Nadal v Rublev; Tsitsipas, Fognini & Goffin In Action | Monte-Carlo 2021 Quarter-Final Highlights

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Apr 16, 2021




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Comments 100
marcgrondin65 25 days ago
As good as Rafa is hitting a ball that is about to bounce a second time on / around the service line ain't gonna cut it against someone with serious power like Andreï.
Gizella Lombardi
Gizella Lombardi 26 days ago
A Warm up for French 14 and all time king at 21!! At this point in his career, I would coach him to only focus on grand slams, to first break the Federer tie, and also keep Novak from catching up. 21 coming in 2 months. Monte carlo and Rome is a warm up for history making this year
Rajat Gupta
Rajat Gupta 26 days ago
doesnt matter if Nadal even loses in first round...he wins Roland Garros when he plays it even in his worst form..no chance anyone :/
Mr Ilias
Mr Ilias 26 days ago
In my opinion its bad to show winners of the match on a thumbnail. Cause you already know the winner and you don't intersted in watching the video
Cg Azlan
Cg Azlan 26 days ago
What a short shorts 😂😂. Long gone the days rafael wore the knee length shorts...
JP Kim
JP Kim 26 days ago
Gad F
Gad F 26 days ago
Rublev, wow!!!
Kushagra Gupta
Kushagra Gupta 26 days ago
In Miami People said that as the big 3 ain't playing anyone won the master 1000 This time big 2 still there and still a new winner Big 3 ded af
mark kouba
mark kouba 27 days ago
1:41 why Nadal has been so dominant for this long.
Luis Schamache
Luis Schamache 27 days ago
Its funny how Nadal loses sometimes in these tournaments and then transforms all the players into dust in RG.
Miyazaki Zachary
Miyazaki Zachary 27 days ago
Nadal told ATP that his serves really frustrating. But looking at this match, Rublev was in front on many occasions. Rublev forehand was like Robin Soderling's. In order to defeat Nadal, Rublev had neutralized Nadal's spin and played intelligently. Nadal was caught off guard many times when tried to adapt Rublev's high-intensity games. Congratulations to Rublev. Dimitrov should have the right attitude when playing Nadal but he was too cautious because he tried to read Nadal's games during the match which was a mistake
Asdd Sdx
Asdd Sdx 27 days ago
Highlights? Puajjjjj
Shane S.
Shane S. 27 days ago
Congrats Ru-BWEH-ev!!!
JJ2809 27 days ago
I like to randomly shout out "TSI-TSI-PAS" about 3-4 times a day. My girlfriend as well and she's not even into tennis :D just a nice word to say
Juan Martin Desimone
In Rafa's first game it was already seen that he was overweight. He has to work on that issue before RG, because he is going to stay on the road in the first long game that he has to play ...
Annika Andersson
Annika Andersson 27 days ago
Rublevs excessive screaming is cheating.
River Jamir
River Jamir 27 days ago
Think Nadal should wear a little loose shorts to help his legs circulate blood. 😄
Vuqar Rehimov
Vuqar Rehimov 27 days ago
new king of clay Andrei Rublev!!!!
Nadal ha giocato male sennò Rublev non faceva nemmeno un set
Peaceful Breathing
Peaceful Breathing 27 days ago
Are Nadal’s shorts becoming tighter and tighter?!
donatien nicos
donatien nicos 27 days ago
l ocp fuck à glaisé 🤣🤣🤣
Stephen Sun
Stephen Sun 27 days ago
Rublev took out Rafa and on clay? Man, no one saw this coming. He played like a Rafa to beat Rafa. On the other hand, good to see young players coming up. I will take Rublev vs Tsitsipas in the final and pick the one who beated Rafa for the title. King of the 500 finally has a chance to be a king in Monte Carlo
M.K.D. 27 days ago
Believe in bweeh!
The Most Expensive
The Most Expensive 27 days ago
To the person reading this, your AMAZING! Keep grinding hard for your life goals and remember, dont let anyone bring you down! God bless you :)
Norman Peters
Norman Peters 27 days ago
Fogini is such a talented player but looks so lazy on the court. It’s almost like he never do practice runs or practice before matches. Not sure. But that’s what it looks like to me. When he wants to win he plays so well. So frustrating. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
WHITE MAMBA 27 days ago
And we have the most equal final we could get, i'm cheering for Tsitsi, but i hope to see a great match afterall.
thomas harrell
thomas harrell 27 days ago
Wow! Just like that, Nadal and Djokovic are out. At this point I'm thinking either Rublev or Tsitsipas.
Neo Dro
Neo Dro 27 days ago
Fognini was like, "What am I doing here?, It's all soo foggy and Rudy" ;P
Рамиль Латыпов
Андрюха пушка!!!
