Mythical Creatures sound effects Part 1

Thomas Sarnari
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A bit rushed, not the sounds themselves, just some creatures were so hard to do, so I just uploaded what I've done, I'll try my hardest to upload more soon enough.
(Thanks Leonchi for reminding me) Mother Child's Video: ruvid.net/video/video-aP2hAqfUZ1Y.html




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Comments 80
Zoey Storme
Zoey Storme 8 months ago
0:00 Fire Dragon 🔥 0:25 Hydra 3️⃣ 0:48 Nature Dragon 🐉 1:14 Cockatrice 😈 1:42 Minotaur 👿 1:58 Phoenix 🦅 2:10 Wendigo 🦌 3:02 Siren 🧜‍♀️ 5:36 Colossal Dragon 💀 6:33 Godzilla ☠️
Raci Mehherremov
Raci Mehherremov 23 hours ago
Horror Candy
Horror Candy Day ago
Wow cool bro😜
It’s Gatcha!
It’s Gatcha! 2 days ago
The first one is t a Fire dragon it’s a Phoenix
Omprakash Patel
Omprakash Patel 6 days ago
Good morning
keylianne army girl laporte hernades. holas
hi i love the wendigo is ssooooooooooooo COOL i love horses too
The kid in the Back of the class
I want one of these as a pet
ponder Hour ago
Colossal Dragon, The Wendigo and The Cockatrice are the scariest in my opinion
Leslie Hernandez
Leslie Hernandez 2 hours ago
The siren part I enjoyed the singing but the laughing and screaming that scared the f*** outta me
alexyaboi 6 hours ago
the cockatrice sounds like what it sounds like when you go through a tunnel in a rollercoaster
Alex Spelmanas
Alex Spelmanas 10 hours ago
0:12 I love that roar :/
Emma NotABullyiSwear
All of the dragons are literally breathtaking like their sounds are scarryyyy
Ginna 5kraw
Ginna 5kraw Day ago
mermaid 1was the best1
Scrablse Day ago
Ok the Siren one was terrifying
Aliah Hernandez
who else here from TikTok?💀💀
Calvin Tran
Calvin Tran Day ago
the fire dragon sounds like my stomach
iatemydadandnowhewontgetmymilk sad
the siren freaks me out everytime like her singing “lalalallAhHahhhhhah alalaalall” AND STARTS LAUGHIN LIKE HELL NAH AND THEN THE SCREAMING LIKE COME ONNNNN
h Cupcake!
h Cupcake! Day ago
Am I the only one who actually searched for this😂
Alfie Marsh
Alfie Marsh Day ago
I don’t know why sirens tails creep me out.
Skooterdoll Gamez
Ummm I think Godzilla isn’t a mythical monster he’s more of a kaigu that was made in Hollywood instead of Indian tribe stories
Mskof off
Mskof off Day ago
The colossal dragon will make the earth shake
The only Wolf
Ive always wanted to be in a place where knights and dragons were a thing like a whole different universe but thats just imagination i guess
Jrm Jrm
Jrm Jrm 2 days ago
Voice crack :15
jamie idcidkno
jamie idcidkno 2 days ago
The siren is a beautiful voice to hear
Lucky Top Hat Studios
2:10 How did you do those sounds? My favorite is the Wendigo.
Arjay Baluca
Arjay Baluca 2 days ago
That wendigo sound scared the shit out of me.
sleepytime Xx
sleepytime Xx 3 days ago
I swear when I heard the siren I spaced out and came back
Miahixsuobie Tearrieøubie
Godzilla Like Get Out Of Legendary Dragon Your Not Legendary Dragon Dama ass Godzilla You Stupid Gets Out Of Here Stupid
• Tiny Devil •
I know identity as a siren
Siddeswara bank
Siddeswara bank 4 days ago
Imagine being stuck in ocean and you here siren voice man Soo creepy 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Siddeswara bank
Siddeswara bank 4 days ago
Siren creepy man
Hi um..I was wondering what software you use to make these noises
Rebel V
Rebel V 5 days ago
2:39 and 2:53 Best sound of Wendigo
Bunny Artworks
Bunny Artworks 5 days ago
Wendigoes wendistays ❤️✋
Oli! 5 days ago
am i the only person here who can hear screams in some of the audios? XD
jezebel324 6 days ago
The hydra almost made me piss my pants Edit: FUCKING WENDIGO
Mr_Chezzysauce 6 days ago
Wendigo: Starts screaming My Soul: ascended
st4rry l1ght
st4rry l1ght 6 days ago
the sirens giggle oH HELL NO-
Anime fan4787
Anime fan4787 6 days ago
No one Random kid in the hallway while kids are taking a test 6:46
Strange Child
Strange Child 7 days ago
This is so great tysm for this video I LOVE IT
Abdul Fatah
Abdul Fatah 7 days ago
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Mf Potatoqueen
Mf Potatoqueen 7 days ago
I can just imagine being in a really dark scary forest and hearing the wendigo from far away and being terrified
Saulo Unite
Saulo Unite 7 days ago
We all know what Godzilla sounds like.
egg 8 days ago
If u use headphones, it sounds so real! So awesome. I wonder how they do this🤭
Sinh Chau
Sinh Chau 8 days ago
Tai phim vo thuat
Screwball and Sauron For Ever
My good friend calls me a siren because my voice is so good and if you piss me off I will scream like a siren
Duong Tran
Duong Tran 9 days ago
Xjxjx Ghg
Xjxjx Ghg 9 days ago
Vasantha Damerla
Vasantha Damerla 10 days ago
People who have a Ppppppppp Ppppp
# tHe RocKer
# tHe RocKer 11 days ago
*my friend* - listening to satisfying music to focus while studying * me* ..
