NASCAR Ryan Newman and David Gilliland Fight After Crash!! Dover 2013

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Tempers flare at the Monster Mile after Ryan Newman and David Gilliland crash.
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Jun 2, 2013




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Comments 80
Sugarsmaxx Month ago
What fight?????!!
Ali Ostrowski
Ali Ostrowski Month ago
how id this a fight? nobody punched anybody
keith crozier
keith crozier 3 months ago
Heather McGill
Heather McGill 4 months ago
Learn to get out of the way. Newman was faster
CorVette2k 4 months ago
Who’s here after his terrible crash at Daytona?
LoganoKeslowski 12
LoganoKeslowski 12 4 months ago
Im here
jockejocke1 6 months ago
1:02 That's a big butt in the window
Israel Kelley
Israel Kelley Year ago
These announcers only condone Kyle Busch wrecking people that's why nascar is dead
Jeff Floyd
Jeff Floyd Year ago
Newman Tony Stewart Same Way they both Dump you If Your Don't Play There Way Lol
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie Year ago
Here is a Gem that you don't know!! Newman was super apologetic at the airport cause back then both teams as in They bothed used prop planes to seg way respected teams at that point in time so they had to be in the same airport!! Newman apologized repeatedly and blamed Dave Blaney which was honestly the truth!!
Rob's random videos
But if Kyle Busch did the same thing it be called the bump in run
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley Year ago
I’m wondering why Ryan didn’t get in David’s face like he did with Joey?
Paul C
Paul C Year ago
boy I'll tell you one thing, that guy really kicked his can. GoDaddy
JFM 01
JFM 01 Year ago
They fought without touching each other!
qspec Year ago
LincolnTek Year ago
That punch to the face was epic !!!
H Gamerboy815
H Gamerboy815 2 years ago
Legit 5 year old hacked nascars account and wrote this title
red03mitsu 2 years ago
So... where’s the fight ?
Austin 2 years ago
I understand letting a faster car go by to be kind but if we are racing for a spot, and I would rather stay in my spot than give it up, why is it my fault if someone can't pass clean while someone blocks? Bull headed move by Ryan Newman
Zach E
Zach E 2 years ago
Swirvin Irvan
Swirvin Irvan 2 years ago
David Gilliland is so insecure of his balding he stops to put hat on.
2preachtheword 2 years ago
Where was the fight? Ridiculous title.
Just About2
Just About2 2 years ago
Ryan Newman was wrong on that one.
motherthecar 2 years ago
Newman sucks
Rumble625 2 years ago
Pit crews are not going to let them fight, they’ll jump in before the first punch.
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo 2 years ago
Hahahaha RIP Cryan Newman!
Sterling Crockett
Sterling Crockett 2 years ago
I've heard Ryan Newman described as an ogre, and honestly when I see him in regular street clothes he looks like he could pull someone's arms off at the shoulder, but I don't think I've ever seen him in an actual fight. Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski are little scrawny guys, but they didn't hesitate to start throwing punches a couple of years ago. Brad's face was visibly bruised and Jeff had a big ol' split lip in the interviews!
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie Year ago
You have validity!! No arguments here!!..Sterling!!
Craig G
Craig G 2 years ago
When Newman started in Cup ,they described him as a linebacker . I doubt any of these girlly fighters in CRASHCAR wold want to tangle with him
Cole Laughter
Cole Laughter 2 years ago
What fight?
The Lone Racer
The Lone Racer 2 years ago
I hope Newman didn't get hurt during that talking to by Gilliland. Heard he used some harsh words. Ah NASCAR and their years of clickbait titles.
NASCAR Kumon Cup Series
I didn't have an opinion on Newman back then, but now....
JMoney689 3 years ago
Me, four years later, seeing title: "Newman and Gilliland fighting? I don't remember that" *wastes two minutes watching NASCAR-official video with clickbait title that did not include a "fight" in any way, shape, or form* "Oh yeah, that's why I didn't remember."
johnny roto
johnny roto 3 years ago
What Fight ????
bruh 3 years ago
where did gilliland get the hat
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie Year ago
@Swirvin Irvan Go back too mom's basement sugar!!
Swirvin Irvan
Swirvin Irvan 2 years ago
Most drivers have a hat in car for interviews after race but since Gilliland never is near the front to be interviewed I imagine his is because he's insecure of the bald spot.
Nathaniel Higgerson
They keep showing replays, show the fucking drivers out of their cars assholes.
