NASCAR Cup Series Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 7/7/19 | Motorsports on NBC

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Justin Haley was declared the winner of Sunday’s rain-shortened Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona, after leading just one lap. #NBCSports #NASCAR #Daytona
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NASCAR Cup Series Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 7/7/19 | Motorsports on NBC


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Jul 7, 2019




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Jordan Weingarten
Benjamin Krawetzki
Stage 1: not bad Stage 2: well things are about to go crazy Stage 3: Get through that McQueen!
mohsin 0014
mohsin 0014 11 days ago
Mohsin0014 7860281840
Ikka lailasari
Ikka lailasari Month ago
Kalau gituw sngat berbahaya lur
kiki kiki
kiki kiki Month ago
Oni nawet na prostej nie potrafią jeździć
OldFliersGroup Month ago
320kph and centimetres apart. This"sport" is designed for Chaos to reign.
palani samy
palani samy Month ago
Vara level video
Naruto 068
Naruto 068 Month ago
Alfredo Simbolon
konse itsi what is the lap in drak
Jose Lico Matozo
Joselico gracias 🇺🇸🌎Joselico Carrera de carro de la NASCAR 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪
Dayan Rodríguez
Dayan Rodríguez 2 months ago
There should have been an UPS sponsored car right next to that FedEx one. 4:22
Semarik 2 months ago
Future today
Евгений Кормин
хочу в наскар принять участие
Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
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Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
American pie 21
Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
Next w after ramadhan or isro miraj trans7 polytron radio auto 88.9 or 87.7 hard rock fm
Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
Jln kampung psr mekar mukti no 21 or x53 x8 rt01 rw 05 kec cihampelas kab bandung po bok 40562
Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
And motor or stay on the house rumah imah
Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
And its ok bus or angkot or truck
Iwan Zaenal
Iwan Zaenal 2 months ago
I love ferari or mercedes bmw mobil
Crosby Ari
Crosby Ari 2 months ago
The watch Nascar
Joshua Azel
Joshua Azel 2 months ago
So like the whole race everyone just turns left the entire race?
Sinem Yeşilsu
Sinem Yeşilsu 2 months ago
T'hats my driver harvıck
Danimal 86
Danimal 86 2 months ago
Instead of adding down force and designing a body that doesn't flip at 150mph backwards, they add some flaps with hinges. Haha
浜田翔太 3 months ago
LaNay 3 months ago
The funny thing is that Austin Dillion has the worst wrecks in Coke Zero but all the other wrecks aren’t that bad
Anderson Gachet
Anderson Gachet 3 months ago
exciting sport like F1 does not exist
Corrie Jacobs
Corrie Jacobs 4 months ago
Ali Lia
Ali Lia 4 months ago
Brasa liat mobil remot😅
Kamu orang indonesia
St-Jean MARIO 4 months ago
La nouvelle génération de coureur automobile nous en fait voir de toutes les couleurs super, il y a de l action sur la tack.
St-Jean MARIO 4 months ago
ABC a toujours diffuser les course automobile di NASCAR. Suiver cet chaîne télé si vous êtes fan, a plus.
St-Jean MARIO 4 months ago
Mon père es foue de c est bolide qui tourne des heures et des heures sur une grande maquette en ovale 😀😁😂🚘
St-Jean MARIO 4 months ago
My da is crazy he love doze fun race car,ho yes man !😃😆
Yên Nông
Yên Nông 5 months ago
Hoan woay
TheFuriousB 5 months ago
miss the good old 80's. a little bit boring today, isn't it?
Tran Danh
Tran Danh 5 months ago
Đã quá
Cư Đức
Cư Đức 5 months ago
phá xe vl
しめじです 5 months ago
Мелис Кыдыров
อภินันท์ อิ่มอ่อม
นายกิจจา โพธิ์หอม
Grover Groverov
Grover Groverov 6 months ago
Пиздос, из-за одного дауна столько ущерба. Интересно, кто потом платит за такие аварии?
Faisal Kajooor
Faisal Kajooor 6 months ago
Is this racing or fighting cars🤣🤣🤣
Allan Albert
Allan Albert 6 months ago
Austin Dillon is a bum
Joshua Schawe
Joshua Schawe 7 months ago
God I love nascar
journeystarr 7 months ago
I remember when it used to be the Firecracker 400
kaijuandcars 8495
kaijuandcars 8495 7 months ago
Very risky move by the #3
Joey G
Joey G 7 months ago
6:19 I come back once in a while only for the crowd reaction 😂
dw k
dw k 8 months ago
진짜 재밌겟다. 보는것 만으로 행복하다. 우리나라는 자동차 만드는 회사가 5개나 있는데 레이스가 없네.
ShadowBones 14
ShadowBones 14 10 months ago
I thought bowser wreck half the field it was Dillion typical
Leslie Sánchez
Leslie Sánchez 10 months ago
Where is the car # 15?
Floyd Fan
Floyd Fan 10 months ago
they would have had time to run the last 30 laps before the weather became a factor, but decided to play bs games instead, and yes earlier comment about the number of commercials, has def. ruined nascar racing on tv. I now spend my money at local tracks where the racing is much better. rip nascar.
fin screenname
fin screenname 10 months ago
Look at the stands.... Nascar screwed Kurt. They said they were restarting the race and then when they come down pit row with one to go to green they call the race. BS!
Oak Lumberjack
Oak Lumberjack 10 months ago
Dillons spotter was like WTF??
Shubbit the fubbick ubbip!!!
How old is Justin?
mark douglas
mark douglas 10 months ago
Does anyone else find Burton's voice annoying? Drives me nuts,
1 JetGator
1 JetGator 10 months ago
I bet the 149 fans that were there were shocked and in awe to see this massive wreck 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
JazzedHellcat 10 months ago
