Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump calling her 'nervous'

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reacts to President Trump tweeting that she was having a "nervous fit" when announcing the House would proceed with articles of impeachment against him.
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Dec 5, 2019




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enfekted13 Day ago
You're not patriotic at all!!! You want to people on welfare and no guns without police. While you sitting in a bunker.. bitch fuck you!
enfekted13 Day ago
He didn't invite anyone. That's been proven bitch.
enfekted13 Day ago
But you're the evil one.. cages? That was Obama bitch. Competition? You side wanted slaves. And then you manipulated them in to "projects" ( look up the meaning and funding) to keep them on food stamps and unemployment... Just to get votes. Sad that this has gone on for so long. They say "keep people down" well the democratic party has and got your votes to keep people down. WAKE UP!! DO RESEARCH AND REALIZE YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO. VOTE REPUBLICAN TO STOP THIS CIRCLE OF HATE!!!!!
countrygaltn Ms. Knight
He is draining the swamp and they are running scared. They better be scared 😱
paul lovallo
paul lovallo 9 days ago
Fake fake fake
Anointed Truth
Anointed Truth 10 days ago
Pray and help the blacks who are the builders of this country karma comes you reap what you sow.
Wayne Montpetit
Wayne Montpetit 11 days ago
Skeletor is never nervous.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 13 days ago
What information.... well probably the accusation that RUSSIAN involvement and interference of the election is now 7/30/2020 proven by the Steele dossier paid by the Democrats..Let's say do as I say not as I do they are guilty as Democrats and I'm baffled why there is not a jail sentence
Jack Lin
Jack Lin 16 days ago
Nervous 😬 nervous nervous nervous CRAZY NASTY POOPLOSI 💩 NERVOUS 😬 CRAZY PLASTIC MANNEQUIN STEROID injected broken poly grip Halloween 🎃 witchy no fun spooky spooker of the congress
hutno123 16 days ago
CNN host always looks like he's trying hard to poop
jamie albert
jamie albert 17 days ago
She sounds like a shit salesman with a mouth full of samples.....
these politicians are bickering all the time. Grow up please. And run the country like adults. Stop arguing. We all elect you if you fit to run the country not because you are better at bickering.
Brin Hitchens
Brin Hitchens 19 days ago
I shake my head and wonder at the mentality of some of the American race May the people vote with some form of intelligence. As a non American it is all Hilarious.
Marquieta Howton
Marquieta Howton 20 days ago
She can sure hold.her liquor
apocalypse the elite
pelosi and Biden can get together and try joining words and try making a meaningful sentence together or maybe that would tack to long.
TheTIMWING 22 days ago
Fuck PELOSI and her horse face.
Ryan Oakes
Ryan Oakes 24 days ago
Nancy your nervous She’s lying about everything
MVegetto1 25 days ago
Defund Nancy Pelosi
Mary Ellis
Mary Ellis 26 days ago
Thanks 😊 u Nancy you care about people 🙏😇
Mary Ellis
Mary Ellis 26 days ago
Thanks 😊 u Nancy you care about people 🙏😇
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman 27 days ago
'We will not have to attack you. We will destroy you from within...' -N. Khrushchev, UN
Barbara Snyder
Barbara Snyder Month ago
Pelosi needs to pray for her self to stop lieing about everything that comes out of her mouth.She is the one that does pays a judge to stack valets for demos to win and harvesting votes for demo to win.She knows that is the only way demos to win. She did not do enough harvesting votes demos to win the election and she keeps on doing this in elections if Republins did this she would prosute them. Thank goodness she was caught on the last election in the senate with bribeing a demo judge doing this to help demos win elections and she got caught
Dakota Riley
Dakota Riley Month ago
Trump's wrong she is not nervous she just needs to put down the crack pipe.🖕Dems.... Trump 2020
D Month ago
Impeachment Aquittal ruvid.net/video/video-dxQOhZlZig0.html ruvid.net/video/video-lInveLwXEtg.html
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson Month ago
Nancy make me want to puke.
Sam Dikhow
Sam Dikhow Month ago
Nancy you need to pray for yourself if you know how to pray
Alejandro Aston
Alejandro Aston Month ago
Tra _vis
Tra _vis Month ago
Now the dems are projecting by accusing the president of projecting. Obama was the one who constructed the cages. She probably prays for him but she prays to Lucifer. Not to God.
Just Me
Just Me Month ago
Nancy.. ALL you want is to keep yourself and your corrupt cronies in complete power. You’ve all got blood on your hands. Kennedy and Reagan are going to haunt you now.
Just Me
Just Me Month ago
She’s talking about God, that’s not her target market. Bye Felicia
mindy mills
mindy mills Month ago
She is so boring I wish they would ask better questions instead of treating her like a child who can't answer questions that matter.
