Mystery Riddles with Answers To Test Your Brain

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Jay from the Kubz Scouts and I (Gloom) are the dream team at putting our big brains to the test to solve some funny riddles. Let’s solve some mysteries.
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Connor Graham
Connor Graham 2 hours ago
The threed one ate the people and it was that one because the dragon was stealing people because it's egg was stolen
Sweet Sunflower
Sweet Sunflower 8 hours ago
Please do more 🥺
Kara Murray
Kara Murray 2 days ago
Bred: oh no I’m being eaten Me: eating bread
Jocelyn Krebs
Jocelyn Krebs 3 days ago
Jocelyn Krebs
Jocelyn Krebs 3 days ago
Put it on your hade
Afro Queen
Afro Queen 3 days ago
Kassie:It was a dark night.. Bord Gias energy comes on lol
VMS - XMS 4 days ago
Why do I ship Kassie and Jay?
Gacha Sunflower Party
Angelina and Bred Jay:bruh seriously Bred Gloom:ehhehehahaha Me: Bred his name should be Cinnamon Bred
Sabrina Collard
Sabrina Collard 4 days ago
It doesn't say he got scared it said but then he got gor. wired
Mahrosh Armaghan
Mahrosh Armaghan 5 days ago
0:47 even if I'm about to die , i will never run out of style - Julie 2019
Katie Black
Katie Black 6 days ago
It’s blue bc the egg blue DOI!!
hello everyone
hello everyone 7 days ago
The blue dragon is the mom cause it said that the dragon stole ppl
mischief_ maddi
mischief_ maddi 8 days ago
... Its 2020 it can't be 2057 already
Soha Aijaz
Soha Aijaz 8 days ago
6 months
mukesh ramchandani
I don’t want to be rude but when was the dragon part is was the 3rd dragon because the egg was blue ;-;
Serenade Cloud
Serenade Cloud 9 days ago
Please bring these riddle videos back, they were so funny!
UwU UwU 9 days ago
zombies make it like covid-19
life with Ariana
life with Ariana 9 days ago
I miss them :/
Serenade Cloud
Serenade Cloud 9 days ago
I do too!! Kassie makes more videos with Azzy now...
Just callmejune
Just callmejune 9 days ago
Does are called maneties and plus they are friendly they want a hug.
Curly Girl C
Curly Girl C 9 days ago
I miss these two doing videos together
Rachel Wartman
Rachel Wartman 10 days ago
kassie: Spreading, Me: like the corona,, WW3, and coughs
Cookie's Surprise
Cookie's Surprise 10 days ago
HAHAHA that's funny my name is Angie, Angelina.
Random Person That Will Roast You
why did you guys stop making vids like these :
Zaylee Sada
Zaylee Sada 10 days ago
In the riddle with the pills, the answer was wrong because the door would get smaller and the Oceania deeper than Mount Everest and you would have nothing to hold on to. So...
blythe mariam
blythe mariam 10 days ago
The zombies might have the corona virus that's whether infecting everybody!
Yasha D.
Yasha D. 11 days ago
Jay: it's been so long Me: since last I see my son lost to this monster
French_Rxses 11 days ago
At 9:04 Me: Uh....Brandon Farris is the criminal??? His yt is @iambrandonfarris lol, look at him and you'll see what i mean XD
Honey Bee Studios
Honey Bee Studios 11 days ago
Bred got jealous more like a piece of bread got jealous
Tim Scott
Tim Scott 12 days ago
11:42 Did anyone realize its a different kid? XD
10:48 tho like same here
Stevie Dunkin
Stevie Dunkin 12 days ago
at 19:15 why couldn't i take all three
XxHoney.DripxX 12 days ago
Jay: "I don't know what's happening but it sounds cute" Terry(Terri)-*Head slowly pokes out*
Anya Taylor
Anya Taylor 12 days ago
Cut the paper and folded it
Khalisha Adelia Plays
The egg was blue not red
Controller Cat
Controller Cat 13 days ago
Sea cows are vegetarian
Tia The Taco
Tia The Taco 13 days ago
10:48 but the dragon attac ppl
Ekene U.
Ekene U. 13 days ago
what happened to their videos?
Riv Perkins
Riv Perkins 13 days ago
Bruh i would ride the tiger
Nevaeh Trujillo
Nevaeh Trujillo 13 days ago
13:56 zombies appear Me: oh hey there's that "older zombie" again what is she up to this time
John Mcdonough
John Mcdonough 13 days ago
The pitch fork isn't effective because they're already dead.
Jorja Mccully
Jorja Mccully 13 days ago
Gloom are you dating Jay or what because that first riddle????