Wings of Fire Geek Owo
Fire dragon.... NAH DATS A SKYWING Nature dragon... pfffft dats a LeafWing or RainWing Colossal dragon... SEAWING?
Where is the colossal dragons mouth?
Vasant Bambhroliya
Vasant Bambhroliya 13 days ago
Siren voice makes the mind calm 😑😐😙😚 But it has only a small clip 😥😥
Nerø 14 days ago
Jesus I forgot to turn down my headphones
Catherine Murillo
Catherine Murillo 14 days ago
Lmaoo my ass sounds like all of them
Victoria Zheng
Victoria Zheng 14 days ago
Siren: mermaid that kills
lyn morgon araylia cushman
The mermaid one is called a siren girl sirens eat humans only boys but boy sirens eat girls
Елена Карева
Надо на русском
rebecca darragh
rebecca darragh 15 days ago
My favorite is the hydra
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky 15 days ago
The wendigo gave me chills
Kàdén ?
Kàdén ? 15 days ago
6:28 Godzilla, the Homie!!!!!
Kàdén ?
Kàdén ? 15 days ago
5:23 I rally thoughts someone was getting killed.
Kàdén ?
Kàdén ? 15 days ago
All you have to say to escape a siren, is too say “REeEeeEeEeeEeEe I’m a default in Fortnite!!”
Kàdén ?
Kàdén ? 15 days ago
Kàdén ?
Kàdén ? 15 days ago
0:28 when you die in Fortnite. D:
Nyx Lanche
Nyx Lanche 15 days ago
Okay, so like, I thought the windigo was scary. Then I heard the colossal dragon and nearly shit myself.
Nyx Lanche
Nyx Lanche 15 days ago
Imagine being stuck alone in the mountains and hearing the sounds of a windigo. Fucking shivers down my spine man.
Zophia Grace
Zophia Grace 2 days ago
HELL NO. Fuck that shit I’m calling mf mystery incorporated to get my ass outa there
MegaGamer99 3 days ago
Nyx Lanche I thought so too
Nyx Lanche
Nyx Lanche 3 days ago
@MegaGamer99 that's Obvious. John wick.
MegaGamer99 3 days ago
Okay, hear me out, I am very slightly descended from one of the many tribes that believed in the Wendigo, but what if it killed John Wick’s dog? Who would win?
Robert Barry
Robert Barry 5 days ago
The wendigo was the manifestation of greed, hunger and canibelism
Lil Meow
Lil Meow 16 days ago
I cannot get over the colossal dragon. Just the way it echos... you Can *hear* how big it is!
Abdifatah 5000
sounds like judgment day
keylianne army girl laporte hernades. holas
thomas sarmari i really love the wendigo soo much
Kookie Jeon
Kookie Jeon 16 days ago
Me enjoying the beautiful sound of the siren.....until she screams Me:OH MY GOD I THINK I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM RIGHT NOW.I GO NOW BYE BYE!!
Rutasiraara Rwàbyooma
Hivi yote kuna duniyani
Rutasiraara Rwàbyooma
Natazama kutazama peke
Rutasiraara Rwàbyooma
Natazama kutazama peke
Graficent Rewave
Graficent Rewave 17 days ago
Me: [watches video] Cool! Also me: [at night in bed] *hears a bark* wEndIGo
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 17 days ago
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 17 days ago
Sarju konthoujam Sarju
Siren voice is so beautiful
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 20 days ago
*Me walking into the classroom with gangsta face* My headphone:
Nana Wakagimi
Nana Wakagimi 20 days ago
Every creature's sound is so badass. Then there's Minotaur.
Ana guillermina Fernandez-carrera muchova
Wds Fright
Wds Fright 21 day ago
00:13 when I don’t get v-bux
Ali Algndy
Ali Algndy 22 days ago
03:02 This sound is very beautiful
Cutie Elise
Cutie Elise 23 days ago
Idk about you guys, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the image for the Siren. It’s so symbolic in many ways- 1. Her beauty 2. She’s sitting in a small cave, most likely shallow 3. The skulls next to her (my favorite) 4. The ship in the background For those who are uncultured (sorry) and do not know, Sirens originate from Greek mythology and are beautiful mermaid human-like creatures that often dwell in the ocean. They’re beautiful, yet terrifying. They seduce and lure sailors to their deaths either by luring them into the water with them (by singing) to drown them or just eat them. This is why I love mythology.
sjalegado 24 days ago
XLucy HadesX
XLucy HadesX 25 days ago
No one: Not a single soul: Not even Karen: 6:46 : my brother after Taco Bell
egg 8 days ago
ItsJustYoBoi 25 days ago
No joke but the first one kinda sounded like a farting sounds
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