020?
Jake Ashton
Jake Ashton 4 months ago
Stop saying this shit gunner the gub
SPCWakefield1103 5 months ago
Nope I’m watching in 2025, we love on mars now, earth blew up
QUALSTAR Gaming 7 months ago
If this included 2020, you would have to include Ryan Newman's flip.
PlebeBVR 7 months ago
#6: The interview with Ryan Newman was a bit tough to watch considering his flip 7 years later at Daytona...
Alan luscombe8a
Alan luscombe8a Month ago
Oh whatever. They milked that for everything it was worth. Didnt even hear how he was for over a day making people worry then oh, wait oh he is just fine. Only thing that was milked more was the garage door pull rope at talladega.
Joe Williams
Joe Williams 6 months ago
See ya
YungMan 7 months ago
I think it’s safe to say that the 62’s flip is the last time that will ever happen in racing history You couldn’t copy that even if you tried.
Mario Gutierrez
Mario Gutierrez 7 months ago
7iuu6 767 6 7 6t. n6 6 7 t6. 6 66 66inches f. I88i877ji78777yyy6ggg6y6
Luca8tone 7 months ago
12:07 sorry
Luca8tone 7 months ago
minute 12:05 bad person
CANEDO BRAZIL 7 months ago
Shaal Yisrael
Shaal Yisrael 7 months ago
At the start.. There's a turn on the heat. A man who mockbated the wheat. every man burns out and he said it again every man burns... That was creepy I feel like I heard that whispering in my ear
James O'Connor
James O'Connor 7 months ago
Build one car, with a spoiler. Stop fucking with the this package and the that package. Throw the restricter plate across the room, and God forbid you stop the wrecking and do some racing.
sethypoo1230gaming poo
Brendan Gaughan......
Doris Cordell
Doris Cordell 7 months ago
05:38 19:42 13:45
Professor Chonk
Professor Chonk 7 months ago
Someone tell these guys to stop trying to do a lightning mcqueen
5:47 Christopher Bell(#95) could have gotten “satisfied” himself,but instead he choose to drill Danika from behind, with a lot of momentum!!! And then sideways! she doesn’t even remember anything (AKA FCKD HER BRAINS OUT) !!! and a lot more personal details..
must9819 7 months ago
Who's woman at 1:39
Terri Zandecki
Terri Zandecki 8 months ago
I remember that Austin dillon flip in 2015 Daytona speedway that I so scared of that wreck I have probably seen got out of that his car!!!
I think we’ve already seen the number 1 for top 10 flips of the 2020s
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