Ashley Acosta Lemus
for the dragon one this is how I knew the answer, the first dragon we that there was no snow second dragon it's eggs are a different color so it was the last one bc, 1 the egg was in a cave the last dragon is in a cave 2 their the same color 3 the dragon stole people we see skulls, remember to look for that when riddles are like this
Addison Beaver
Addison Beaver 13 days ago
Jay: Kassie, it's been so long Me: since last I've seen my son (Five nights at Freddy's reference)😂😂😂
Marissa Raquel
Marissa Raquel 13 days ago
I love 3:35
Marissa Raquel
Marissa Raquel 13 days ago
I miss this what happed to themmmm
alicia logan
alicia logan 13 days ago
fatima yakub
fatima yakub 14 days ago
BRUH the dragon mom took people BE SMaRT READ unliKEMe
Pokemario 14 days ago
It was proliferating, spreading, 2020: *I approve*
Mamma Llama21
Mamma Llama21 14 days ago
If she can put the bamboo up to breathe then can’t she just swim up??
Jullien Jhamboy
Jullien Jhamboy 14 days ago
Scarlet Skies
Scarlet Skies 14 days ago
The dragon was snatching people, the skulls of them were there If there was a third friend I’d be like Jay let’s just leave Lauren (Zside) and get out of here. That’s what I imagined when Kassie said that
Jada Lester
Jada Lester 14 days ago
jay’s smile is KILLER... it’s like moida 🥺😩🔪
That Rat In The Corner
“Bonny” *Insert me thinking about fnaf*
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 14 days ago
I wish this series would come back
Sara Louise
Sara Louise 14 days ago
Jay: that’s actually realy smart. Me: that’s actually common sence
Smerika Pokhrel
Smerika Pokhrel 14 days ago
When it was the poke your head threw the whole one, me being on TikTok, I said “well just cut a small hole take your finger and poke your head threw the hole” 🤦‍♀️
Lily Dove
Lily Dove 14 days ago
The reason why the blue one is the mother is because she was taking people an there’s Skulls from people
XxGamingFirexX 14 days ago
Flaw in the window riddle. If she was in an apartment building, wouldn’t all the windows be the same?
Naomi_Playz 15 days ago
I am a new fan and u amazing
Tanya Beach
Tanya Beach 15 days ago
The blue one
Anna Happeo
Anna Happeo 15 days ago
the first one
Audi Jones
Audi Jones 15 days ago
I love it when Kassie says gooUm
-Broken Silence-
-Broken Silence- 15 days ago
Did anyone notice that the riddle from the dragons said: the mom dragon started attacking the village and taking people, don’t you think the dragon with the skulls would be the mom, and the dragon in the nest had different colored eggs
Kewl Cats
Kewl Cats 15 days ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it said that the momma dragon stole people? There are skulls in that cave, possibly from the people she stole
ForeverFoxes 15 days ago
10:05 If you have any dragons living near your home, you should be concerned. xD
Quincy Nguyen
Quincy Nguyen 15 days ago
11:05 The dragon took people and attacked the town.
latvian 4 ever
latvian 4 ever 15 days ago
0:43 Jays eyes say:' I am that guy'😅
Danielle Faith Love
The one with the dragon was because it said the dragon got mad because her eggs were stolen so she went to steal people...hence the skull heads, so that’s how you know it was that dragon.
Gracie Noonkester
Gracie Noonkester 15 days ago
Bresh freath
MissG RS and Politics
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor sea cows i love the mirmdes confusion
Tania Pllanco
Tania Pllanco 16 days ago
It’s the third dragon bc the story said since the thief stole the egg the dragon stole people dIr
The Queen Of Beasts
You don't even have to attack the tiger it won't bother you if you don't bother it
Canoa Reviva
Canoa Reviva 17 days ago
I feel like jay is awkward in this so...
Void Potato
Void Potato 17 days ago
The egg was blue. And the dragon was blu.
Bridgette Record
Bridgette Record 17 days ago
I want you to talk video on this so you go ask somebody if they can get the small piece of paper over their head and some people put on their finger and poke their head and that's how you solve that
Christy Rodriguez
Christy Rodriguez 18 days ago
Didn't you notice the dragon was taking a bunch of people will and that's why it has so many schools and their
melissa grim
melissa grim 18 days ago
The thing for the dragon egg is that in the riddle it said that the dragon steals people so the dragon probably takes people and eats them
nanochica 18 days ago
The dragon egg was stolen from "his" nest, but they're all mother dragons?? I'm confused.
Madisyn Carter
Madisyn Carter 18 days ago
The dragon one the third one was the mother because it the the Dragon took people and could of killed them that is why she is the mother the one with a the eggs was red and White dotes not but the other one purple and white and the other one just lives to high -_- me big brain :3
MiaSol Platten Gazzillo
It was the 🐉 that was blue because the egg was blue.
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