M Delroba
M Delroba 27 days ago
Evans is doing great 👍
Jan Wade
Jan Wade 27 days ago
Felt sooooo bad for Nadal. I wanted jim to win one more Title! But i guess, like Federer, age must be catching up to them... The Clay King has beem dethroned! So glad it's Rublev!
SH Videography
SH Videography 27 days ago
2:45 you don't often see that look on Nadal's face when he is playing on clay. Disillusioned.
Dendenmushi 27 days ago
0:35 that’s how big nadal’s balls are on clay court.
Sneh Yadav
Sneh Yadav 27 days ago
Doesn't matter who defeated nadal on atp clay tournament before french open. In french open rafa will win for sure, it happened last year also.☺️
uw10isplaya 27 days ago
Surprised no one is talking about Rafa's level. It was like Dimitrov rubbed off on him. Rafa has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and Rublev has been my next-gen guy since I first saw him play 5 years ago, so I was super hyped about this match. I'm surprised people enjoyed it so much; I wonder if they saw the whole thing or only just the highlights. Rafa made more horrendous errors/double faults/shanks than I've seen in a match of his, ever. And it showed with how incredibly frustrated he was with himself, an emotion he showed today more strongly than in any other match I've seen as well.
MultiThunder1234 27 days ago
Last time I watched tennis only the women grunted, looks like we have some sort of confused sex out on court dressed as men 😂
Sir Invesalot
Sir Invesalot 27 days ago
2 reasons why Rublev won - 1. His grunt is more intimidating than Nadal's. 2. Nadal's pants are too tight and restricted his movement
N V 27 days ago
Federer#22 27 days ago
1:41 one of the best defense game I've ever seen!!!! from Rafa of course ;)
Dhiraj k
Dhiraj k 27 days ago
Rublev is a brilliant player, but I have seen Medvedev murdering rublev despite rublev's unbelievable quality of play in that match. It will be interesting to see how things turn around in French Open.
Samer 27 days ago
Hint: When you hear that BWEEEH suddenly, it’s 50-70% going to be a winner 😁 depending on the opponent’s goodness.
General Shockwave Kingpin
What a tourney, Monte Carlo 2021. Djokovic out and Nadal out.
Carlo Granati
Carlo Granati 27 days ago
E chissà che la banda dei fabbri alla fine lo perda questo torneo
Puranchand Bali
Puranchand Bali 27 days ago
Rublev इस ब्रेव ।
Gawrike Hettiarachchi
The Bweeeeh master strikes again..........now this tournament is open for anyone........
Saad Khan
Saad Khan 27 days ago
Bweeeh won..
Kaykay Effemm
Kaykay Effemm 27 days ago
Really terrible highlights of Rublev - Nadal... Malpractice
Abhi K
Abhi K 27 days ago
Godzilla vs Vodkong
ravindranath singu
ravindranath singu 27 days ago
Rublev win is for ages in masters 1000 series on CLAY
ravindranath singu
ravindranath singu 27 days ago
@Nio Gk tomorrow lets see who wins🤝
Nio Gk
Nio Gk 27 days ago
ravindranath singu Well, beating Nadal twice at 20 and 22 on clay and hard speaks for itself...
ravindranath singu
ravindranath singu 27 days ago
@Nio Gk bweeehs win is just wonderful and rublev is going to win tomorrow against tsitsipas
Nio Gk
Nio Gk 27 days ago
Nope. Tsitsipas beated Nadal on clay in Madrid. At 20.
John John
John John 27 days ago
Never in a BWEEHLLION years would have seen that coming. Well played Rublev!
agradina 27 days ago
who is the goat on clay bweeehee or ehhehhh?
sergey t_
sergey t_ 27 days ago
Рубль красавчик!
Balan Dr
Balan Dr 27 days ago
Hi...Rub...its a great tennis and an amazing win.
衝動破壊 27 days ago
Rubweeeehlev !!!!
Jason Gunnink
Jason Gunnink 27 days ago
Dan Evans slice backhand is screwing with people. They have no pace to work with on that side. Imagine being a troll pusher at a Masters event and it working. Unbelievable.
Jason Gunnink
Jason Gunnink 27 days ago
@marty dav He just did it to Goffin too. I'm glad to see the resurgence of it. Federer's use of it was what made all of the other top players have to learn one. I think most rec players could benefit greatly from improving their slice backhands as well.
marty dav
marty dav 27 days ago
It's traditional old-style, classical backhand slice that Rosewall and Graf played and succeeded with.Loads of people who foolishly rubbish previous-eras tennis have always said that kind of stroke would get killed in today's power tennis era, but look! simple, sliced backhands bamboozled Djokovic who couldn't handle it.The irony of simple, traditional slicing defeating power tennis.
Ho Khoa
Ho Khoa 27 days ago
Well play rublev, way to go
evren gözen
evren gözen 27 days ago
Omg Can Rubblev reach the 1000 points crown after many 500 👏
Michael Leonardo
Michael Leonardo 27 days ago
Can't wait till Rubweh takes the tournament!