Ben Dillard
Ben Dillard Month ago
Yeah you are jonesin for a drink ain't you Nancy you sloppy ass wino!!! I'm hearing stories about her being snockerd before nine in the morning!!! Most people get fired for drinks at work and especially when the job is turning into shit and you are the perfect example of the job going to shit!!! You NASTY bitch
Lisa Kettler
Lisa Kettler Month ago
Wow is she drunk she sounds like she has been drinking ?
Robert Carroll
Robert Carroll Month ago
Old news your still a liar
Bertil Wittgenstein
Pelosi is very, very nervous!
Arthur Avilez
Arthur Avilez Month ago
She must pray to her idols. God doesn't answer prayer of those who practice evil.
WR 1279
WR 1279 Month ago
I don't believe that's coffee or tea I believe it's adrenaline Chrome where we go one we go all true patriot I'm out
Jarrod Anstine
Jarrod Anstine Month ago
Get that got damn everlasting gobstoper out your fuckn mouth you old senile hag
tom mathis
tom mathis Month ago
Nothing to report ,this woman cant even say a sentence, and make any sense ,is self centered looking,she belongs in a nursing home,every time she talls it always about her.the same with Bill Gates america would be better off without these selfish people .
Giti Zare
Giti Zare Month ago
She is a strong woman👌god bless her 🙏I pray for Trump too🙏he is an evil👹👹👹👹
Angeline Vanaman
Retire Nancy!🤦🏻‍♀️
Dave Dou
Dave Dou Month ago
This is fake news
Tony Cala
Tony Cala Month ago
I pray you retire!!!!
Dogwood 2 months ago
Our President was being kind when he called her nervous. Pelosi says she prays for our President but her actions show her true feelings. I would have some respect for her if she said she hates his guts. She has openly displays her lust for power, without it she knows she would be NOTHING! A greasy, filthy swamp rat.
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa 2 months ago
Subpoena coming Stupid Nutty Nancy Spaghetti.
Jon Zoppa
Jon Zoppa 2 months ago
(get down on all 4s arch your back and submit to the dark lord TRUMP 2020) LOL TRUMP JR. 2024
John Martinez
John Martinez 2 months ago
This Liar has to be Smoking or snorting Coke because that jaw movement is tell tail sign that she has to be a coke addict .
John Martinez
John Martinez 2 months ago
What a lying bitch a fraud .
warren oreilly
warren oreilly 2 months ago
Wow the shit just rolls out of her mouth. We know every time she shows that bullet she passing a message with her wish. Trump is the best president in 4 generations if not more. The Swamp will be drained and set on fire to cleanse the virus and the growth of corruption and stupidity. Nutty sleepy Joe Ukraine 100 million dollar with holding for his son
Pamela Lavender
Pamela Lavender 2 months ago
What a lie.
Sonny Triscari
Sonny Triscari 2 months ago
She not only nervous she fucken crazy!!!
Carol Figgins
Carol Figgins 2 months ago
Go away Nancy, deceitful hearts block prayers !!
Joe Heinemann
Joe Heinemann 2 months ago
Fuck u bitch
Joan Prescott
Joan Prescott 2 months ago
Why does CNN keep putting this Lying Fool on Camera. The least you could do is Make Sure She’s not Drunk so she could actually form a proper Sentence. This Lying Bitch needs to be put in Gitmo for the Scam Of Impeachment.
Balls Deep
Balls Deep 2 months ago
She is a wreck
Rae Webb
Rae Webb 2 months ago
Nancy...change your prayers God said NO
einreb clam
einreb clam 2 months ago
lies, lies, lies and more lies. she doesn't know how to tell the truth.
Roxy Brown
Roxy Brown 2 months ago
We're NOT Suppose Too JUDGE!!!! She Is 80 Years Old... And It Is Hard Too Get Use Too Wearing Dentures!!!! Not Wanting An Argument, Just Speaking On My Own Opinion & Experience.... May GOD BLESS US ALL... ✝
Kathryn Boyle
Kathryn Boyle 2 months ago
All the alcohol makes her jittery
ian herbert
ian herbert 2 months ago
use fixodent nancy
Kathy 2 months ago
Why does she have tell everybody that She is praying for Trump? does she think she is some kind of saint? If she was really religious, she would'nt feel the urge to tell people, and she would be out there doing charity for the poor and sick people. This religiousness is very hollow.
deee dawwwggg
deee dawwwggg 2 months ago
you got to be stupid to listen to her ramblings about russia pulling the strings
LeoDahVee 2 months ago
I dislike Trump A LOT, but his jokes and name-calling are outright hilarious. List of Nicknames Trump has made: Hillary Clinton - Crooked Hillary Bernie Sanders - Crazy Bernie Joe Biden - Sleepy Joe Elizabeth Warren - Pocahontas Mike Bloomberg - Mini Mike Chuck Schumer - Crying Chuck Nancy Pelosi - Nervous Nancy MSNBC - MS-DNC Democratic Party - Do Nothing Democrats. Why can't we democrats have this same level of comedy?