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie 3 years ago
What's been known and said by Johnson smoke Edwards both Busch brothers Harvick Gordon and Larry Mac that Everyone loves Gilliland and if he didn't drive junk watch out he would be a contender!!!
Daffy 3 years ago
woah watch out........ that fight was huge 😑😑😑😑
NakariNova 4 years ago
Spoiled brat, does he know how much the repairs cost?
matthew mauran
matthew mauran 4 years ago
Doesn't Ryan Newman know when you go to dump someone or wreck them that your NOT suppose to wreck yourself in the process! Another Ryan Newman Bone headed moment. Will never win a championship how long has it been since Newan won 4 or 5 years ago with Stewart-Haas who dumped Newman to sign Harvick!
Frank O'Connor
Frank O'Connor 4 years ago
Screw you Newman that was totally uncalled for
William Greeter
William Greeter 4 years ago
David Gilliland sucks anyway he can't get out of his own way. and has proven that over the years he needs to go back and take drivers ED 101
Trisden Reyer
Trisden Reyer 3 years ago
William Greeter You need to retake grammar lessons.
Chris Bryant
Chris Bryant 4 years ago
maybe Newman ran out of talent
OJ&Toothpaste 2
OJ&Toothpaste 2 4 years ago
where's the fight? stop with the misleading titles in these videos. just makes you look like a dumbass NASCAR. misconcepting shit
Pedro J Delgado
Pedro J Delgado 4 years ago
They were the only cars on the track
C0NR 4 years ago
What's totally un called for is that Darrell waltrip is still doing commentating
Acemotherfcken Frehley
as the years go on, the definition of a fight in nascar gets weaker and weaker lol
Kevin Blanco
Kevin Blanco 4 years ago
Still love Newman
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 4 years ago
if Newman didn't race cars he would be an asshole cop
Edgar Alfredo Mora
Edgar Alfredo Mora 4 years ago
Hass/Stewart Team...The punks Team. Replaced punk Newman for Street Fighter punk Kevin Garbage(Harvick).
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie 4 years ago
Gilliland would have took Newman!!! Dude was sprung lol
Richard Greeter
Richard Greeter 5 years ago
Gilliland can"t even get out of his own way and has proven that thru out a decade of him driving a cup car he shouldn"t be in a cup team he should go back to were he came from
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie Year ago
Guess you or your driver got wrecked at parris or irwindale by David and lost!! Go lay down somewhere with that stupid retic!!
Rylan Diaz
Rylan Diaz 5 years ago
Nascars headlines. I swear not anywhere in this video was there a fight.
harpoon 5 years ago
"tempers boil over, on a hot day in Dover" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Yeaimthatguy3332 5 years ago
Newman has no reason to yell at anyone. you'll see him at the front of the pack once every 3 races. He thinks he's a good driver, but realistically, he's a decent driver.
bbodinefan11 5 years ago
Newman is a bitch. He couldn't pass a car by an under funded team with his multi million dollar backed team car. Didn't he once bitch at Logano for not being able to pass clean?
Naz Idoura
Naz Idoura 3 years ago
bbodinefan11 both logano and johnson. but he had no right to given the way HE races. Looks like he got a win this year in '17. Shocker
Truggins 5 years ago
Truggins 5 years ago
No that's Jimmie Johnson. I was asking who was Jimmy Jackson.
Truggins 5 years ago
@***** Who the fuck is Jimmy Jackson?
bbodinefan11 5 years ago
No actually I hate Jimmie Johnson. Newman was very consistent last year no doubt. He is also a talented driver. However when you don't have the ability to pass a car that has 1/100th of the funding you do something is wrong. If Gilliland wrecks Ryan Newman no big deal they got twelve more cars ready to go. Gillilands team probably has two maybe three cars total.
Ryan Loring
Ryan Loring 5 years ago
Again, "fight". NASCAR, do you know what the hell a fight actually is?
Nitephall 5 years ago
It's funny how these dumb-ass drivers always have excuses for the stupid shit they do. It's obvious Newman wanted to spin him out but it backfired on him. What good is it be aggressive if you end up with a destroyed racecar.
enuffsanuff 5 years ago
so where's the fight?
Michael White
Michael White 5 years ago
i for one would not pick a fight with Ryan Newman.this one was all on Ryan's fault.but i would not want to fight with him,
Clark Haynie
Clark Haynie Year ago
Gilly would kick his ass!! The reason I say this is due the fact I was at the airport that particular day of crazy reasons and Newman came up to him and apologized and too thier credit was chill and responsible laid back out it funny how millions of bucks will make you lethargic!! Funny how opportunity presents itself!!
