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NASCAR has had a history of cheating. These are their most cheatingest. Use code FIVEPOINTS10 to get 10 free meals including shipping with HelloFresh! bit.ly/37r6hMH Purchase required.
If you ain't cheating, you aren't trying. In NASCAR, if you ain't cheating, you probably aren't winning Here are the most cheatingest moments we know of. And yes cheatingest is a word.
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Feb 6, 2020




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Comments 80
Jake Baskinger
Jake Baskinger 5 months ago
10:42- Why does that voice sound familiar?
Kawaii Anime
Kawaii Anime 18 days ago
Jake Baskinger hey I sub to you
Rosco Mcfarland
Rosco Mcfarland Month ago
Dude he sounds JUST like one of the guys from Donut Media
William Burggraf
@The Custer Fan 8841 bo
All Nunya
All Nunya Month ago
@Jake Baskinger you savage
Blue dude 360
Blue dude 360 2 months ago
I wonder who that is MHHHHHHHH
Airsoft Army
Airsoft Army 12 hours ago
Loopholes aren’t cheating
Jay Greentree
Jay Greentree 16 hours ago
Robby Gordon was the most obvious cheater in my 37 years of life.
Nick Fisher
Nick Fisher 19 hours ago
Man should go on American Idol😂😂
Michael Superbacker
Michael Superbacker 20 hours ago
Jesse Powell
Jesse Powell Day ago
8:29 John C Reilly
Bryan R.
Bryan R. 2 days ago
Back when NASCAR was interesting to watch. Today you would have more fun staring at the sun.
hill monica
hill monica 2 days ago
Smokey's 7/8 Chevelle as it was called was actually right. Nascar got a car from the parking lot and Smokey's car fit the template from that car better than the Nascar owned car. You should have told them how he made a floorpan and it was deemed illegal, them smokey pounded out the cars original floor for better underneath airflow.
Randall Mason
Randall Mason 2 days ago
99% of the rule book was written for Smokey! What a Legend!!
Gavalant 2 days ago
So some drivers attempted to go full Mario kart to win the race lol.
Ben Mcneil
Ben Mcneil 3 days ago
Bubba is a racist how many lemmings are going to keep watching NASCAR after this fiasco . NASCAR has turned its back on the people that made them who they are.
Robert Hendrickson
Joey Lagoner, I like Junyer
panzerducky 3 days ago
jump to 2:00 if you want to skip the add
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall 3 days ago
Brandon OS
Brandon OS 3 days ago
Yes the fuel was hidden in the fuel cell
C J 3 days ago
Number 6....Best move Robbie Gordon ever made. Sucked in Ambrose.
Ares 4 days ago
that small child thing had me laughing for like 2 minutes
Eric Monaco
Eric Monaco 4 days ago
I knew Robby Gordon was an Asshole but come to think about it He's a bigger asshole then i remember
Raid3r63 4 days ago
robby gordon did get screwed in that Busch race
Chandler White
Chandler White 5 days ago
1-15: Every time Hendrick Motorsports unloads a car from the hauler.
The Loobis
The Loobis 5 days ago
1:00 Aaaand I'm skipping.
living meme
living meme 5 days ago
Smokey didn’t cheat because there was no rule. He was just smarter then most people.
Hugo Fuguselv
Hugo Fuguselv 4 days ago
Read his last book. He said he did psychedelic drugs to brainstorm engineering solutions. He filled the bellhousing with expanding foam, started the engine to make a cavity, cleaned it all out and carved intake and output passages and ran the 10PSI through the heat riser tube going to the air cleaner. That is right, a secretly supercharged Pontiac. Ha also used a Powerglide trans oil pump in a machined timing cover and tried a secret dry sump oiling system. Crazy amazing.
Pappa Do
Pappa Do 5 days ago
And nascar cheats them self like when they chance the rules so a driver who misses the first 8 races and is still able to win the championship.
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore 5 days ago
Some of these stories here are not True .. NASCAR was allowing Factory Ford and Chrysler Teams to run 28 gallon gas tanks while only 22 gallons was Legal .. Smokey knew NASCAR was letting them get away with it.
Ben or Wolfy
Ben or Wolfy 5 days ago
Ok Robby Gordon was put in 12 for no reason. Caution came out and he got wrecked but nascar said he didn’t maintain caution speed. That is stupid! He was being wrecked!
Brandon Connelly
Brandon Connelly 6 days ago
Actual video starts at 2:04
Matthew Farmer
Matthew Farmer 6 days ago
Does anyone know what race and year the crash was @ 9:21? Thanks in advance
michael isola
michael isola 6 days ago
you're obviously not a NASCAR fan if you can't pronounce Jimmie Johnson's crew chiefs name !