Federico Lopez
Federico Lopez 27 days ago
Rublev proved himself to be the goat: “BEEWAAHH” 🐐
Irvin Nicollier
Irvin Nicollier 27 days ago
And at the end Rafa can loose madrid barcelona but will still win roland garros
Patrick Jomar Jover
Rublev is slowly becoming a meme sensation 😂😂 Bweeeeh!!!!!!
Miroslav Dimitrijevic
tsitsipas is so gross
Nio Gk
Nio Gk 27 days ago
Nah, you are projecting on him. A gross, pathetic loser. Knocking what you'll never achieve.
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond 27 days ago
Rublev is for real. Taking out Nadal on clay is something even Novak often failed.
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
Rublev all the way if Evans wont slice him out..
Aminullah 27 days ago
Rare moment,, I'm happy thats nadal lose in clay 😁😁, thanks so much andrey , my dreams come true 😌
Sri Ram
Sri Ram 27 days ago
Jimmy Hea
Jimmy Hea 27 days ago
Nadal's shorts is too tight!😄
danguee1 27 days ago
'.....Goffin In Action...'. Don't you mean Evans In Action?
J L 27 days ago
Sadly the old boys careers may be coming to an end during or after this year yet the good news is how long we have had to watch and appreciate their mighty talents of which we may never see again.
Sriniketh Krishnan
Sriniketh Krishnan 27 days ago
Russian 🇷🇺 beast
JRSuliT 27 days ago
nora h
nora h 27 days ago
sorry, i don't watch tennis and this is my first time watching a match. What is that background noise every time when someone hit a ball back???
Arnav Bhattacharya
Arnav Bhattacharya 27 days ago
All the matches, save the Tsitsipas-Davidovich Fokina clash, were dripping with quality. Rublev has really raised his game this season, and Dan Evans seems like a potential finalist. But I feel the most emphatic win had to be Casper Ruud's........ Could this be his 2021 launch pad?
Кирилл Боровой
Просто трудяга, как же чувак пашет просто, почти каждый турнир как последний, красавец!
Mn B
Mn B 27 days ago
The clay is looking more fiery than usual. Not heavy at all.
Kinan Al-Boutros
Kinan Al-Boutros 27 days ago
Rublev is such a monster in Tennis. Beating King of Clay Rafa is almost impossible.
VOLCANO HD 27 days ago
I like Rafa Nadal ; I dislike Panty Nadal. Do you know what is panty?
SOL SHALEM 27 days ago
Rublev great shot making. Nadal looked exhausted. Not easy keeping up with guys 15 years younger.
Brighton Rock
Brighton Rock 27 days ago
Андрей молодчик- а вы видели как Рафа достойно принял поражение- и выразил респект за игру мимикой когда они встретились после матча у сетки
Marina V
Marina V 27 days ago
on vsegda tak delaet kogda spornik horoshii, no on eshe skazal: Bravo!
stapoja 27 days ago
Браво мајсторе!
Dani P
Dani P 27 days ago
Andrey Rublev Riddle: 101/26 Nadal is on 1010 career wins= 101 Russian=101 EO 101=26th prime Round of 8= 101 EO Rublev=26 FR Nadal can get 206th career lose 206=26 41 connect Nadal can get 41st career lose on clay 41=13th prime Round of 8= 41 RFR Match DN= 41 16 April 2021= 41 FR 16 April= 41 RFR Clay=41 EO Forty first= 57 FR Andrey Rublev=57 FR This would be 28th clay win for Rublev Twenty Eight=57 FR 97/25 Nadal can get 97th lose versus top 10 players 97=25th prime Rafael=25 FR Only left players at top 10 at Monte Carlo are Rublev & Tsitsipas Match DN= 25 Rolex= 25 RFR 18 Rublev can stay at 18 Clay career losses Match DN= 61 ( first) 61=18th prime Nadal height is 6’1’’ Quarter final= 61 FR 82 Nadal can get 82nd ATP 1000 lose Rublev= 82 EO Quarterfinals=82 RO Spaniard=82 EO Rublev can get 155th ATP career win While Nadal can fall to 6-2 season or 62 Rublev height is 6’’ 2’’ Sixty two= 155 EO Quarterfinals= 62 FR (has a little double code, both can fall to 6-2, Nadal in season, Rublev at ATP 1000 season, but this 155 big) Rafael Nadal Riddle: Nadal can stay at 96 losses vs TOP 10 Monte Carlo Rolex Masters= 96 FR Double codes: Rublev is ATP 1000 season score= 6-1 Nadal is season score 6-1 Whoever wins gets 7-1 or 71 score Nadal Rafael Parera= 71 FR Nadal height 6’1’’ Rublev height 6’2’’ Quarterfinals= 62 FR Quarterfinal=61FR Rublev can get 23rd season win Rublev can get 23rd ATP 1000 lose 23rd prime= 83 This is match between 8th rank and 3rd rank Nadal is from Spain=23 FR Rublev 23 aged Nadal currently at 81 losses ATP 1000 Nadal can get 41st Clay career lose Nadal can get 82nd ATP 1000 lose Kobe connect? Nadal can get 41st lose at Clay Kobe Bryant death anniversary span is 81 end date to game Kobe Bean Bryant= 81 RFR Kobe died at 41,Kobe Bryant=41 FR Kobe death anniversary span is 11w 3d exactly Kobe Bryant=113 EO We have here 41 and 82 against Nadal Russia=24 FR Kobe 24# Sports are all rigged. I bet Rublev and won over 2k! Gematria is used to script all sport outcomes. The players are all in on it too.