Elegant Utility
Elegant Utility 2 months ago
God take the devil’s daughter (pelosi) and let her be the speaker of hell
Bad Apple Garage
Bad Apple Garage 2 months ago
Swee Suri
Swee Suri 2 months ago
Nervous Nancy A epic liar. She is druck on her ass.
Z The_Boxing_Cat
Z The_Boxing_Cat 2 months ago
She's going to be replaced! Yay!
C and d Tv
C and d Tv 2 months ago
Look not saying she’s not a Christian but how can u be a Christian an support abortion. All the lives she talked about matter but what about the babies that are killed. Do they not matter don’t be a hypocrite
John stone
John stone 2 months ago
This right here is the most FAKE politician in history
The artist 232
The artist 232 3 months ago
Ur a lier Nancy
Lewis Xetri
Lewis Xetri 3 months ago
Nervous nancy
Dave Cooke
Dave Cooke 3 months ago
She’s not nervous she’s sick
Jim King
Jim King 3 months ago
She needs to retire to her refridgerator and enjoy her ice cream. She's such a great christian, who believes in full term abortion, real christian belief? She's a joke, that needs to be voted out.
David Arbs
David Arbs 3 months ago
Albert May
Albert May 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi is a very ugly snake.
S Goodman
S Goodman 3 months ago
out of here when she started talking to GOD... what a low life liar...
Juanita Langley
Juanita Langley 3 months ago
OMG!!!! Give us a break Pelosi!!! You're all about politics!! You just can't stand that he won't let you take advantage of your office!! You want someone to let you get away with all your back handed, sneaky BS. OUR PRESIDENT CAN'T BE BOUGHT!!!
Asa Black
Asa Black 3 months ago
Speaker Pelosi to be replaced in November according to unnamed sources.
Greg Torom1
Greg Torom1 3 months ago
We're are the young fresh Democrats?
jackie evans
jackie evans 3 months ago
Nancy your such a liar liar liar He never jepodiesd anything the Democrats did Obama withheld help to the Ukraine Obama gave them blankets Nancy you don't pray for anyone Go eat your icecream in your nursing home You're a very nasty person go pray for yourself The President does not need your false prayers Cannot wait for 2020 when He wins again then what Nancy ?, You're getting a bit arthritic to be throwing your hands around and having Botox You're the most nasty person. Woman I see and now you're in Biden corner Wow just shows what a person you are Go pray for his 🐍
Yank ee
Yank ee 3 months ago
What a great country we live in. Only in America could someone as stupid and inept as Nancy Pelosi rise to the level that she's at.
Caren Pinciotti
Caren Pinciotti 3 months ago
Last I checked you represent Americans not illegals
Libbyzzz is a Trumpster
She prays for Trump on an alter offering a baby to a statue. Pure evil she is. 🐑 in 🐺 clothing
Lottie Smith
Lottie Smith 3 months ago
Do you even know how to pray, you are the one that doesn't have a heart,
saffron wetter
saffron wetter 3 months ago
Trang Hinh
Trang Hinh 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi she been ugly to Donald Trump
Trang Hinh
Trang Hinh 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi she should stay home and drink coffee than she does anything else
Trang Hinh
Trang Hinh 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi is ugly in the world
Trang Hinh
Trang Hinh 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi is a witch
Nc Ph
Nc Ph 3 months ago
Nancy Plosi You don't pray for crook, tyrant, detector, con, racist and bandit. these characters personality never appreciate things in life
Maria Herrera
Maria Herrera 3 months ago
I stand for Pelosi.
Ekimbrea Walker
Ekimbrea Walker 3 months ago
GOD Never Answers EVIL 🙏 from Evil people...💯
Josephina Vivanco
Josephina Vivanco 3 months ago
Donald Trump please drain the swamp please ASAP!
Chop Chop
Chop Chop 3 months ago
Wow! What a dumb broad! Lol she acts so humble but it’s a front!
Barton D
Barton D 3 months ago
Here ya go🤭🤥😁😝🏌️ ruvid.net/video/video-s7DKYML2MRs.html
Joe Nesser
Joe Nesser 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi son was involved with that gas company.
Dana Owens
Dana Owens 3 months ago
Liar Obama put people in cages Trump 2020 you lose Nancy have another drink 🍹
Martha Lemay
Martha Lemay 4 months ago
I thin she will look good in orange
Justhinkin 4 months ago
FaKe Jake not a journalist, a Leftwing fanatic.. Remove his attacks on Trump, he has no material... Flatulent Nancy Pelosi has even Brought God into her political divisiveness ... I call it Blasphemy... Disgraceful ... Trump should sue Pelosi ... Term limits before her teeth fall out...
Josephine Wright
Josephine Wright 4 months ago
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