Owen Wilder
Owen Wilder 6 days ago
Omg I thought the Hudson hornet was just in cars I didn’t know it was real
Head Brown
Head Brown 6 days ago
Wow....its obvious you have never been a nascar fan. But that's ok. It was a pretty good vid. But his name is Chad Knauss..pronounced Ka-naus
Alexander Williamson
I loved how Robby Gordon did not give a shit about NASCAR he was like no what f it let’s do it 😂😂
gman57op anti-mason
i love my front wheel drive monte carlo. its so nice being pulled like royalty instead of being pushed like peasents.
SK Facilities
SK Facilities 7 days ago
F! is worse
aries 7 days ago
wouldn’t it be great if we found out during bill elliots top speed run he was spraying nitrous the whole time
Briant Winburn
Briant Winburn 7 days ago
The bb one has been around for years and it wasn’t just waltrip everyone did it
XxDeathxxTollxX 7 days ago
8:03 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
budster mcgreen
budster mcgreen 7 days ago
Most of these were just people working in the "grey area". ✌️
Dank Vapes
Dank Vapes 7 days ago
does every nascar fan hate danica patrick? lol
That one guy looks like an older John C. Reilly
Clayton Morris
Clayton Morris 7 days ago
Huh? That dude is black???
Carter Obrien
Carter Obrien 7 days ago
nascar should allow cheating and tampering when it comes to speed cause then it’s truly a competition of who’s fastest and who can build best. just driving is barley a skill
Michael B
Michael B 7 days ago
This video needs an update. Bubba Wallace, should be No.1 ! . .. . for waving the "race" card to gain an advantage ! hahaha
43labontepetty 8 days ago
I am shocked you neglected to put Junior Johnson on this list. I’m glad you recognized Smokey Yunick because he never gets the recognition he deserves.
Frank Smythe
Frank Smythe 8 days ago
It's pronounced Chad Ka-nous
J D 8 days ago
8:09 wow... he really went there 😂😂😂
Larry Temen
Larry Temen 8 days ago
4:30, jet fuel is kerosene. Idk how that would help him
Xtreme Dirt Racing
"Kah"Naus lmao
Bimer catracho
Bimer catracho 8 days ago
Don't recommend this channel
MysteryKOne 8 days ago
Didn’t somebody cut a few inches from the middle of their car, making it narrower because that was the only measurement they didn’t regulate?
kevin mckeown
kevin mckeown 8 days ago
f..k hello fresh bro
J Renzi
J Renzi 9 days ago
Nascar can only wish they had someone like Robby Gordon, he was right most of the time with his predictions of the gate of the sport. Look at him now.
TO 9 days ago
I guess if you don't have real driving skills and a good (speck) car it seems to be okay to cheat. Sadly, some people thinks it's genius to "bend" the rules. So, "I won" by cheating or "I won" because of my driving skills?
Scot Coon
Scot Coon 9 days ago
Ten minute video starting with a 2 minute ad.
Chris Stitt
Chris Stitt 10 days ago
U forgot nascar cheating for Jimmie Johnson by throwing phantom debris cautions
Michael Ault
Michael Ault 10 days ago
Havent watched yet but if ol smokey isn't on this thing I demand a recount.
Camping Mods
Camping Mods 10 days ago
Extra fuel in the carb would richen the mixture and cause a loss in power. The more you know...
Tim Bowers
Tim Bowers 11 days ago
Next time you make a list double check your "facts" because you were waaaaay wrong on several of these. Or better yet, don't do videos about things you know nothing about.
Craig Hardee
Craig Hardee 11 days ago
Wow what a shock. No mention of Dale Earnhardt.
Rod Romes
Rod Romes 12 days ago
The fuel fuel line diameter might not be cheating but put in the frame if you keep up with other types of racing as in endurance there are certain classes they allowed a 20 gallon tank in the passenger seat do you feel safe driving something like that I don't care if I'm getting paid to drive I know how to drive hate do it anymore ain't no fun too much traffic to make cops and get to a race track and your boss tells you you had to have 20 gallons of race fuel sitting beside you in an endurance race I would quit my life is not worth that little bet of Glory did the company takes all the credit for or no pit stops and then make you look like you're a half-assed driver it's all their engineering that's called cheating drivers come first safety comes first two drivers and spectators still like it get over it Go driver one cylinder car that goes 15 miles an hour
b conover
b conover 12 days ago
Love it calling Danica "a small child".
Smokey P
Smokey P 12 days ago
Probably cooked up because its the 80's???? Boo!!!