Mikołaj Obszała
Mikołaj Obszała 27 days ago
Final Evans vs Bweeeh
B BL 27 days ago
Thank you, spaniard Roberto Bautista-agut.He helped me win against Nadal.
ashley guriah
ashley guriah 27 days ago
Nadal.....the greatest Clay champion (maybe not this time, well done, Ruby ! ) but he is never gonna be the greatest tennis player of all time, on all surfaces. Super performance Rublev..... !!!
Teddy/DarkMugiwara 27 days ago
Is it just me, or does Rublev look like he’s grown a bit more? His facial structure seems more mature than the last time I saw him
CS Wong
CS Wong 27 days ago
No, he has different looks. Not flattering if camera is at d bottom, though.
unowen7591 27 days ago
Who would have guessed that both Djokovic and Nadal were going to lose before the semis? Insane how this tournament is turning out.
Gizella Lombardi
Gizella Lombardi 26 days ago
DJokovic is crap on clay now and getting worse. For Nadal, its a warm up for French 14 and all time king at 21!! At this point in his career, I would coach him to only focus on grand slams, to first break the Federer tie, and also keep Novak from catching up. 21 coming in 2 months. Monte carlo and Rome is a warm up for history making this year
jason4275 27 days ago
*Nadal Gone, Novak Gone, looks like Time is catching up to them, but then again we will see how these next gen player take on the big 2 on slam level.*
Rishbah Pandey
Rishbah Pandey 27 days ago
On slams they will keep winning
Ravi Reddy
Ravi Reddy 27 days ago
Weekness of rafa on clay is attacking him rather than defence.
VAIBHAV GUPTA 27 days ago
Rublev vs ivan
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin 27 days ago
Casper Ruud FTW
707ladytee 27 days ago
Well this totally changes the complexion of the tournament! It's time these guys step up! Bad day in the office for Nadal, though. I've been more impressed with Evans! I think Tsitispas will take him but with a fight! Ruud vs Rublev should be just as good. Looking forward to the semis.
mucroon 27 days ago
I wanted Rafa to win this match but am not disappointed with the result. He should switch his feeling for Roland Garros. Congrats Rublev
chunks 27 days ago
You have to say its great to see some one give Nadal a good battle on clay other then your usual names,the crazy thing about yesterday's match is that if Federer played Nadal and the first 2 sets played out that way the 3rd would of probably been a 6-2 set and match win for Nadal because Federer has so many battle wounds on clay vs Nadal so fair play to rublev for not throwing in the towel after losing set 2 and just keeping his level up 💪👍
Mary Alexis
Mary Alexis 27 days ago
RAFFA LOST But the second set was incredible I thought he was going to win it didint happen Rouplive was amaizing he deserves the win.
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul 27 days ago
Rublev deserves the title for dismantling Nadal who's a monster on clay.... tsitsipas deserves equally for having lost masters finals dearly in the past.....
Fayzul rafi
Fayzul rafi 27 days ago
Since djokovic and nadal out the draw is wide open.
Prashanth M
Prashanth M 27 days ago
Rublev did to Nadal... What Nadal did to del petro in the US open semi final of 2017.. rublev is what most of next gen play.. and it warned Nadal enough for FO.. Nadal is going to be ferocious and not take any lightly.. FO is for Nadal to win this time..
lastmadcow 27 days ago
its over nadal. u were squashed in AO and now in monte carlo.
SETHUPATHY V 27 days ago
He wasn't squashed in Melbourne..It's just start of clay..There are more to come
Маноло Санчез
Шансы взять очередной титул РГ у Надаля не такие большие. Похоже Рафа уже не тот. Печально это осознавать. Помню как в 2005 он в 19 взял первый РГ, казалось вся жизнь впереди. Жизнь коротка...
purplefishies 27 days ago
Great day for Rublev (against a very rusty Nadal) ...but how about Evans. His game is just so amazing and well rounded. Its great seeing him play so well on clay !