Bradley Furnell
Bradley Furnell 4 years ago
cause he a baby whhhhhàaaaaaa LOL
skiddy8619 4 years ago
+Michael White Why not? He's a human just like the rest of us, just because he drives a race car doesn't mean mean he's the toughest guy out there.....
next UFC fight: Stewart vs Newman
GeneralMills66 5 years ago
Title of video is misleading
bluowl62 5 years ago
That was uncalled for what ryan did to david. I hope david and his 38 team get a win soon
jrfan07 5 years ago
@JCpatriots never say never, it's unlikely but plate races are becoming more of a lottery every year, and Gilliland is a decent plate racer lol, it might just happen
Eric Cardona
Eric Cardona 5 years ago
His teammate David Ragan did though.
JCpatriots 5 years ago
Lol, David Gilliland is never going to win a Cup race.
Marco Flores
Marco Flores 6 years ago
Cryan Newman
Molli Hazelton
Molli Hazelton 6 years ago
Will people just shut up about how this isn't a fight...Were you expecting WWE style fighting or what? I guess they should have used a word like "altercation"...but drivers normally don't attack eachother, and if they do, it's pretty interesting to watch them do it (like..Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch.) It was a verbal fight, and no, we won't ever probably see a fight like Bowyer/Gordon...I mean, I was on my feet when this happened, so I guess the people complaining that it's not a "fight" are probably people who just watch crashes and fights...
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley Year ago
Molli Hazelton fight means fight this was an argument or heated words
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Year ago
"just watch crashes and fights". Or we grew up going to Saturday night short tracks where fights involve at least 1 punch. At most this was a discussion.
PowerMagika 6 years ago
"Tempers boil over, on a hot day in Dover."
Edward G.
Edward G. 2 months ago
PowerMagika God bless Mike Joy ❤️
Marco Salpietro
Marco Salpietro 6 years ago
Jeffrey Foster
Jeffrey Foster 6 years ago
And the fight happened...when??!!
cArmAkAze 6 years ago
Newman is such a tool
Survivrs 6 years ago
Well wasn't THAT just the most physical fight I ever witnessed. I'm shuddering from it. I get more excited watching the grass grow. From the title, I thought I would see at least one fist fly. wow..... . . . .
The Snapperhead
The Snapperhead 6 years ago
1:04 two huge fat fucks in the way.
Enrique Veliz
Enrique Veliz 6 years ago
How is this still on RUvid? This fight is so brutal... heaven have mercy.
BIGBURT 27 days ago
CorVette2k r/whoosh
CorVette2k 4 months ago
Nigga What
BILL SMITH 6 years ago
rustyspartner 6 years ago
Why? He's one of the more passive guys in the sport.
Dean Lickerbelly
Dean Lickerbelly 6 years ago
if it was tony who bumped someone, mike joy would suck off tony and say it was ok for tony to do.
ALargeBoulder 6 years ago
1:11 hello Mr.waterbottle! (top middle)
Adrian A
Adrian A 6 years ago
Fucken stupid ass shit this aint no fight
ShotgunDolphin 6 years ago
I love how they were pissed and still took off their helmets when they went after each other.
Karl Solvang
Karl Solvang 6 years ago
Come on! This is not a fight!! You should have written: "Newman and Gilliland talking to each other after crash!" haha LOL
The Snapperhead
The Snapperhead 6 years ago
Fight? No. Just NA$CAR trying to get more views for advertising dollars.
Brian Glennon
Brian Glennon 6 years ago
Makes you wonder why Newman got fired by Stewart
SHA8UTIE 6 years ago
Stewart didn't fire Newman.
Nathaniel Robinson
Nathaniel Robinson 6 years ago
How is this a fight? They were just talking to each other, sure it was a little bit heated but it aint no fight.
HF - 05SK - Trelawny PS (1567)
Yeah! They are just making a decision!😮
Patrice Leroux
Patrice Leroux 6 years ago
Why do you write that they fight if they dont?? They dosen't even touch themselves ive never seen a wrong description like that for a video
sebastian spalding
sebastian spalding 6 years ago
Hardly a fight was it..
Fredarios Parks
Fredarios Parks 6 years ago
The one error he made he wrecked him in the backstretch should have got Gilliland in the turns
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