Idiots!~ Especially Dillon!
Jeff Schwartz
Jeff Schwartz 10 months ago
I appreciate the audio . The way I see it , is the 3 car was following the 14 , down the hill . I now he wasn't following , but if he wasn't , he was scared of going up towards the wall . He was unstable when he broke free . Basically got run over .
Julie Rosenthal
Julie Rosenthal 10 months ago
8:36 Bowyer went up the track into Dillon
terracer 10 months ago
What a great kid! He puts others before himself - so rare... I hope he goes on to be a champion at the highest level....
Clayton Owens
Clayton Owens 10 months ago
It was great to see Keselowski smacking the wall. Mister " I'm not letting up for anybody!" got what he deserved--thank you to the driver who didn't lift. I didn't see who it was but I'm now a fan.
cat 10 months ago
That would be Harvick
DD Yodaman
DD Yodaman 10 months ago
See Jr. tired of the NASCAR
Sam Rock Jr.
Sam Rock Jr. 10 months ago
If NASCAR really wanted to save itself it would get rid of these $150,000 a piece cars so that when they get broke the boys would stop bawling about it and the owners would stop crying cuz it wouldn't cost so much y'all need to go back to the way it really was back in the fifties and use cars right off the showroom floor and then watch many other people come to race yeah the speeds may not be so fast but you're going to have more people there to race and less ball babies and you're going to make more money
Sam Rock Jr.
Sam Rock Jr. 10 months ago
Kid go away
Clayton Owens
Clayton Owens 10 months ago
@Sam Rock Jr. Sam, not to argue but you said "cars right off the showroom floor". So no, I've never been in a race car because they don't sell race cars "right off the showroom floor." I've never been at an auto dealer`s showroom and seen a car with a roll cage and all the things that come with a race car. No helmet, 5 point harness, spine restraint device, etc.
Sam Rock Jr.
Sam Rock Jr. 10 months ago
@Clayton Owens you've obviously never been in a race car
Clayton Owens
Clayton Owens 10 months ago
Hey dumbo, who wants to race a stock showroom car that will be so dang slow but kill the driver when it wrecks?
Nilson Herrera
Nilson Herrera 10 months ago
Justin Haley wins the coke zero sugar 400 at daytona for his first career cup win and spire motorsports.
Fred Zag
Fred Zag 10 months ago
Boyer secured the lane and the 3 car tried to get into voters lane. What boyer should have done was go over the yellow lines, but don't advance and save the car. Lots of people don't like Stuart so don't give anyone a reason to crash boyer every chance they get. Boyer should make the finals.
michael88h 10 months ago
This announcer they got has no enthusiasm
lewis griffin
lewis griffin 10 months ago
That's karma for Brad Keselowski
Andrew Beaudoin
Andrew Beaudoin 10 months ago
He deserved it as usual! LOL
Clayton Owens
Clayton Owens 10 months ago
Amen brother!
Mark Rubin
Mark Rubin 10 months ago
Races like this, with rules like this and results like this will lead to the decline and total failure of NASCAR.
Hoyt Smith
Hoyt Smith 10 months ago
NASCAR is all but done for
NASCARFanatic2018 10 months ago
Hoyt Smith you’re pathetic
NASCAR Kumon Cup Series
Yet it has had higher ratings than last year
JFMC Trombones
JFMC Trombones 10 months ago
Too many commercials
Scottsterb b
Scottsterb b 10 months ago
Very disappointed in NASCAR after this race!! Lightning over 6 miles away clearly not coming towards track. This isn't 7 yr olds playing soccer!!! Let em race!! Lost viewers big time! They delayed until the actual rain did hit track! Kurt got screwed but the fans even more screwed!!
SlideJob!SlideJob! 10 months ago
@NASCAR Kumon Cup Series Exactly. At football games they stop play if lightning is within 15 miles of the stadium. Better safe than sorry.
NASCAR Kumon Cup Series
Scottsterb b someone died at Pocono in 2012 because of lightning. This was a precaution. Do you want someone to die?
maria rodriguez
maria rodriguez 10 months ago
Oh my gosh justin haley wins the coke zero 400!
Alexandre Amirizian
Alexandre Amirizian 11 months ago
NASCAR just had its Mario Dominguez moment lol
Simon P. M.
Simon P. M. 11 months ago
The way that race ended, if Danica was still racing, she could of won it. It was just a matter of circumstances. They had to call it, because it takes 2-3 hours to dry the track and by the time they did, another storm moved in. ON to Kentucky.
Clayton Owens
Clayton Owens 10 months ago
If Danica was still racing, she would have caused wrecks!
Simon P. M.
Simon P. M. 11 months ago
@ERIN LOL Aliens on Mars, I'm dying laughing right now!
ERIN 11 months ago
And she would boast about her one win as if she earned it actually racing, which even aliens on Mars know could never happen.
H. Snider
H. Snider 11 months ago
They should and COULD HAVE FINISHED THE RACE! in the 2 lightening red flags at 30 min each..... they could have done 2 15min red flags and saved 30 minutes they could've ran at LEAST 15 of the last 33 laps under green and gave the PEOPLE that did show up something 4 the MONEY they wasted... it seems like they were TRYING to wait for the rain to come.
Louis Iori
Louis Iori 11 months ago
Same old blocking and crashing. Nothing changes
B2 B
B2 B 11 months ago
Let's be honest here, does this really take skill? It's all luck
NASCAR Kumon Cup Series
B2 B partially, but the Finish was luck. Kurt should have won. As much as I love Haley and as happy as I am for him, he didn’t deserve this win
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