Alan Muccioli
Alan Muccioli 12 days ago
Yunick and the other sneaky car owners weren't cheating. They just did it BEFORE it became cheating. In fact, Yunick and Junior Johnson are the *reason* the NASCAR rule book is what it is today. Case in point 1997 running of the Winston. Jeff Gordon and company show up with a car dubbed "T-Rex" because, duh, what else are you going to name a car with Jurassic Park slapped all over it? Anyway, the 24 team did a whole lot of engineering and aerodynamic work to the car to make it faster. Gordon goes on to win and NASCAR begrudgingly gives the check to the team. After the race, crew chief Ray Everenham is brought into the NASCAR hauler. Bill France Jr looks at Ray and says "That car is illegal. Don't bring it back." Ray launches a protest like "wait, the car's legal! We won the race." France responds with "For this race? Yes. But starting tomorrow, it won't be." I'm pretty sure I paraphrased, but you get the idea. Another prime example is Harvick at Las Vegas in the spring of 2018. He had his a support in the back windshield fail so a divot was created and it let air flow to the back of the car. NASCAR lets the win stand and then they said "alright, this shit's illegal starting after this race." There are other stories out there.
9some 12 days ago
was #5 really a black?
kc bh
kc bh 13 days ago
NASCAR got a new one now. They lied to he fans about the fake noose.
phxxr650r 13 days ago
click bait commerial
Steve Mccart
Steve Mccart 14 days ago
Im just about finished with you tube if these damn commercials persist
Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss 14 days ago
The trick is to bend the rules without braking them got to find that sweet point
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins 14 days ago
Well except that since Nascar runs gasoline engines and not deisel. Running jet fuel will make the car run like crap just before the engine took a shit and stopped working. If they were running deisel engines, then jet fuel would make no difference at all. So I'm calling bullshit on that one
MURR DOG 14 days ago
Fraud = forgot OBVIOUS RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT..cheapes recall cronies..never again lost my $hirt ..
MegaScott 15 days ago
There's an unwritten rule in Racing. "If the rulebook doesn't say you can't do it, you can" When I was racing Modifieds at a track near Seattle, The upper class of Sportsmen cars was dominated by a team that was sponsored by a Racing tire distributer. In fact the race car driver owned the distributership for the tire company, and had the rules changed to only allow tires from that company, and since he had the exclusive contract in the NW to provide that brand of tires, you coudn't buy tires from anyone else. The thing about racing tires...They are not all the same. Being a dealer for race tires gives you the advantage of being able to choose the exact tires and the stickiest tires for your car, Everyone who has ever raced knows, if you have the best tires, you can run faster than everyone else, given everything else is equal. No wonder the guy would win almost every weekend!!
EdgyKneepads 16 days ago
What’s wrong with the baseball dude
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer 16 days ago
I am a big fan of Smokey Yunick and he pulled some pretty good ones. All of these things made the inspectors better at their jobs. Of course my problem with NASCAR is they got rid of part of their name by taking stock car out of the name. Then big money people put together teams that ended up keeping an even playing field for some very good drivers. I can’t stand cookie cutter cars. Everything is safer now and that is the only positive thing I get out of it. Of course I am old school and think you should run what you brung. 👍🇺🇸🤙😃
Orangechase 12
Orangechase 12 16 days ago
Scott Baker did get the win NASCAR invented a scoring error so that no One would protest a black man winning a race NASCAR Gabe him the win latter
John Doe
John Doe 16 days ago
Why would switching the sides of the tires be useful to a driver? Can somebody well versed in NASCAR explain this one to me?
MadIIMike 17 days ago
I'm german and not really used to Nascar (Danica memes aside), but I do partially work in racing (car development and marketing) love the way Smokey went about things, reminds me of Zakspeed when they swapped the fuel tank to refuel faster.^^ One thing I noticed watching a few Nascar races is, that people try to dent the left side of the car just in front of the rear wheel. On a sidenote tough... those old stock car races looked a lot more impressive.
nojunk work
nojunk work 17 days ago
It's not cheating, it's creative engineering.
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 18 days ago
Can someone break down the illegality of the right of left/ left on right tire ordeal
MLJ FireDragon747
MLJ FireDragon747 19 days ago
You can’t really blame them for Wendell, if he had been seen kissing the white trophy girl, there probably would have been a race riot
4Foxsnakes 20 days ago
It wasn't "jet fuel" as you called it. Jet fuel is actually apart of the diesel family. AV gas or 101 low lead as it's sometimes called is what was used.
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy 22 days ago
I didn’t like the face reveal. You always sounded like a guy with hair. Not sure we can trust you anymore.
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